Sunday, October 29, 2017

About flourishing culture and deminishing sovereignty.

There are zealots and there are hypocrites. And mainly mostly on pursuit of self grandstanding for self career advancement.

Gho and kira enforcement regulations and anti other religion talks are tested path to prove loyalty and dedication for those actually on the fence. Somehow these time tested superficial acts have paid individual dividends at the expense of national interests. So such acts will keep repeating.

Never trust such characters for they would back stab at the first ray of window for a successful uprising. It was few trusted Dzongkhag officials who contributed in fanning the southern uprising and deliberately created a hellish social environment in rural South Bhutan on culture pretext including gho and kira. This Shemgang Dzongkhag gho and kira rule 9am to 5pm is no different in purpose and goal. Beware!

Tibet had everything going in culture and religion and even today Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism flourish from Asia including China to Europe and America to Australia.  And what Tibet never had was real sovereignty. Tibetan authorities were always more into domination of common folks at home  than facing external dangers. There were great many demi god Lamas and even more wealthy Patrons all of whom derived their power and wealth from the sweats of suppressed serf multitudes and national resources. Bhutan can do well to heed the events of pre 1959 Tibetan social  and political oligarchic rule. Oligarchy is not a long term overall nation favouring system.

India directs Druk Yul and Druk Yul  elites dictate what we common people must think and wear from 9am to 5pm. Well the choice is to fully  enjoy the reckless authority until Tibet  happens or take up responsibilities of true national Bhutanese leadership.

Bhutanese value custom and tradition. Culture is not just an identity. It is a very good way of life if decently practised. Culture should not be used to harass people or to segregate society into superior and subordinate classes. To insist upon a commoner to wear gho and kamni for the purpose of flouting an official's colour kamni and patang is segretation of social class. For this reason whilst conducting democratic exercise as in election campaigns, Election Commission forbids colour kamni and patang. Intereseting, isn't it? Maybe true democracy will happen when colour kamni and patang are done away for officials.  Election commission rule of "  no colour kamni and patang "  may be a true ray of democracy light.   

Today Bhutan has our own common written and spoken language. Dzongkhag is a prevalent social and political feature and medium.  Bhutanese films and songs have replaced foreign films and songs. Festivals, religious events and national events are over crowded with citizens dressed in beautiful national dress and adornment. Schools and offfices including that of private enterprises are filled with citizens in gho and kira.

The Kingdom of Bhutan flourishes in gho, kira and other aspects of culture including " doma pane and rimda". There is a deluge of national and religious events with new found prosperity and nationalism spirit at grassroot level.

What Bhutan now thirsts for is that those in position to give sovereign meaning to the gho, kira, patang and colours that they wear and the national events that they oversee and direct.

Stand up against the charge of being " an Indian protectorate state ". Stand up for the sovereign right of pursuing an independant foreign policy. Assert ownership of our vital rivers and resources thereof.  Garner up courage to declare that we are being invaded when sovereign Bhutanese soil is transgressed upon and declared as protectorated land of the Indian Army.

Have the wisdom and courage to differentiate between generous neighbour and endearing foreign master. 

Take care of sovereignty and culture will naturally flourish. To put it simple. Take care of the source and the stream that flow will not dry up. It is deceptive politics to camoflage  gross national failures in sovereign policies by playing up cultural distractions through gho and kira discipline.  Domination and distractions are temporary measures that only delays national disasters.

We Bhutanese love our King and cherish our way of life. Democracy is a dish that quench foreign imagination. Who becomes or is the  Prime Minister of Bhutan is only an icing on the cake. What is critical and important is the Birthday. For Druk Yul, Birthday is Sovereignty.

And the Head of the Druk Yul Family His Majesty the King must protect and preserve the sanctity of this Birth Day. It must be more secure and solid than it was on 16th December, 1907 after which Druk Yul was placed in the care of the Wangchuck Dynasty. Our great forefathers did not seek a kudung ( prefect )  for culture discipline. They had sought a Leader to be the Guardian of Druk Yul sovereignty. All those who hold official positions whether appointed or elected to serve theTsawa Sum must uphold the original task that was entrusted to our Kings.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Once again ordinary citizens are subjected to cultural discipline.

Bhutan Government exercises cultural whip brandishing to perhaps squash freedom of expression and thought.

From adarachu to tracksuit ban in schools to this Shemgang disciplinary rule of gho and kira, this governmrnt has been issuing threats and penalties upon the general populace like nobody's business.

If Bhutan is really serious about preserving sovereignty then most respected and feared authorities, please exercise few much needed national responsibilities from your side.

1. Tell Dantak the Para- Military Force of India or authorize respective Dzongkhag administration to remove all " Welcome Sign Boards " put up by  Force Dantak . The Indian Force should not be welconing visitors to Bhutanese soil.

2. Tell Indian Army to move out of Haa Chelila forests and stop contaminating the sacred and scarce drinking water sources of Wangtsa village. Protection and preservation of natural environment is a constitutional mandate. 

3. Flush out the so called " miscreants " that Royal Government has claimed to be
obstructing the construction of Southern Highway. National ownership of Bhutsnese land is sovereignty.

4. Guard the International Borders of the Kingdom ( prevent transgressions as in Doklam) and protect and preserve real sovereign powers and authorities as in pursuing independent foreign policies. These represent true sovereignty and national identity.

Forcing cultural discipline upon general populace in the name of sovereign identity  and policing rural villages are more the traits of thugs rather than legitimate authority. There are uniforms of pant and shirt in all Defence Institutions and all institutionalised civil Agencies. Yet it is the general populace upon whom cultural whips for gho and kira are applied with legal and financial penalties. Are ordinary people rising up against the existing authority that even their daily wear must be subjected to authoritarian rule? Someone is having bad dreams I suspect. 

What is it that drives our Dasho Dzongdas the representatives of His Majesty the King and the Thrizens the royally  pampered patang walla local leaders to demonise ordinary subjects of the Druk Gyalpo? Any secret political angle to tame the man on the street for the coming general election or what ?


Thursday, October 19, 2017

China the most mystifying and misunderstood giant nation shows the way.

It seems incredible but past Presidents and Prime Ministers of China are accorded public respect and dignified place in the once in 5 years most important gathering of Communist Party of China. The political hierarchy is maintained and well reverred.

There is only one Political Party in China. However, there are several very powerful factions within that single Party. And what is amazing is that past Presidents and Premiers from different factions still have political say and are still respected. They are still influential and important part of Chinese leadership. Quite unlike many political system in other Countries. 

It was a lesson in the art of dignified politics as President Xi Jinping entered the great hall followed by two past Presidents and other Party stalwarts.

I am not really bothered about other giant nations. However, I hope in Bhutan in the not too distant future, we too learn to accommodate political leaders of different political parties. A Political Party in reign need not have to assault the other Parties especially the leaders. After all we are all Bhutanese and all are expected to work in the national interest.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The maglinancy of dumping Southern Bhutan Highway construction.

It is not advisable to air honest views with 2018 Election knocking on the doorsteps. Every view expressed publicly or privately is being dissected as a possible campaign tool. Even then Southern Highway of Bhutan deserves a chance to be revived. I humbly and resolutely stand for Southern Bhutan Highway.

The Government has once again let it be known that the Southern Bhutan Highway would not see the national daylight in the distant future. It is very disheartening. National highway is national life line. I believe that for this reason the PDP Government has initiated the two way lane widening of lateral East- West Highway. And this alone will stand in good deed for the nation and for the PDP Party in the years to come. 

When there is a security problem of terrorists hiding in the forests, you do not submit to ensuring safe hideaway havens for such evil forces. A national highway through the hideouts would destroy the very conducive nature of a hideaway and hideout.  The real risk and shame is compelling  Bhutanese people to use Indian Highway for all times to reach different parts of Bhutan. The real hurdle is subjecting Bhutanese to the vagaries of political moods of the adjoining States of India. Is it still not time yet for Bhutanese citizens to enjoy the freedom of access to all parts of the country through Bhutanese own territories. How long does our national leaders desire that we depend on Indian Highway to reach parts of South Bhutan? 

I do appreciate many innovative undertakings of this Government. So much of what were socially necessary were accomplished. But it is time to stop deceiving oneself and the nation about the Southen Bhutan Highway. Surely with the experiences of  over 4 years heading the nation and 5 years as a very effective opposition leader, the  honourable Prime Minister Dasho Tshering Tobgay can appreciate the difference of impact to the national economy, the national livelihood, the national dignity by a National Highway versus feeder roads. Feeder roads are as important as the fingers but Highway is the palm. Please,  let us not fool ourselves.

Most relieved to hear that there is no Indian yoke on the construction of Southern Bhutan Highway. Now do not let some so termed " jungle miscreants " stop Bhutan from realising the all vital highway. Do not insult Druk Yul Kingdom  by be-littling the accomplishment of the great Fourt Druk Gyalpo and our brave soldiers who risked their lives to secure Southern Bhutan from the clutches of Indian militants. If " jungle miscreants alias Indian militants "  still rule the roost of our southern jungles then " Operation All Clear " is certainly not cleared at all. Did we sell part of South Bhutan to the " jungle miscreants " after democracy came to Bhutan?

PDP as the present leading Political Party must commit to taking the nation to greater heights. Stop denying or defending past decisions based on political exigencies. Henceforth,  move forward with the experiences gained on the job and earned goodwill.  Go ahead with the mission to further strengthen the pre- requisite fundamentals of a sovereign nation. Commit to revival of Southern Bhutan Highway project and  establishing substantive relation with China. The priority must be securing Bhutan's borders from friends and foes and neighbours. Southern Bhutan Highway achieves that. Signing Northern Bhutan Border Deal achieves that.

Assure India of continuous friendship and goodwill. India as a true friend must understand that Bhutan needs to establish her sovereign respect and dignity in the international commity of nations. Bhutan cannot forever serve only Indian interest and be subservient to Indian protective policies. The world has changed and so must Bhutan and India in their outlooks and priorities.

Bhutan is touching the edge of 12th Five Year Development Plans. Approaching the 60 Years Mile Stone. And yet our national Leaders do not think it is time to have our own national highway in South Bhutan. What a national leadership shame!  Please, Please! All Political Parties!  Wake Up !  Wake Up to national sovereign needs and the economic, social and political aspirations of the  people of a sovereign Kingdom and the indisputable life enhancement benefits of a nation from the Southern Highway of Bhutan.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Getting it right for India. A free gift from a Bhutanese friend to India.

In the course of Doklam fight back, some Indian Media people projected my protest articles on the  Indian Army transgression and Indian Governmrnt stand as Bhutan being  their " Protectorate state " as pro China and anti India. Maybe Indian Government, too, wrongfully assumed that I did not like India.  However, I maintained that no one in Bhutan was anti India. And I was simply loving Bhutan more.

It now has turned out that I was the best and most well meaning advisor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

I refer to the 2nd paragraph of my article of 28th August, 2017 titled   " Doklam is free from Trespassers. May the Deities of Bhutan always prevail !"  at Wangcha Sangey blog.

To Quote:

" I sincerely thank His Excellency Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India for taking the right step and correcting the mis- step of war- mongering politicians and bureaucrats. Please appoint an independant Defence Minister to avoid free rides for war- mongers. Shri Arun Jaitley is over stretched and buried under Note Ban deluge and GST complexities."  Unquote.

Since then the following events took place in India.

1. On 4th September, 2017, Madam Nirmala Sitharaman was appointed the Defence Minister replacing Shri Arun Jaitley.

2. On 25th September, 2017, His Excellency PM Modi Constituted the Economic Advisory Council.

3. On 27th September, 2017, former NDA Finance Minister Shri Yashwant Sinha attacked both Demonitization and GST. He said that the Indian Economy was sliding down hopelessly.

4. On 4th October, 2017, former NDA Cabinet Minister Shri Arun Shourie an economist likened Demonitization to suicide and reiterated  the economic  illness that his colleague Shri Yashwant Sinha had exposed.

5. Nothing can be done about the ill thought out and horribly implemented demonitization except to now shut up about benefits that are invisible except to  deceptive eyes of Shri Jaitley.  But the Government of India has introduced many changes in GST during the months of September and this October. GST rates have been lowered for many products. And process has been simplified for many small companies.

My advice to His Excellency PM Narendra Modi has hit the bull's eye. Relieved that Indian Government has responded appropriately and that knowledgeable senior Indian Leaders have publicly confirned my honest assessment of demonitization and GST. And seasoned political commentators in India have cautioned India from taking Bhutan for granted as in Doklam transgression. I am satisfied with changes in Defence Ministry of India but still look forward to the Indian Army Chief stepping aside. India deserves a cool and decisive military leader not a shrill saber rattler.

Now I am not at all sure how the Bhutanese Government will respond to my honest appeals.

1. Get the Bhutan- China Border Deal done at the earliest. Not for China but for Bhutan's own status among international commity and for shedding once and for all times this " protectorate " tag from India. 

2. Nothing is worth compromising national sovereignty. There is no sales price for Druk Yul. Our Royal Institution predates Indian Independence by 42 years. So there is no question of " helping rulers to rule in Bhutan " by India.   The power to elect the Government is in the hands of the Bhutanese voters. So fear not India for institutional survival because real powers are based on the will of our forefathers and our own voters.

Bhutan cannot afford to get involved between China and India regional hegemony tussle. We cannot be a puppet toy of America, China or India. So be Bhutanese even if that means doing without the offer of  " carrots " like softer power project deals and better electricity price or any other cakes for subjugation. Do not worry about Amochu and the other bigger hydro project in the pipeline or 12th Plan budget.  Just concentrate on getting  the ongoing power projects completed at the soonest.  

Bhutan needs genuine friends who appreciate Bhutanese national aspiration. India knows what sovereignty means to Bhutan. The days of a Kingdom in pawn position is over. Palden Drukpa Gyel Lo !

The complexity of Initiation ( Loong/Lung ) of Dharma.

Presently Kangjur Loong is being transmitted by His Holiness the 70th Jhe Khenpo Trulku Jigme Choedra at Kuensel Phodrong,Thimphu, Bhutan.  It is a herculean task of continuous reading of over hundred volumes of Buddha Teachings every day from dawn to dusk for 3 months duration. His Holiness is not young anymore and yet carries on at such energetic pace.

I was deeply tempted to attend the whole of  Loong transmission but felt inadequate. The perception I got from various quarters was that a full and complete Loong meant listening to every word being read out. Just felt that would be impossible for me to achieve. Firstly attending it everyday was not a guarantee ( Last year Election Commission of Bhutan banned the congregation from attending the Moenlam Chhenmo proceeding on the prext that it was a voting day at another constituency. Over 99,9% of the comgregation were not voters of that particular constituency. An exercise of senseless democratic authoritarian power in my opinion ).  And secondly  even more daunting is to successfully listen to every line if not each word. So I limitted my role to sharing the information about the Kangjur Loong so that others who may have not known come to hear about it. 

Yet Dharma Loongs have been transmitted in this manner for centuries. Therefore, there must be more to it than catching every word or hearing every line or attending it everyday.  I am not talking about the blessing that a believer could receive attending such spiritual awakening event even for few hours. That goes without saying.

I went for a few hours this Monday knowing it would be less crowded at Kuensel Phodrong.  Climbed the baby steps designed to increase the count rather than facilitate proper climb. Performed the bows to the Buddha and the Kikhor. In my prayers, I thanked Lord Buddha and His Holiness.  Proceeded on a round whilst listening to the oral transmission. Offered my nyenda inside the Temple. And as always wondered why Sangay Nampar Nangsey and all other holy figures were crowded almost like being imprisoned within that congested space created by the pillars constructed to hold the huge Buddha statue placed on top outside. The surrounding holy figures could have been placed outside the pillars facing outward but circling the main figure within. Maybe it is supposed to be a scene of ' zomdu or shheyzom ' of the gods. I suppose the designer would have the appropriate holy explanation that was worth ruining the aesthetic part as well as the convenience of audience for devotees.

The oral transmission ( recitation by His Holiness )  was clearer at the back of the Temple possibly because  the area was unoccupied and so free of any sound barrier. Reached back to the spot where I began the round and sat down among the line just outside the tents and listened for over 30 minutes. Was able to catch some part of each line. Realised it was more monumental than I imagined to catch each word at my level of scripture reading. A much higher proficiency would be required along with plenty of youthful energy or deeper meditative practice to attain even a moderate success at receiving the Loong in all propriety.

I thought of getting purified and at the same time be blessed by taking a sip of water at the blessed environment. However, the two filtered water taps placed side by side courtesy Jiten Wangchuk Tshogpa was crowded with thirsty worshippers. Maybe collecting water to go with lunch which was nearing. So I settled for the thought that the air at Kuensel Phodrong too would be blessed. That self consolation thought opened up to another thought that, maybe, whole of Thimphu and even all of  Bhutan could be blessed. The goodness of Dharma transmission cannot be bound to a particular place. Thus in a way I hope that  all who are aware about the Loong transmission and believe in its essence may receive the Loong even without attending let alone hearing every line of recitation made by His Holiness.

Faith is incredible. It is said faith can move a mountain. The Kangjur transmission is well into the 3rd month. And hundreds of devotees especially the elderly lay devotees are at Kuensel Phodrong day in and day out from dawn to dusk. Not that they can hear the words or understand the meanings. Just the virtue of belief in the completeness of Buddha and trust in the Teacher.  Faith seems to over come  their old age, discomforts and other  physical challenges.  How they manage the feat is in itself a wonder. It is most humbling for me.

May His Holiness be blessed with good health and may all sentient beings be fortunate to attend the Teachings of His Holiness in the years to come. His posture that I have seen many times but not this Monday and his voice are uniqueness to only himself. His Holiness is just overpowering!


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Doklam and Dhokha ( Betrayal )

Indian foreign Secretary and United States Acting Ambassador in India made a joint  visit to Bhutan during the 1st week of October.  There is a photo of Mr. Jaishankar with His Majesty the King in Kuensel issue but nothing about the context of his visit. 

The foreign Secretary of India met with His  Majesty the King and the Fourth Druk Gyalpo as well as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Bhutan.

Bhutan was silent about the visit of the  American Acting Ambassador  at the same time as that of the Indian foreign secretary. 

There must be many reasons for their joint visit. But core objective has to be containing China which means curtailing Bhutanese national  freedom in external affairs and restricting internal policies and administration. 

India is a vast  democratic nation  and therefore,  the Indian media carried news of what Secretary Jaishankar accompanied by his Joint Secretary who looks after Bhutan and Nepal Desks could be discussing with Bhutanese top leaders. Here in Bhutan, we can only sort of guess what America and India wants Bhutan to do and what  they may have promised  in return.

I believe  it has to be a " carrot and stick " offer from India. I did not know of the Acting American Ambassador visit until the news in Indian media and tweet from the lady herself  ( MaryKay Loss Carlson ).  America would have  offered the usual  game of " cat and mouse ". Her offer is same to all weak tiny " political  toys " of America.

India's carrots  could consist of some relief in debt volume. Some dangling of better terms in hydropower deals and electrical sale price and immediate relief in stuck up  old Indian rupee notes in RMA vaults. And ofcourse guaranteed tenure for the most amenable Political Party in 2018. Plus less stoking of religious and ethnic sentiments among the  Bhutanese national society. 

And finally the axe offer of assurance of all deep respects for our Royal Institution. That would be in real essence somewhere along the line that the Indian Army Commanding General ( after his visit to Bhutan ) had on his fb wall to quote, " helping rulers to rule " under the photo of him with the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. He personally did not write the statement.  He just retained on his wall someone's else' s caption/ comment. 

The brashness and cruelty  of America and India to squeeze this mountain Kingdom of ours just to satisfy  their politics of slighting China is beyond political nastiness. It's bloody strangulation of Bhutan. Bhutan for them is only a pawn to snub China. They do not care what happens to Bhutan and her people. For them it is ' just use and throw away ' at their national convenience.

I pray that our Deities and our brave and wise Leaders will have the capacities to resist such grave political arm twistings and ofcourse ward off  temptations of secured power in luxury comfort which works wonders with many corrupted leaders  of third world nations. Most never lived long enough to enjoy the guarantees  of power and wealth.

India is backed by America and American stooge Japanese Government. Perhaps India wants Bhutan to tell China that " no more Bilateral Bhutan- China Border Talks unless Indian representative is included whilst discussing Doklam issue between China and Bhutan."  This was angled in Indian News report.  It is a rediculous and preposterous proposition. Did India insist upon China that Bhutan must be represented when India and China settled their international boundaries at the Doklam tri- junction?

Bhutan is supposed to host the 25th Border Talks with China this year.  Now India may be directing Bhutan to stall the Talks unless Indian terms are met. China will never agree to discuss terms of  Bhutan- China Border Settlement with India. And Bhutan should not accept such bullying from the Indo- American duo.

So what happens hereafter. We in Bhutan can only guess again. 

1. Probably Bhutan will not invite China for the 25th round of Bhutan- China Border Talks and sign the Border Settlement. Thus confirming the political subservient status of Bhutan and her leaders to India.

Bhutan had, under this Government, already cancelled Southern Bhutan Highway construction and signed BBIN at the insistence of India. One more submission to Indian authority especially with General Election coming up round the corner soon, may be good Party political decision. Hard to predict. I just hope that my belief that PM Tshering Tobgay will never betray RISUM GOENPOS of Haa,  does not turn out to be my own self delusion. 

2. China will realise that Bhutanese leaders will utimately side with India in its antagonistic policies towards China. This year India had invaded China using Bhutanese territory.  China will never allow that to happen again.

3. Therefore, through the length of Bhutan -China Border, China will fortify her defence positions. What were temporary camps will become permanent and areas that were rarely patrolled will see continuous presence of their force. China will take all precautions to prevent  another Doklam type transgression by Indian Army from Bhutanese territories.

4. There maybe a possibility of real catastrophic consequences if Bhutanese authority fails to firmly turn down Indian Army wish to put Indian Army Mountain Brigades into Haa Valley thus  converting our western most  Dzongkhag into Indian Chumbi Valley. Again it is an idea floated in Indian media. 

5 . Such hints in Indian  media  probably originates from sources within Indian Government. And such public rumours will further create trust deficit between China and Bhutan.  A China wary of Bhutanese national intention will naturally cause Bhutan to  fall more into the Indian orbit of control. The Bhutan- India re- negotiated Treaty of 2007 may not be changed in words but for all practical purpose, it may just be reduced to a piece of glorified toothless document. 

Already Indian political leaders and army generals have claimed that 2007 renegotiated 1949 Bhutan - India Treaty made Bhutan a protectorate state of India and therefore,  Indian Army had the right to march into Bhutan without being asked as they did at Doklam. India could very well again use Bhutanese territory  to attack China.  

6.  Both America and India know that China will never negotiate with India about Bhutan- China Border Settlement. Thus the objective is only to retain Bhutan totally under India's dominance. In other words,  India and America will do everything ( physically threaten or politically bribe) to reduce Bhutan into an Indian " Protectorate state " forever.

Bhutan at people level have no way of knowing how the political storm from India is affecting the Kingdom. But if Bhutan refuses to hold Talks with China this year and make serious moves to sign the Border Settlement then for sure the storm would turn out to quite a doom for the Kingdom's future.

May Triple Gem protect the future of our country and we the people. Palden Drukpa! Lha Gyel Lo ! 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Talk of Premonitions about India and Bhutan.

Yesterday towards dawn, I had a dream. I thought it was a terrible dream. The whole of Haa Central Valley was swirling with never imagined Indian population. There was also three statues of RISUM GOENPOS.  But an Indian para- military Unit had modified the busts in plaster of paris and one fitted with Punjabi turban and another with cloth turban like head gear that I think Rajasthan people wear. The third I could not make out except kind of long hair.  I was figuring out how to remove the plaster of paris mold without damaging the original busts of the RISUM Goenpos. Then I saw the swirl of hordes of Indian population. 

What disturbed me was during Tsechu celebration, I never thought of anything about India and yet this dream happened out of blue. But this evening I realised how pertinent my dream was. I was unaware but the foreign secretary of India had arrived in Thimphu yesterday and today according to BBS news, he had met His Majesty the King, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Bhutan. So almost like my dream, it was India the whole environment.

I was not worried about my person. But I had jotted down the dream in detail  yesterday morning out of perplexity.  And last night I related it to my wife because it kept pricking my mind. I thought  something politically could be happening though I had no way of knowing anything.
There was no news yesterday of the arrival from New Delhi. I learnt the vocabulary ' premonition ' so long ago in school but this is the first time a political premonition woke me up before dawn yesterday.

I do pray and hope that all is well with Palden Drukpa. Palden Drukpa! Lha Gyel Lo!