Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bhutan Judiciary and Charges made in social media.

Immediate action is called for. The perpetrators  ( The originator and those who shared the link attacking the Chief Justice must be provided with Open Public Hearing by the highest Bhutanese Authority. If there is even an iota of truth, the Authority that appoint Judges must act on impeachment.   And if not, this attack has to be taken as attack against Bhutan and accordingly dealt with. The nation cannot have corrupt Justices and the nation must certainly take to task any and all who subvert the peace and stability of the Kingdom by viciously attacking national institutions on baseless grounds.

During the last few days, I have simply cautioned fb friends not to act brashly and in haste unless they are very certain. And restricted myself to removing from fb list those that spread what seems to me  unfounded allegations and vicious charges.

But now I think it is time that the nation looks into this issue very,very seriously. There must be  no corrupt Justices in Courts  and certainly no anti national forces/ individuals among Bhutanese citizens. This issue cannot be taken lightly because either way the Kingdom is being gravely hurt.


  1. Truth must prevail and guilty be punished as per the law of the land. Corruption in any form is evil in a society.

  2. I think no one is attacking the institution but one/some individuals inside it if the illegal act is being supported by abusing the authority.

  3. The Rule of Law applies for everyone, including those who implement it. But everything must be based on facts relevant to the issue at hand, tempered by compassion and understanding. Emotions that make us jump to uninformed conclusion and judgment must be avoided.

  4. I didnt share but i feel funny when when it comes to those who share. This the age of social networking and i feel everyone has a right to share what they like or feel thats worth sharing. The very purpose of writing is for someone to read and share. If viewers are said that.. then why this blog...