Sunday, August 30, 2015

A proposal for Face Book Discipline for Bhutanese in social media.

Please avoid using portrait of the revered Kings as fb profile picture if your intent is only spewing out personal attacks and insults. And avoid using the sacred Jarog Dongchen as a fb identity even if you are an Officer posted in Israel ( Golan Heights ) under UN through Bhutan Armed Forces. The sacred mystic bird sanctifies and empowers the golden crown of Bhutan. It is an act of sacrilege to spew out personal venom and prejudices under the identity of the national sacred symbol of Authority and Defender.

To mean well and demonstrate love , it would be fine for example to have the 4th King portrait as your profile picture on 11th November, 2015 and pay appropriate tributes to celebrate the historic day. It would be appropriate to adopt your identity as the sacred Jarog Dongchen if the Country is at war and you intend to pray and support the Royal Person and the Armed Forces.

At other times to fake loyalty and abuse other fellow Bhutanese, your usage of the Royal Portrait or the sacred name of Defender of the Kingdom represented by the mystic bird, you are committing an act of mockery of sacred institution.

With deep respects to so many Bhutanese fb members who use social media for sharing happiness, events and express opinions/ views / information  of substance.

Politics and Politicians are strange bed fellows.

Today three Parties combined leaders Nitish, Lalu and Sonia addressing political rally in Patna. Can the three withstand the Modi flood in the coming Bihar election? The once arch enemies now forming united front to fight off BJP and for self survival. Its a kind of make or break situation for the three beleaguered Leaders of shrinking party strength. Political scene in India is undergoing dramatic revolution.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Prophecies overshadowed by live deeds.

There is a rush by self proclaimed soothsayers or modern historians to authenticate the ecclesiastical origin of the birth of His Majesty King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Forgive me but if you are looking to justify his greatness look no further than the feats the King has accomplished during his 34 years of reign. He achieved the qualities of the Triple Gem through selfless dedication of mind, soul and body in honouring the duty of a King to the people and the Kingdom.  For me prophecies can apply to many figures and incarnates to any favourably selected candidates but credit of great deeds can be attributed to the only enlightened leader who performs them live.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's with Bhutan's population figures?

Several years ago it was said Bhutan's population figure was 500000 ( half a million ). Lately it is said to be around 720000 ( seven hundred twenty thousand ). A jump of 44% in how many years ? Is this possible when National Statistic Bureau of Bhutan claims that Bhutan's population growth is about 1.3% ?

An accurate population figure with proper growth rate figure is necessary for proper planning in various sectors. I thought Bhutan has a far greater number of young citizens but now it seems the population ages by 6% and grows by 1.3% so in fact the opposite seems to be the reality. It seems Bhutan is not far from the population imbalance of developed countries.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The controversies sparked by and around Central Monastic Body of Bhutan.

2015 seems to be a year of Dratsang woes. Several months back,  4 venerable Lopens of Dratsang sent a condemnation letter to the Prime Minister regarding the project," Slaughter House."  The sting was not that Dratsang naturally objected to killing of animals but that the Lopens chose to directly challenge a political policy of the Government. The incident was surprisingly well handled by the Government by denying the existence of such a project tiled " Slaughter House" but continuing with the policy initiatives to reduce meat import. At the same time the Dratsang also seems to have brought about some inner administrative personnel changes at its Secretariat perhaps to prevent similar political gaffe in the future or fix accountability of the ill advised move.

This time the Dratsang is furiously trying to put down a kind of wildfire news about an impending earthquake that was instigated by an ecclesiastical  written order from the Dratsang requiring all 205 geogs of Bhutan to conduct Prayer Rituals to ward off national or was it natural calamities which most people presumed to be a major earthquake. There was not much room for other speculations. The public had been badly shaken by Nepal earthquakes in April this year and constant talk of the region's vulnerability to more quakes. Moreover other natural calamities like landslides and floods are part of monsoon season that did not warrant such unprecedented precautions.

I do not know why the Dratsang took an unprecedented step to ask all 205 geogs to perform Prayer Rituals between 25th August to 8th September,2015. This was never done before. Even during the ULFA
BODO clean up campaign such an order was not issued. Quite sometime back I did hear that all religious institutions led by the 20 Dzongkhag Rabdeys were performing Prayer Rituals for the Nation and these Prayers I thought had culminated on 13th August coinciding with 29th day of the 6th Bhutanese month with a Tor Jhab which is the Chasing Away Misfortune Prayer Ritual. This 205 geog Prayer Ritual order seems to have come after that.

His Holiness the 70th Jhe Khenpo Trulku Jigme Choedra is on a kind of leave of absence for meditation pursuit. And the venerable Dorji Lopen has been officiating the duties of Jhe Khenpo since the 1st day of Bhutanese 12 month that coincides with 31st of January,2015.

The most learned venerable Dorji Lopen may be more into the religious duty of the Jhe Khenpo than that of administrative affairs. So very possibly the highly accomplished spiritual master may not have been the initiating source of the slaughter house letter or the 205 geog letter. And in the last almost 2 decades of active reign as Jhe Khenpo, His Holiness Trulku Jigme Choedra never directly condemned the temporal policies of the Government. Even when the monks of all categories were denied voting rights, His Holiness maintained a holy silence. And till date His Holiness had never to my recollection issued an order for the 205 geogs to perform Prayer Ritual. The religious duties of Prayers were always for the religious institutions.

The Central Monastic Body of Bhutan is deeply revered as an holy institution of national faith. However, within the ecclesiastical enclave, internal politics could also be a part of such an ancient part of its existence. And the kind of presently  seemingly existing vacuum at the top hierarchy could provide opportunistic displays of divergent thoughts. It can also be a sign of divided house though the two top highly respected holy figures may not even be aware of such politics.

Whatever may be causing these spiritual hiccups, I feel deep unease about the kind of premonition that His Holiness is alleged to have sensed. Maybe through divinity, maybe through dreams or disturbances during meditations. One thing for sure is that it is not in the personal nature of His Holiness to make public forecasts of an impending earthquake or any other specific national or natural disaster even if he is made aware of such through some divination means. Such an holy soul does not cause helpless panic among the populace. However, as a responsible Guru and as a duty of a Jhe Khenpo, His Holiness would do all he can to avert or reduce the impact of any such possible disaster upon the nation and the people. Therefore , any religious advice that directly comes from His Holiness should be simply conveyed in its actual wording form without any kind of add-ons and most diligently adhered to by the Dratsang and the nation. We are just into the seventh month of Female Wood Sheep year and there is more to go. May the constant Prayer and Rituals ward off any impending national, natural or human disasters during the remaining period of this pivotal year.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thimphu Jigme Namgyel School Sports Day

It was Saturday 22nd August,2015. The adjoining football ground of Motithang High School was filled with students of Jigme Namgyel. It had been a drizzling early morning that reluctantly calmed as the national anthem filled the air. A welcome address by the very professional Madam Neten was followed by few words on the Sports Day by the Chief Guest and then the sportsmanship events unfolded following a beautiful inaugural dance.

For around 3 hours the mass of students filled the huge ground as different groups demonstrated their sporting talents in races of 100 to 600 mtrs. sprints and relays with younger kids engaged in hotly contested games of ballon bursting, ball passing, buildings blocks to vegetable speed shopping etc.. It was tug of war event that got everyone's bated attention.

What really impressed me was the full and complete participation of all students and teachers in the various categories of sporting events. By all means it was truly an authentic Sports Day for the whole School. Even the Parents had the opportunity to actively participate in a game of Finding the Partner. Too late but at least yesterday I found out who I should have married. No wonder the flame of love had refused to tamper down during all these decades of marriage.

The highlight was the distribution of a whole lot of array of prizes. Mostly of the day and some of past days different School House performances and winners of other conducted contests. The pride and the glow on the thousand young faces simply marked the success and the importance of the School Sports Day. Three Hurrahs for JNLSS ! ! !

The well organised but nevertheless a hectic event ended with a vote of thanks and Tashi Lebey. My thanks and admiration for all the hard works that teachers and students had put in the organisation and conducting of the Sports Day. It is in the fields of sports where students and teachers alike pick up the qualities of leadership, understanding of human nature and optimise true strength of cooperation and spirit of aspirations.

The Sports Day is the final culmination of so many afternoons of practise days and therein lies the art of perseverance and road to perfection.  Wholesome education is the art of learning from text books in the classrooms and art of competing in the sports fields where a child learns to win with grace, understand team works and assuage loss with next time determination to win. There is always some reasons to smile about and laugh around.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On porno clips and hilarious social satires:

Main stream media can have an effective impact in promoting healthy tolerance to otherwise hurriedly tarred and feathered social aspects of copulation activities and social satires. It is not possible to eradicate sex happenings and social jibes from the web of a human society. Sexual excitements and social jokes even black humour are natural part of a virile and diverse social cohesive fabric.  Accept that life has many ingredients otherwise how could life be interesting ,treasured and problematic at the same time. And also accept that communities are crookedly bonded otherwise it would be devoid of crowd and diverse flavour.

Black mailing with sex video clips taken unaware or forced upon sex partners and child pornos must be immediately and harshly dealt with and adequately penalised.

Regarding other types of pornography, what's in a name or nationality when adult pornography is all over the social network. Just because the participants/players are Bhutanese, there need not be extra alarm. Police have so many other priorities to prevent or handle more harmful social and economic threats and crimes such as reckless drunk drivings, drug problems, domestic violence, thefts, embezzlements, rapes and murders.  And in any case, moral policing is categorised as socially unhealthy in many parts of the democratic world that recognise certain parameter of human rights and social behaviours.

Very often there are loud cries of indignation when adult bed room activities are shared in social network. The complainants are not the affected victims and could be of characters less than puritanical in their personal deeds and thoughts. Such complainants are seldom the image in private that they purport to publicly convey. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution before law enforcement agencies respond to exaggerated prudish views.

Social satires that are making the rounds recently ( if it is about daughter of Haa and son of East ) are more hilarious than hurting. I thought it brought people closer. Many shared these simply out of good laugh and hilarity of it all. It is time that the society wake up to reality. Goodness and evilness exist among all races, religion and regions.  Did Ulab Leki cause social disharmony when he imitated a lhotsampa farmer or Phurba Thinley jokes on Haaps ?

There are few holier than thou publicity seeking individuals who campaign in the name of harsher penalties and more restrictive social laws.  Little do they care about democracy and tolerance for diverse human nature. The Government need to take a cautious approach to signature campaigns. Today it may be about some moralistic social issues and tomorrow it could be some political issues. I personally suspect that repressive motives drive educated and influential public figures to seek more restrictive laws and heavier penalties against social behaviours.

What could be more damaging than adult pornography and social tease satires may be political and religious sentiments expressed by regional groups or individuals. Even there I would not advocate dictatorial approaches. These regional or group protective sentiments need to be dealt with cautious attention and democratic value maturity. Thankfully such narrow social attitudes are few and seldom in Bhutan.

Promoting and developing self respect for existing laws are more conducive to society at large than blind search for iron clad fisted Iaws.  I am relieved that the Chief of Bhutan Police expresses such a noble concept in calling upon all to respect the laws already in place.

There are adequate laws and penalties regarding  issues of drug abuse, pornography, domestic abuses and violence, tobacco usage or reckless motorists. More hefty financial fines and prison terms do not eradicate social ills. What is lacking is deeper respect for laws already in place and regard for the security and sensitivity of the other person. There is a huge vacuum in national endeavour in promoting essential social values with necessary tolerance and sense for general everyday kind of civic responsibilities. And these gaps need to be bridged gradually with intelligent approach not with hammer and sickle methods.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fare well First Lady of India from West Bengal.

The first lady of India Madam Suvra Mukherjee wife of His Excellency President Pranab Mukherjee of India died this morning of 18thAugust,2015. There is never a convenient time for separation of two people who have spent near six decades together as partners through all kinds of life's weathers. But a time does come and for the elderly Raahtrapati Bhawan residents the 1st couple of India that hour was at 10: 51 am India time. The glorious  golden sunset era of the two Bengal Lovers at Rashtrapati Bhawan has lost forever the partner who epitomised the light and warmth of home, the anchor of marriage, love and family.

May Shrimatji's soul rest in peace and may this sudden void in the life of President Pranab Mukherjee be bearable hereafter. God Bless the bereaved 1st family of India.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The best of intentions could misfire. Please beware.

Health Ministry in Bhutan has been distributing medicines to schools to be given to students. The instructions are that these medicines are expensive and make certain that students consume the tablets.

Bhutanese have a lot to thank for free medication and healthcare. Therefore, it is not right to examine the teeth of the gift horse. However, the tablets causes side effects for some students.

Several months back it was said to be deworming medicine and today it was said to be iron tablet. Whatever these were both caused side effects of painful headache and that churning motion of aggravating vomiting push in the chest cavity area. Such sudden pain could be dangerous for tender hearts of kids.

I had to pick up my grandson from school on the two occasions upon being informed that he was under pain. Today I came across a mother whose son also suffered the same symptoms. My grandson is a studious student. He stood first in his class in the mid term exams. Thus definitely not in his character to bunk class at the slightest excuse.

After the first incident, I had told him to bring home whatever tablet school gives so that he could take the same under responsible adult supervision at home.  But he says he could not do so because the Captain stood by to ensure that he took the tablet today.

Today I telephoned the Principal to notify him of the problem. And requested that in future not to force my grandson to take medicine in school but rather permit him to bring the same home where we can verify and give under proper supervision. I pray that the incident is not repeated.

It must be a bad or unfortunate coincidence but since the first tablet in school my grandson had developed pain in the head. The doctor said it was inner ear infection and he was hospitalised for 5 days with 6 hourly antibiotic injection course. A follow up reexamination a week later confirmed that the treatment had been effective. He has been recovering well and then today this had to again happen. It did scare me but by evening he got better. He will go to school tomorrow and I hope he stays well. He is a brilliant well behaved handsome boy. A jewel by any standard.  I am sure his past and present Teachers would testify to his such qualities. God forbid that he becomes victim of some trials.

My request to the School is to make my grandson learn his lesson even if you have to be a little harsh. But do not force him to take medicine because some medicines just do not seem to agree with his body constitution. And Health Ministry must be aware that blanket treatment of different age group and different stage of heath condition of students could result in few mishaps.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another constitutional case in the offing? Not really !

When you read about the pros and cons of legal ramification on the case of Government exempting sales tax and custom duty on imported books, it is undoubtedly a breach of constitutional powers.

I have no reservation on the good intention of the Government towards supporting the cause of the Reading Year. Exemptions of sales tax and custom duties would reduce cost of imported books and possibly this would encourage more people to buy books and read. It is altogether a different unfortunate social trend that reading just is not a habit of most people especially the younger generation. But we have to try to promote reading culture.

The larger picture is the unilateral taxation power of the governing Political Party versus the constitutional power of the Parliament. If a Government can issue a blanket exemption then it should also be able to issue a blanket increase in sales tax and custom duties.

In the 1st constitutional case about taxation power of a Government, the Supreme Court ruled to the effect that such matters must be put up to the Parliament. And that any such financial powers granted to the Government under any Laws or Acts before the enactment of the Constitution are rendered impotent if found to be in conflict with the clauses of the Constitution.

Now we have two established facts:

1. The intention or reasons for exemption are pure goodness and therefore if the same had been put up to the Parliament, the proposal would have sailed through.

2. The Government on its own deciding even a time bound blanket tax and duty exemption is unconstitutional. In a case of national emergency, a Government could act first and seek Parliament endorsement later but this is not of national emergency nature.

So what happens here onwards:

1) In normal cases the Opposition would seek the Royal Permission to refer the case for a Supreme Court constitutional Hearing. But I have my doubts. Somehow, I get the feeling that a lot of the Opposition MPs would rather leave politics right now than continue representing as an Opposition Party of no political consequence. The Opposition may have raised the issue only for the purpose of highlighting the incongruity in the Bhutanese political system.

2) The Supreme Court could decide to be proactive and issue an advice directly or indirectly to the Government to have its decision endorsed by the Parliament. For example, the Supreme Court did indirectly state ( through a judicial officer speaking to media ) that ACC cannot takeover Lhakhang Karpo Case from OAG. Therefore, the ruling of Bench I of High Court on the appeal of ACC was a foregone conclusion. But again I have my doubts for various unspoken reasons, whether Supreme Court would take upon the Government as it had upon ACC. 

The end result would be another blow to democracy in Bhutan. Actually it is difficult to tell who in Bhutan wants democracy and who do not. The larger outside democratic forces thinks that every other nation should have a democratic system. But for Bhutanese especially the common people, democracy has had at best mixed sour and bitter ingredients. A taste that has thoroughly confused their tongues and stupefied their minds.

Welcome to the Kingdom of constitutional system.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tashi Delek India on the Independence Day

On the occasion of Independence Day of India, I humbly wish Happy and Proud Independence Day to:

1. His Excellency the Indian Ambassador to Bhutan and the Indian Diplomatic  communities in Thimphu and Phuentsholing.

2. The Hon'ble Major General, Commandant of IMTRAT and Indian Training and Intelligence Forces in different parts of Bhutan.

3. The Hon'ble Chief of DANTAK and  communities of para military forces of Indian Defence and Construction Force in all parts of Bhutan.

4, The Indian Air Force Corp at Bhutan International Airport, Paro, Bhutan.

5. The many fellow Indian Engineers and thousands of Indian civilian construction forces and communities in Bhutan.

I take advantage of this spirit of your Independence Day to request all of you to kindly understand and also convey to your Government, Indian Security Forces, your colleagues and fellow proud citizens of the Republic of India that the foundation of Indo - Bhutan Friendship would be forever truly strengthened if whole of India bears less suspicion of the genuine and crucial national aspirations of sovereign Bhutanese people and our sovereign Kingdom. The citizens of giant India and tiny Bhutan are not brothers and sisters but genuine well wishing neighbours we always could be for centuries to come. I pray that both Bhutanese and Indian political leaders appreciate the fact that general Bhutanese citizens  like every citizens of small nations in the world strongly object to their beloved Country being reduced to big neighbour domino.

May India develop genuine friends among her South Asian Neighbours.

With deep respects and admiration to all Freedom Fighters of India who made great sacrifices for this Day.

Tashi Delek India on Independence Day !

Yours truly a friend from Bhutan
Sangey of Haa Wangcha, Bhutan.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Drinchen Aums Show Biz:

Drinchen Amai commercial marketing need to be based on essence of motherhood and pivotal influence of mothers in social and home affairs.  Not on the same stale promotion based on dzongkhag language and cultural tradition as important as such are.
The Show is an effective and right platform to spread the message of happy family, breast feeding, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, teenager drug problems, menstrual and menopause associated ailments, domestic violence, women rights and plights, safe drinking water, hand washing, personal hygiene and home hygiene and sanitation, home furnishings, kitchen wares, toilet articles, makeups and hairdos. domestic animal feeds, electrical and fuel wood saving ways, promoting women participation in social and political affairs and so on.
The organisers should have been able to ensure commercial success of the Show from such field related sponsorships.  Of course,  the venture require professional marketing technique and approach and prepared marketing products that can be readily adopted by Sponsors. Even few minutes live workshops where all TV viewers and drinchen Aums are the audience would pay huge dividends to the Sponsors and the Organisers.
On final outcome of selection, there appears to be a favourite no: 29 Kinley Pem the model figure beauty. I am impressed with the rigsar flowing style of Sonam Lhamo no:01 and there is an attractive beauty Thukten Wangmo no 13 for whom many young voters could be swayed to vote. Then there are few really good singers of Zungdra and Boedra who light up the stage. Good luck Lemo no: 16. Seems many are impressed with her Zungdra.
A small note of correction for the Aums when requesting for votes: do not say Chheyri and Chhungsoum. For the solicitors all are equally important. There are no big people and small people when you seek public endorsement. Take a cue from political campaigners.
My admirations and respects to all past and present participants, the Judges and the two hosts. Good luck to Organisers. May we all cherish and uphold the central role of drinchen mothers in our individual and national life.
Happy Successful Drinchen Mothers Show !
P.S  The write ups are my small ways to support a beautiful Show. Hope many Agencies will  sponsor the Mothers Show.

New Anti Corruption Commission JOB:

1. Establish a Commissioner Office at Puna Tsangchu I & II Project sites. Take up from where Royal Audit Authority has left off on the diverse mismanagement and magnitude of Corruption. Remove Khazanchi, overhaul the structures of Hydro Board of Directors and delve into the honeycomb of national wealth seepage.

Presently the Board of Directors of the Puna Hydro Projects have chosen to shift the Project Offices rather than take remedial measures to remove the culprits. It is a kind of changing the location of the Bank rather than jailing the known robbers. There is no sincerity and no display of backbone. Both the Political Parties of Bhutan have been jelly hearted or possibly collaborators in disastrous project management.

How could top project management teams be on tour for 366 days during leap years and 365 days in other years? The Project costs have more than doubled and construction period doubly extended and loan liabilities beyond project capacity to repay.

The much touted national economic saviour hydro projects have been dug into permanent national economic coffins by Khazanchi and his puppet Board of Directors. How does the national political leadership sleep over the devastating report of Royal Audit Authority on Puna Hydro Projects? Slumbering in kick backs?

2. Open another Commissioner Office at Phuentsholing.  Check the inflows of hydro project supply orders versus orders placed. Have the figures tallied with project stock inventory versus field audit verification of actual usage or installations at project sites. Team up with Royal Audit Authority and Customs& Revenue.

Expand the monumental task begun by Aum Neten at Phuentsholing. Explore the world of trade and industrial corrupt mountains. In addition to immigration, customs and revenue, look up procurement and distribution practice of petroleum products; despatch of actual mineral quantities and actual rates versus declared figures.  Investigate import volume of tax free essential commodities against national  consumer capacity and industrial raw materials against exported product volume.  Investigate the practice of rerouting of certain products/ materials back into Indian market taking commercial advantage of tax difference. Go for real corrupt source and beneficiaries. Do not stop at just exposing the facilitators and go in betweens

ACC can contribute to nation building in a profound and massive way. Stop white water gold being mined by corrupt officials and project managements. Stop enrichment of few individual families from subsidised supply quota meant to ease the livelihood of the masses. Stop robbery of national wealth and ensure rightful dues of taxes to the nation from mineral exploitations and industrial factories.

The Commissioners term of office may be limited but the result of their professional sincerity should last their lifetime and that of the next generation.

Tackling corruption would be just a political stunt to appease public opinion if only intermediaries are caught and punished.  Be serious about uprooting corruption. Nail the Queen Bees of corruption hives and the drones will suffer natural death.

Royal Auditor General could demonstrate action with a Special Audit. Not for  political white wash of what RAA teams under Dasho Tsewang had boldly unearthed but to further bare naked the corruption at power projects especially at Puna Projects.

ACC must light the pyre of those that have colluded to burn the economic white water gold dream of the nation set by the 4th King. Investigate the role of both DPT and PDP Governments and bring corrupt leaders to the gallows.  Let Khazanchi hotly defend against the pyre flames his public contention that huge over cost run and immense delay of Puna Projects do not inflict economic costs to Bhutan.

ACC and RAA do not need luck. They need courage and sincerity. Let us all wish them a plenty in both ocean of courage and mountain of formidable sincere professionalism in upholding their constitutional duties.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Loan story of BNB, Penjor and Gem Tshering. Food of diverse thought and rationality.

This tale interestingly told in Kuensel issue of 8/8/15 ( page 3) intrigued my limited legal knowledge. I felt Gem Tshering the Guarantor should be held liable for loan default and Bank officials for reckless financial irresponsibility along with Penjor who availed the initial loan. The 3 parties in their personal capacities need to make good the full loan repayment to BNB.

Bank money is public money and loan cannot be disbursed recklessly. And a guarantor has to make good a guarantee. The Loanee has responsibility to pay back loan but Bank officials are answerable for knowingly saddling an overburdened donkey with more load.

I humbly submit it as a food for thoughts to professional legal circles and financial Executives.The Bank Management and Guarantors at times drives a loan status from bad to worse by wilfully participating in loan amount enhancement. Such practice is crime in the making. And therefore,  liabilities thereof made to be borne by such parties.

Loan story of BNB, Penjor and Gem Tshering. Food of diverse thought and rationality.

This tale interestingly told in Kuensel issue of 8/8/15 ( page 3) intrigued my limited legal knowledge. I felt Gem Tshering the Guarantor should be held liable for loan default and Bank officials for reckless financial irresponsibility along with Penjor who availed the initial loan. The 3 parties in their personal capacities need to make good the full loan repayment to BNB.

Bank money is public money and loan cannot be disbursed recklessly. And a guarantor has to make good a guarantee. The Loanee has responsibility to pay back loan but Bank officials are answerable for knowingly saddling an overburdened donkey with more load.

I humbly submit it as a food for thoughts to professional legal circles and financial Executives.The Bank Management and Guarantors at times drives a loan status from bad to worse by wilfully participating in loan amount enhancement. Such practice is crime in the making. And therefore,  liabilities thereof made to be borne by such parties.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A King of all Times His Majesty King Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

A while back watched the BBS 2 clips of the Triple Gem King. Life has rushed by as I came to know the Prince then the King and now at 60th Birthday His Majesty is revered as a demi god in his wisdom, compassion and warrior determination. Almost a decade back, I submitted at a public gathering in Haa that His Majesty represented the RI SUM Goenpos ( Triple Gem ).  And last year on the National Day, the King of Bhutan celebrated the Triple Gem qualities of his father the 4th Druk  Gyalpo at Trashigang. So from the extreme West Haa to the extreme East Trashigang in between  about a decade the light of greatness of the Triple Gem King was celebrated. I pray that many more Bhutanese will witness the next celebration of the Triple Gem qualities of His Majesty  on the 70th Birth Anniversary, a decade hence.

I am happily grateful that Bhutan has a very able and energetic son King on the Throne. And yet even seeing the BBS clips of the father King somehow the sense of security and awakening leaps in bounds. At the age of 63 years, one does not expect to experience too many special awakenings but thanks to the two Kings, life is still full and challengingly beautiful.

May our Kings be blessed with happy people and peaceful Kingdom.