Friday, August 4, 2017

The Strategy behind India's Doklam transgression: Here is the Ugliness.

On 29th July 2017, an article on Doklam Standoff was published in OneIndia News. The writer Vicky Nanjappa a senior Correspondent quoting " highly placed sources" wrote.  To quote : 

1. " For Bhutan, India guarantees its security through the 2007 Friendship Treaty." 

This statement is a reiteration of the recent Indian Government stand that Bhutan is a " Protectorate state " of India.
Not at all acceptable to Bhutan and far from ground realities.  

2 " Bhutan has allowed access to Indians on its territory."

This statement alludes to the forceful encampment of Indian troops on the Bhutanese side of disputed Doklam Plateau after confrontation with Chinese construction party.

Now one can understand why India claimed first that they " were requested by Bhutan Army"  and later changed to " in coordination with Bhutan Army " and possibly after my blog which rubbished such ludicrous claims, India declared that they were " protecting the security of their so called chicken neck". India has no right of whatsoever to station Indian Army combat troops on Bhutanese side of Doklam or the disputed area.

Actually India's real goal was to engulf  Bhutan because they used the Doklam intrusion to declare:

1. That Bhutan is a " Indian protectorate state ." That's what India said of Sikkim before submerging her.

2. India chose to brandish the 1949 Indo- Bhutan Treaty wherein it was stated that Bhutan's foreign affairs was to be guided by India. That clause was removed in the 2007 revised 1949 Indo- Bhutan Treaty. Bhutan opted to conduct her foreign affairs independently and had never sought Indian guidance.  However, this time during Doklam crisis, India refused to recognise Bhutan' s right to her own independent foreign policy. 

3. India made claims about a "security pact" with Bhutan.There is no such pact. Nothing in the knowledge of the Bhutanese Parliament or the people. 

The Royal Bhutan Government or the Royal Bhutan Army whose Supreme Commander is His Majesty the King would never have agreed to India's interference  into the Bhutan- China Border Talks especially by use of military force. Bhutan is a small nation. We have to find peaceful means. Involving Indian Government or Indian Army is the shortest route to national suicide.

Let me relate following historical decisions of the Kings of Bhutan to demonstrate how wary Bhutan had always been of silent takeover by the  powerful neighbourly friend called India. 

1. In 1962 during Sino- India war, the 3rd King of Bhutan granted safe passage to Indian soldiers fleeing Arunachal through Eastern Bhutan to India only after the soldiers surrendered their rifles at Tashigang Dzong. This demonstrates that Bhutan does not welcome armed combat troops even that of India. .   

2. In 2003, India offered combat troops to Bhutan to fight Indian militant groups.  There is already IMTRAT the training wing of Indian Army in Bhutan.They are supposed to be unarmed and therefore, not in the category of regular fighting force.

His Majesty the 4th King was not sure whether his own force could expel the militant groups. After all, the greater numbered militants were also battle hardened and well armed.  But His Majesty was sure of one reality. That was if he accepted combat troops of Indian Army into the Kingdom, that would be the end of sovereign Bhutan. So the King took the less evil option. The offer of Indian Army was declined. And His Majesty decided to lead in person the Royal Bhutan Army to expel the various groups  like ULFA ,  BODO and  KLO Indian militants camped in the thick jungles of Southern Bhutan.

The People and the Government of Bhutan was fearful for the personal safety of the royal being and tried to dissuade the King. But His Majesty's response revealed how deeply he had pondered. The King said, " If I am not there in the field to look after my brave soldiers, the slim chance that we have in defeating the militants is lost. And a defeat in the battle field means the lost of Bhutan. Therefore, the danger to the Bhutanese nation and the throne is more imminent if I stay behind."  Thus began the " Operation All Clear " under His Majesty's personal command.  And all militant groups were successfully cleared out from Bhutan by the Bhutan Army. The defeat of the Indian militant groups by the Bhutanese Army stunned the Indian Army to silent reverence.The feat surpassed all dictates of art of army war- fares.

Considering such super human sacrifices made by the people and Kings of Bhutan, it would be crazy to seek Indian intervention at Doklam. Indian Army had simply bull dozed in  unannounced. An invasion at Doklam happened.

Initially it seemed that Bhutan was duped by Indian action at Doklam. Maybe Bhutan just  meekly succumbed to Indian aggression on the border front and diplomatic arm twisting on the foreign affairs front. Bhutan complained to China and even issued a Press Release that 
were in line with political ploy of India.Thankfully Bhutan, ultimately, recognised betrayal signs and decided to stand her ground. Bhutan refused to condone Indian transgression at Doklam. If she had , next thing Thimphu, Paro and Haa would have been flooded with Indian combat troops and war machinaries on the pretext of enevitability of Chinese invasion. From the day one of transgression at Doklam, vociferous Indians and even few treacherous pro-Indian Bhutanese voices were crying aloud about the danger posed by China from Doklam to the  northern Valleys of Haa, Paro and Thimphu. Doklam is actually part of Samtse Dzongkhag in the South.  Most Bhutanese did not even hear of name of the remote mountsin Plateau till then. And ironically if such evil people had their ways, before China or even most Bhutanese woke up, Bhutan could have been another Sikkim.

Bhutan is weak and small to physically  challenge the might of India.  However, by all international standard, Bhutan should have cried " foul" against India for the transgression into Bhutanese controlled Doklam territory by armed troops of India.

This is the reason why China has been  demanding that Indian Army withdraw from the present positions or there will be an all out war. China had declared in no uncertain term that this transgression was very different in nature and intent from all other China- India border skirmishes. India was defying China from a third country territory. Therefore, China is threatening to attack wherever Indian Army is. Which means all of Indian land, sea and even Bhutan the unwilling host of Indian Army at the Tri Junction. I feel that any nation not just China, has the sovereign and moral rights  to take firm and effective retaliatory action against such treacherous conduct. 

But even in her deep humiliating state of silent distress and perhaps in dismayed betrayal confusion, Bhutan found the political sanity not to cower down to the level of condoning Indian transgression into Bhutan as well as into the Chinese Doklam. And that stumped the Indian touted position " protecting Bhutan from China "  that India tried hard selling to the international community. India is not protecting Bhutan. India is trying to engulf Bhutan on premeditated pretext.  

I had earlier said that Doklam incident may be the working of our Deities. And strangely it might turn out to be  just that. India did not bargain upon China's determination for an all out war in 5 fronts for this Indian act of treachery at Doklam. India it seems was planning for a limitted war.  However, to the Chinese, a limitted war restricted to Doklam only, would in any case sabotage the Chinese goal of One Belt Road Initiative and further compromise the buffer status of Bhutan in India's favour. If a war must happen with India, it made more sense for China to have a full scale war at all 5 fronts ( Bhutan-Sikkim, Arunachal, Kashmir, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal).  That would be a decisive war worth risking.

It seems that both America and Japan have no appetite for such a large scale war stretching from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean. During the recent Malabar naval and air war exercises conducted concurrently with Doklam crisis by America, India and Japan, China sent 13 war ships plus submarines to convey a definitive message to the tiresome three. In addition the new aircraft carrier of China was docked at Hong Kong to get Japanese attention. Personally, I hope Japan had nothing to do, even remotely, with Doklam venture. Bhutan and Japan enjoy the highest of regards between people and the Royal Houses.

A short limitted war between India and China suited Western armament industries and American policy of containing China. Or at the least distracting China from One Belt Road Initiative and South China Sea.  But an all out global war where even Russia could get involved was a No No. Thus it appears that India left on her own, has been forced to capitulate after the sneaky transgression.

India had quietly amassed huge forces at Sikkim and Siliguri Chicken neck in preparation for a limitted war at Doklam to quote an Indian writer, " to give a bloody nose to China " who was caught off guard at Doklam. India wanted to establish full and complete hegemony over  Bhutan through a short brief war at Doklam.  Not a full scale five front war.  
The same correspondent Vicky Nanjappa also revealed how India was now going about to resolve the Standoff at Doklam. To quote him :

" It is a complex situation and India at best would withdraw troops on the pre-condition that it is replaced by the forces from Bhutan."  Similar political view has been again repeated in The Indian Express by Sushant Singh on 4th August ( today) .

What this means is that the Indian Security Advisor Ajit Doval had conveyed to Beijing the willingness of Indian Army to withdraw from Bhutan and China Doklam. 

Nanjappa's above statement is couched in diplomatic face saving graceful language.
China would never accept Bhutanese Army in place of Indian Army in the Chinese controlled Doklam territory. So it had to be a reference to Indian Army vacating Bhutan controlled Doklam territory which would subsequently leave only Bhutanese patrolling contigent behind. Naturally that would suit Bhutan. 

But simple withdrawl from Doklam would not have appeased the most infuriated Chinese PLA. So the offer had to be accompanied by the  commitment not to interfere into the Sino- Bhutan Border Talks as well as never again encroach into Chinese controlled Doklam or attempt to station Indian combat troops on Bhutanese territory at the Tri- Junction or other Sino- Bhutan Borders. Some hints are already reflected in The Indian Express article today.

I just hope and pray that Bhutan signs the Border Agreement with China and establish diplomatic relation, too. That would be a fitting Majestic response from Bhutan to the blatant Indian arrogance and aggression.  I do not care for China but for Bhutan such an Agreement would elevate Bhutan amongst the international community. And Bhutan will never be so readily trampled over and alleged to be a " Protectorate State" under India.

India twisted the friendship language of  the 2007 Treaty that distanced Bhutan from India to that of further subjugation and proclaimed Bhutan as her " Protectorate state". Such stands have wounded both Bhutanese national status and caused lasting damage to the golden Throne. In one single stroke, India callously blackened the legacy of the 4th King who got the 1949 Indo-Bhutan Treaty  revised in 2007 and the reigning King who signed the Treaty. In doing so, India explicitly implied that the Kings of Bhutan are her surrogates reigning Bhutan under the Indian guarantees. Not as sovereign Kings of a sovereign Kingdom.

The established historical fact is that Wangchuck Dynasty of Bhutan was established in 1907 exactly 40 years before India even got her independence from the British Raj. Now Bhutan has to find a dignified way to stand up and regain lost honour. No need to ask IMTRAT AND DANTAK to leave. We hold genuine friendship for Indian people and real  appreations for economic aids and transit passages.  Let's simply elevate Bhutan to equal neighbourly status and realistic friendship terms with both India and China. Time and events are calling upon Bhutanese leadership to act with courage and speed. Bhutan needs to sign the Sino- Bhutan Border Agreement and open embassies with China. All can then rest easier with recovered dignity.

Pelden Drukpa! Gyel Lo!


  1. Time for our Leaders to wakeup. Bhutanese people in general have nothing against India but goodwill for the decades of developmental activities that India helped us with.
    However we also have to assert our right as a sovereign independent nation. Moreover the economy of Bhutan is in shambles and living standard is so high that more and more people are going overseas looking for a better life. If we open our diplomatic doors to China, I feel our economy will be in a much better shape.
    Had it been Chinese, the PHPA projects would have been generating money already. The corruption and incompetence of Indian Public Sector Companies are leading us down the debt trap.

    1. Don't trust this nation who can kill its own people.

    2. Why don't bhutan hold a referendum to eject all foreign troops on its soil including those in disputed territories that are not a party to it?
      At this rate Bhutan will become an Indian state
      Negotiate border with China , get China s help in areas that needed help
      I am sure China will respect Bhutan s sovereignthy countries like Laos
      Khmer rep. Bangladesh Malaysia Pakistan Vietnam Sri Lanka and even Philippines have no problems doing so

    3. pradipta bhaumik

      Indians playing the 'human rights' card ?
      no kidding !

      Contrary to conventional 'wisdom', meaning the western/Indian MSM,
      The world's top human rights violators are ......
      None other than the 'world's largest democracy' and 'the world's oldest democracy' , aka India/USA !

      While the USA excels in killing foreign third worlders, India specialise in
      massacring its own citizens.

      Genocide on the Sikhs, 1984,
      Genocide on the muslims, GUjarag 2001.
      Genocides in the NorthEast since 1949.
      Genocides on the Dalits, on going,
      Genocides in Kashmir, on going.
      [All the above are well documented and indisputable]

      You wouldnt know this cuz its all flushed down into history's memory holes, while the MSM does a full time job to demonise China.

      'Mao the mass murderer' is a classic case in point.
      Wapo ?
      Gimme a break !
      Try harder next time.

      By your own logic,
      We ought to distrust India 1000 times over. !

  2. Friendship of both India and China is paramount to Bhutan geopolitically. Friendship of Indo-Bhutan has been like milk and water which blends very well and similarly Sino-Bhutan friendship should be like mountain and snow which will compliment very well. Therefore, Bhutan and China should establish diplomatic relationship sooner then later and sign Sino-Bhutan border Agreement to defuse the current situation like Doklam and avoid future similar incidences all across the border. This will definitely be a win win situation for India, China and Bhutan.

    1. well said. China can't be a friend to anyone, so, befriend them at your own cost.

    2. india has time and again show its is willing to put its neighbours at risk for its own gains. China has shown great restraint, its india who is spoiling for a has attempt to use bhutan as pawn to push back the tri junction,so Bhutan cant reach a border agreement with the chinese, just ask the nepalese, whose oil supply was cut off by india , or the Bhutan hydro power project that was cast aside by India, india's neighbour knows best. As for chinese neighbours, go to any asean country,the OBOR project is underway in ASEAN, i ask u to go and check who is the odd man out.... only india and vietnam.... Vietnam is so reliant on china now, even their economy is so reliant on chinese investments both overseas chinese and mainland....even vietnamese ....India's ally in the region is even bidding for OBOR rail projects in ASEAN. Go and GOOGLE about it, even the japanese is joining in the bidding for projects....

  3. During the 1962 Sino-India war the 3rd king of Bhutan granted safe passage for the Indian troops only after the soldiers surrendered their rifles. Good judgement. Had the Indian troops stayed in Bhutan it will never leave. This happened to Nepal. During the 1962 Sino-India war India seek to station its troops in Nepal on the pretext of the area providing strategic vantage point overlooking Chinese border activities. The troops are still there to this day!

  4. How history repeats itself! In 1959 Nehru went to see J. F. Kennedy in the U.S. and started his aggression against China right away. It took three years until finally the Chinese thought India needed a lesson. Fast forward to today, Modi went to see Trump in Washington about two months ago, and immediately ordered his troops to cross the border defined by a 1896 treaty into Doklam. Apparently Modi has chosen to side with the U.S. to distract and contain China. But he is overdoing it this time because armed forces crossing a defined border between two countries is not allowed by international laws, for any reasons. While China is trying to keep the peace and showing potential consequence in the hope India will regain a cool head and back off, Modi is probably wishfully thinking of big returns from the U.S. and Japan. Good luck Modi! The U.S. itself is in big trouble with a hallow economy and is in the brink of bankruptcy. The national debt is almost twenty trillion dollars and yearly trade deficit almost a trillion dollars and growing. Japan is in no better shape. And the big guys switch between being friends and being foes much faster than you think and unpredictably, as they really do not want an all out confrontation with each other. So watch for how you choose. You may get exactly what you don't want.

    1. Another similarity is China has repeatedly warn India its aggression would eventually resulted in conflict but India was tone deaf to China's repeated warning. Today we see the same thing. So nothing really change. The following are two excellent links from well informed people on events leading to the 1962 Sino-India war.

    2. Mantou, if you remove blinkers, you'll get a pan-view of the situation. Best wishes.

  5. I always wonder announcing the area where Indian troops are as PLA artillery practicing target area for tomorrow, will Indian troops leave today?


    It seems that the indian military is controlling the Bhutan!

  7. If war ever broke out China can of course defeat India soundly. There is no question about that. Today the power differential between the two countries is much more pronounced than it was in 1962. The two countries are basically not in the same league. The question is political cost. India is master of obfuscation and has been playing this innocent-India-up-against-bullying-China card for years and with much success. As a news junkie I have noticed throughout the years there is an army of Indian commentators some with seemingly respectable academic credentials writing nonsense articles published in various English media news site. The theme of these kind of articles are pretty much the same. That China is a bully, a land grabber, has numerous territorial disputes with its neighbors, frequently intruded so many miles deep into Indian territory... and so on. Sometimes I would responded to their allegations pointing out their errors supported with reputable sources but it seems to have no effect. They are obssessed with China and would come back with the same old nonsense. To these people facts don't matter, only the narrative matter. I wonder whether these people are on the Indian government payroll. I know that RAW played a significant role in disseminating propaganda to create the right condition for India to move in to annex Sikkim. Granted there are some honorable Indian commenters that care about facts but they are few and far between. I can count them with the fingers of my one hand. I point this out because years of propaganda from India has an effect on many gullible Westerners who don't know better. For probably ideological reason, the fact that India was created under Britain's auspice out of the world order designed by the West as opposed to China's revolutionary anti-imperialist root, colonial guilt and Indian's pretension to spirituality many Westerners fell to India's narrative hook line and sinker. Observant people will notice that successive Indian prime ministers whenever they went abroad would at the opportune moment when the cameras were clicking and people watching invariably clasped their hands together while walking as a show of pious. These kind of theatrics plays to Westerner's stereotype of Indians as peaceful and spiritual and work magic for the many unsuspecting Westerners because honestly how many of them actually know intimately any country thousands miles away. The consequence is half truth, innuendo, double talk, sophistry are second nature to many Indian political commentators and they can lie with a straight face and almost never raise any eyebrow from their audience. Sikkim's annextion becomes the Sikkimese vote in drove (97%) to join the Indian union. That China has settled amicably twelve of its fourteen contigious land borders with its neighbors except India and Bhutan shows that China is deliberately singling out India to extract more land from India (I actually saw the guy made this remarks on a debate hosted by an Indian tv channel). That to this day India still has numerous unsettled border disputes (some very bitter I might say) doesn't occur to the guy that may be India that is the problem. To be continued...

    1. Very well said. My comments on YouTube have always been met with hostility from Indians as well as from Westerners. I often post a link to a reliable alternative media source to prove my point with my comments. This blog by a native Bhutanese to debunk the Indian false claims is gold!

    2. Look who is talking. China, who has a Land issue with ALL it's neighbours, has no evidence that Doklam is theirs. Chinese should be 9-10 times powerful than India, to defeat India, which, China is not. China is simply surprised by India's brave face-off on Doklam, and, is now trying to save face by using white-lies rhetoric.

    3. "China, who has a Land issue with ALL it's neighbours,..."

      Here we go again.

    4. as you said that so we chinese should ruin the world then.

    5. So you think the land of America is belongging to American,and the land of Australia Canada so on. We Chinese live around the area thoundsands of years so just shut up. All in all you western people regard China as your enemy, so if we humanbeing cannot live together just die together.

  8. Continue...
    This is where this blog comes in. India can play this innocent-India-being-bullied-by-China game but India cannot play the same game to Bhutan and Nepal. People can believe China is bullying India but no one will believe Bhutan or Nepal is bullying India. On the contrary this blog and the articles by the Nepalese I provided earlier show Bhutanese and Nepalese has a consensus, and that India is not as peaceful and innocent as it pretends. Twice I read articles by Westerners parroting New Delhi's line that Bhutan is threatened by China and needs India's protection and I point this blog to them to show what Bhutanese actually think. And I think this blog is an eye opener to them.
    Making China's case to the world audience of the upcoming war (if there is indeed a war) will be a part of the war preparation China need to do. Winning the war military is not a problem, winning the war morally in the eyes of the world is harder and this blog will help to that effort.

    1. Excellent points! I watched a Chinese TV program two days ago interviewing a retired PLA officer who was a soldier fighting in the 1962 China-India border war. He was asked the question of why China retreated back to its starting positions after achieving a deciding military victory. To quote, this was exactly his answer, just translated into English: "It is China's non yielding policy that we will not resolve our border disagreements by military forces. We fought a short battle to regain peace, in order to restart meaningful dialogues and negotiation on the table to resolve our differences. A war is to be won not only militarily, but also politically". India needs to change its mentality and understand that time is different now. In the late 18th and then the 19th centuries, Asia generally as a whole was brought to its knees due to a step too slow to develop from an agricultural society into an industrial one. Now the balance is shifting back to where it should be. And China's "One Road One Belt" initiative is a step to finalize that by engaging more countries in the Euro-Asia continents in further development and prosper together. Of course China is no pure angel and she is looking for gains in this process but the whole idea is to prosper "together", not alone or at the expense of anyone else. It is absurd to any Chinese to believe that China has the intention to choke India's chicken neck, or strategically harm India. I have not heard any Chinese, including all the layman friends and academic friends of mine, talking about China potentially gaining anything significantly from doing so. India needs to abandon its outdated strategic suspicion and chauvinistic approach to its neighbors. Asia is rising to its rightful place. This should include China, India, and all the countries in Asia. There is this outdated cold war mentality in the west to derail this trend but I personally think it is stupid. India should be smart enough not to be an accomplice of those war mongers. Otherwise countries in Asia will just have to shove India aside as I see even with India's help, this trend is not going to stop, although it may be slowed a little.

  9. India's dominance over Bhutan must end. Time is calling. Bhutan must take a tough stance over India's dominance. Bhutan must protect its own security and the national interest. Modi has already sent us the message to us of its intention over Bhutan.
    I see their dominance as a serious threat to our sovereignty. Bhutan government must invoke the article 8 of the revised treaty to clarify on its deliberate misinterpretation of the article 2 of the revised indo-bhutan treaty because their military presence at our border is a direct threat to our national security in particular and the sovereignty of Bhutan in general. And the withdrawal of the Indian troops from our border is the only solution to resolve our dispute with China on the borders in the north. the transgression into our territory by Indian military is very serious and must take a tough stance by Bhutan. their deliberate misinterpretation of article 2 of the revised treaty is a clear message from Delhi of her intention on Bhutan.. I pray our leaders find a way to end this otherwise dangerous stunt of India..

  10. For many centuries, Bhutan has never been a protectorate state of any country. Nor China protected Bhutan nor India. Bhutan remained independent and strong from the time immemorial guided by our farsighted leader of the Wangchuck Dynasty.

  11. Thanks to Wangcha Sangay for his efforts to inform his readers on the Bhutan-China-India border dispute. Convinced that the Bhutanese government would not dare to counter their false narrative, the Indian government and their media have lied that the Indian army got involved in the dispute at the request of Bhutan. The Bhutanese media did not counter this blatant Indian lie. One newspaper that covered the issue seemed to be pro-India and anti-Bhutan/China. His story seem to cordone the Indian transgression on the Bhutan's disputed area and did consider it for what it is: Indian aggression. I wouldnt be surprised if he was on the payroll of New Delhi. As a concerned citizen, I would question such journalist's ulterior motive. Anyway, kudos to Mr. Wangcha Sangay for exposing the twisted stories and blatant lies of such journalists. Keep up your good work. I feel what you are doing is a great service to Palden Drukgi Gyalkhab.

  12. The bhutanese editor is tibetan so naturally he will side India. I feel this media needed to close very soon.

  13. Indian ideas on 'protectorate state' is a move to control Bhutan directly from Delhi claiming Doklam stand-off between China and Bhutan is a Indian problem. They wanted to establish a permanent military Base in Bhutan making the Doklam issue against China. On the other hand, today most of the northern mountains of Bhutan are claimed by China. Making issues upon issues.

  14. Go ahead .... And establish diplomatic relations with China ... And next day you will come under the famous " one China policy" ... Then you'll come with crying face and would ask asylum in India and would have to form Bhutan's govt in exile just like Tibetian ... And some one talking about 1962 ... But please read 1967 "last sikim stand off" ... If India wanted to make Nepal and Bhutan it's state ... You won't even get a chance .... India helped to create Bangladesh if it wanted it could make Bangladesh as it's state but didn't ... And about sikim ... Before sikim become Indian state ... There was a election to choose between India and it's kingdom ... And you people are bashing India ... You should ask a Tibetian about India then you'll get to know .... And see you are even using ".In" in your website ... Why don't and get ".BH" ? If India today say that we won't have any relationship with Nepal and Bhutan and remove it's stands ... You will no longer exists just like Tibet and Taiwan or Hong Kong ... Then you'll cry foul and cry help from India ... See the recent example : in Sri Lanka flood ... They are becoming China another lap dog like you and when flood came ... They ask for India Help... Why don't ask for China's help ? And if you're so capable and so sovereign then why need Indian soil for transportation ? Climb Himalayan and go to China to get access to the world ... I think it is time India should leave theses country alone ... You don't deserve help or support ... You deserve tough India... When you people get crushed by China then you'll will understand ... The same way Taiwanese and Tibetian are understanding now ...

    1. Ok, now that we have India’s permission, let’s just do it now. You never know what will happen until it actually happens.

    2. What is the great deal in making diplomatic relation? Are you speaking from your own experience? I don't think so otherwise India would have been part of one china policy longtime ago.

      Don't worry about Bhutanese seeking asylum rather worry about your soldiers at Doklam at the moment. Bhutan has remained sovereign and independent for thousands of years and we will remain so hereafter. Yes, if china flattens you, where will you seek asylum. Have you thought over it. Better think of plan B.
      Sikkim election was won with inflow of thousands of voters from nearby districts like darjeeling, kalimpong etc.. it is already published in many books. please don't fool the people.

      If india helped create Bangladesh, why sheikh khalida govt. hate India and favor china. I meet many bangladeshi who does not speak good of india. Also why srilanka, nepal, maldives favor china then india. i suggest you retrospect and understand the situation, you can still amend it.

      Are you dreaming or wishing? because i never used website with .in i always use .bt which stands for Bhutan.

      As said above, Bhutan existed as a sovereign and independent country thousand of years before India was even colonised by East India Company of British empire. I am confident that we will remain so under any circumstances and situation because if our ancestors have survived why not we.

      Please read history of indo-bhutan friendship. It was pandit nehru who trekked to Bhutan via sikkim and chumbi valley to offer indian help and support in 1958 based on the strategic security interest of India and not welfare and generosity. you also don't deserve sincere friendship. you need double standard friendship.

    3. Dude I am a proud Taiwanese. You don’t even have a clue about Taiwan HK and China. You are a piece of GOBAR and talk with very little knowledge which can be dangerous. Superficially it seems HK and Taiwan are up in arms and facing obstacles from China but underneath the surface there is lot more than what meets the eye.Do you know who are the largest investors in China - Taiwan. Do you know Asus//Acer//FoxConn are Taiwanese companies with more investments in China than you can dream off. So don't blindly believe Times of India and venom spewing Indian dailies as well as urban legends and come up with trash. For most Taiwanese their fore fathers came from China. Yes, we do have differences with the Government but not with the people.
      I want to end with what one of our politician said " China is Dear but we still love Taiwan". I hope you shut up for good or get your facts straight.

    4. China has no guts to eat India...we have nuclear bomb if our integrity would be on danger i don't think modi will wait for a moment...we both will be finished....bhutan is nothing but a land in which Indians can piss off and create an artificial flood

    5. Exactly, i was wondering where the Indians were on this blog. China cannot win a war with India any more. So there will be no war. Period.

      All we get is fear mongering and shadow boxing.

  15. The Doklam standoff is nothing but the ploy of the India government to occupy Bhutan:
    It was a set up and the ploy of Indian government to trap us in its net they had left to catch us. lets set the record straight. the Indian should stop sounding very innocent to the world. It was India’s plot against Bhutan to occupy disputed Doklam. This was a direct attempt by the Modi government to storm the country by force. China was just a pretext to for their aggression on Bhutan and the Bhutanese.
    India has no regard for our leaders, the government and our people, and did not recognize Bhutan as sovereign Kingdom.

    Let me present you my case in point for evidence to establish this fact.

    The China Position Document was released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on August 3.

    Following are the direct quotes of the published documents:

    a) Firstly, out of goodwill, China had notified the Indian side in advance through border meeting mechanism on May 18 and June 8 respectively. However, the Indian side didn't make any response to the Chinese side through any channel for over one month. Instead, it flagrantly dispatched armed forces carrying equipment to illegally cross the boundary to obstruct China's road building.

    b) Secondly, over one month has passed since the outbreak of the incident. The Indian border troops still illegally stay in the Chinese territory. Moreover, the Indian side is building roads, hoarding supplies and deploying a large number of armed forces on the Indian side of the boundary.

    c) Thirdly, the fact that the Indian border troops illegally trespassed the boundary is irrefutable. Under such circumstances, instead of deeply reflecting on its mistakes, the Indian side fabricated such sheer fallacies as the so-called "security concerns", the "issue of tri-junction" and "at the request of Bhutan" as excuses to justify its wrongdoing.

    d) Fourthly, the Chinese side has made serious representations with the Indian side through diplomatic channels for multiple times. Under such circumstances, the Indian side, rather than withdraw its trespassing troops and equipment, made unreasonable demands to China which demonstrated its lack of sincerity for resolving the incident.

    This established the fact to say that it was not Bhutan who raised alarmed about the Chinese road works to India.

    It was China who informed India about China's road building with the valid reason.

    India saw this as opportunity to ploy against its own trusted ally, Bhutan. The reply was the Doklam military standoff.

    They used both China and Bhutan to achieve their goal.

    India blatantly lied to say that it was Bhutan who raised the alarm of Chine building road at the border. And they used article 2 of the revised Indo-Bhutan treaty of 2007 to justify their occupation of Doklam, despite Bhutan government refusing to endorse their claim, and the silence of the Bhutan government despite india’s repeated claim says it otherwise.

    In my opinion, India misrepresented Bhutan twice:
    1. they purposely used China’s notification against Bhutan to enter Bhutan’s territory;
    2. And they deliberately invoked article 2 of the revised treaty to justify their action on the Bhutan border.

    This proves beyond the shadow of doubt that it was India who cried wolf to pry over helpless sheep. For Bhutan, India turned out of be the wolf in sleep's clothing; therefore, this standoff at Doklam is nothing but the ploy of the India government to not only take over Bhutan but to foil sino-bhutan border talk with China, and India took this opportunity to end its strategic patience over the pending sino-bhutan border resolution, like they did in 2013 election to end the pro-china government; this will disengage Bhutan from forging a formal diplomatic relationship with China permanently.

    so, who’s trying to change the established status quo at the border here, China or India?

    I have mine and draw your own conclusion.

    1. Policy drawn based on the idea of 'crippling and collapsing' by the neighbouring state. What a pity!

  16. Your article is a highly biased presentation of situation. (a) It was Bhutan who called a Demarche and sought India's help. (2) As per 2012 agreement, any disputed issue should be resolved by involving all 3 countries (3) As per 2007 agreement between India and Bhutan, neither Butan nor India can allow any development on their soil that can be detrimental to other country (e.g.,if Bhutan allows any development that is detrimental to India's safety). So Bhutan can't unilaterally decide on this issue.

    1. Yes, China also knows that Doklam doesn't belong to India

    2. I would like to enlighten credit risk Modeller as under.
      a) Bhutan did issue demarche to China officially and on the ground but Bhutan did not ask for India's help.
      b) There is no agreement called 2012 agreement. Doklam dispute has got nothing to do with India since Sikkim - China boundary is agreed based on 1890 convention. It is Bhutan – China business.
      c) As per Agreement 2007, India has no right to interfere on the conduct of foreign policies by Bhutan. Such colonial mentality agreement of 18th and 19th century inherited by India from their master British is not relevant and cannot be applied to today’s Bhutan in the 21st century. We are not used of colonialsation.

    3. Where is the 2012 agreement? Can show the world what has been agreed and endorsed?

    4. The Indian government is a bunch of liars. See what they say and the truth:

      1) The Sikkim-China border treaty terms are up to different interpretations. Truth: no, the 1890 treaty between India's master and China clearly defined it, no ambiguity.
      2) Bhutan asked for Indian army to help. Truth: no, Bhutan is a very proud country and never asked for Indian army help. As a matter of fact, in Bhutanese people's heart, they probably want to ask the Indian army to get out of their country.
      3) Building a road along the border by China, although inside the Chinese side, threatens India's security. Truth: with this logic I guess China can annihilate India because maybe one day China thinks the existence of India threatens China's security. How pathetic and crazy!
      4) India army entered a China-Bhutan disputed area. Truth: why did you enter by crossing the Sikkim-China border, not the Bhutan-China border? The truth has to be India is trying to play the Bhutan card for its own gain, in the process offending the sovereignty of Bhutan.
      5) There is a 2012 agreement not to change the status quo. Truth: it only exist in India's imagination. Of course imagination and lies are quite convenient for the Indian government.
      6) Bhutan found that China was building a road and bla bla.. Truth: China informed India of the road building plan twice before starting construction.
      7) Indian army is strong enough to defeat the Chinese. Truth: really? A World War I type of army, despite much more bodies, can challenge a modern armed force even the United States acknowledged they would not do?
      8) The entire world supports India. Truth: who? I saw Nepal officially says it takes no position, and important institutions there openly criticize India. Others? sorry, all silent, because even those habitual China bashers in the west know India has no ground to justify its action. You think they will be like this if there is any thing for them to pick up?
      9) China dare not to take any action by force. Truth: this is the worst self serving illusion. What makes China hesitate is the outcome of long lasting animosity between two largest populations on earth. But once it has determined problem will not be resolved without resorting to force, we wish India good luck.
      10) Indian army is there to protect Bhutan. Truth: this is the worst offense on the Bhutanese people. Bhutanese people has got nothing that need India to help protect from. To the contrary, India is THE PROBLEM to Bhutan, and the highest threat.
      11) Bhutanese people are ungrateful. Truth: I have heard so many expressions of gratitude by the Bhutanese people to the economic assistance. But if the Bhutanese people are not grateful, they have got good reasons also. It looks like these assistances do not stem from goodwill. Rather they are for the purpose of strengthening control on Bhutan. Does India know the difference between fishing and fish? Keep giving fish while eroding the ability to fish does not look like sincere help to me at all.

  17. Dear Sangay Wangcha

    I just read the Global Times ( and there are some strangely conflicting writings as follows:

    “On June 16, the Chinese side was building a road in the Dong Lang area (Doklam), located in Yadong county of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. On June 18, over 270 Indian border troops, carrying weapons and driving two bulldozers, crossed the boundary in the Sikkim Sector and advanced more than 100 meters into Chinese territory to obstruct the road building of the Chinese side, causing tension in the area.

    The trespassing Indian troops, reaching as many as 400 people at one point, put up three tents and advanced over 180 meters into Chinese territory. As of the end of July, there were still over 40 Indian border troops and one bulldozer illegally staying in Chinese territory.”

    The above statement means that the standoff is on the Sikkim side and not on Bhutanese territory.

    The article further states that Bhutan is not involved in the incident.

    So why are we making so much noise over the incident?

  18. The Bhutanese media paper is biased and writing on behest of India. So it very dangerious thus it need to be shutdown the media as soon as possible.

  19. What i cannot understand the attitude of India is why are they so allergic to Bhutan's diplomatic relation with China. If China is India # 1 enemy then why you have diplomatic relation and Chinese embassy in New Delhi? Why you have billions of dollars trade with China? Why Indian leaders always smile and shake hands with Chinese leaders? Many questions arise at such ridiculous attitude of Indian bureaucrats. Are you already jealous that Bhutan will prosper better then India with Chinese support?

    Common Indian friends, don,t be petty. wake up and be realistic. Let us be matured and move forward with time, technology and situation.

  20. beijing, Aug 5 China is planning a "small scale military operation" to "expel" Indian troops from the Doklam area "within two weeks", an article in a state-run daily here said today.

    The showdown soon begins. Grab some beer; some changpa too. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

  21. Mr. Credit: Maybe you’re a paid political analyst of Modi on his payroll for next four years. This is your job. Otherwise, you will go hungry and face a dog fate.. For me and my fellow Bhutanese in Bhutan don’t need PhD or masters’ degree like to you to see or understand this plain truth of India’s folly against Bhutan’s take over game. It’s crystal clear to you and I and the people of China. You may choose to lie but the truth is truth and cannot be hidden even if you want to try thousand more. People like you’re paid to sell this denigrating China-Fear Theory to the western audience only to show that Bhutan needs India’s protection, so that it becomes easy for India occupy Bhutan like our neighbor Sikkim (1975). It was a ploy engaged by subsequent governments of India of the past and the present, from the first Indian ambassador to Bhutan, then Bengal governor Rastom, to recollect to the best of my recollections, and you have been trying to poison the minds of western audience for so many years, and the Doklam occupation is the culmination of your century-old fear-playing political stratagem, but our kings of the past and the present were too smart for India’s leaders to match their intelligence, failing all these years now that now that you want to take the country by storm at the wink of an eye. And you think America stands with you to fight for your own folly. I for one know for a fact that Mr. Donald Trump won the 2016 American election against seasoned politician Hillary Clinton on the promise to American people that America will not fight other people’s war. And he is the president who’s also the victim of Fake News promoters like you, and he will not the kind of person you think will fall into India’s folly. Please know that the damage done to the Indo-Bhutan friendship by India is irreparable. You must realize this to your core. India is now seen as traitors by every Bhutanese, and everything you do is suspicious to us. You may have managed to poisoned the western minds to convinced them otherwise, but people of Bhutan is not intimidated by aggression.. We will stand up and fight this injustice. You think we’re small but we think otherwise: You’re too big for us to miss!!!

  22. If China wants to swallow Bhutan, it would have done it in 1962, not 2017. If China wants to swallow Bhutan, it would have done it with or without India’s protection. At this point in time, if anyone wants to swallow Bhutan, it is the India, purely for its own selfish reason. India can’t even protect yourself, let alone others. Case in point: POK and Aksai Chin. If you think they are your territories, why aren’t you getting them back? If you think you are so tough, go fight the Chinese over there, and let’s see who wins. Meanwhile, leave Bhutan alone.

  23. Thank you for the analysis. Why hasn't the Bhutanese government openly condemn India? I understand Bhutan still heavily relies on India but China will definitely have Bhutan's back on this issue. Also, i think the road being built at the disputed area is good for Bhutan, as it connects Bhutan to China and opens more trade, which will build up the foundation for a diplomatic relation between the two countries and therefore end India's monopoly over Bhutan.

  24. credit risk Modeller
    'China has conflict with all of its neighbors, India have friends all around.'

    Indian cow dung stinks worse than murkkan bullshit.

    China has concluded border demarcation with 12 of its 14 neighbors except India, BHutan.
    The only reason Bhutan/China couldnt come to a settlement is because of Delhi's arm twisting.

    Every neighbor of India has been royally screwd by Delhi,

    Invaded an colonised....
    Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura, Sikkim, Goa,

    semi colonised,
    BHutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka.

    Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives..

    India's socalled friends are far away Oz, Japan,
    this is the coalition of murkkan boot lickers.


  25. Whatever said and done, I believe that our kings are wise enough to understand that India is indeed the problem and that their actions are threatening the sovereignty of our country. Therefore, I have so much faith that our government under the guidance of our kings will establish diplomatic relation with China while at the same time maintain a healthy relation with India based on mutual respect. As for the current border dispute at the tri-junction, the right thing to do is not to take sides but be true to ourselves and our neighbours for if we have truth on our side, our Lha choechong sooms will safeguard our beloved Pelden Drukpi gyalkhab.

    1. It's critical and urgent for the government and people of Bhutan to speak up and let the international community know that you are an independent sovereign nation. Your 'voice' must be heard loud and clear and that Bhutan doesn't appreciate Indian interference in Bhutan -China border issue and Bhutan will have to tell the Indian to leave their border area.
      If Bhutan is unable to have control over its land border management and air space then your sovereignty and independence will be lost completely in time - just like Sikkim. It's time to act now if you cherish your sovereignty and independence before it's too late.
      There are already talks of absorbing Bhutan as the 22 states of India by Indians on online forums.

  26. The Bhutan government probably feels that it needs to be more circumspect in this issue lest it will incur the wrath of India, as it has happened in the past when India abruptly cutoff the oil subsidies to signal its displeasure because the then prime minister commit the sin of having a sideline meeting with his Chinese counterpart at an international gathering in Brazil without first clearing with India. It is very likely that India these days is pressuring the Bhutan government to make statements amenable to India's narrative to give India a face saving way for it to retreat its troops. But so far except the one and only statement made by Bhutan in the early days of the standoff all we get is stoic silence. I know there has been contact between the wife of the Chinese ambassador to India and the highest level of the Bhutan government including the Royal family since the standoff so it is likely that some kind of confidence has been established between Bhutan and China. This episode is far from over even after India retreat its troops because the relations between the three countries has irreversibly changed. China will take a cold hard look at India. India has just realized that the days it took Bhutan for grant is over. And it will give more impetus for China and Bhutan to establish diplomatic ties.

  27. Refer to this : China Preparing ‘Small’ Military Operation to Expel Indian Troops
    Chinese State Media Talks 'Limited War' With India

    Jason Ditz
    Posted on
    August 7, 2017
    Bhutan, China, India
    Chinese state media is quoting officials familiar with the situation as saying the nation is preparing for a “small-scale military operation” aimed at expelling Indian troops from the Doklam region, after a protracted stand-off in the area.

    Mr Wangcha Sangey what is your take on this.

  28. Can someone publish the details of the 2012 agreement? And has it be endorsed by all three parties - india,bhutan and china?

  29. I am getting the feeling that the majority of bloggers here get paid fron china. Bhutan army dont have backbone to stop the chinese from constructing a road in the disputed territory. Chinese troops tried to destroy the status quo which was being enjoyed by all 3 countries and helped in mainting peace and order. China could wait and solve the boundry dispute before constructing a road in doklam region which belongs to bhutan.
    Bhutnese army could do nothing to stop chinese activites and here u people are crying foul over india.
    One day will surely come when bhutan will cease to exist and become another tibet.
    Just wait and watch

  30. And yes his majesty is wise enough to tackle the situation and not trust some foolish people trying to mislead the common man by posting half truth

  31. What a backstabber...Let Bhutan go the Tibet way!

  32. This entire blog reeks of Chinese propaganda. Pompous statements extolling the might of the Chinese due to a war won over India in 1962 politically (not militarily) since the Indian military was asked to stand down by its political leaders at that time.

    If you want to know who is actually defecating in their pants you have to look no further than the 1967 war between China and India where China was given the spanking of its life. Strangely the bloggers seem to have total amnesia over that war. Instead they prefer to remember 1962 only. This is beyond delusional.

    To beat your chest about Bhutan greatness while denigrating India does not sound like its coming from a real Bhutanese. It is the devil's workings of the Chinese propaganda efforts on full display. One could understand extolling the Bhutanese pride, but why all this India bashing and pretending the Chinese are so morally superior when all the evidence shows China at perpetual conflict with its neighbors (Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., etc.) Also a very convenient memory loss of when China swallowed Tibet whole and the Dalai Lama had to flee to India for his safety. Where is the outrage about that?

    You guys are exposed for what you are - shills for China.

    Remember that old adage - "you can fool some of the people some of the time, ..."

    1. WiseOne, you sound very much like the Indian government, full of shit and lies. The problem with you and the Indian government is after so many lies you cannot even tell between truth and lies anymore. Keep believing these lies. Believe it or not, it is actually good for China if China wants to be an enemy of India. The separate problem for China is it's trying too hard to be a friend of India. Believe me it is not because of the fear of or respect for India's strength, rather it is because it believes in being good neighbors. Making an enemy out of China is not good for India. Of course you don't have to believe it.

    2. Anonumous - kindly point out the excrement and lies you claim WiseOne is dishing out. If you are unable to do so - which is what one expects - then the whole world can see you for what you are - another propaganda apologist for the Chinese with ZERO for credibility.

      Next time take some basic debating training my friend - such as presenting fact based arguments.

    3. "Also a very convenient memory loss of when China swallowed Tibet whole..."

      This is just nonsense. What China did was to prevent Tibet from being carved out from China rather than invading a sovereign country. Like it or not Chinese, regardless whether from PRC (Peoples' Republic of China) or ROC (Republic of China, aka Taiwan) regard Tibet as part of China. There is not a single country at any time recognize Tibet as a sovereign nation. Here is a film produced in 1944 by the US department of defense showing the US government unequivocally recognize Tibet as part of China. When this film was produced PRC doesn't even exist.

    4. Above web link is fake..I think this whole web is Chinese state run propaganda...Hope the war start soon .Not just stone peddling between two nuke

    5. Sigh, always onside story! always lies after lies.
      FFS, according to the military record of PLA 11th infantry division. the 1967 skirmish is merely a small scale border conflict (for China! sure you dont know what is worth to be counted as enemy, india you are NOT WORTH FKN LIAR SHITTY COUNTY!), yet Chinese beat the crap out of India. from september 11th to 14th, India killed&wounded 607, China 1 dead 9 wounded. On 1st Oct 11:20am 7 Indian solders sneak into the Chinese border and kill 1 Chinese soldier and wounded 1 officer, and start attacking Chinese soldier with 51mm&81mm mortar. Chinese soldier instantly killed the 8 Indian military personnels still inside the Chinese border. the Return fire start on 12O'clock! in this conflict Indian soldiers body counted 195, settlement destroyed 29, India stop firing/retreat on 19:55pm!
      lots of detail in this military record, but we will never boast it on youtube wiki or any website, you fkn indian even dare to change the history and use the faked article as reference to modify the wiki??
      hahahahahaha, you are the best enemy in human kind, ignorant and arrogant as fked.

  33. I agree with the sentiments of Bhutan here, India doesn't have any issue with Bhutan having diplomatic ties with China, do not generalize based on on one comment. A lot of wrong agenda can be shoved with one stupid comment from all the parties involved and just to remind you all none of the parties here are saints (inc Bhutan) and nothing wrong it , each one looking for their sovereign and people benefits.

    If China is so honest in it's every move and respects the disputed areas as they are, why can't China wait for the resolution of Kashmir disputed area(don't throw tantrums I am not here to say which country own Kashmir, none for now) and also let the issue of Baluchistan resolve as well before it takes an initiation for CPEC.

    I am not saying Chinese built these roads, it is Pakistan which is fine but if you are so correct in protocols and norms to be followed, please respect the other countries disputed areas to be resolved before you make projects which make inroads through these.

    Just like how people from Bhutan and China are not happy with intrusion of a third parity, is it not fair for India not be happy with CPEC which goes through a disputed area , China being the third party here?

    Where are the protocols and norms?, I am not supporting India regarding Doklam. Why should India be really involved, I agree. But on what justified basis should India be calm when China wasn't?

    As per Bhutan, you are free to choose your destiny, go ahead and choose it, jut like China and India does. But India should no longer play a victim card and we should create our own destiny. Nepal and Bhutan you can be what you want it is your right, for me India should no longer aid or care about these countries, we have a lot to do and way to go for our own people and interests. But foreign policy is critical as much as internal issues that I agree with. Just maintain a neural (no aid ) diplomatic ties with Nepal and Bhutan, no aid please ,just good gestures are enough from now. Be neutral and do nothing , come what may like Nepal earthquake etc please just do not care, no country not one in particular on this earth will be all weather ally including India.

    As far as Pakistan, I sympathize with people loosing life like there is a movie running every day, I want better life for People of Pakistan but not Pakistan, they had 70 years of aid and opportunities and till date they could not stand on their feet, I see the leaders and military of Pakisan as incompetent just like you see any of your colleagues at wok place. You just simply do not have any respect for them.
    Lastly I want India to be multi fold aggressive in maintaining it's sovereignty. No more news of chinese troops inclusion at several places into India places along the border (excluding Doklam), just kill them in violation no more warning and soft stand. I would like my country to stop giving aids and start giving loans. No more freebies , frankly we need them our own people.
    No more of this Yemen and Kuwait rescues of other nationals, no country will be loyal as I mentioned before, why care ?

    Let us start building artificial islands in bay of bengal, arabian sea and Indian ocean , let's start building economic and naval zones. I want to see more of this. Please do not meddle with Nepal or Bhutan, enough of this freebies please only loans from now.
    If there is a slight chance of of threat treat with brutal stick as along as we are obeying the legal and international norms, Who knows Bhutan and Nepal may prosper of fail, either case India should worry only about us.

    Let others prosper, rot or whatever I as an Indian do not care from now.
    As per SCS it is none of my business but disputed kashmir is and I as an Indian am not 1% percent happy with China on this and I want India to poke China directly and more aggressively (not via Bhutan) because China is not a saint nor it has followed norms which it is stating all over.
    Tit for tat is fair anywhere and for anything.

    1. Please understand what Dalai Lama said on Doklam.

      "Even in 1962, Chinese forces which reached Bomdilla, eventually withdrew. India and China have to live side by side," he said while speaking at the Rajendra Mathur Memorial Lecture organised by the Editors Guild of India.

    2. Thanks for quoting Dalai Lama, it is funny that you are quoting him now considering you don't recognize him at all by you I mean China, quote him when it works in favor for you, ignore him when it works against you. I am not stupid. If you respect him so much why did he have to come into India at first place from his homeland Tibet?
      Where was this understanding of Dalai Lama then? you are what you are and that is greedy. A communist party ruled state is a regime nonetheless no matter what scale the economy and military are and as history teaches us communism is nothing but a burden to the world be it a success or a failure.
      I was laughing when I came to know there is state controlled media in China, shove up ... of people only what the government wants them to see and know ,not much different with regards to North Korea.
      By the way Aksai Chin is Indian territory where was the norm and following protocols ?
      Grab Grab Grab expand greedy without a bullet being fired, common sense suggests that this approach is slow poison and cunning, that is the face of your Government.
      Fit for nothing Pakistan gave away 5000 sq km land to China in gilgit , why? no sense at all, morons. It is as if China is as small as Singapore and they need land for expansion either way it is stupid.
      That is historically India or Pakistan will China give it back then as it claimed Tibet is as part of history.
      When you do it is fair, when others do you(China) cry. Hypocrisy.
      Bhutan if you are good enough to stand up to China, India would not get involved in this considering it is a disputed area between Bhutan & China but is a threat to India for China being so close to it’s narrow land border. Why should India not be worried, it is a threat to our land. If Bhutan you are good enough we wouldn’t care. Before you speak highly about sovereignty etc you should first be good enough to tackle the problems on your own and India is not stupid to wait until you become one because it might be too late for us then.
      Bhutan why you take aids if you are good enough why rely on other countries if you are good enough, it is as simple as it. Get strong then blabber. India is here to protect it’s interests not to occupy anything. We would not be here in first place if you both parties had it sorted out. It is stupid to wait until something goes wrong like Aksai Chin, gilgit and CPEC. How many such incidents should India wait upon before acting, until everything is lost? We have every right to protect our interests and ensure our safety.
      China is simply a burden to entire Asia because of it’s greediness to expand be it in western borders or eastern borders and you want the world to be quite if not you threaten them with stupid media statements.
      How can it be an ally with NK considering the entire world knows how the people are suffering there from decades. How could Pakistan develop nuclear arsenal without any help? You can violate norms like you wish but others should stand on morale ground. Pakistan later transferred this technology to lot of rogue nations, see how dangerous one act of China happened to be (irresponsible nation).
      One last thing why is it difficult to declare a terrorist as terrorist at UN, what is the motive behind not doing so? It is simply an issue of humanity and a global problem. This is a simple and clear example of China and its values. It can’t get any easier for people to understand what honesty China is barking about. You can do things which will favor your foreign policy if others do you(China) cry. Two faced :p

    3. Quoting:

      In 1967, India similar to what now Doklam is, said China has trespassed and invaded into "Nathu La" of then sovereign country Sikkim. India showed the fear of Sikkim being gobbled up by China like TIBET amongst its people.

      India claimed China invaded Nathu La (Sikkim) on 1967 - on that pretext sent trucks load of Armies into Sikkim & its border to wrestle with Chinese army and prevent it from being another Tibet. Fear was high among the people.

      Sikkim, at that time, was "protectorate" of India - means India fighting its war against mighty foreign army during invasion, war or intrusion. However, soon 8 years after the so-called invasion of China into Nathu La & Cho La, Sikkim ceased to exist as a sovereign nation.

      "India fought war against China in 1967 at Nathu La to prevent China to devour Sikkim like TIBET - sent its Armies in Sikkim on that pretext - 8 years after Sikkim ceased to exist as a sovereign nation".
      What does this mean?

    4. anon

      'grab grab grab grab.......................'

      YOu need a mirror old chap ?
      Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura.

      All of the 'INdian' NorthEast was a massive land grab thru genocidal wars.

      So Chinese road building 'threatening' your precious NorthEast eh ?
      Try telling that to the Nagas, Manipurs, Assamese, .............
      With 'government' like this, who needs the PLA ???

      Warning, XXX rated.

    5. @denk: How naive of you.
      1) You quoted quora as a reliable information source.
      2) There is only one answer to the question in the link.

      Please do not waste my time with your stupidity.
      As far as building roads, if you can understand the dynamics.I hope you will get it right this time.

      92% of Chinese population is based on eastern side, only a small amount 6% is on the west. What is China worrying about for when India is building roads on the border, you have a huge buffer highly inhabited country Tibet in between.

      The link is not quora :P , Does it make sense to you now as why India should be worried but not China.

      1) We do not have a buffer country.
      2) Our population density is pretty good near the borders.
      3) The thin strip of land is the only way NE India is connected via land to the rest of India.

      Anything else?

    6. @Anon,
      Of cause your population is "pretty good" near the borders, you are breading uncontrollably, and on your way, you take over other people's land and claim as your own. Indian are low land people, has no business in the hills of Himalaya. You are annex ancient kingdoms, and taking over their land, then fill them with you lowland monkeys. Sikkim and Nepal are the prove. The only advantage you have is your endless supply of ignorant, unemployed, uneducated, unruly young males who are wrack havoc in South Asia. What India needed is a good old civil war for the sake of all your neighbors, and curl yourself the time bomb you called as demographic dividend.

    7. India is worried, so China shouldn't build road there. The Indian logic is so funny. What if China is worried that their ships could be blocked in the India Ocean by India navy and ask India to stop building warships?

    8. @anon: My view might not convince you, but I didn't use a single degrading word expressing my opinion unlike your urge otherwise.
      'hen fill them with you lowland monkeys. Sikkim and Nepal are the prove. The only advantage you have is your endless supply of ignorant, unemployed, uneducated, unruly young males who are wrack havoc in South Asia.' this is you.
      Of all the things one thing seemed funny though that you are talking about population.

    9. Following this Indian logic, if you think your neighbors might be of concern to you, you have the right to annex them, invade them, destroy them, kill them. How stupid is this logic? Do the Indians still live in the Stone Age? I thought those species in the Stone Age are called "wise men" by us but actually were just apes able to stand up. So stuck in this imperialistic pile of dirty thinking, abandoned long ago by their master the British, Indians really need a lesson. The Chinese really don't want this job to teach this lesson. They might be forced to do this job again though. If you study history you will find that the Chinese had repeatedly told India back in the late 1950s and early 1960s before the 1962 war, that China's strategic focus was on the east not the west, that there was no sensible reason for conflict between China and India, that it would be stupid of China to have another enemy in India while the U.S. was preparing for war along its east coast. Chairman Mao actually wrote letters to Nehru himself, something he never did to any other foreign leader. Prime Minister Zhou Enlai flew to New Delhi many times to try to convince Nehru to stop his troops advancing further and further into Chinese land. With a brain full of chicken poop, the Indians threw away all the Chinese goodwill. They are doing the same today again. I think they may even be viewing the Chinese goodwill and restraint as a sign of weakness. How silly! There is a popular Chinese saying: No Zuo No Die, which means if you don't step into feces, no body can really force you. The Indians keep stepping into their own feces, claiming victories all along. There is another old Chinese saying: there is a payback for every action you do, if you don't get yours today, it's because it's on the way. If the Indian government has the brain with a size matching that of a chicken, it would have understood China had no appetite for Indian land. China has already got the vast stretch in Tibet, inhibited by very few people. As a matter of fact, some Chinese do joke about occupying India. But it is a joke to intentionally evoke a laughter because India is viewed much more as a burden than an asset, even if anyone wants to occupy it. My advice to India: make friends with your neighbors, focus on your internal development, make yourself an asset not a burden in your neighbors' eyes. Only after that will you have some security issues to worry about. At this point you do not need to. Not that many people are interested.

    10. anon
      '1) You quoted quora as a reliable information source.'

      You mean quora is B.S. ?
      funny thats where all the Indians flock together ! ;-)

      I quote a live person, a naga who narrated how India , the 'world's largest democracy', destroyed the Nagas country , their families.

      As you can see he definitely doesnt look like an Indian, like Manipurs, Assamese, ...the whole NorthEast , plus Sikkim were gobbled up by India
      via genocidal wars.

      Do we look like Indians?’

      You think he can just be brushed aside , the way Indian army crushed their their families, their countries ?

      '2) There is only one answer to the question in the link.'

      *Will-Nagaland-and-Manipur-get-freedom-from-India* ?

      So Whats your answer ?

    11. Do we look like Indians ?

  34. So many contracfidicting theories here..
    1stly if India was to engulf Bhutan it would have done it already instead in internal bhutanese military operations, india choose to provide support onlh so tht bhutanese r not threatened.
    2ndly, India uses Bhutan's example as a soveirgn nation which can teach us sustainability at almost any world forum- are u suggesting India intends to even upset Bhutan and call itself hypocrite.
    3rdly bhutanese security is overall planned by Indian support but there is no heckling or shame on both sides of tht-only India has the institutions for tackling China in security matters
    4thly India may have unilaterally entered Doklam but if china is so willing to ask for documents - no status quo change at trijunctuon was agreed n signed at 2012 agreement so India has a right to oppose with bhutanese support ..
    5th Bhutan shud remember China claims 10% of bhuganese territory / bhufan has ceded much land earlier includi g highest mountain to china..
    Just because India chooses to stay silent doesn't mean china can altwr basic facts to judge relationship n motive..
    As for Bhutan's demand for economic issues with India - U bhatanese shud protest n raise it before India n ur govt just like we Indians do for ourselves { we both r democratic free nations}

    1. Please understand what Dalai Lama said

      'Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai' Only Way Forward: Dalai Lama Amid Doklam Standoff
      The Tibetan spiritual leader said there are times when the two neighbouring countries use "harsh words", but the spirit of "Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai" is the only way forward.

  35. After reading this blog, it appears, China is angel and India is Evil. However, an informed person will also question why China protects Kashmiri Militants who were freed by militants after hijacking IC-814, like Azhar Masood. It also comes to mind IC-814 hijacking actually began from Nepal and link is clear now, China lobbyists are present in good number in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, N.E. India, besides Communists, who are planting chinese side of the story.

  36. Really heartening to read this blog and see that there are many other Bhutanese who are able to see the situation wholly, not just the fabricated versions strewn about the Indian media. Most Indian are so clueless about what goes on in their country. Some like Samarpeet Samal above are barely literate unable to spell simple words like 'should' or string together a proper sentence. Perhaps hey're not even aware of the proper writing style required when discussing a serious topic such as this.

  37. Anonymous
    'What a backstabber...Let Bhutan go the Tibet way!'

    Indians calling Bhutanese 'backstabber' ?
    Some cheek !

    1. Directly copied the article here for people to read:

      India-Based Groups Seek to Disrupt Bhutan
      By BARBARA CROSSETTE, Special to The New York Times
      Published: October 7, 1990
      NEW DELHI, Oct. 6— The small Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan has become the target of a well-organized campaign, based in India, to stir up violent opposition to the country's moves to protect itself and its culture from illegal immigration.

      Waged largely on behalf of Nepali and Indian citizens denied the right to settle in the small kingdom, where standards of living are relatively high and business opportunities plentiful, the militant campaign has been appealing to international human-rights groups to recognize it as a ''pro democracy'' movement.

      In the last two months, reports from several recently formed Indian-based groups with names like the Bhutan People's Party or the Forum for Human Rights in Bhutan have asserted that mass arrests, torture and the suppression of minority rights are occurring under King Jigme Singye Wangchuck of Bhutan.

      In August, the Hong Kong-based Asian Students Association held a news conference here to publicize the accusations and call for demonstrations. None of the student leaders speaking at the conference had visited Bhutan.

      In the last week of September, sympathizers of the movement in Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, were able to have unconfirmed accounts of mass shootings transmitted by two international news agencies, Kyodo and Agence France-Presse. Both have subsequently transmitted denials.

      Both accounts, saying respectively that 327 or 200 people had died in southern Bhutan between Sept. 20 and 25, were untrue, according to Bhutanese diplomats here and officials in the capital, Thimphu, backed by Indian newspaper reports from Bhutan and the Indian state of West Bengal.

      What happened in Bhutan in September, Bhutanese and others say, was that several thousand armed militants crossed into the country from India and tried to foment an uprising among Bhutanese of Nepali descent.

      Bhutanese officials say that 2 people were killed and more than 400 were arrested. All but 36 were subsequently pardoned by King Jigme.

      Sunanda K. Datta Ray, editor of The Statesman of Calcutta, who has been leading a journalistic effort to set the record straight on what is happening in Bhutan, calls the new campaign a ''propaganda war against Bhutan.''

      Mr. Datta Ray, writing in articles and editorials, has drawn a parallel with the externally generated movement that destabilized the kingdom of Sikkim in the early 1970's, leading to its seizure and incorporation by India. The Bhutanese believe themselves to be the guardians of the last Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, squeezed between China and overpopulated India.

      ''No question of democratic dissent lies at the heart of the turbulence,'' an editorial in The Statesman said on Sept. 26. ''The truth of the matter is that a large number of ethnic Nepalese who are not bonafide citizens of Bhutan have gathered on the kingdom's borders in an attempt to force an entry. Putting it bluntly, they are economic refugees spoiling for a showdown to win the world's sympathy.''

      Sonam Tobden Rabgye, First Secretary of the Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi, said in an interview Monday that the roots of the militancy go back to 1988, when Bhutan decided to take a census of its population and to begin enforcing a ''Bhutanese way of life,'' including national dress, architectural styles and languages.

      Map: Bhutan (The New York Times)

    2. This is definitely a RAW operation. Bhutan should thank Barbara Crossette for alerting to the world of India's machination. She took a lot of flak for exposing India in an unflattering manner. Mostly from Indians with all kinds invectives and abuses, but also from some gullible Westerners.

      Mr. Wangcha Sangey should contact Barbara Crossette and invite her to write more about Bhutan. The more Bhutanese opinion are expressed in the West main stream media, the harder for India to speak on behalf of Bhutan.

  38. India is so insecure A road construction on Chinese controlled areas triggers
    This crisis
    India has built many roads on her side and does not elicit any Chinese protest
    Using Bhutan is an altogether new strategy Like what has been Said, India is probably trying to hit 2 birds with one stone
    To stall China and to take over Bhutan
    Indians are so full of themselves to be this bold, but I don't think they have thought hard about their actions, just like in 1962
    I see no way out except ejecting Indian troops where they don't belong
    Indians may have prepared a long time for this, but I believe the Chinese have
    Done their due diligence too
    Let the fight begin

  39. It is my pleasure to read this blog about Bhutanese stand. The internet is so full of fake news that it is hard to find facts any more. When truth is not available, force is the remaining tool.

  40. If anybody wanted to fight, fight in your soil but not in bhutanese soil. We don't want destruction by foreign powers in our soil in the name of peace. If foreign powers steps into somebody's land, it simply bring destruction not peace.

  41. The cowardly act of any country is letting the foreign powers step into their soil in the name of bringing peace and maintaining the balance of power in the region. The foreign policies and powers if let into our system can simply mean ruin and destruction and it can never bring peace. The examples of such ruin and destruction brought by foreign powers are seen everywhere on the planet especially in the third world countries and also in the middle east.

  42. What India has done cannot do any harm to China except exposing itself as a hideous enemy of its most important neighbors.Indian government and media haven't even fabricated an consistent excuse for its dangerous action. Initially,they claimed Chinese had entered its territory in Sikkim sector. Later, they said it is in the disputed area between China and Bhutan. It glosses over its invasion in the name of protecting Bhutan while thinking about the strategic stakes of tri-junction to its own country.India is behaving like a child trying to grip any excuses for his mistake.China knows it well but still hesitates to take action on the ground. The communist party doesn't want an escalated conflict to shadow its incoming 19th party meeting and China's economic growth. More importantly, Bhutan has been pushed to the center of the conflicts by India, which has made the current issue more complicate to China. This is exactly what India wanted because China would have to think of Bhutan before taking any action as China does not want to be seen as Bullying a peaceful small neighbor. India leaders know that very well and they are trying very hard to portrait such a picture to the outside world. However, the communist party is facing increasing pressure from inside China. No government wants to be seen as weak in protecting national interests because it will undermine its authority and ruling legitimacy.When the brewing anger within China reach certain point,the communist party will shake off all the concerns and gives India an devastating blow. After all, wining the right of ruling is the ultimate interest of any party. If wars and hatred can bring that, politicians will embrace them. That is what Indian politicians are doing and Chinese communist party will be forced to do.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Thank you for informing us of the Bhutanese perspective, Mr. Wangcha Sangey...I can hope hope there will be more likes of you.

  45. My Friend, Just Establish Diplomatic Relation with China Right Away and this will Cut India's power over Bhutan into Half. THEN all problem will be solved with Goodwill. Have Balanced, Middle Way, Neutral, Buddha's teachings.

    Bhutan than use Democratic process to Pass Law to Remove Indian troops from your soil. Problem solved.

  46. When your fate is doomed, you mind starts working in the same way.. Go ahead, become another province of China, your next generations will never forgive you.

  47. Hmm if you do not praise India or the Modi Government's take then you are ungrateful. So most Indians think this is Times of India forum. Try to say anything negative about India and your comments are outright declined. If you guys aren't afraid just let Bhutan establish diplomatic relations with China. Why are you holding them back. Every country is responsible for their own actions. Beware Bhutan lest India sends all the Nepalese to take part in your consensus if there is ever one.Not sure but I have an uncanny feeling they will force the Bhutanese king to hold one very soon. You might be furling the saffron white and green cloth just like they did in Sikkim.