Friday, May 29, 2015

Appalled and Dismayed !

" They have to play with the given numbers and if somebody doesn't like it, they can leave the team " warned Bhutan's Football Head Coach a Japanese called Norio just 2 weeks before the first game of the second round of the World Cup qualification match between Bhutan and Hong kong.

The attitude of the foreign coach is horrifyingly dictatorial and professionally irresponsible. He may not possess a sentiment of Bhutanese nationalism but the Bhutanese Players do. This 29th May Kuensel issue rings forth an alarm that such obnoxious foreigners have scant regard for Bhutanese national sentiment.

I am of the sentiment that at this penultimate stage, Bhutanese Players can not desert the Team no matter how the  coach mistreats them. However, Norio the coach can disappear to nowhere position. He would be only terminating a contract.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

United States playing football with FIFA President Post.

Can United States succeed in its attempt to stop Sepp Blatter from getting his 5th term as President of FIFA?

It may all depend upon the move to postphone the election which is scheduled to take place tomorrow the 29th May 2015. FIFA 2 days Meet starts today.

FIFA is said to be corrupted but United States  move to gun for the world football organisation may be linked to its hurt national ego of having lost the bid to host world cup to an Arab Country in the Middle. East.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BJP in damage control mode:

During the last few days leading up to one year Modi Government Celebration Launch, the former Prime Minister was attacked by name from turncoat former advisors who now support BJP. This is BJP second attempt to malign the former Prime Minister. And each time the Party came second best.

This morning the soft and silent former Prime Minister came out with a never before imagined counter attack on BJP Governance. BJP had managed to earn the wrath of a Political Saint if ever there can be one after Mahatma Gandhi that no other political  episode ever did in the 10 years of Dr. ManMohan Singh Prime Ministership of India.

The closest to  warning level that the good Dr. ManMohan Singh reacted before was in response to Rahul Gandhi tearing up the Ordinance Bill. And that lead to the ultimate destruction of Gandhi family Congress Party. Congress Party will not die out but Gandhi family can never again exercise absolute power after this debacle.

The BJP bigwigs spent the whole day trying to respond and explain. All efforts turned to be futile. Finally Prime Minister Modi had the astute political leadership sense to invite "Dr.ManMohan Singh Ji " to the 7CRC Prime Minister Residence to sooth over issues. BJP can attack anyone but in taking upon the citadel of India Integrity that softly cultured extremely knowledgeable former Prime Minister represent in person to the whole world was definitely ill advised.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I need to make a Prayer. Hear me O Triple Gem !

There in a darkened polluted environment of social and political aggression. A land where might is right for all the wrong reasons because strength and power rest with the mighty.

You can be innocent. You can be right. Such qualities do not fetch points in a tussle where credit is given only to the mighty. And yet in the narrowest of space and with the barest of light, by the Grace of KuenChhoSoum, it is possible to squeeze out a tiny share of justice purely upon one's moral and intellectual faith shined with a ray of courage from a presiding Judge.

I ask nothing for self for I am a convert of Your Goodness and Justice. But if You can so will it most Revered All Knowing Triple Gem, please watch over a judiciary system and fill it with light of knowledge and will of judicious responsibility.  If temporal power fail them, may ecclesiastical force protect those that dispense true justice.

Leadership Selfie or Selfless?

The Chief Minister of an Indian State Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar labels the Leadership of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Selfie Leadership.

A Selfie leader is a person in authority who uses his or her position to promote or propagate social and political ideals for the purpose of highlighting self public image but in reality does not practise what is preached.

A selfless leader is a person in authority who uses the the national powers invested in self hands to achieve genuine national interest that protect and promote people and national welfare in general not just few selective self serving political interests deeds or magnanimity.

Modi may be a Selfless or a Selfie leader. One year is too early to make a judgement to last an age. However Nitish Kumar had hit the nail on the head in cases of many leaders from Presidents to Kings; from Prime Ministers to Dictators; from scout captains to Army Generals the ills of leaders are Selfie Leadership.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Good news for Commissioners and members of constitutional bodies.

The National Assembly and National Council differ in the path but are in all united agreement in ensuring their main objective that is to provide job security to the constitutional members.

The National Assembly endorsed the amendment of the rule that requires such constitutional members to resign from their previous service mainly civil service I suppose.  That was to enable these members to revert to civil service employment after the 5 year of service in a constitutional body.

The National Council did not want the resignation clause to be amended. It wanted to nullify the clause and make it useless. So the National Council endorsed that a second 5 years term to be instituted. The Council actually wanted to do even better by suggesting the after 5 years service, the members of constitution bodies be accorded paid holiday until they reach the civil service retirement age.

There is no principal except the principal of self service. The Constitution of Bhutan is less than 7 years old and through various social and political gimmicks, it is being prostituted.

The Parliament could have looked into the present predicament of young commission members and then passed a resolution that future members of Commissions be appointed from the pool of civil service or other capable people above the age of 54 years. Even if the nation went for past RCSC top 10 qualified from technical, administrative, finance and general categories, there would be more than sufficient pool of eligible candidates. Plus there are others who prove their mettle during service years.

Actually if a selected Commission candidate does not want to resign after 5 years, why even take up the position? To occupy a constitutional post and then to bring about a coup d'etat to subvert the very same Constitution to prolong self opportunity is as unethical as the offspring abusing the mother. This happens usually only in the animal world. If someone does not want to resign from civil service then one could opt to stay on unless the service is terminated for different reasons.

The present strategy adopted by both National Council and National Assembly is to legislate a legal political lagoon for   political fish to swim at their pleasure. The National Assembly is a political body so it is understandable politics even though dirty to secure the next election prospects by rewarding supporters from apolitical institution like Civil Service.  But National Council subverting the Constitution to politicise civil service opportunities and even go to the extent of proposing paid holiday demonstrates something is really not well. The solace is that there are few blue members at National Council who are endeavouring to preserve some sense of proportion. How long can that last?

For the general people, it does not really directly affect their livelihood. Most would be struggling and too busy with the demands of life whether Constitution or its stated objective is held sacred or is diluted. It is for those in power and the upper social structure what they want :  The Constitution to serve the narrow goal for short lived gain or long term stability that would still preserve their social status even if political position changes back and forth.

Through out history, people have been taught the hard way to survive by bowing down to political power and changes to the extent of even converting religious Faith.  Even the much touted elections in supposed democratic world may be once in a blue moon chance to act out the dormant ego and a brief momentary gain of power by common man. And perhaps a chance to make some income.  After all in many democracies, the voters clouts are like condoms : acquired, put to effective use  and then discarded once the purpose is served. So people's voice means very little after most elections. It is all up to the various institutions and especially those in political power to value the Constitution or sharpen or blunt it as a political tool in accordance to the need of the hour.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

National Lifeline: the Roads and Highways

Just listened to Nitin Gadkari the Indian Minister of Road Transport and Highways, at NDTV. Quite a personality ! Did not shy away from any question from the audience and comments or interjections from Barkha Dutt.

Regarding Roads and Highways, the Indian Cabinet Minister quoted John F Kennedy of America , " Roads in America are good not because America is rich. America is rich because roads are good."  Nitin Gadkari declared that in the 5 years of BJP Governance , he will construct more Roads and Highways than Congress did in the past 60 years.

He can or he cannot that is to be proven. But Indian Government has got its priority right. Road and Highways are lifeline of a Nation's Progress and Prosperity. Never an impediment to national goodness and security.

For whatever reasons or fears or vendetta crucial national connectivity roads are getting shelved or dubiously delayed in Bhutan. National road connectivity is so vital and therefore it is a touchy issue to most citizens. Even the Government is very touchy. It does not want to be questioned upon this road construction reversal governance. All forces politically and publicly for or against have to have hearts in agony in the privacy of their own secluded world away from national and regional politics.

I wonder what kind of day it was at Changlingmithang when it was announced that TV would be allowed into the Nation. It was the first sign of democracy. Today connectivity and communication is viewed upon as security danger. How could nation building make a Nation less secure. Does it make a Government feel insecure when there is connectivity and communication among the people and the different regions of the nation?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marriages and Re-Marriages

Life has all the surprises of a new born and new friend. The experiences touch life and heart in ways never predicted. A pleasant experience and an honest friend bring richness to life. There is no price for such value.

When it comes to marriage, it  is a union of two people committing to share what is sacred in the journey of life time. Life is unchartered and so is marriage. One simply intend well and give it the best shot. And at times, the best is inadequate. That too must be dealt with. There is no escaping. There will be scars but hidden from public view.

Someone said, " I never promised you a bed of roses ". And that is true of the nature of marriage. It cannot be so smooth and happiness all along. However, marriage is not supposed to be a bed of rocks also. It is a rose : beautiful and yet problematic if not handled responsibly. Along with the beauty of the rose flowers that cause the hearts to soar, there is also the thorns that can cause the hearts to bleed.

The fruit of joy in a marriage should be the birth of child or children. For many couples the arrival of children lay down the permanent foundation that can resist any and all weather storms. Thus marriage is sound and successful. There are however also married couples who enjoy life and the world unto themselves. And those who divorce after so many years and offsprings.

Children are both love and responsibility. At times extra responsibility that comes with an enlarged family can breakdown a happily set up union. Maybe the wife cannot take the pressure of additional demand of love and attention or possibly the husband is unable to find the courage and resolve to shoulder the additional responsibility of a father. And in some cases, marriage may have been a product of adult puppy love that is not adequately seasoned to absorb the sudden strains of a new family life and demands that follow. And all such social demands and responsibilities that are part of a union could finally wear down a couple's love endurance and thus marriage status deteriorates.

Many marry for love ,few for convenience and yet others may marry for money and fame.  Money does make life comfortable and lack of money is also an oft mentioned cause of livelihood difficulties. However, lack of money or being poor is not the root cause of majority of divorces. Love and resolve at times cannot pass all tests and maybe Fate has some other venture awaiting.

Today one may hear of more divorce cases but then there are far more marriages and even greater number of stable marriages. The statistic have more to do with population explosion. More people will lead to more marriages and therefore more number of failed marriages.

It is difficult to pinpoint a particular reason why marriage breaks down just as it is impossible to figure out a formula for a successful marriage. Both are results of a combination of assorted reasons and events. However, both partners contribute to good and failed marriage even though the share of contribution could vary.

For both agreement and disagreement there have to be at the least two parties. So one partner cannot be totally white and the other totally black. Some put blame on in laws and relatives for marriage failures. I however feel that in laws and relatives come in between only if allowed or encouraged by the wife or the husband. The role of in laws and relatives are more influential at the onset of a marriage but that too is disappearing with now less arranged or family consulted marriages and more instinct attraction or love marriages.

A lady one once told me that it is better to have loved and then broken hearted than never be in love. In retrospection after so many years, I would have to agree. Such close pure interaction with another human being even if for a brief time period can be so enriching and it can leave memorable imprints. Life is richer by the mile. So do not be afraid to fall in love again and second marriage.

Sometimes the first marriage comes tumbling down. It is like a storm. One could see the clouds gathering and may even sense the heaviness of the dark clouds. Yet when the storm comes, one could still be taken aback. There is no insurance for marriage whether for the virgin first or experienced second or third endeavour. The Providence of marriage is outside prediction. One can only pray and work sincerely that this be the final happy one ! I do not think it is possible to prepare for marriage fallouts simply because divorce is a taboo that usually happens to some other couples. No ! not at all possible to one's own marriage ! But sadly it does happen  and it can happen to any seemingly rock solid marriage.

So there comes a time when a second journey is necessary. The second marriage has worked for so many couples. I suppose by then involved parties are more matured and possibly they also understand the necessity of certain level of tolerance to make the union a success. Marriage first or second are never paradise. Success is measured not by how many kisses but how one finds the resolve and ways to patch up after each quarrel or difference.  And in these matters, I suppose experience does pay dividend. So usually the more years into marriage life, the chance of it being successful increases.

At times friends and relatives may get consulted. It is never easy to advise on marriage even for one's own offspring. But I think for first timers, most of them may only be seeking words of encouragement to go on with the decision they have already made.  And as for the second and third timers, mostly they wish to have good listeners to share their prospects and perspectives and also their dreams.

In remarriages, a trepidation of some kind will exist for quite a while because as the saying goes , " once bitten twice shy ". However the advice is look for the brighter side. A lot of  climbers of Mount Everest succeeded  upon the second attempt. And unlike the trail of Mount Everest, the thereafter path of marriage is not all snow and ice. There are flowers and green meadows too ! Life is a journey of trials and errors that together spice the colour and design of the painting on the wall of your happiness and experience. If the first marriage did not work out, take a break but do not let the previous fear imprison your coming days. Forget the detour, change the path and proceed ahead. The smile is still yours and so is your right to a happy beautiful another life.

If you are a single parent and the partner a single person then be prepared for another child. But if two single parents decide to marry to build a wholesome family that would be like having the cake and eating it too. In many cases the endeavours have been win win. After all Love is also what one believes in and have affections for. It is something you work for and sacrifice for and treasured by you.

Divorced men become more set in their individual ways and possibly more insecure and therefore mistrusting. Divorced single mothers on the other hand become pragmatic and gradually acquire the trait of being independently decisive. Upon second marriage, both individuals would need to readjust to some extent. There will be defensive mechanisms at work because no one wants to be again subjected to the same wound of being frustratingly helpless and rejected. Perhaps this is one particular hindrance to a second or third marriage. It is not possible to entirely dump away previous fears and traumas. But as months and years go by, the heart will get pacified and the spirit of marriage refilled. It is a good healing process to dwell upon the happier aspects and events of past marriage. And even for those unpleasant experiences if these cannot be erased from memory then find the strength in the heart to forgive. Leaving past baggage behind would make possible the second venture to start on a clean slate. And in many cases, it is just this one single chance that is needed to find happiness again.

Wishing all Happy Marriages.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

An outlook upon Indian PM Modi visit to China,Mongolia and South Korea.

The main visit is undoubtedly China where the Prime Minister was warmly received.  The 3 day visit turned out to be smooth and colourful and geopolitically revealing.

1. Modi declared that China was India's most strategic partner in the world. In making this declaration, he wisely confirmed that India had more important things than just be an irritant in the game of China containment that is regionally promoted by America and Japan supported by Australia. And wherein Indian support is crucially sought.

2. Modi declared E- Visa for Chinese tourists. In this Modi is genuine in his belief that tourism is a very productive industry. I recall that he had advised both Bhutan and Nepal to develop tourism. Though I am sure he did not mean Chinese tourists. However Modi is smart to realise the economic impact of thousands of well heeled Chinese tourists to Indian economy and therefore the decision to provide visa at a tap of a finger. This will have positive growth in Chinese tourists visit to both Nepal and Bhutan. I hope the Bhutanese Government will adopt similar procedures.

3. A total of 22 billion American Dollar agreements were signed between Indian and Chinese Corporation under the , "Make in India " gambit. Similar investment deals were executed last year during President of China visit to India. Investment deals take gestation period to mature but certainly Sino- Indo economic cooperation will blossom in future.

The Mongolia Visit of 2 days.

Mongolia has huge natural resources and it is a huge land mass.  Indian media seems to think the visit was more of a strategic importance than economic including uranium supply from Mongolia. In fact an agreement on border and cyber security was said to have been signed. I do not quite understand what border was all about though cyber security is the in thing in this age where information technology run the world. Prime Minister Modi offered an aid to the
tune of one billion American dollar to Mongolia. That cannot make strategic difference for Mongolia. Far more was pumped into Afghanistan and today Indians are targeted to quit Afghanistan. And even more was offered by Modi Government to Nepal who declined fearing political ugliness.

Strategic politics for Mongolia by India will have as much impact as Australian having strategic design towards Bhutan. No impact at all in regional power equation but friendly relation and economic aid package will develop bilateral good wills. Mongolia is land locked in between Russia and China and Bhutan is landlocked by China and India. So no third country can really exercise strategic impact on the 2 land locked countries except by their immediate neighbours.

The South Korean visit could be mainly make in India push plus simple goodwill. India cannot back South Korea against Japan or China. And no other nation can come between South Korean  and American relation. But visiting South Korea balances Modi visit to Japan last year. The two American staunch allies do not quite like each other. In fact the Japanese defence built up may be more threatening to the Korean Peninsula than Chinese interests in Sino Japan disputed islands.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Kingdom so full of crisis in the mode of the Constitution.

I just wonder how and why there are such strong forces to chip away the formative rock of Constitution of Bhutanese democracy ?

In a span of a week this month, two mighty institutions the RCSC and the Ecclesiastical Body have probed the spine of democracy.

1. The Chairman of Royal Civil Service Commission ( RCSC) has called upon the Law Makers to soon frame a law to outlaw for 3 years the participation in democratic election process by those civil servants and office bearers of apolitical offices after their resignation from such Posts.

This is deliberately aimed at subverting participation in democratic process by those experienced and well known personalities. Such anti democracy laws if enacted would ensure that Political Parties would always remain weak not just financially as is the present situation  but also in future remain much weaker in terms of able human resources.  ( refer Kuensel issue of 9th May,2015 under article on Cooling Off period ).

2. The highly regarded and respected Ecclesiastical Central Monastic Body has opposed the Slaughter and Meat Processing Project undertaken by the Government to meet the demand of quality meat products of beef, pork, chicken and fish. The objection is based on Buddhist religion and sentiments.

As a Buddhist , it is just not conscientiously possible to fault the demand of the Central Monastic Body. Therefore with due respect I shall simply present the other side of outlook from the point of livelihood and economic sustainability and constitution aspects.

1. This is not the first slaughter house project in the Buddhist Kingdom.  Many years back, a slaughter house for supply of beef was established in Phuentsholing. It died a commercial death within a short duration. The slaughter house could not compete in price with the beef supply from butcher shops that got their beef supplies directly from India.

The irony is that in the later years the Central Monastic Body had constructed a huge complex in what used to be a market area for vegetable vendors and butcher shops in Phuentsholing town. And few of the tenants were butcher shopkeepers selling beef, pork, chicken and fish.

Bhutan imports a huge quantity of raw meat and processed meat products from India and other Countries. This huge import cost is a drain on the scarce foreign currencies especially Indian Rupees. The slaughter and meat processing product project does hurt the national Buddhist sentiment. A Buddhist cannot defend this project without casting the eyes down upon the feet in moral  and spiritual shame. And for me who have worshipped the ecclesiastical body so deeply and truly, it is doubly heart wrenching.

But what about national economic sustainability goal, the need to develop agro industries and create jobs in construction, on farms, in manufacturing, packaging, transport and transportation, marketing and retailing ? Today the numerous egg farms in Bhutan have reduced dependence on imported eggs and so would the meat processing plant if the same is accepted.

Bhutanese have traditionally lived off the land and domestic animals. Slaughtering animal for basic dietary requirement is not a new present day trend. This existed along with practice of Bon and Buddhism Beliefs. Only in the last several years ,the culture of Tsethar was so forcefully propagated
to the detriment of the livelihood of the yak herders. In the near future , yak herding will be a story of the past thanks to the stigma imposed by narrow tsether minds.

Monks and laymen have harmoniously lived not just side by side but mingled interdependently for so many centuries in understanding tolerance of each others livelihood needs and spiritual essence. Must transgressions and dominance be promoted in this present age?

The Constitution of Bhutan states that Bhutan is a Secular Kingdom. Many voices appealed for the nation to preserve Buddhism as the State Religion during the public consultation of the draft constitution. I submitted a written appeal to the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee in addition to making a public appeal to His Majesty during consultation in Haa Dzongkhag.

I submitted that international community would understand and accept for a known Buddhist Kingdom the right to preserve its age old tradition of Buddhism as state religion even under constitutional monarchy democratic system. The new system need only to permit religious freedom to those of other faiths. I also appealed for preservation of traditional political participatory role of the Central Monastic Body. However, the approved Constitution did away with the centuries old tradition of central monastic role in national politics and Buddhism as state religion. Monks are not even allowed to vote let alone exercise say. So how would the nation  address this appeal by the ecclesiastical body ?

Now how does the Parliament or the Government deal with the letter of appeal from the Central Monastic Body demanding the scrapping of the slaughter house project on grounds of compassion for sentient beings ?

The Government can of course scrap the project and fulfill the ecclesiastical wish of the Dratsang to whom the whole nation turn to whenever faced with national  crisis and natural calamity. The appeal letter has already warned of the wrath of the Providence. In terms of economic calculation this meat project is peanuts compared to the economic and sovereign fallouts that the nation suffers from the scrapping of the South Bhutan Highways.

Maybe the constitutional democratic leaderships of Bhutan can close both their eyes to the principles of the Constitution and national sovereignty. And if the intent of RCSC Chairman is legislated by the Parliament,the principal of democracy too will become a blind man light.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers are the anchors of Families.

Today is Mother Day. I just wish to spend sometime thanking the two Mothers of our Family. Together they have nursed this family through the four seasons every year and all years. In their immense simplicity and loving dedication, I discovered the required strength of being the father of such a beautiful family.

In the ocean of their affection and mountain of trust, I gained the courage to walk the necessary mile through the vagaries of all weather of life. And in the warmth of their heart and labour, the children and I found our home and hearth.
Thank you our dearest Mothers of S.K.Y Family. My dearest Yeshey and Kelden on this Mother Day, I salute your life and your endeavour. May Triple Gem continue to grace your life and may you always guide and comfort us.

And today together, let us pay our homage and receive blessings from the Grandmothers: one now in her sunset years but still reigning with love and the other my dearest mother now a blue neon in the void of the Universe. Oh ! How you loved me Mother. And how much I still miss you Mother. Thank You Mother for teaching me how to share Love and Responsibility.

Friday, May 8, 2015

To each Nation and Individual your own Conscience.

It is not a matter of interpretation. The ugly truth have been revealed and dangerous consequences averted for two Himalayan Nations. For that Providence must be thanked and brave honest forces applauded.

The political play offs with similar meaning
words in the rich English language have spiced up the controversies but ultimately the sanctity of objective was preserved.  In the recent weeks the playoff is between ' Relief Team' and ' Rescue Team' in Nepal. What really could be the difference ?

Generally a doctor could come to the rescue of a person under pain by providing medication to relieve pain. A person could feel relieved when pulled out from under the rubbles and rescued. So rescue and relief team could offer the same service and be the same unit with different function. Such Teams are different from Reconstruction Teams.

Then in Bhutan, the words , ' Restricted ' and ' Prohibited ' on the issue of import of second hand vehicle. It means the same thing and cannot be interpreted differently  as the crux of the application of either of the vocab is forbidding the import of the more pollutant second hand nature of a vehicle that if not stopped can lead to Bhutan a Dumping Ground.

The Government was over anxious to seek a legal loop hole to override the prevailing Rule of Restriction on import of second hand vehicle.  The Government had committed to formulate national policies to suit the marketing goal of two electric car manufacturers. However, a brand new electric car was too expensive to afford  and therefore the need to encourage the more affordable second hand electric car in the Bhutanese national market.

The Office of Attorney General bears two official responsibilities: The allegiance to the Government and allegiance to Professionalism. The OAG did not identify any legal loop hole but it provided a matter of fact push the buck solution. Its advice was that only a Court of Law could really make a Ruling on  the difference between , ' Restricted ' and ' Prohibited ' in regards to the legal understanding and interpretation on the prevailing Rule that bans import of second hand vehicle. This Rule precedes Democracy and in fact even before pollution became an international buzz word. The previous democratic government only imposed temporary ban on import of light motor vehicles to preserve scarce foreign currency reserves.

The  varying political interpretations served the all important face saving  device for India to withdraw its soldiers that Nepal did not want and for the Bhutanese Government to maintain that its decision was legal but still it will undo the policy on import of second hand vehicles.

I feel a grave wrong has been corrected in the nick of time. And that's what counts for Nepal sovereignty as well as for Bhutanese Democracy and its Constitution Provisions.

The Face and Will of anti corruption in the person of Dasho Neten Zangmo at BBS Interview on the evening of 7th May,2015

A high noon drama ! No !  It was a real live high noon charged crusade against entrenched corruption within governance system in Bhutan.

Here are my summation in  black and white of the gist  of her stand. Difficult to write exact quote because it was a mixture of two language interview and typical to her character sentences are left incomplete or supplemented with physical nuances. But meanings were adequately clear. I stand to be corrected by Dasho herself or BBS Interviewer.

1. On National Corruption Level:

Corruption is deeply and widely entrenched within the national system inside and outside Government. It is not an isolated cases of here and there  corruption. Corruption has become part of national trait of doing things.

2. On 107th National Day Address on Corruption.

If the national leaderships truly believed that corruption is corruption and corruption impedes gross national goodness development then demonstrate that belief through Deed. Support ACC and support independence of ACC and facilitate the task of ACC in fighting Corruption. ACC may head the campaign against corruption but everyone Agency must chip in.

3. On the Voices that describe ACC Investigation of corrupt Practices and Rupee Laundering System at Phuentsholing Revenue and Custom Office as causing disharmony in Indo -Bhutan Relationship:

Those are hypocritic Voices of influential people whose personal interests are hurt by ACC investigations.  She compared such false national concerns by those very Voices that undermine the goodness and ultimate healthy sovereignty of Bhutan like a driver who drives a vehicle with, ' I Love Bhutan Sticker '  in front wind shield and loaded behind in the luggage area with smuggled goods either contraband or undeclared taxable goods.

( I think the elite would have got her point even more poignantly if she had chosen the Bhutanese proverb ," Kha Goroom Chhu Nhi Lachu Jha ". It literally means Kiss the Lips and Stab the Heart. )

4. On the Definition of ACC Constitutional Role.

The top leadership of the Nation must accord a clear cut directive of the exact role that they want ACC to perform. Do the leadership want ACC to fulfill the constitution laid down responsibilities in full or just partially ? Should ACC only concentrate in promoting the prevention of corruption through soft approaches like workshop type preaching or also go for hard core task of tackling corruption through investigation and legal action against corruption ? The national Leaders must make up their minds on corruption. ACC is prepared to perform if clearly directed. Only do not expect ACC to battle with the choice of weapon made by others and still win the battle. That is no go!

5. On cost of ACC investigation.

The national conscience must decide and weigh the actual monetary cost of investigation versus the consequence of a continued entrenched corruption in the national system. Should the illness be allowed to go untreated to cause death or invest in the medication ? The national leadership must decide. And decide now.

I have one personal view to share with ACC ChairPerson regarding her contention that the employees of the Commission must be adequately compensated in monetary terms. She says ACC need that financial power. And then she goes on to relate how she requires the employees to pool into one car whist going on tour even though by established financial rule each individual is entitled to use his or her car at certain grade level.

I understand her morality stand but her management philosophy is flawed. Denying to employees what is eligible under financial rules and then demanding additional financial power for supposed benefit of employees just does not tally sensibly. More need to be highlighted but not on public forum especially along this Anti Corruption Stand so well articulated by the Head of Anti Corruption Commission.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Nepal is down but certainly not under.

In the aftermath of the earthquake tragedy, Nepal has been taken advantage of. The sovereignty of Nepal has been compromised by powerful forces in the name of providing assistance. Even its most sensitive protected security air space was flouted. Nepal in a way was being invaded.

Nepal tried in vain to politely control the flow of foreign forces/Teams.  It declared several times that the Kathmandu airport could not handle the sudden influx. This did not work. And worse, foreign forces increased their strength on the pretext that Nepal lacked the distribution network to cover all affected Areas. Some Agencies went to the extent that they did not trust the Nepal Government to actually reach the material assistance to affected populace.

On top of that many Relief Teams came with super strong media houses to blow up their relief works. In the process, the national dignity and the immense responsibilities that the Government, the Nepal  Armed Forces and Nepal Relief Teams shouldered were buried under the deluge of foreign media coverage of their own efforts. Finally Nepal had had enough !

All 34 Nations'  Relief Teams have been ordered to leave Nepal. This includes both India and China. I applaud the Nepali Armed Forces for standing up for Nepal dignity and sovereignty. It was most shameful of Relief Agencies especially from powerful Nations to push aside the Nepal Authorities and in fact forcefully take charge of the national affairs. And even after a direct order of Nepal to foreign forces to withdraw, powerful Countries are negotiating the withdrawal of their forces/Teams.

This resistance to withdrawal,  highlights the danger that Nepal faces. The 7.8 scale earthquake has been reduced to secondary national tragedy in the face of foreign forces refusing to comply with clear cut order of Nepal to all Nations to withdraw all their Relief Forces and Teams. Would it be necessary for a UN Security Council to endorse Nepal Government directive to compel the withdrawal of all non Nepalese Relief Forces and Teams from Nepal.

Nepal is down but not out. And definitely Nepal has no intention of being under anyone's thumb. I fully respect the national sentiment of Nepal. It is a very hard and difficult choice but it is a proud national reason. Nepal is prepared to suffer but not from shame of submitting to foreign domination in this hour of deep national tragedy.

If there are genuine international agencies and countries who want to assist Nepal to overcome the after effects of the earth quake tragedy, such helps should be rendered within the realm of Nepal sovereignty and dignity. That's what true friends would do.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Revenue and Custom Office in unhealthy denial state.

Possibly Kuensel reported Nu: 20 million is not a every day revenue leakage at Phuentsholing. It could be more and it could be little less. However Phuentsholing is only one of the several entry gates. In total the revenue robbery has be be far above the total 20 million ngultrums per day.

The leakages is not just in under invoicing. There is also over invoicing and this happens with tax exempted goods. Whatever the exact figure of daily loss is, it is huge no matter how you look from whatever direction.

There are most certainly honest people in Revenue as there are in other Agencies. For the sake of such honest and dedicated people do not hide behind 20 million figure debate and pretend corruption at Phuentsholing Office is tolerable. Revenue honest bosses must accept the truth of what has been happening and stand forward to assist ACC to bring the culprits to book.

It is frightening and the public blatancy only proves that this systematic corruption runs quite high. Already the Mafia bosses are in the campaign to dilute charges in the guise of officially attacking the Kuensel reported figure. They the Mafia then should tell the public how much the leakage figure is from Samdrup Jongkhar; Gelegphug ; Samtse and Paro. How much tax amount was not collected or ignored through under invoicing  and how much national rupee reserve were stolen through over invoicing. And how many truck loads of imported goods simply enter without even recording entry.

ACC may try but corruption will never be controlled as long as there are powerful silent endorsement. Revenue and Custom Office should be endeavouring to tackle the misdeeds of corrupted officials instead of directing all energy in debating the volume of corruption fallout. If the Ministry of Finance is serious on assisting ACC in curving the corruption within its own administered Departments then the Officers who defend corrupt practice should be suspended to allow ACC to investigate without hindrance.