Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Boris Johnson the Britisn Prime Minister

Presently he is in intensive care with Covid-19. I look forward to PM Boris Johnson regaining his good health and back in full charge. I know his survival does not make a difference to Bhutan and our immediate problems. 

However, this gentleman is true to his belief. I read he was never for European Union even as a journalist. And since joining politics , he never changed his belief. He remained ardent Euro- exit for Britain and finally he became the Prime Minister and led Britain out of EU. 

Interesting to read that he wanted to become the King of Britain but as he grew up and matured, he toned down his ambition to becoming the Prime Minister.
And that is who he is today. 

I feel he has more role to play and not die just yet. May God save the Prime Minister. The Queen is already saved and Her Majesty gave a beautiful heart lifting speech the other day to her people in Britain and Commonwealth nations and maybe she had all others in the rest of the world in her  mind as well. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Visions do become realities if spoken from conscience of true heart.

1. Seeking Saturday to be school holiday.

Much before democracy came about I had broached the proposal for Saturday to be free for Primary schools. It was during a workshop of education stakeholders. His Excellency Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup was the Minister for Health and Education. Probably he felt it was a dicey proposal for him to consider at that time.  

Now all Schools have breaks not just Primary schools on Saturday. 

2. Lowering PP age to 5 years. 

I had been an advocate for the 5 years children admission to PP since pre-democracy days. Fortunately the old rules were implemented loosely. If Government schools refused admission, there were private schools. Then in 2019, the third democratic government came down hard even on private schools. The rule did not affect me personally. However, I strongly felt that kids of today are so developed that to leave them out of education system even at the age of 5 years was a social crime of irresponsibility. But it seemed near impossible to get the Government to see it my way. 

Then a miracle happened. His Majesty the King  announced " GyalSuung" after class xii when most youths would be 18 years old. That was the beam of light that pierced the darkness of the Education PP Policy. The quick thinking Prime Minister instantly responded in the most positive and reverential  manner. Despite his government's strong push to implement the old policy, His Excellency braved all hesitations and announced that PP admission would be open for 5 years kids so that in the years to come, all youths leaving High School will be at the ripe age of 18 years to undergo GyalSuung. I think this was an energency  operation that transformed the life of Bhutanese children to greater height and goal. Probably the most life sparkling operation the Surgeon Prime Minister did both  within and outside the operation threatre. 

I wonder if Lyonpo Thakur can recall my request to him on lowering PP age to 5 years. It was on the auspicious day celebrating 100 Sherig years at Gongzim Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary School at Haa in 2012. I had gone to pay a common man respect to our forefathers of education by simply attending the event as a spectator. Her Royal Highness Princess Kezang W. Wangchuck  the youngest royal sister of the 4th King and great grand daughter of Gongzim Ugyen Dorji was the Chief Guest. There was even a royal message from the Grand Queen HM Kesang C. Wangchuck blessing the occassion. And I somehow got a lucky moment to submit my views to the Education Minister Lyonpo Thakur.  Actually I felt the 1st democratic government should have lowered PP age to 5 years after the Constitution was adopted and voting age was set at 18 years. Maybe that was the reason why the policy implementation was relaxed though not changed.

3. Doing away with Small is Beautiful Family Policy. 

I dreaded the family planning push and small family policy of the Royal Government. I was perplexed why there was such a royal directed push to reduce Bhutanese number in the world. I always advocated for population growth because Drukpa race should not disappear. 

Then towards mid term of 2nd democratic Government, a brave admission was made about " no growth " in population number.  Today it has been confirmed that Bhutanese population growth is  Negative as is our carbon emmission.  Our present national population maybe less than 0.6 million though officially it is around 635,000. There maybe around 100,000 foreigners which increases the number of people residing in Bhutan to about 735, 000. 

Finally Bhutanese leadership may be prepared to design policies to save the Bhutanese race and encourage population growth. A huge relief. 

4. The dreams still in dream land. 

a) The one unrealised dream is Bhutan taking a proactive role in our foreign policy. A hope I had even submitted to HM the Third King in 1970 when I was then a High School student. I guess someday like a good seed thrown in the wilderness, that dream too will be visualised in a very substantive manner. Presently the nation operates under the armpit of India. But I plough on promoting the dream. 

b. The other dream is that we Bhutanese make genuine sacrifice for maintaining our identity as a sovereign nation, celebrate our success, correct our failures and even take self pride to organise our own National Day celebration.  Why make a mockery of our national aspiration and ourselves as masses or as individuals by Indianizing our Root Culture Agency ( RAPA )  and Bhutan National Day in 2019?  Or in 2008  shivering in frightful frustration  when cooking gas quota was withheld. Be Bhutanese whether able or not because our independent entity is crucial to preseving sovereignty. 

c. The ultimate dream is that both common man on the street and leaders holding  the rein of governance endeavour to transform the one nation one people under one King from glib words and loud slogans to actual deeds of closing differences between regions and races. There is much to be desired in this national unity approach. 

May Palden Drukpa Deities hold firm and bless our national path. 

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Humble thoughts about The National Day Royal Address of 17th December, 2019.

1. A 21st centuary economic roadmap. ( Vision 2020 expires this year ).

2. Preparing for the challenges ahead especially the technological advancements with proper realisations reflected in matters of policies and legislative responses. 

3. The one year mandatory National Service " GyalSuung". 

Let me leave the first two points for another day. Here it is suffice to state that  if Bhutanese leadership is really genuinely heart to heart concerned  and not superficially into appearance forsake then open the national door more wide. Take a real leap into the broader world outside the narrow confines of donor dependant and India only true friend 60 years policy. Bhutan is now sliding backward with the same saturated policy. The future is bleak and no amount of mind conditoning exercises can overcome the challenges facing Bhutan. 

Regardring the 3rd point the National Service " GyalSuung ". 

GyalSunng seems to be an extension of several decades back National Service period for all college graduates. It was a 3 months service for all graduates and later it was 6 months national service after RCSC selection. But GyalSuung seems to be more formalised and targetting the youth at their entry into voting age. The former national service was more to do with introducing rural Bhutan to graduates entering national employment. The GyalSuung is more martial in nature about soldering and essential skill development to enhance livelihood opportunities. And it is mandatory. 

I do not see much irritants with the mandatory nature of GyalSuung. Afterall DeSuung programme is very popular and never short of candidates though not declared mandatory.  The disaster I see is in the enforced one year across the board brake on general essential progress of all youths beginning from 2022 in the field of higher learning. 

I think it is possible for those planning the GyalSuung programme to accomplish the objectives of royal vision without totally disrupting normal flow of life and imperatives of life related progressive advancement like college studies both professional and general degree course. Is it absolutely necessary to cut away one year from life of youths just to implement GyalSuung ? Could the one year programme be bifurcated into two sessions of 6 months each. Six months after class xii ( immediately after Class xii exams and before college academic year begins )  and 6 months after college graduation ( immediately after graduate exams and before RCSC PE ). Such an adjustment could achieve the objectives of Royal vision and not cost the youth one precious year of their study life. GyalSuung experience would be life enhancing naturally but how much more sensibly beneficial  if the price of undergoing the programme can be made less costly to the life of a youth with higher study opportunities. For others, it could be a continuous one year programme. 

We often emphasis on youth education and youths as the future hope of Druk Yul. Yet we declare un-hesitantly one year bann on further studies for all youths from 2022. What if Thimphu Thromde declared a moratorium of one year to water supply so that the whole water supply line system could be over hauled and after one year resume supplies. 

GyalSuung is part of but not at all the whole of overall  progressive life long education. GyalSuung should not be implemented in the nature of national calamity or war like situation where all else are reduced to secondary status. 

Great Visions bear beneficial fruit when sensitivities to other essentialities of life and national progress in varying fields are taken into considerations. Look back to what irreparable damage was caused to the overall national status by the blind fury of birth control and small family goal that was pursued few decades back. At that time, I did state that the royal drive to implmement birth control would ultimately reduce Drukpas to rare zoo species. 

A lone voice of common man cannot change the tide. But still I say GyalSuung is not worth the one year wedge in the path of regular higher studies of all our youths. The sacrifice called for is at national calamity level whilst the benefit is much at abstract level. 


Saturday, December 14, 2019

National Day Medal Tales. (Not to be taken seriously. Only underscoring an event of sad tragedy).

What it implies for National Day Steering Committee to appoint a foreign  national lady as the Chief Co- ordinator cum Director cum Instructor of Changlingmithang Programmes for Bhutanese  National Day Celebration. It matters not that she is Indian because even if she was Chinese or American, it is still a humilation for Bhutan. Why can't  our national leaderships be contented with a national Co-ordinator/Director/ Instructor? We uphold our leaders with respects and they turn around and outsource our National Day to foreign manager. Evil Omen!

This foreign directed gala is happenening in Thimphu the main venue for this year's National Day celebration.  Elsewhere in the 19 Dzongkags, it is still unadulterated  Bhutanese celebratory homage to King, Kingdom and being Bhutanese. 

HM King Ugyen Wangchuck would have to  boycott Thimphu on 17th December, 2019.  Maybe the LungtenChhenpo  Gongsar  did not attend the National Day at Samtse last year where foreign intrusion is said to have begun. The First King had no foreign jesters in his royal court. His pledge to dragon Throne was Bhutanese pure as was his barefeet. And HM the Second King could very well prefer an archery game at Trongsa than attend a foreign produced gala at Changlingmithang. And The Third Druk Gyalpo would abhor any undignified act that subverts his royally sovereign UN member Kingdom of Bhutan. 
So what medals could Palden Drukpa give to fellows at Steering Committee for out sourcing National Day? 
1. Could it be cream-white colour medals for the chairman and for the official who actually steered  the  National Day Celebration Steering Committee. 
2. And grey soil colour medals for all other members of the National Day Steering Committee.
White is the international colour of surrender. Surrendering national dignity and scorning national capacity to lead. And grey for slavish behaviour of submission by should have been nationally responsible steering committe members. 
The above medal scenarios is just a figment of imagination. In reality,  people get rewarded for doing whatever required of them by their superiors. Tsawa Sum defined as:  you, superior and superior's wanton. Such trends cannot be Gyal Lo for Palden Drukpa. But certainly it is individual gyalo culture so prevalent now. 

Here I rest my final  plea about the coming  Changlimithang spectacle ( lavish and colourful ).  But definitely not a true national doing. National Day celebration should have been a glorious indigenously organised national event truly demonstrating genuine sentiments and abilities of Bhutanese of all walks paying homage to ChhoeChangs, Kings and Progress. If only Bhutanese are not just actors but also the directors and producers of the 112th what should have been Bhutanese National Day in essence.  Not just outward flares externally manufactured.  

Sorry Palden Drukpa !  Some of us fail Druk Yul by our intents & deeds. And then some including myself fail to prevent sell out of national dignity. So all are equally shameful children and subjects of Kings and greater forefathers. Still to You Palden Drukpa ChhoeChangs, we pray for strength and courage to be united as truly Bhutanese in deeds, hearts and souls.  

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Suspension and Termination the ugly and the unfair happenings.

I know that suspension is harrowing and and termination from service is an extreme measure . But in the name of Palden Drukpa,  Bhutanese Authority must appear to be fair in public. 

Right now, Bhutan has one law but not applied uniformly. It is no longer a perception that some are privileged above laws. This is really the norm and has become the practice. 

My thoughts:

1. Suspension should not be mandatory but it is absolutely necessary when investigating an official whose official position can influence the investigation process by way of proximity to witnesses or have opportunity to  tamper with evidence or manipulate records.  The official should be restricted from coming to office or carrying out his normal official responsibilities. But full basic salary should be paid during such necessary suspension. Not 50% of the basic. 

2. Once the investigation is completed, suspension order should be withdrawn. The official should be called back to work immediately upon the completion of the investigation.  

3. If  convicted by the Trial Court ( Lower Court ) then suspension  should be reinstated immediately from the date of conviction  and without any salary benefit. Why pay a convict?   

4. If conviction is upheld by Appeal Courts, then the convict should be relieved from the service with retrospective effect from the date of the conviction by the Lower Court. 

5. When being relieved from service, service benefits should be paid in full till the date of conviction by the Lower Court ( Trial Court ). Denial of further service opportunity should suffice for penalty from the employing Agency. All other penalties would be covered in the guilty verdict issued by the Court. Presently civil servants are penalised twice for one crime. 

6. If  Appeal Court overturns the Lower Court's guilty verdict, then the concerned official should be reinstated to official position immediately and all salary dues of past months of suspension paid in full. 

Today in Bhutan there are different application of Law/ Regulations varying upon the social and political position of an accused official. 

a) For some officials with social connection and with governing Political Party backings, the relevant provisions of the  Laws and Regulationa are suspended. Not the affected officials.

b) For Officials without social connections and with no  backings from political Party in governance, the provisions of the  Laws and Regulations are activated and the Officials are suspended and even terminated from service without any service benefits.

And these cases of blatant parliality and and uneven applications of Laws, Rules and Regulations are taking place in broad daylight and in full public view. Every Institution is aware of what is going on. 

Thus Bhutan is one tiny nation where power corruption is  huge and openly endorsed in the manner of competitive sports. There is no shame and no morality and definitely no sense of accountability.  

In the recent Trongsa Land case convictions, the sentences of imprisonment was passed for all guilty defendants. But defendants were not arrested and imprisoned. As per prevailing practice since the 2013 Supreme Court Order, all those  convicted to prison sentences are handed over to Police custody immediately upon passing the sentence by the Trial Court. But that did not happen this time. Under prevailing judicial practice,  bail is granted only by the Appeal Court after the Preliminary  Appeal Hearing. However, this time the convicts were allowed to walk free from Trongsa Court. And ignorant Media was all so silent ( Kuensel, BBS tv and The Bhutanese ). And all the Institutions acted in the manner that " all are rotten in the State of Demmark " and one such case is not an exception in Bhutan.   

By the way this judicial magnamity shown by Trongsa Court in not enforcing its own verdict had nothing to do with the main accused former Dzongdag Lhab Dorji. I believe he was not aware why Trongsa Court did not have the convicted people arrested if such was the ongoing judicial procedure. ( this clarification is for those who might assume that " former Dzongdag is too powerful". I have read such views before ).

The common people maybe wondering how come all these blatant power corruptions take place right out in the open public space.  Are democratic institutions like the Cabinet and Autonomous institution like the Royal Civil Service Commission and Judicial Courts more powerful than the Throne? I do not think so. But what stops a People's King from ensuring uniform and equal application of Laws and Rules and Regulations? Perhaps His Majesty is restrained by the necessity to preserve and respect " the Principle of Democracy ".  If His Majesty tries to set aright all the blatant wrongs, it could be construed that "Absolute Monarchy " is back. Recall that during Absolute Monarchy Reign, even red and orange scarf Officials were sent to prison once convicted.

Hereatfer, I hope that the Prime Minister, the  Chief Justice and the Chairpersons of Constitutional Bodies especially ACC and RCSC upholds the resposibility and 
collectively find the courage and will to apply same conditions and procedures  to all the people of Bhutan. If those  convicted by the Trial Courts are to be allowed to continue in service as Ministers or Civil Servants and for commoners to be free not imprisoned till Appeal processes are completed in full, then make such a right entitled by all Bhutanese not just few privileged officials. 
Bhutanese subjects of the same King should enjoy equal rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

Monday, November 18, 2019

India Loan financed flagship projects poses economic bleakness in Bhutan.

1. How did PHA I and II  mega hydroprojects fail. 

a) At PHA I,  the project killer is the sliding hill side. What causes hill sides to slide. Maybe someone should study the impact of continuous blasting of the hill base with high exlposives for long period of time. 

I know that there was suspicion of structures of ridge topTrongsa Dzong suffering damage from Mangdechu hydro project blastings. If that is true then hillsides of PHA I could also have been weakened by continuous high explosive blasting at the base of the hill. 

b) At PHA II, the project killer is the existence of a deep gorge like cavity over which a tunnel to carry water is aligned. Was it not possible to discover the existence of such a big cavity through some geo-infra- ray  techniques?  Something like dentist taking x'ray of a tooth and discovering cavity. Or maybe the cavity was a foreknown thing. 

Anyway the sliding hill side and deep cavity may very well kill Bhutan's economic prospects and our national self reliance dream. 

2. Dungsum Cement Plant, too,  was funded from loans mostly from India. It was cleared together with Tala Hydro Project by both Bhutan and Indian Governments.  The market for Dungsum cement Plant was projected to be the North Eastern States of India. But the project was delayed long enough to give time to those Indian NE States to increase their own cement production capacity. Thus today if not for Bhutan's own hydro project constructions, DCCL does not even have any assurred export market in India. And worse the teething  problems at the Plant built by Indian Companies are so disruptive that at times,  DCCL cannot even produce adequate supplies to meet internal demands. Ofcourse bad management, too , contribute to DCCL wooes. Dungsum cement plant has a very bleak future. Forget generating revenue for the Governmrnt, it is not even at break even point after several years of the  commissioning of the plant. 

Bhutan is saddled with 3 huge black hole projects PHA I& II and Dungsum that traps Bhutan in deep debt and far away from self reliance. 

Actually I think it makes good geo-political sense for India to keep dangling hopes and than dash it. That way Bhutan cannot get out of India dependence hang man noose. If I was India, I would promote joint mega projects with stated economic goals to help Bhutan. And then sabotage all such  India- Bhutan projects to defeat self reliance goal of Bhutan. Little Bhutan can get fisty if self reliant. 

3) Mangdechu Hydro Project is one India- Bhutan project recently commissioned. And the little smile on the countenance of Bhutanese economy is disappearing with phrases like " teething problems stopping electricity production is natural and expected at newly commissioned hydro projects". 

Well new Mangdechu hydroproject has " expected teething problems "  and old Chukha hydroproject naturally needs major repairs. So production is hampered at both the hydro Projects. Do not despair yet Bhutan democratic III govt.,  there is more to come.

3. Tawang to Trashigang motor road.

The first prolosal was made by Arunachal Chief Minister during early years of PDP governance. B4B!  My God what was Bhutan thinking in adopting Indian PM Modiji slogan. Fortunately that time, there was no takers for a highway from Tawang. The 2nd more recent call was made this year again by the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh during a meeting with Bhutanese Consul General ( Sell out General ? ).

Some Bhutanese travel operators and innocent businessmen of the East got exicited a little. Yes the idea is sinking in. Reminds me of Lama Drukpa Kuenlay's Saying " Insist sufficiently and consent will be granted ". 

Well Southern Bhutan Highway was discouraged because that would have strengthened internal security of whole of  Bhutan. But Tawang-to-Trashigang highway can facilitate the division of East Bhutan from the West. Afterall it was not outside nations calling Eastern Bhutanese followers of " traitor DPT Party ". We Bhutanese people and our political leaders have been branding political Parties and voters as pro- King and anti- King. If we promote division among ourselves by  region and race , then why would not an outside force assist in the physical separation of the nation? 

Thank you and No Thank you economic dilemma. Not a cruel stab in the back. But a gentle gradual dark kiss of death. Such is the stealth that the Bhutanese Caesar cannot even say " even you Brutus" B4B. Well I think Caesar is as much to blame for trusting Brutus. 

Lama Kheno. Please Palden Drukpa look after Druk Yul. And make our leaders bravely wise. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

The high profile Trongsa Land Case.

A nation can be sold out if the tsokpas ( community representatives) , Gups (head of  local governments ), Dzongda of the Dzongkhag ( Representative of HM the King  and Central Govt.), the Land Record Officer (NLC representative in Dzongkhag ) and the Drangpon of the Dzongkhag Court ( Judiciary ) colluded together  and got backing of a Political Party in governance. 

When an aggrieved Party initially  filed the case, the  case was dismissed by Trongsa Court and again rejected by OAG for prosecution even after ACC completed the investigation and asked OAG for prosecution. I recall OAG tried at all levels including through Media to obstruct ACC from filing the case at Trongsa Court. The Attorney General is appointed by the Prime Minister thus servient to the bidding of the Prime Minister. It was during PM Tshering Tobgay's time. 

The case has been adjudicated at Trongsa Court under a different Drangpon Dasho  Ugyen Tshering. A very capable and absolutely hard working judge. This Dasho Drangpon studies the cases throughly and professionally. And is intellegently sharp. Also considerate in the comprehension of human imperfectness. I hope the Drangpon does not get sidelined for his professionslism. Good and dedicated servants of the Law or in Civil Service  can be sidelined or by- passed in promotion   by forces of corrupt authorities. 

With the concurrent sentencing ( humane consideration on possible legal ground), it looks like all possible judicial considerations have been accorded to the guilty people by the Trongsa Court.  Therefore, an appeal to High Court may not reduce the sentences let alone change the verdict. 

If the appeal reaches the Supreme Court, the Highghest Court in the Land  might even look into the angle of a Dzongda   betraying the trust and confidence of the King and a former Drangpon betraying the trust and ethics of Judiciary and thereby decide to over rule the " concurrent sentencing ".  Instead of looking after people's welfare, the Dzongda has been proven to rob the people to gain wealth for his family. And a Drangpon instead of fostering justice was promoting and defending criminal deeds. 

I think we the common people owe much thanks to BBS in this Particular case. I recall a BBS journalist interviewing the aggrieved lady from Trongsa whose land was forcefully taken away under the pretext of national need priority. And later she found that her land was actually transferred to the wife of the Dzongda. When I saw that interview on BBS TV, I wondered if  Royal Secretariat would intervene. Afterall, Land issue is a Royal matter including grant of substitute land or taking away of private land for national priority needs. That did not happen. But looks like that BBS interview paved the way for the aggrieved Party to seek ACC intervention. Kudos to ACC. 

Corruption and social aggression can be rampant in a nation if and when the powerful collude and responsible check mate/ look out Agencies or Authorities practise hands off stand. 

Personally, I am sorry that a fellow Haap was so vicious in his pursuit of other people's land. And even more sorry that our nation have many in authority  who agree and endorse such ways and did much to obstruct justice and legalise wrong doings.  

When there is " Law and King " ( two bodies of Law ), justice must be allowed to triump in a constitutional monarchy nation. And justice should be served in full. Not partially. The criminals have been punished. But what about the solace to the  victims? In this case, the original land owners should be re- granted their land. The land substitute already given should be treated as compensation for punitive damages caused.  For all the losses, sleepless nights and hopeless days, the never ending  torments, anguish and the shock of uprootment from traditional home and social community that the Law of the Land and National Authority failed to prevent. The Trongsa Court has no  power to re-grant what is now government land. But the NLC and the Government could seek Royal Grant of the forcefully taken land to the original.owners. I wish the Court judgement had mentioned that along with its appeal for purchase by appropriate Agencies the " resort built by the Dzongda's wife " on the land that originally did not belong to the government. It belonged to a lady by the name of Gyalmo. 

If the lands illegally and forcefully taken possession by Dzongda and his wife are   not re-granted to the original owners after this Court Verdict, then victims remain victims. There is no social justice.  And legal justice is incomplete. There is no heart of  compassion and no material compensation for victims of unscrupulous Officials appointed by the Government and His Majesty the King. The Royal Secretariat/ NLC and the Government has a sacred responsibility to reset to original status the aggrieved familiies who were illegally uprooted by the Dzongda. Lhab Dorji without the power and status of Dzongda could not have uprooted the victims from their inherited home and land. Thus the authorities that appointed him must undo the harm and damages he had caused from his official position. 


Friday, October 25, 2019

Thank you to all at my blogs

I want to thank all of you for following my writings and sharing your feed backs or just reading the blogs. I look back to past decade of democracy and from the broader side, I am amazed by the super changes it gifted to individuals. We have cabinet Ministers who may never have had such opportunities but for democracy process. And equally many may not have missed the same boat but for democracy process. Life in many ways is quite predictable and yet it can be all so wildly unpredictable.  

Once we are born, our life and particilarly fate  may not be totally under our own or that of another person or authority's control. But what we are characterwise is in our own hands and mind to shape. Sure compellingly circumstances may oblige us to be temporarily disposed to accepting or doing things that under normal circumstances one would not want to do. But such things need not enslave our hearts. Within ourselves we can be free, honest and truthful about ourselves, our country and of our authorities. 

If we can be true to ourselves within out hearts, then we need not be divisive in nature just to survive. We can be Bhutanese and accept our fellows as same Bhutanese as ourselves. We can lead our lives, raise our children and follow our path laid out by fate without dividing the East, West and South; without differenciating our race, religion and language. Be confident in ourselves and that feeling will  erase away the complexion of inferiority and envy. There is no God segregated class of people into the servant and the master cadres. Democracy has shown the way. Anyone from amongst us can rise and there is also equal chance of falling. 

My thoughts and writings are shaped by the same process of belief I have shared in the above paragraphs. I am fortunate that I received the right kind of environment all through different stages of life. I am comfortable with different race and religion and am comfortably at home with East, West or South of Bhutan. I am not disturbed by who holds authority and who are the commoners along with me. We are Bhutanese whether prince or pauper. And without the nation Druk Yul, we are just ordinary human beings each trying best to survive in the world we are thrown into. Neither superior nor inferior to each other in blood or birth. So all us have good reasons to cherish and share this Druk Yul without trying to use it for selfish self objectives. 

May we be good Bhutanese in which ever and  whatever position we hold during the different stages of our lives. Wishing all Bhutanese peace and good life in Druk Yul that gives us our identity  and purpose to our existence. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Why the death sentence for brutal rape, mutilation and murder of minor child.

Rape could be just uncontrolled lust. But rape followed by torture and mutilation of the victim and finally murder of a 8 year helpless  girl child in Paro  is the acts of demon. A human possessed by devil. Otherwise why would a rapist keep slapping a little defenceless child black and blue till blood flowed out of ears and nose ?  Why pull  a child by ears till ears are torn ? Why abuse every part of the body? If the victim was a grown up woman who fought back, maybe retaliation with angry force.  But why such hate  brutality against a frightened and utterly defenceless child of 8 years? Only a devil thirsting for blood is capable of demonic acts. And demons must be got ridden of. 

It is easy and self glorifying in the eyes of NGOs and Human Rights to ask  why take life for life ? It is easy to claim we are Buddhists and must not kill. And it is even more endearing to state that a Bhutanese should not make call to undo what was magnanimously decreed the abolishment of death penalty by our great  King

Afterall, we are not the poor single mother or her child who was  mutilated, raped and murdered. We can afford to be like  tin pot journalists who are ready to kill today and whimper tomorrow according to the dictate of NGOs and flow of the majority sentiment. Unabashedly we can deceive gullible citizens and declare that death penalty is against the magnamity of our great Kings, against the Constitution and even requires amendment of the Constitution followed by national referendum. What lies and games of deception !  Looks like we have few social media personnels or journalists  who go to any length like the Paro demon rapist & murderer & mutilator,  willingly  stooping to any length and depth to manipulate  public sentiment for selfish personal gain or fame.

True that death penalty has been done away by a Royal Decree. But protection of child has not been done away by Royal Decree. The last death sentence by firing squad was carried out in 1964 in Bhutan. It was several lives for one life. The traditional method was simple blind fold  walk over a plank that jutted out into the void space far above a monsoon river raging below.  Acts of treason or sacriledge met with death. Those days such brutalised rape and murder acts against children were unheard of.  So the Royal Decree abolishing death sentence needs to be viewed  against such a prevailing social back ground. Unfortunately the behaviour of people have undergone drastic changes. And so must laws to counter. It is no longer treason against the State or Monarchy Institution for which a magnanimous King was willng to abolish the death penalty. Now the treason is against our defenceless children. A Guardian cannot recklessly show magnanimity when faced with cruel deaths of children because such kindness will be taken as weakness and will surely pave way for similar acts,  hereafter.

Rape out of lust is unacceptable and certainly reqire to be punished with severe imprisonment. But rape as an act to torture, brutalize every part of a child victim's  body and finally strangling perhaps an already  lifeless body is unforgivable. When the very Devil walks the valleys of the Kingdom, the godly King and Parliamentarians must rise to protect. My appeal is not for public sentiment. The lawmakers must endeavour heart and soul to counter such demons. The protection and preservation of safe environment for child life must take precedence over all our fears of world infamy and Buddhist sentiment. To simply neglect to even attempt to do our rightful parental and guardian duty is forsaking social and political leadership.

The Constitution under Article 7 clause 1 states:

" All persons shall have right to life, liberty and security of person and shall not be deprived of such rights except in accordance with due process of the law".

Thus Constitution requires our leaders to protect the life, liberty  and security of our children. And frame laws so that humans who are possessed by the Devil and are perpetrators of demonic deeds against minors can be assisted along the path to the Devil's hell with due process of the law.

Death penalty is not against the reverred  Constitution. It is not against the sacred Monarchy Institution. And it certainly  does not require national referendum. The process is like any legislation formulation.  The Parliament can institute it with simply majority and royal assent.

The protection and preservation of Bhutanese child life is the core of royal prerogative because our children are the hope and vision of future  and foundation of sovereign Bhutan. The citizens and especially the  Parliamentarians must support our King to  find ways and means to counter the growing national  crisis to safe child environment.

Death penalty cannot be an absolute solution to curb devilish thirst for blood. But then there is no absolute solution for many things. Centuries of development in education methods and still no absolute formulae for automatic learning by all. There are still failures. But we do not stop education process. Likewise no deterrent is absolute deterrent but there is the absolute necessity to come up with the most extent  possible deterrent to demonic acts.

People write and make reference to studies where death sentence has not reduced rape or murder incidents. Please dig further and find out how and who and for which objectives the studies were conducted. A team with a pre conceived agenda will always find statistics to support their cause.

However, if a layman wants to know the effectiveness of " deterrent ",  let me give a simple easy to comprehend example. Watch the motorists behaviour at spots where a lone traffic police stands and at another spot where there is no police.  Now you might say thats because there is someone with authority  watching. OK but how many drivers have lost driving licence due to repeated traffic violations. Hardly any significant numbers. Yes "deterrent " works to a great extent though not absolutely.

Few public executions of demon rapists ( not humans who rape to satisfy sexual lust  but devils who rape to queench thirst for blood ) would go a long way to deter such would be demons. Sure,  not everyone would be deterred but anyone still retaining some semblance of morality would not succumb to devilish temptations if such deterrent is publicly demonstrated at times.

Most of us are Buddhists but we are neither Buddhas nor do we live in Zangthopelri. So shed that fake  cloak of innocent purity and sensitivity.  Buddhists too kill to  protect themselves. And executing few demon child rapist cum mutilators cum  murderers would be a deterrent to protect larger life interest especially the preservation and promotion of safe child environment.

I, too, value and cherish life and living. And like the majority of you all,  I am of no relation to the family of the little girl victim in Paro. And like you all,  I am also a staunch Bhutanese and Royalist and also afraid to pull the trigger to excute death sentence. But despite all that I am and have been, I am willing to do what it takes to support safe environment for our children. What happened to the 8 years old girl child  in Paro haunts me to no end.

I never knew the  child  or her family  when she was alive but in her brutal death, the little soul of Paro haunts me even in my  sleep. If children cannot have safe and secure environment to grow up then all is lost and nothing and nobody is relevant in our Kingdom. Not even His Majesty the our beloved King is relevant to our children if they are simply raped, mutilated and murdered at will by demonic humans. The little girl in Paro is beyond our cruel world. But for the many like her, the society in Bhutan must be made more saner and less of a  hell for our children. So the need to act seriously and earnestly  against such  perpetrators.

Yes to Death Sentence to Rapists cum Mutilators cum Murderers of children.  

Monday, September 9, 2019

Who really cared about the Dengue outbreak !

Dengue case numbers should be single digit next year onwards says PM (courtesy Kuensel ). A tall order considering the figure nearing 4000 this time and still counting.

I feel we need to thank our stars that Dengue fever  disease is not contagious. Otherwise our hospitals' indiffererence would have the nation facing an epidemic.

" Many cases could not be detected". How could detection be possible using " insensitive rapid test kits " . Pray what does " insensitive " mean in common man language?   Expired or outdated testing kit or inferior  ?  Why use expired testing kits which should have been thrown away?

" Although the report would " clinically " point towards a dengue fever symptom, the result was negative. However, the result came as positive in the private diagnostic centre."

See the difference between paid for medical service at private Diagnostic Centre  and the free medical service at government hospitals. Seems Private centre used valid testing kits and our hospitals used invalid testing kits.

It is a case of homicide when patients die due to incorrect diagnosis derived through deliberate use of  expired testing kits. Dengue fever is not a killer disease though there is no  antidote to treat it. So plenty of bed rest and fluid seems to be the answer.  But if you are tested negative dengue fever by hospital using expired testing kit, you might think it is influenza and therefore take things lightly thereby further endangering your health condition. Thus correct timely diagnosis is so critical. And knowingly using " insensitive rapid testing kits" tantamounts to criminal negligence.

No one individual can be blamed but there seems to be an inherent weakness in the health system and approach. The civil authorities like Thromde and Dhungkhag are left out  from the loop and though doctors suspected about testing kits being insensitive yet same were used anyway and ofcourse wrong results were declared to patients. 

I think PM the surgeon needs to make some " scapel sharp precision "  management decisions to awaken the slumbering and lumbering health delivery system.  We need to prevent such outbreaks and treat right the patients. Both candy and cane are required dosages towards motivating  health personnel's approach to patients and illness.

One ray of hope for better attention in the future is that this time a doctor at Phuentsholing hospital admitted that " insensitive rapid testing kits " were used. Till now Hospital authorities never admitred their own shortcomings even when a kind of infanticide happened at Thimphu General Hospital. The system can be so inhumanly cruel  and be so damn irresponsible.

And another change we desperately need to adopt at all hospital is stop issuing naked medicine tablets especially anti-biotics. There is no way of determing the validity of such tablets. If hospitals can knowingly  use " insensitive rapid testing kits" during an outbreak of disease, a medical storeperson could easily issue expired medicines in naked tablet form. The best doctors and most diligent patients can be defeated  by expired naked antibiotic capsules or  tablets issued without the cover foil wherein the validity is noted.

Thank you national health service people but there is a flaw in service at critical times. At times sincereity and due deligence is sacrificed and perfunctory ( doing for sake of appearing to do ) have set in.  With respects to many dedicated professionals.