Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Jabmi Bill.

What amendments are the lawmakers boasting about. Disappointing with so called amendments  made. To what effect and what real changes?  Nothing! And  Dasho Ritual Raj Chhetri is acting  so uninformed or just being so  pretentious ? He is quoted as stating that Bar Association and Council though spelt out in 2003 Jabmi  Act were not formed. Why not add the fact "not encouraged " to form. I was there from the very beginning of all this.

The previous act was at least honest in stating that former drangpons are not permitted to be Jabmi. This present  amendment maintained the same objective but in a  political language. It automatically disqualifies High Court Judges and limits the impact of a drangpon Jabmi on a particular case. The strength of a case must be built at the base when it is first  arbitrated. If you are barred at the onset, your contribution is hampered or rendered useless at later stage of  appeal case.

The political establishment is still not prepared to grant private ( ordinary citizens ) litigants the right to all avenues including a seasoned former justice to seek justice. Pro bono service is not much of a sweetener if choice  of good experienced Jabmi is subverted by the Act itself.  The establishment is directly and indirectly barring former Justices from effective role in the process for justice. This will protect the existing wide field for political interventions.  The restriction has very little to do with the objective to curb personal influence of a former Judge.  It is put there to check or better still diminish professional abilities of a former justice to ensure justice within the parameters of law.

I agree that those who have been convicted of crime should not be Jabmi.

Now what the hell  is this supposed to mean to quote " lawyers who fulfill the criteria to become Jabmi till the enactment of this act shall be automatically registered as Jabmis." Unquote.

What really happens to those Jabmis who do not have a law degree as in definition of an academic  lawyer but  have all the practical experience and knowledge of Bhutanese Laws. Do not think it is a question of personal matter because I am raising it.

I am glad that I did not waste my years doing a law degree. Actually it was His Majesty the great Fourth who asked what professional studies I wanted to undergo. When I said law, the King said " we do not need a hangman. Choose another. And I did. Today looking back I find that my life got enriched by my other professional studies and professions. Law is something I have it inborn. A gift of womb.  And on  several occasions have demonstrated that inborn gift of the womb  in the Royal Courts Of Justices including Appeal cases against the Government Prosecutors ( institutionally qualified lawyers ). Defended my clients very successfully. I stopped representing clients quite sometime back because Bhutan is a very small society  and at times it is socially awkward as well as inconvenient. So I sticked  to advising and where absolutely necessary to writing the legal brief.

I thought lawmakers will not lose the sight of all important process of Justice when reviewing the Jabmi Act. But No! They just got excited in re- enforcing the restriction on the former Justices and proud of the ways they achieved the objective without showing their fangs.

I suppose the Jabmi Act does not take away a citizen's right to represent self or family member in a court case. If it does  that then I suppose the Royal Assent to such an abusive Bill will be withheld the first time. Ofcourse the Parliament can wrest Royal Assent in the second attempt.

Real life versus social life

When do you finally decide to live a life of self respect?   You know following your true heart and doing your best to preserve self dignity ! Living your life even if it is  poor or humble!  Is fear and chamchagiri or just simple meakness going to rule your path till on your death bed? So you had a life but not your own. What a pity!

Are you a big shot with so much hidden inferiority complexions that you need to feed on flattery and be surrounded by yes rats. No human is perfect. But can you admit mistakes made and say, " sorry ". Is every disagreement a criticism to you ? Can you comprehend and appreciate a differing point of view?

Envy is a positive feeling. It makes you want to do better for yourself. Jealousy is terrible. It hurts others for no fault of theirs  and it gnaws at your no good heart and causes misery even upon your dearest and loveliest. Beware of  the absolute difference between Envy and Jealousy. Your life can be darkened or brightened by your perception.

Are you in position to understand self confidence and position confidence. Many dread retirement age. Not for reasons of financial insecurity but because of their self insecurity. For far too long they have viewed life from glorified official position. They fear nakedness of being just one among many ordinary human beings. They have suffered from absolute dependence on position confidence for self assurance. That is the sole absolute reason why financially well off people cling to their official posts and do anything to be seen in the company of higher position folks.

Socially and financially humbler people are more readily attuned to their retirement age. But for those social or official big shots, retirement gate is just one kind of exit to hell. Even after retirement they cling so desperately to some form of official or semi official handouts ( some sort of any kind of jobs to cling to as a umbilical cord connection). A beggar on golden pavement! What a sorry life from point of real life living.   

Monday, May 23, 2016

Economic freedom and employment opportunities for Bhutanese educated youths

When their Majesties the King and Queen of Bhutan hosted their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from England,  the common people of Bhutan who enjoyed and admired the sight could not have imagined grassroot benefit from the Royal visit. Now as a result of the Royal visit,  a Visa Processing Centre for United Kingdom has been opened here at Thimphu. Thank you Your Royal Highnesses. This is a very meaning full and gift of true friendship. 

Australian Visa will also be processed at the same centre.

I look at such a facility as  strengthening sovereignty. Somehow when Bhutanese have to travel to another Country to process visa for a third country the pinch is not just more money and time but also inadequacy of our own Kingdom. Fortunately India provides easy access to Bhutanese and Visas of third countries can be processed from Delhi. But it is tiring experience for private Bhutanese citizens.

Visa for Australia is in big demand. Australia has positively uplifted the educational and economic status of many Bhutanese and their families. Sometimes changes in government in Australia has targetted Bhutanese unfairly but in general Australian people have good heart for Bhutan.

I hope United Kingdom,  too,  offers similar opportunities. Presently the number of Bhutanese in Britain is soscarce as to looking for needle in a hay stack. English speaking Western  Countries are special boon to Bhutanese. There are no language or culture barriers. Their ways compliment the carefree and outgoing temperament of Bhutanese.  And best is Bhutanese are easy going and hard working and  not interested in political activities or social activism.  

I feel quite sorry when I hear about Bhutanese youths sweating in Middle East. Different language, terrible climate and alien culture plus not that attractive wage. It is a kind of slavery for little economic gains. 

The biggest positive impact to young educated Bhutanese youth will be the opportunity to travel to America to work and study.  This will also change our national economy. The attachment of Bhutanese to root is immeasurable. Money will flow back and so will the people in the long run. The nation has to act to meet the basic needs of Bhutanese working away from home.

All RMA has to do is wake up to modern needs. Allow foreign currency accounts for Bhutanese working abroad. The national foreign currency balance will really improve. Black money exchange will dwindle. Presently the unfortunate thing is that RMA has a capable Governor with old ideas. He was there before and many outdated rules perhaps his legacy. And he seems sentimental about it. A good  runner stuck deep in old marshland. I had expected some changes for the better when he joined back. But the nation is back to old ways of talking lot and acting hardly. The rupee relaxation was at the Government push and soon it will trickle down because RMA has no forward plan to promote hard currency income. 

There are considerable number of Bhutanese working and living in America. Some legally and few perhaps on expired visa. But American authority has been lenient in this aspect.  

What Thimphu require is a Visa Processing Centre for United States. Can American  Government  facilitate Bhutanese to travel and work in the land of dollars? Is it possible to translate the new found American love for everything Bhutanese into real life changing  economic benefits for the common people of Bhutan. Can the general Bhutanese people also  be part of Act East Policy of United States or is it just the politician and elites?

This is the right time to explore the possibility of opening an United States Visa Office in Bhutan.  Right now America and India are on the same wave length. And America has Bhutan in her good radar. The Bhutanese Prime Minister has established close rapport with the American Secretary of State. Convenient access for Bhutanese  to United States Visa can solve the youth employment problem in real time. So dear our own  Government of Bhutan. Can you arrange for a Visa Office of United States in Thimphu? The protocol and political scenarios  cannot be too different for U.K and USA. A real economic and employment  boon would be a yearly visa quota . That should be possible.  Thank You for any serious action.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bhutan between the star spangled eagle claws and the red dragon fire.

Kuensel interview of American Ambassador His Excellency Richard Rahul Verma. ( courtesy Kuensel of 19th May,2016)

" What were some of the pertinent discussions you had with our leaders?   Asked Kuensel Tshering Pelden.

( The Ambassador had  " a terrific visit with His Majesty the King and the Fourth King and with the Prime Minister " ).

Ambassador replid,   " We were talking about what is happening with the US and our policy in Asia. How our Act East rebalance policy is going with our collaboration with India and the bilateral relationship."

Of course our national leaders know the best. And probably also are  most concerned. There is nothing an out of political picture citizen can tell the state. More so since our young elected leaders could get  briefed by India before and later debriefed each time a visit from America or China takes place. That is evaluating  political situation together. India and Bhutan are presumed to hold similar stakes.

What I say is only for the Ambassador. Maybe he would do some reality check of his own after gauging the honest thoughts of a citizen from  Bhutan.

Such heay visits, briefings and debriefing  from giant nations and politicians would cause national stress in any small nation. Even for great visionary national leaders, it must be like a situation where a patient  can identify the illness and the cure but not the necessary resource at one's own command to mitigate the  situation.It would be very frustrating.    

Thank you Your Excellency for American generosity  in  diluting the pain of Jaffa. Thats something Bhutan, Nepal and the people at the camps must appreciate and be thankful for your humanitarian  intervention. I think the UN Agency which  created the situation should also thank America and her Allies for stepping in.

Thank you for friendship and declaring so many incredible things through your affiliated NGOs and alike on Bhutan being in top 50 leaders, top SAARC  Press freedom and fastest growing economy. Most flattering.

The American Act East Rebalance Policy may imbalance Bhutan in the near future. Please do not cause a Tsunami because our national anchor is rather weak in resource and constricted by geographical straight jacket. We are a very soft target.

There is an age old saying in Bhutan " At times of great need, the enemy nearby would of of more help than friends/ relatives positioned far away". 

I sympathise the desire of America and India to change regional status quo. But events in history get started by some Parties and gets finished by some other Parties. And in the upheaval process the weak and the small disappear.  Bhutan is in no position to be a party to start Rebalance nor is in position to sustain the consequence of such an attempt.

Thank you for Fulbrights but many of our politicians are yet to be China bright. Their Majesties the Kings have always known the realities and only this grace keeps the ship of the state in proper anchor.

So please do not lead our gullible  Democrats astray. Assurance of power and money and great fellows pat on the shoulders have made many ambitious regional leaders in Asia and Africa commit national suicide. I am not anxious of their health though as Buddhist I value life. But I love and need Bhutan to be really for Bhutanese. Have a pleasant tenure in India Your Excellency the American Ambassador to India.

May Triple Gem keep your Rebalance journey away from Bhutan. In all else Your Excellency is most welcome!

Bye Bye adarachu dictate but adarachu would remain endearing without the compulsion.

Bye Bye adarachu dictate but adarachu would  remain endearing without the compulsion.  

Ada Rachu. Did it originate from Ada or is it just the description of straight line colours dominated by red. Now that this home spun rule has been invalidated, I feel it is OK to read aloud the adverse implication of the dictate under cover of  culture.

Government should not make it a habit to set decorum for the Royal Family such as what should be worn. Today a government reserves  something ( lucky signs)  for exclusive Royal use. Tomorrow the same precedent can be used by another government to restrict the Royal to certain ways. Best is leave out the very mention of the Royal when issuing rules for general public adherence.

Some many years back.the Bhutam Chamber of Commerce and Industries led by its  President ( now Dasho) Ugyen Dorji wanted to submit a request  to the National Assembly to install the Crown Prince as Trongsa Penlop. Out of more than 400 assembled members only I disagreed. Funny thing was I only came to observe the going on after getting the Chamber' s permission. So was not a voting member. They were shocked.

I believed and still believe that it is the pre- rogative of the King on the throne to decide when it is time for the Crown Prince  to be Trongsa Penlop or occupy the Throne. And a precedent no matter how  good  or well meaning the intention is  should not be set to subvert Royal prerogative in the long run. My thoughts were termed revolutionary and brushed aside. However someone else in authority may have shared my views because this Chamber request never made it to the floor of the National Assembly. 

Decorum and protocols for Royal Members are traditionally set by the King. For example theThird King defined who is a member of Royal Family. For the people and bureaucrats at that time, every one of Royal blood or marriage related was reverred as member of royalty. Anyway if it is considered vital for government of the day to make public announcement regarding Royal affairs then let it be purely Royal in nature and structure. 

There is a significant difference when wording a government notification. For example:

a) Bhutanese women have to wear ada rachu and not any other type of rachus.

b) Bhutanese women have to wear ada rachu. And eight lucky signs rachus are only for royalty.

The Home Minister now says that he had not consulted the cabinet when issuing the notification. A pinch of salt you might need. . Cultural officers will declare what home ministry or cabinet tells them. Likewise one of the youngest ministers ( I do not mean age ) is most unlikely to keep the cabinet in the dark when issuing dictates that infringe upon basic humble human rights of more than half the national citizens. To have to wear rachu is culture but to dictate pattern or colour in the name of preserving Royal exclusivity is dangerously astonishing.  Did the Minister get a feeler that the reverred Royal Family is not prepared to share with the humble subjects even the perceived luck and blessings of the Buddhism's eight lucky signs ?  It is a ridiculous notion.

To the perception of many, being born into or married into Royal family is great fortune. Even citizens honoured with various colour kami is indication that god and fortune favour them. So it is actually the others who has the need for luck and blessings of lucky signs. However,  I do not believe our fair sex wear such pattern for luck and fortune.  It is mainly fashionable. And as always our Royalty has the artistic taste and are trendsetters.  So very possibly others copied it. But they do it out of wanting to be fashionable. Definitely not at all to even up to equality.
So this notion of equality display through patterened rachu is ridiculous, too.

One might feel like a prince or princess when looking gorgeous but feeling something and being something is different. The imitation is out of admiration not envy or disrespect. . 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Druk PNB shooting case is a Wake Up Call !

One reads  about the security guard being in drunken state and shooting a man at the Druk PNB bank. He may be drunk or someone used the word drunken to lighten the penalty from the court later on. Is the police saying that he was in no condition to  know what he was doing. Then the Managing Director must be taken off his post for reckless management since the incident happened at the HQ. 

When did the incident happen_ morning or evening - during duty hours or off duty?  Cannot be off duty if the guard was still armed. And cannot be so drunk if he was on duty. Therefore Police statement must be very accurate because implication varies.   

Whatever and however this incident happened, the point is the willingness of a armed guard to settle a personal score with his gun issued to protect the bank and customers from armed hostilities. 

That he had no qualms to use the gun to satisfy his anger is most disturbing.  A total display of dangerous irresponsibility and indiscipline. This kind of behaviour happens when armed personnels are not answerable to proper authority and are not  part of displined  organization. We are most fortunate that no life was lost. Life saved in this otherwise terrible incident thankfully saves ultimate miseries of 2 families. One father from life imprisonment and the other bereaving his family. For this I thank providence for immense kindness. 

But the Home Ministry must take this wake up call very seriously and take immediate remedial measures.

The Banks can afford to pay for proper security. Let Royal Bhutan Police take over the security duties and have Banks pay for the security service. Until RBP can arrange the required personnel, have all such hired security personnel of all Banks undergo  orientation course under the Police and place them under Police supervision. This will instill the required sense of discipline which these people have lost after retirement from active duty. I am presuming security personnels at Banks are ex- soldiers or policemen. 

Thank you Home Minister and Police Chief for whatever is done to minimise risks to bank employees and customers alike. We cannot slumber over it.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

American Politics: Donald Trump

I was intrigued by Trump from his early campaign time. Few other billionaires had tried for presidential candidacy before. But this one had no Party backing and no political base to build upon. On 28/4/16, I blogged my take of his foreign affairs speech. Foreign affairs was said to be his weakness. But in my view, he passed rather fairly.

Now that he stands tall and alone in Republican race, he has been declared the presumptive Party nominee as Presidential Candidate. His die hard critics within the party establishment have not died but their hearts are melting with Trump heat. They are gradually lining up behind him. And Paul Ryan the Speaker of the Republican dominated House who declared his opposition to Trump candidacy is changing his tune. He offered to sit out the Convention if Trump so desires and next he could very well declare his support , " for party unity sake " but actually his own survival.  No love and no hard feelings. Simply wisdom of tuning to political climate. It is all politics !

Now America is in General Election mood. That is between Republic Party presidential candidate Trump and Democrat Party presidential candidate Hillary. Its a tight race but if Sanders is VP candidate on the Democratic ticket, it will really be a toss up. Trump may have to choose a female VP to increase his chance. No not Sarah Palin as VP but if Trump makes to White House, Palin would definitely be part of his cabinet  team. Palin has proved that she possesses a political intuition far superior than her party's traditional kingmakers.

American women voters cannot be crazy about Hillary. She is a man's woman not a woman's woman in her outlook. Only lately she had shed her preferred two piece suit for more feminine attire. But Trump too has a deficit in women and immigrant vote field. Thus a feminine female VP with moderate track records on immigration has a place in his ticket to White House.

Hillary seems to have far more number of voters on her side than Trump. But quite sometimes back, Al Gore won the popular votes and Presidency went to Republican Bush. I look forward to Trump Presidency. Simply because he is less boring and less superficial. And I agree with him on placing America first ( but in America ) and not meddle in the internal affairs of other nations and change governments.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Japan and marriage culture:

In 1975, Japan was a society that had the old on wishful thinking. I could almost feel the nostalgia of the past when my senior Japanese sensei ( teacher ) explained the root emotion of the greeting word " ohayo ". And the young daunted by the future. Many university students had no marriage thoughts. Too expensive and too troublesome was the general view. I was then in my early 20s and my open carefree character mystified them. My marital status and views on love and union amazed them. A group from Waseda University wanted me to come to speak to their friends on the subject of marriage. I accepted but later declined to their confused disbelief. What happened was that in between I came home for a break to meet my home family and my new born. And suddenly I realised what I took for granted ( the family support ) was not available in Japan's changing social  environment. Young couples there would be hard pressed to raise a family on their own. And I do not believe in marriage without children. I was, therefore,  unable to follow up on my commitment to speak on marriage. My friends were shocked more so probably because I did not explain. They would not have understood even if I had tried to explain.

Decades later I heard that the Japanese Government got worried with declining birth rate and was trying to improve baby care facilities to encourage young people to marry and have children. I guess it was too late and hopelessly too little. My biggest disappointment in Japan was that professional work ethic did not encourage married family life. Working husbands arrived home too late and too exhausted. And the corporate culture of generations working for the same corporation was under attack. Japanese multi- corporations were expanding into foreign lands especially America and employment culture was changing. Thus the Japanese youth could no longer rely on assured family line jobs  nor could they rely on family member support. Thus in 1975, social evolution was forcing the dream of marriage and children into a desert mirage for majority of Japanese younger generation.

And now I read that even the marriages that had taken place under that circumstances are now facing a different break up scenario. This scenario is known as sotsukon. It is a culture of living in separation for married people. A kind of preserving for oneself the social dignity of marriage without the responsibility attached with marriage and family. Most women spouses are opting for such an arrangement after their children have grown up and their elderly husbands old and dependent.

The health statistic of the world suggest that women tend to live longer than men. This means as years go by, men are physically worn out faster and women enjoy better health. So in case of Japanese women sotsukon is a woman smart new culture. A way of getting rid of the retired elderly husbands who are a burden in home life. I think most men marry younger women and so the world over they end up looking after the women when they are able and in prime health. Then in retirement and at senior age, men become dependent on the service of their younger spouses. And under sotsukon kind of culture, married men may gradually be confronted with similar life style as that of old buffaloes in the African Savannas to fend for themselves in groups of sterile males. So men everywhere enjoy your prime life and then die before retirement. That way you will die before being declared surplus in your own home.

Japanese are unique people. They travel in groups, eating culture is also that of sharing and home living culture intimate. Home partitions consists of paper walls and group naked bath is common. And yet they cherish the culture of harakiri  and kamikaze which is an individual undertaking. . And now this sotsukon.

Good luck Japanese men ! And watch out other husbands the world over including Bhutan. Do not take my warning seriously until it happens.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The significance of halo or rainbow circling the sun on 2nd May, 2016 ? I just wonder!

Yesterday was a busy day for many in Thimphu. A great many attending the religious festival at the Buddha Statue; many attending to Teachers Day and myself at my yearly visit to Memorial Chorten to offer my nyndha and express my gratitude to His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk.

I wonder why the religious festival at Buddha Statue was called Peling Tsechu? Buddha is everything not just a sect of Buddhism. And I wondered if the rainbow was an auspicious sign of the festival or if it also had something to do with the birthday anniversary of the late King.

The BBS live telecast had showed the halo over the sun but I could not notice it when I checked the sky. However, later at the Memorial Chorten after I had paid my respects, I happened to meet retired Dasho Namgay a red scarf officer of late King time. In fact he had attended to the King's personal needs as well as the three younger royal children years ago. Later he served as both Dzongda and Drangpon in seven Dzobgkhags. It was he who again reminded me of the auspicious sign of the morning. As a natural human instinct / reaction, I instantly looked up to see if it was still there. And sure enough this time I was blessed with the sight at around 12 noon. Dasho Namgay said the Tsechu festival being conducted at Buddha Statue was auspicious. Later my wife at home said she thought it revealed the blessing aura of the Buddha Statue. I agreed with the observations of the both Dasho Namgay and my wife. However, added that it could also be a sign of respect by the Deities of Bhutan to the late King for preserving the sovereignty of Bhutan. But I confessed that I had never checked the sky on previous days of 2nd May.

Last night I thought over the day's event. Last year when I visited the inside of the Memorial Chorten, all I found was 3 shell roti in a plate as offering to the late King. But this time there were three Thokes two filled with fresh fruits and one with packet snacks in addition to usual water offering. A great improvement I felt.

But the sighting of the halo over the mid day sun occupied the centre of my day's thought. Yes the day had to be auspicious. And the first religious festival at the Buddha Statue ( Kuenselphudrong ) had to bring about blessings upon the nation. After all we are a Buddhist nation in all essence. But did it also have a significance for the birthday anniversary of the late King? I could not decide.

This morning I woke up early and still with that thought. Well I have reached a simple decision to put my wondering mind to rest in this particular significance of yesterday's halo over the sun. If the rainbow appears again over the sun during the second and the third days of the so termed Peling Tsechu ( a term for Nymapa Tsechu or Bumthang Tsechu I wonder )  then it surely is because of it.

Otherwise, it is possible that His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck had taken rebirth. My first morning thought was that the King may have been reborn this year. The period of birth from 1928 to 1972 and the death period from 1972 to 2016 is equal 45 years. So rebirth could be due. Also several auspicious historic events coincide this year. And one could be the rebirth of His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. If so, Welcome Your Majesty !

Monday, May 2, 2016

Rural minimum taxes a legacy of the Third King.

Today the 2nd of May is the Birth Anniversary of His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck the father of modern Bhutan. The Royal Person truly understood the plight of the common people of Bhutan as well as the human rights of his subjects.

As soon as the King ascended the Throne, he established the National Assembly and his subjects were granted the right and responsibility to elect/ nominate their own popular choice to represent them in the National Assembly. Later the King abolished the serf system.

Then the King established the Royal Advisory Council and again the people were granted the right and responsibility to nominate their own choice of  representatives.

But the greatest impact in the livelihood of the common people of Bhutan was doing away with all kinds of material taxes that  burdened Bhutanese common man. Today if you looked into the rural taxes on home ownership, farm land and domestic animals, you would realise that these are very nominal taxes. In fact in my view the taxes may have been done away altogether but for the greater significance that such nominal tax represents.

a) The sense of community contribution to the nation building.

b)  for statistical purpose that should help national planners.

The nominal taxes are structured in such a way that at a glance His Majesty was able to ascertain how many families among his subjects lived in a hut, a proper dwelling or possessed or did not possess milking cow, ploughing bull and pack pony. What size of farm land and manpower in a family.

Today is also the national day for  Teachers. However, I feel that the most genuine Guru of all Bhutanese young and old as well as the sovereignty of the Kingdom is His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck.

His Majesty gave his subjects a voice in the administration of the Kingdom. The welfare of his people was his foremost concern.

His Majesty ensured that common people would be able to find a socially comfortable life and economically a sustainable livelihood within their rural communities. The King accepted his people as they were.

His Majesty the King caught the attention of the world by boldly declaring Bhutan's recognition of the independence of Bangladesh. Bhutan was the first Country in the world to recognise Bangladesh as a sovereign nation. This national expression of sovereignty move in the international arena was further consolidated by securing the UN membership for Bhutan. The political significance in the international arena of these two political moves is immeasurable. I feel that we as a nation have much to be grateful and everlasting reasons to celebrate his Birth and Reign.