Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Boris Johnson the Britisn Prime Minister

Presently he is in intensive care with Covid-19. I look forward to PM Boris Johnson regaining his good health and back in full charge. I know his survival does not make a difference to Bhutan and our immediate problems. 

However, this gentleman is true to his belief. I read he was never for European Union even as a journalist. And since joining politics , he never changed his belief. He remained ardent Euro- exit for Britain and finally he became the Prime Minister and led Britain out of EU. 

Interesting to read that he wanted to become the King of Britain but as he grew up and matured, he toned down his ambition to becoming the Prime Minister.
And that is who he is today. 

I feel he has more role to play and not die just yet. May God save the Prime Minister. The Queen is already saved and Her Majesty gave a beautiful heart lifting speech the other day to her people in Britain and Commonwealth nations and maybe she had all others in the rest of the world in her  mind as well. 

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