Monday, November 26, 2018

Bhutanese PM visit to India.

In keeping with close  Indo- Bhutan relationship, the Government of India has invited the new PM of Bhutan to visit India. A very kind gesture. Such a visit needs to be convenient to both Bhutan and India in sense of timing.

I hope the Bhutanese Parliament can convene and discuss and approve the 12th 5 year Plan before the India visit by our Prime Minister. It should be Bhutanese 12th 5 year plan not India approved plan in perception. Thats why the Bhutanese Parliament must convene to discuss and approve the Plan before the PM visit to India. Otherwise the Bhutanese PM would be discussing draft 12th Plan of Bhutan at New Delhi. And that would be a precedent of misfortune for the much yearned for Bhutanese sovereign dignity by majority of Bhutanese. The path to sovereign dignity must not be made more difficult by thoughtless and rash precedent set now. 

Perception and Tendrel is important. In 2013, the 1st Cabinet Meeting of PDP formed government had the Ambassador of India to Bhutan sort of gracing it. And through out the 5 years 2013- 2018 period,  by design or default, Bhutan had India leading in all national affairs of Bhutan including the Doklam transgression.  Now if Bhutan PM visits India even before the 12th 5 year Plan is adopted by Bhutanese Parliament, then the state of Bhutanese  national affairs could very well be similar to a state of the Indian Union.  

Dhana or inauspicious month should not hold back the 1st  Parliament session. The Cabinet has been formed and the Speaker already appointed. All the MPs have taken office. The 12 Plan is more or less ready.

Auspicious timing for the government and the Parliament is the day the MPs got elected and next is when they assembled at the Parliament Hall to register and receive their dakyen as MPs. After that the PM, the Speaker, the Opposition Leader and the Cabinet Ministers were given Dhars by the King. Parlianent session is just part of the 5 year tenure task of all MPs and governance of the nation. Not a fresh  beginning of a new task for new members. 


Saturday, November 24, 2018

An ideal goldmine the premier educationist.

Lyonpo Thakur S Powdyel the realtime perennial educationist  was Education Minister for the 5 year term of DPT Political Party formed 1st Bhutanese  Democratic Government 2008- 2013. However, his fame and name has to do with his tenure at Sherubtse College as the premier guide and teacher to the language of the Queen which has dominated the world of communication and literature. 

There could be debates about the administrative acumen of Lyonpo Thakur. But in so far as an educationist Thakur S Powdyel, there seems no equals in the Kingdom of Bhutan. And His Excellency can hold his own with the best in the world in his academic profession.

A nation with a sound education objective would have such a gem of an educationist as a roving teacher of english language, literature and gnh wholesome education. And private High  Schools or Colleges that want to attain premier standard and attract students would beg him to lead their academic department.

I feel Lyonpo Thakur Singh Powdyel dabbled with politics only to gain service to a broader field of national education system. He does not seem to be a hard core politician. He  cannot have his heart in the hazzles of management and administration because by nature he is a man of prose, poem and the english language.

Bhutanese private schools and colleges should think out of box and take a premiere education quality leap forward with the realtime educationist Lyonpo Thakur S Powdyel. Such an institution would be investing in a rich gold mine.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Dharma Raja and Robert Thurman ( Kuensel headline News 20th Nov, 2018 )

Looks like an Agency in Bhutan felt the need to strengthen the status of the King and had hired an Americam Professor who dabbles in Tibetan Buddhism to tell Bhutanese people about the essence of "dharma raja"  in democracy.

Bhutan under the constitutional monarchy democracy is a declared secular Kingdom. And I am not at all sure of the hired professor's angle of politics of " dharma raja ".  In so far as democracy in Bhutan is concerned, the people have accepted with solace the gift of democracy. And at the same time the  people dearly respect the vital role of the Monarchy in the security and stability of the nation in the era of democracy under constitutional monarchy.

Democracy is new in Bhutan and we are still in the process of finding the most appropriate and acceptable path of governance. There is no unsurmountable disagreement. Just some adjustments in thought process and working style.  The institution of Monarchy and the three wings of governance will surely find the confidence and the reverence for the objectives of the Constitution and adopt ways to acieve the same. And any necessary solution must be out of  Bhutanese effort.  Not that of a foreigner in search of a personal comfort niche within the Bhutanese hierachy.

So within Bhutan, this " dharma raja " preaching from a hired foreigner is a waste of money and surreal. Perhaps he could spread his belief to re-settled Jafa refugees in his home country the United States of America.  It was mostly those people who led the revolt against the King and Country during 1989/90. 

And by the way, "dharma raja"  was a title referred by foreign visitors to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. Bhutan has changed over to Monarchy since the adoption of the Monarchy system in 1907. Now we have the 5th hereditary Wangchuck King on the Throne. Not a " dharma raja " though ofcourse His Majesty is a Buddhist by birth.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Changes at the religious Throne?

Looks like there will be a change over from His Holiness the 70th Je Khenpo to the 71st Je Khenpo by end of this year. Most probably the most smoothest transfer of a spiritual responsibility and transition in the history of Central Monk Body. His Holiness the 70th Je Khenpo Truelku Jigme Chhoedra has been ready to retire for quite some time. And the Venerable Dorji Lopon has been upholding the Dratsang responsibilities of the Je Khenpo including leading the Summer and Winter migration journey  between Punakha and Thimphu for quite sometime. 

My one hope and prayer is that His Holiness Truelku Jigme Chhoedra will continue to grace the Moelam Chhenmos in the Dzongkhags especially that of Haa where it all began.  And also give Teachings on many more aspects of life and living and spiritual ways of Lord Buddha. His Holiness is a genuine leader of humanity in spirit, knowledge, discipline and practice. A Supreme Leader amongst the greatest that blessed this world in matters of compassion, courage and dedication. 

For His Holiness, doing things right was of utmost importantance. I am sure His Holiness deeply respects the Je Khenpo Throne and the historic opportunity bestowed upon him to grace it for so many years. And yet His Holiness is one kind of a spiritual and worldly leader who would maintain a standard of personal human dignity that no post or honour could compromise. Indeed a rare genius of a spiritual Truelku who never got  compromised by the temporal powers or affluence.

Many years back, I had the honour of being in an audience granted by His Holiness at Punakha Dzong  to Haa Chhundu Tsogpa which sought to seek His Holiness to grace the next Moelam Chhenmo in Haa.  I was the Chairman of Chhudu Tsogpa but fellow colleagues  like Dasho( Dr) Gado Tshering and our all rounder indispensable PJ ( Pema Juney ) who had closer communications with His Holiness had arranged the audience. During the audience on the subject of Dharma, I humbly submitted my wishful thinking.

" Your Holiness, we hear about other religions now taking root within our Buddhist Kingdom. ( Those were times when  democracy and secularism had not arrived and Buddhism was State religion. Now it is different and I accept national realities of secular vision). One reason could be Dratsang's inability to spread the words of Dharma. Most of the successive Je Khenpos were elderly, travel was arduous for lack of motor road and in the past there were fewer people who could sponsor religious events of Wangs and Lungs. Now the nation is in much better shape and Your Holiness is in prime age with good health. Under the stewardship of Your Holiness, I feel we have arrived at a fresh dawn of Buddha Dharma ". His Holiness  smiled and though he responded kindly, I never imagined the leaps and bounds that came about throughout the Kingdom in the Teachings and Practices of Lord Buddha Dharma  under the reign of the 70th Je Khenpo.

There is now annual Moelam Chhenmos in all 20 Dzongkhags. In addition His Holiness conducted the Dechok Khorlo at Punakha and Kanju Reading at Kuensel Phodrong Thimphu. And this year the Moelam Chhenmo was performed by our own Dratsang at Rajgir the Seat of Buddha Teachings in India. For me this is all a Triple Gem achievements by His Holiness.
There must be many other equally sacred deeds unknown to me. I only have views from afar. But I hold dearly the few moments of Blessings from His Holiness in forms of great  thoughts and holy wisdoms shared. 

At home, when His Holiness came upon the Chhoetse Throne, even new admission into monkhood was restricted. The Royal  Government was not favourable to increasing monk numbers for some strange reasons. Today the scenario has been transformed. Now all are welcome to join the monkhood. And it is also easier to leave monkhood. There is less stigma. His Holiness has taken monkhood as a way of providing education for self and society development and not just devotion to Dharma itself. The number of Sheydras and Drupdreys flourished in the nation and the strengthening of Dzongkhag Dratsangs to serve the communities especially in times of griefs  are incredible strides made under the stewardship of His Holiness. 

To some rare individuals of great accomplishments the word " impossible " is not in their intent and goal. Like the sun, His Holiness lighted  up the whole Bhutanese national communities from central to all directions. His Holiness has been a glowing source of inspiration and affection. His Holiness is truly the  Love of the nation. May it be the good fortune of Bhutan and Bhutanese to have His Holiness amongst us in good health and in active Dharma Teaching Practices. Long Live His Holiness Truelku Jigme Chhoedra the 70th Je Khenpo of Bhutan.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Freedom Prisons in all 20 Dzongkags say Bhutanese Prime Minister from DNT Party.

First public pledge more Prisons and witch hunts  by DNT Party formed government. Great vengeance  goings for a Party but horror for a nation. For a while there was a light of hope for national unity  and moving on in unison with real national priorities. Now this new DNT pledge by the Prime Minister.

Why feel insecure DNT Party even after being declared the comfortable winner and taking the reign of governance? There is no call to eliminate  all semblance of  oppositions or difference of opinion in democracy unless the intent is to  murder the essence of the  lauded gift of democracy. Election is over but scores to settle a galore!

First public commitment to built additional  prisons in all 20 Dzongkhags instead of hospitals or schools. First public commitment to witch hunt fake account holders to fill  the new prisons instead of creating job  opportunities for jobless people. Revolutionary means of solving lack of employment opportunities.

Certainly not a national  government in objective. A Political Party Cabinet with national mandate to fulfill political vengeance or simply side tracking campaign pledges. I thought all one time DNT pledges were doable. Full employment is just a vision but improvements is real possiblility. Alas! The  Party is  set upon a campaign of election period vengeance the next 5 years. A sure path to national discord and social fear for national lifetime. 

Fake accounts and false propaganda posts surged during the elections. Could be political party inspired also rather than only  individual doings. DNT Party, too, cannot be totally innocent. But such things do not warrant national governance priority. These malicious wind of politics simmer down naturally if fair and positive  governance takes hold after the election.     

I did not believe this new DNT Party political vengeance mantra until a video was shared on the 1st declared priority of the new government.  And still I feel it is a joke in bad taste. However,  persecution has never guranteed the life lasting authotity of a dictator. Unfortunately terror regimes have destroyed societies and nations all over the world. Prayers may not help but still prayers must be offered for our tiny Druk Yul. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Management cloud at Thimphu National Referral Hospital.

The Bhutan Medical and Health Council ( BMHC ) determined that the negligences of 3 doctors and 3 nurses at the premier Thimphu Referral Hospital  caused death of a surgery patient. A young man in his 30s died after surgery due to lack of proper medical attention. Few months back the same hospital lost several newborns at a go. The blame was conveniently put on water supply quality as if new borns are given water to drink especially if born a little premature.   ( courtesy Kuensel ).

The negilgence is too common to be blamed on just respective individuals. The illness seems to run through out the system. There have been also rumours about cases of wrong diagnosis and even botched operations that ultimately caused death of patients. Well I guess certain percentages of fallouts occur even in best of hospitals. Not every patient can be cured. Death is part of heath services because healthy people do not seek medical treatment. Thats why death certificates are usually issued by Hospitals and recognised by concerned agencies including insurance companies. But the frequency is worrying. And negligence in such manner is alarming.

All 3 doctors and 3 nurses failed the same patient. That means other patients survived not because of attentions given by these same doctors and nurses. An indication of robotic attendance of duties as per roster but devoid of any professional sense of duty and responsibility. There has to be a more malignant root cause for such glaring shortcomings than just simply dereliction of duties by few professionals. I also wonder about the attitude of the surgeon who operated the patient,  towards his fellow professional colleagues whose follow up services are equally vital for the good health of the surgery patient.

Maybe the present system of management introduced by the last government should be re-examined.  Better go back to the original management ways. And appoint a worthy senior medical professional at the top in place  of political appointees. No disrespect to present President Dasho Lhab Dorji. I am sure he must be doing the best possible. But just as it is said that it takes a thief to catch a thief perhaps a professional Chief can alleviate this malady in medical services.

Another suggestion would be to route all VIP medical services through the management instead of direct contact with individual doctors. VIPs must be attended but by any qualied doctor not just specific doctor or nurse which could be creating a class category among similar able professionals.. That way work load is evenly distributed as well as social recognition. Also this will prevent doctors taking leave from regular duty on pretext of phatom VIP services.

In our social environment,  there are also cases of as the proverb goes " the yak hauls the load and the yak herder howls off the triump of achievement ". Credit must go to all those doctors and staffs who keep the hospital running efficiently not just to few who attend to VIPs or perform in public eyes.  The National Referral Hospital  seems to be afflicted with low morale which is usually associated with dis-satisfaction with work environment, unequal opportunity and lack of recognition of hard work.  Not about monetary benefits such as salary that most people, I think, wrongly also associate with teaching quality or teacher retention. Money is important but in my career as a CEO, inspiration and  motivation have lots to do with management fairness and due recognition of individual  endeavours. Not just how much you can pay. Also one person upmanship does not build a successul and dedicated team.   And most task are of team work nature especially in the hospital. Its not like a court room where one judge is liable for a good or bad verdict. 

Sorry about such unfortunate failures. But we must keep in mind that there are also many, many success stories at the Thimphu Referral Hospital but not highlighted. Afterall, butchers killing cows do not make news except for holier than thou pretenders of piety in public. And likewise, doctors curing patients, too, are taken for granted as it is their profession though by saving a life a doctor would have  prevented the  bereavement of a family and perhaps changed for better the fortune of a family, too. Thus actually saving multiple of lives through curing  one patient.

Thank you doctors and nurses and all related but working behind the scenes at Thimphu Referral Hospital. Your services are appreciated but our expectations are also higher because of your success ratio.  

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The war within. Silent takeover of Haa by Indian Army with RBA as the conduit.

Every time I think of Haa my birth place, the image of IMTRAT an arm of Indian Army clouds my vision. And it has become deeply painful since the GOI interference in 2013 General Election, the cancellation of Southern Bhutan highway construction and Indian Army  invasion last year at Doklam. Wondering about situations  of Bhutan, hereafter.

Haa Dzong itself was handed over to Indian military  to house the headquarter of IMTRAT in early 1960s. A temporary measure that turned to permanent occupation.  However,  most of the area in the periphery had initially remained under the jurisdiction of Haa Dzongkhag Administration. But gradually over the years, more area were surrendered to the Indian Army including large areas of apple orchards and wheat fields which fall under the category of crown properties and also some community lands. The last major surrender was done during the sunset tenure of Gooenlyon Lam Dorji as Chief of Operations of Royal Bhutan Army.  I rue the national decision to register Dha- Chhab- sey Pang and surrounding areas in the name of RBA. The Royal Bhutan Army has become  the conduit of Indian Army takeover of more territories in Haa. The whole  beautiful nature shaped stadium like  Dha-chhab-sey Pang is under Indian Army control.

This beautiful flat stretch of land  along Haa river used to be traditional community recreational and  grazing area  mainly of Wangtsa village and also used for  major national events in Haa Valley including archery tournaments. Thats where the  2nd King HM Jigme Wangchuk , 3rd King as HRH Paro Penlop, Hon'ble  Gongzim Sonam Tobgay and his son as Hon'ble  Haa Drung Jigme Palden Dorji ( later 1st PM of Bhutan  ) played archery match with Haa Paazabs mostly from Wangtsa village. It is part of  immense historic heritage of national joy and celebration.

In the absence of Bhutanese jurisdiction over this Dha-Chhab-Sey Pang area, the otherwise grand National Day of 2017 was celebrated at the complex of Lhakhang Karpo. The Lhakhang complex is alright for regular Tsechu but too inadequate in space for such grand  national event as was the 2017 National Day celebrations. But what to do? Even the presence of two Druk  Kings failed to warrant the use of  the traditional nature designed stadium adorned by the Haa Chu for National Day celebration. Many Haaps ended up at Lhakhang Karpo witnessing national day celebrations on video screens installed behind the Lhakhang. And many more in front of cable tv at homes.    

Maybe the traditional significance did not strike the royal attention. His Majesty the 3rd King had warned me of the generation gap he feared would happen. I a high school student could only submit that then the Crown Prince be also engaged in official duties part time whilst still schooling. That was done.  But Bhutan could never fully bridge the sudden huge vaccum of wisdom and experience left by unexpected early death of the King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. In governance, power is replaceable as Bhutan has done already three times in a short span of 10 years democracy.  Not wisdom and experience.       

The saving grace in Haa is the present fishery farm area known as NjaChu which traditionally belonged to the  Baa- gye-na and Lha-yulkha  villages. It was initially converted to Imtrat Firing Range in the 1960s. But firing range was discontinued  after Deity Chha- na- Dorji was rumoured to have appeared in human form to confront the Imtrat Commandant on one solitary dusky evening during the commandant's  evening walk  and directed him to stop the  firing as it was a disturbance. This saved the ground from further Imtrat advance. Today major part of Ngachu ground is occupied by cold water fishery farm. So it remains in Bhutanese hand. 

Since last few years, I have noticed Imtrat / Dantak carrying out some sort of development work at the DumChho Tse- Kha. Indian Army helicopters on occassions also use it as a helipad. But till now,  it is a common multi- purpose ground for all. The DumChho villagers use it as an recreational area plus ofcourse for grazing.  They also have an archery range  there. Cows still graze in the meadow and during Haa Tsechu, it is   filled with joyful gatherings of many families with luncheon picnics. But I fear that gradually the Indian Army will attempt to takeover this multi purpose recreational area of the  villagers and their cows. And as is the practice,  RBA will claim this beautiful spacious riverside meadow and then surrender the same to the Indian Army control and usage.

I do not protest Imtrat/ Dantak presence in Bhutan for the ways of our Kings and ChhoeChangs are beyond me. But I fear further expansion and consolidation of one foreign power over Druk Yul.

Indian Army seeks exclusivity and unlimitted domain. At one time,  Imtrat attempted to change highway alignment from Dunchho bridge junction to deny througfare to Haa public. That was stopped by housewives of Dunchho village. Then Imtrat went on to construct an Entrance Gate to their establishment to monitor public passage. That too was stopped through community protest. This year after several years of holding  open  seasonal camps for their troops in the community forest hills , the Indian Army starting fenching off permanent troop camps at Wangtsa community water source. Fortunately, RBA intervened after the villagers protested. It turned out that the  Indian Army was acting on their own without any limitation from Royal Bhutan Army and His Majesty the King. The Bhutanese democratic government has no authority over Indian Army doings in Bhutan. And simple villagers think that Indian Army has the King's approval until it became a matter of survival related to water source.

I am just praying that the present Chief of Operations of Bhutan Army would desist the  demand for Dumchho Tsekha land  by the Indian Army. General Batoo Tshering  is not from Haa but has deep respects for Ap Chhundu out of personal experience. Very often in the history of Haa, it has been non-Haap officials who demonstrated genuine concerns for Haa. Dasho Dzongdag Tshering Wangda who hails from Shemgang did more for Haa than all Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers from Haa put together. It was unfortunate that Dasho was not even given three years tenure in Haa. I guess central power in Thimphu chickened out under pressure from Indian Army command.

Dasho Dzongdag Sherab Dorji who upgraded  Haa town with better inter road and parking facilities and constructed farm roads long before democracy and Political Party pledges era was from Wangdue. And present Dasho Dzongdag Kinzang Dorji who has brought back cultural and spiritual roles of Haa Dzong Utse, improved residency facilities of the few monks quartered within  the " Imtrat  Dzong " Utse and even managed to install the HM Kupar at the entrance of Imtrat colony is from Paro. My heart melted with pride and joy on December 17th, 2017 when I saw the King's portrait on the huge  board that had displayed for a long time an Indian Army Poster.  Presently, I gather from BBS tv coverage that Dasho Dzongdag is doing his best to promote home-stead tourism in Haa. He has also endeavoured to expand the Summer Festival to promote tourism in Haa. I have  met him once two years ago and found him to be an astute diplomat turned  administrator with a sincere community development heart cushioned in national pride.

There is the need of much more tourism development  activities to carry out at Haa Dzongkhag including opening up all restricted areas to tourist trekking routes. The DNT Party formed royal government must wisely seek Royal support to overcome Indian Army objection against opening more trekking routes in northern hills of Haa Dzongkhag? I guess  a Home Minister with declared  emphasis on religion and culture only,  would not on his own be able to take charge of real home authority versus Indian Army and Indian  Embassy within the Kingdom. Actually apart from Late Dasho Lam Penjor and Prime Minister JYT, no PM or Ministers or Army Chiefs appointed by the King or elected by the people could defend their administrative turf against Indian Army, DANTAK and Indian Embassy. Most were too dearly attached to self befits from their political posts. So now how much leverage of authority the present  Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Bhutan can  exercise in opening up our own regions to tourism development depends upon how serious the two  are in their campaign pledge of " Narrowing the Gap ".  In this particular case of Haa  the " Gap " is not between rich and poor Bhutanese in Haa but between the authoritarian imposition of Indian Army jurisdiction  and livelihood rights of much deprived Haa people.

I guess they too dare not risk losing their posts midway. However,  the hon'ble Prime Minister Lotay Tshering had sought for just 5 years of political leadership. Perhaps he might just risk it. The Palden Drukpai ChhoChang at times have demonstrated out of box formula to save Bhutan. The Prime Minister  did receive his Druk Thuesey Medal on 17th December, 2017 at Haa in the presence of Miri Phuen- Sum which is known away from Haa as Risum Goenpos or Triple Gem. The power of Triple Gem is real not imagined. I witnessed it during Doklam invasion by Indian Army when I went to Haa to pray to the Miri Phuen Sum and Goen Tsebarme and seek guidance.  

It was Prime Minister Jigme Yoeser Thinlay who pushed for tourism development in Haa. The DPT formed royal government instituted the Haa Summer Festival. It was not to counter the over garish Indian Army annual Mela at Haa.  Summer Festival of Haa is purely a tourism promotion festival highlighting the tradition and culture aspects of Haa and it does reveal true nature of Haa as a simple honest hardworking society. There is no tradition of masters and slaves in Haa. We are equal prideful group of clan who must venture out of Haa to sustain our home families in Haa.

Sumner festival is so much about Haa but  ironically, most officials of Haa origin do not attend the Summer Festival though many including  Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay from Haa give prominence to Imtrat Mela by their continuous presence.  Thus in my opinion, the most gracious high ranking officials of Haa origin  are those who neither helped nor harmed Haaps. Therefore, I do not mourn the dearth of cabinet seat for  Haa this time for reasons of securing tangible benefit for Haa Dzongkhag from such positioned persons from Haa.   But still, I wish a Haap had a cabinet seat in this DNT formed  government. A Minister or Prime Minister from Haa may not be of  help to  Haa Dzongkhag development  but their personal successes are inspirations to the dreams of young generations of Haaps.  From the bottom of my heart, I comprehend the enormity of joy and pride of the Merak Sakteng Community in their 1st Ministership. Congratulations!!!

Haa people like myself feel aggrieved with the expansion and consolidation of Indian Army authority in Haa.  But feel quite  powerless to even express regrets about such. I had to think over so much just to pen this article.  Both RBA and National Land Commission whose cooperation the Indian Army need to extend their domination are under direct authority of His Majesty the King. So we dare not question their actions least these are done under Royal Command. The respect for His Majesty the King is sacrosanct.   But I personally cannot believe that at this wordly stage, our Kings would give preference to Indian Army over rural community and national interests. Thus I decided to make a reference to attract national attention in case a remedy is forthcoming. Hope not penalty. But what to do. Someone among Bhutanese must voice out the national discomfort.

Chhab-Su-Chey!  Chhab-Su- Chey!
Jharo Dongchen Gyalpo dhang Drukpai  ChhoeChang Kenchho  Sum! 
Chhab- Su- Chey! Chhab-Su- Chhey!
Jaagar marmi Jaa lu zhhu!
Jaami marmi Jaa-na zhhu!

Nga-cha-ra Drukpai Mitser  
Dhang-Fu Pha-ma zimpai Gyal-Wangtse ( sovereign dignity ) 
Dhataa Bhutsa rangla thobpai Moelom shhugye!
Ngoen Jaa Druk Boe gi Tsonglam Tashi Delek!
Jaa-Druk-Jaana thuenlam nyamrup-
dranym zoyie  Moenlam shhugye !
Jaana Jaagar Thuendrel jinlap
Druk Palden Densa gnuelju shhugye! 

Thuji zee! Thuji Zee! Mewang Nga dhang
Khesar Gyalpo Wangchuck  Chhog !
Druk Gyal Khap rang gi Wangtse Wang!
Druk Mitser Saachha sokchog zey!
Jaagar Wangtse Jaalu zim!
Gyalju Tendrel Zangpoi Moelam Shhog !
Palden ChhoChang Kencho Sum!
Chhab- Su- Chhey! Chab- Su- Chhey!

P.S. Please join me in  recitation, if you will, this national prayers. Dzongkha lettering  welcome. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Home Ministry is not just culture and religion.

O O mine 18th century Bhutan. Culture and Religion the goals of new government Home Ministry!  Sounds we are in for more discipline and disharmony. Maybe we could slow down on more dictates about dzongkhag , gho, kira, kamni and rachu and beliefs.  There is so much overflowing progression in these supposed needs, wants and dictates. How about concentrating some ministerial efforts on building social harmony, freedom of expression and secularism, tackling drug and alcohol social impacts and doing away with some draconian social laws?   Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs is not just " Culture and Religion ".  There is a whole national society that thirst for understanding and a helping hand. Not religious and culture lessons and dictates. And certainly not imprismsonment for 19 year old boy student having consensual sex with 17 year old girl student. Why act so holy and inclusive when deeds and intent speak differently?  A Minister who speaks only of religion and culture is a cult minister not a Home Minister. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Casualities at the top of political Parties.

Dasho Neten Zangmo's offer of  resignation from Presidency of BKP Party was a foregone conclusion. All past Presidents of unsuccessful elections have resigned. But in her case, many false hearts must also share the blame along with her. So many in social media and her own social circle paid too much  lip service homage to her decade long tenure at the ACC. All turned out to be superficial in essence. And in her make believe world, she thought all she had to do was declare her intention to be the Prime Minister of anti corruption image.  I genuinely expected her to do better than she behaved at the Primary Party presidential debate. I wish her well, hereafter.

Anyway,  the entertaining trophy of Primary election  debate still belongs to BKP Samtse candidate another constitutional post holder. Now Bhutanese public cannot be blamed having misgivings about poor selections in few constitutional post holders. And ofcourse the super trophy of silence for final round election debate goes to North Paro DNT candidate. North Paro voters especially the Bondey side underscored the essence of Bhutanese democracy. They have chosen silent representation in the Parliament. I am sure that DPT candidate of North Paro is not just heart broken but structure felled unless he comes around to appreciate the honest wisdom of the voters. But ofcourse MP Ugyen Tshering will not be silent for he has found his voice again. 

Democracy has lots of humour both sweet and sour tales. But it is worth our time and imagination. I honour and admire all who give a shot at personal prospects in life at both the general and local elections. Sorry that one tends to remember only the winners of today. But the rich experience will be for all  the braves to reap. And so is the associated risks of jobs at hand and related investments of time and money.

Good bye 2018 election fever. Thank you ECB. And BBS Team thank you for that nerve wrecking 20- 20 display national  tease. Woh ! Haha ha !  BBS almost changed the fate of democracy in Bhutan.

From tomorow, we dedicate to a new government with a new cabinet. Bhutan as a nation has to win in unity. . And may the fresh cabinet team headed by Prime Minister His Excellency Lotay Tshering be guided well by our People's King and blessed by Druk Chhoe Chongs. The people have chosen and for once in the beginning the Tsawa Sum must be prepared to give adequate  space and offer prayers for the success of the Bhutanese 3rd democratic government.      

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Post of Speaker and the incongruities.

In political heirachy in Bhutan, the Speaker is next to Prime Minister. And yet the post is not necessarily the coveted  choice of the political eligibles. Most prefer a cabinet berth at a Ministry.

The Speaker can only do common good deeds for the nation. Not for a group or an individual. And such post does not augur well for many who seek a different kind of power and influence. There is hardly any room or opportunity to do self serving deeds. No room to manipulate or find means to do favours. Corruption and corrupt practices are not what makes a Speaker powerful in Bhutan. Being faithful to the Office and truly non partisan and directing the Parliament to the national course constitutes the legacy of a Speaker.

Unlike other government Ministers, a Speaker does not glow with power and affluence during the tenure. However, it is the Speaker who will be remembered long after all others have faded away. The two former Speakers have put the interest of the nation and the well being of the people in the forefront. I wish the third Speaker all the best.  

The Speaker of Parlianent in Bhutan is as much the pillar of democracy as is the Chief Justice  the central foundation of Judiciary and Justice in Bhutan. Parliament and Judiciary are key features of a vibrant democratic nation. And the Speaker  and the Chief Justice are the souls of Parliament and Judiciary. Therefore, we all have a duty to respect them and uphold their uncompromised dignity of the Office.