Thursday, September 26, 2019

Why the death sentence for brutal rape, mutilation and murder of minor child.

Rape could be just uncontrolled lust. But rape followed by torture and mutilation of the victim and finally murder of a 8 year helpless  girl child in Paro  is the acts of demon. A human possessed by devil. Otherwise why would a rapist keep slapping a little defenceless child black and blue till blood flowed out of ears and nose ?  Why pull  a child by ears till ears are torn ? Why abuse every part of the body? If the victim was a grown up woman who fought back, maybe retaliation with angry force.  But why such hate  brutality against a frightened and utterly defenceless child of 8 years? Only a devil thirsting for blood is capable of demonic acts. And demons must be got ridden of. 

It is easy and self glorifying in the eyes of NGOs and Human Rights to ask  why take life for life ? It is easy to claim we are Buddhists and must not kill. And it is even more endearing to state that a Bhutanese should not make call to undo what was magnanimously decreed the abolishment of death penalty by our great  King

Afterall, we are not the poor single mother or her child who was  mutilated, raped and murdered. We can afford to be like  tin pot journalists who are ready to kill today and whimper tomorrow according to the dictate of NGOs and flow of the majority sentiment. Unabashedly we can deceive gullible citizens and declare that death penalty is against the magnamity of our great Kings, against the Constitution and even requires amendment of the Constitution followed by national referendum. What lies and games of deception !  Looks like we have few social media personnels or journalists  who go to any length like the Paro demon rapist & murderer & mutilator,  willingly  stooping to any length and depth to manipulate  public sentiment for selfish personal gain or fame.

True that death penalty has been done away by a Royal Decree. But protection of child has not been done away by Royal Decree. The last death sentence by firing squad was carried out in 1964 in Bhutan. It was several lives for one life. The traditional method was simple blind fold  walk over a plank that jutted out into the void space far above a monsoon river raging below.  Acts of treason or sacriledge met with death. Those days such brutalised rape and murder acts against children were unheard of.  So the Royal Decree abolishing death sentence needs to be viewed  against such a prevailing social back ground. Unfortunately the behaviour of people have undergone drastic changes. And so must laws to counter. It is no longer treason against the State or Monarchy Institution for which a magnanimous King was willng to abolish the death penalty. Now the treason is against our defenceless children. A Guardian cannot recklessly show magnanimity when faced with cruel deaths of children because such kindness will be taken as weakness and will surely pave way for similar acts,  hereafter.

Rape out of lust is unacceptable and certainly reqire to be punished with severe imprisonment. But rape as an act to torture, brutalize every part of a child victim's  body and finally strangling perhaps an already  lifeless body is unforgivable. When the very Devil walks the valleys of the Kingdom, the godly King and Parliamentarians must rise to protect. My appeal is not for public sentiment. The lawmakers must endeavour heart and soul to counter such demons. The protection and preservation of safe environment for child life must take precedence over all our fears of world infamy and Buddhist sentiment. To simply neglect to even attempt to do our rightful parental and guardian duty is forsaking social and political leadership.

The Constitution under Article 7 clause 1 states:

" All persons shall have right to life, liberty and security of person and shall not be deprived of such rights except in accordance with due process of the law".

Thus Constitution requires our leaders to protect the life, liberty  and security of our children. And frame laws so that humans who are possessed by the Devil and are perpetrators of demonic deeds against minors can be assisted along the path to the Devil's hell with due process of the law.

Death penalty is not against the reverred  Constitution. It is not against the sacred Monarchy Institution. And it certainly  does not require national referendum. The process is like any legislation formulation.  The Parliament can institute it with simply majority and royal assent.

The protection and preservation of Bhutanese child life is the core of royal prerogative because our children are the hope and vision of future  and foundation of sovereign Bhutan. The citizens and especially the  Parliamentarians must support our King to  find ways and means to counter the growing national  crisis to safe child environment.

Death penalty cannot be an absolute solution to curb devilish thirst for blood. But then there is no absolute solution for many things. Centuries of development in education methods and still no absolute formulae for automatic learning by all. There are still failures. But we do not stop education process. Likewise no deterrent is absolute deterrent but there is the absolute necessity to come up with the most extent  possible deterrent to demonic acts.

People write and make reference to studies where death sentence has not reduced rape or murder incidents. Please dig further and find out how and who and for which objectives the studies were conducted. A team with a pre conceived agenda will always find statistics to support their cause.

However, if a layman wants to know the effectiveness of " deterrent ",  let me give a simple easy to comprehend example. Watch the motorists behaviour at spots where a lone traffic police stands and at another spot where there is no police.  Now you might say thats because there is someone with authority  watching. OK but how many drivers have lost driving licence due to repeated traffic violations. Hardly any significant numbers. Yes "deterrent " works to a great extent though not absolutely.

Few public executions of demon rapists ( not humans who rape to satisfy sexual lust  but devils who rape to queench thirst for blood ) would go a long way to deter such would be demons. Sure,  not everyone would be deterred but anyone still retaining some semblance of morality would not succumb to devilish temptations if such deterrent is publicly demonstrated at times.

Most of us are Buddhists but we are neither Buddhas nor do we live in Zangthopelri. So shed that fake  cloak of innocent purity and sensitivity.  Buddhists too kill to  protect themselves. And executing few demon child rapist cum mutilators cum  murderers would be a deterrent to protect larger life interest especially the preservation and promotion of safe child environment.

I, too, value and cherish life and living. And like the majority of you all,  I am of no relation to the family of the little girl victim in Paro. And like you all,  I am also a staunch Bhutanese and Royalist and also afraid to pull the trigger to excute death sentence. But despite all that I am and have been, I am willing to do what it takes to support safe environment for our children. What happened to the 8 years old girl child  in Paro haunts me to no end.

I never knew the  child  or her family  when she was alive but in her brutal death, the little soul of Paro haunts me even in my  sleep. If children cannot have safe and secure environment to grow up then all is lost and nothing and nobody is relevant in our Kingdom. Not even His Majesty the our beloved King is relevant to our children if they are simply raped, mutilated and murdered at will by demonic humans. The little girl in Paro is beyond our cruel world. But for the many like her, the society in Bhutan must be made more saner and less of a  hell for our children. So the need to act seriously and earnestly  against such  perpetrators.

Yes to Death Sentence to Rapists cum Mutilators cum Murderers of children.  

Monday, September 9, 2019

Who really cared about the Dengue outbreak !

Dengue case numbers should be single digit next year onwards says PM (courtesy Kuensel ). A tall order considering the figure nearing 4000 this time and still counting.

I feel we need to thank our stars that Dengue fever  disease is not contagious. Otherwise our hospitals' indiffererence would have the nation facing an epidemic.

" Many cases could not be detected". How could detection be possible using " insensitive rapid test kits " . Pray what does " insensitive " mean in common man language?   Expired or outdated testing kit or inferior  ?  Why use expired testing kits which should have been thrown away?

" Although the report would " clinically " point towards a dengue fever symptom, the result was negative. However, the result came as positive in the private diagnostic centre."

See the difference between paid for medical service at private Diagnostic Centre  and the free medical service at government hospitals. Seems Private centre used valid testing kits and our hospitals used invalid testing kits.

It is a case of homicide when patients die due to incorrect diagnosis derived through deliberate use of  expired testing kits. Dengue fever is not a killer disease though there is no  antidote to treat it. So plenty of bed rest and fluid seems to be the answer.  But if you are tested negative dengue fever by hospital using expired testing kit, you might think it is influenza and therefore take things lightly thereby further endangering your health condition. Thus correct timely diagnosis is so critical. And knowingly using " insensitive rapid testing kits" tantamounts to criminal negligence.

No one individual can be blamed but there seems to be an inherent weakness in the health system and approach. The civil authorities like Thromde and Dhungkhag are left out  from the loop and though doctors suspected about testing kits being insensitive yet same were used anyway and ofcourse wrong results were declared to patients. 

I think PM the surgeon needs to make some " scapel sharp precision "  management decisions to awaken the slumbering and lumbering health delivery system.  We need to prevent such outbreaks and treat right the patients. Both candy and cane are required dosages towards motivating  health personnel's approach to patients and illness.

One ray of hope for better attention in the future is that this time a doctor at Phuentsholing hospital admitted that " insensitive rapid testing kits " were used. Till now Hospital authorities never admitred their own shortcomings even when a kind of infanticide happened at Thimphu General Hospital. The system can be so inhumanly cruel  and be so damn irresponsible.

And another change we desperately need to adopt at all hospital is stop issuing naked medicine tablets especially anti-biotics. There is no way of determing the validity of such tablets. If hospitals can knowingly  use " insensitive rapid testing kits" during an outbreak of disease, a medical storeperson could easily issue expired medicines in naked tablet form. The best doctors and most diligent patients can be defeated  by expired naked antibiotic capsules or  tablets issued without the cover foil wherein the validity is noted.

Thank you national health service people but there is a flaw in service at critical times. At times sincereity and due deligence is sacrificed and perfunctory ( doing for sake of appearing to do ) have set in.  With respects to many dedicated professionals.