Friday, October 25, 2019

Thank you to all at my blogs

I want to thank all of you for following my writings and sharing your feed backs or just reading the blogs. I look back to past decade of democracy and from the broader side, I am amazed by the super changes it gifted to individuals. We have cabinet Ministers who may never have had such opportunities but for democracy process. And equally many may not have missed the same boat but for democracy process. Life in many ways is quite predictable and yet it can be all so wildly unpredictable.  

Once we are born, our life and particilarly fate  may not be totally under our own or that of another person or authority's control. But what we are characterwise is in our own hands and mind to shape. Sure compellingly circumstances may oblige us to be temporarily disposed to accepting or doing things that under normal circumstances one would not want to do. But such things need not enslave our hearts. Within ourselves we can be free, honest and truthful about ourselves, our country and of our authorities. 

If we can be true to ourselves within out hearts, then we need not be divisive in nature just to survive. We can be Bhutanese and accept our fellows as same Bhutanese as ourselves. We can lead our lives, raise our children and follow our path laid out by fate without dividing the East, West and South; without differenciating our race, religion and language. Be confident in ourselves and that feeling will  erase away the complexion of inferiority and envy. There is no God segregated class of people into the servant and the master cadres. Democracy has shown the way. Anyone from amongst us can rise and there is also equal chance of falling. 

My thoughts and writings are shaped by the same process of belief I have shared in the above paragraphs. I am fortunate that I received the right kind of environment all through different stages of life. I am comfortable with different race and religion and am comfortably at home with East, West or South of Bhutan. I am not disturbed by who holds authority and who are the commoners along with me. We are Bhutanese whether prince or pauper. And without the nation Druk Yul, we are just ordinary human beings each trying best to survive in the world we are thrown into. Neither superior nor inferior to each other in blood or birth. So all us have good reasons to cherish and share this Druk Yul without trying to use it for selfish self objectives. 

May we be good Bhutanese in which ever and  whatever position we hold during the different stages of our lives. Wishing all Bhutanese peace and good life in Druk Yul that gives us our identity  and purpose to our existence. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Why the death sentence for brutal rape, mutilation and murder of minor child.

Rape could be just uncontrolled lust. But rape followed by torture and mutilation of the victim and finally murder of a 8 year helpless  girl child in Paro  is the acts of demon. A human possessed by devil. Otherwise why would a rapist keep slapping a little defenceless child black and blue till blood flowed out of ears and nose ?  Why pull  a child by ears till ears are torn ? Why abuse every part of the body? If the victim was a grown up woman who fought back, maybe retaliation with angry force.  But why such hate  brutality against a frightened and utterly defenceless child of 8 years? Only a devil thirsting for blood is capable of demonic acts. And demons must be got ridden of. 

It is easy and self glorifying in the eyes of NGOs and Human Rights to ask  why take life for life ? It is easy to claim we are Buddhists and must not kill. And it is even more endearing to state that a Bhutanese should not make call to undo what was magnanimously decreed the abolishment of death penalty by our great  King

Afterall, we are not the poor single mother or her child who was  mutilated, raped and murdered. We can afford to be like  tin pot journalists who are ready to kill today and whimper tomorrow according to the dictate of NGOs and flow of the majority sentiment. Unabashedly we can deceive gullible citizens and declare that death penalty is against the magnamity of our great Kings, against the Constitution and even requires amendment of the Constitution followed by national referendum. What lies and games of deception !  Looks like we have few social media personnels or journalists  who go to any length like the Paro demon rapist & murderer & mutilator,  willingly  stooping to any length and depth to manipulate  public sentiment for selfish personal gain or fame.

True that death penalty has been done away by a Royal Decree. But protection of child has not been done away by Royal Decree. The last death sentence by firing squad was carried out in 1964 in Bhutan. It was several lives for one life. The traditional method was simple blind fold  walk over a plank that jutted out into the void space far above a monsoon river raging below.  Acts of treason or sacriledge met with death. Those days such brutalised rape and murder acts against children were unheard of.  So the Royal Decree abolishing death sentence needs to be viewed  against such a prevailing social back ground. Unfortunately the behaviour of people have undergone drastic changes. And so must laws to counter. It is no longer treason against the State or Monarchy Institution for which a magnanimous King was willng to abolish the death penalty. Now the treason is against our defenceless children. A Guardian cannot recklessly show magnanimity when faced with cruel deaths of children because such kindness will be taken as weakness and will surely pave way for similar acts,  hereafter.

Rape out of lust is unacceptable and certainly reqire to be punished with severe imprisonment. But rape as an act to torture, brutalize every part of a child victim's  body and finally strangling perhaps an already  lifeless body is unforgivable. When the very Devil walks the valleys of the Kingdom, the godly King and Parliamentarians must rise to protect. My appeal is not for public sentiment. The lawmakers must endeavour heart and soul to counter such demons. The protection and preservation of safe environment for child life must take precedence over all our fears of world infamy and Buddhist sentiment. To simply neglect to even attempt to do our rightful parental and guardian duty is forsaking social and political leadership.

The Constitution under Article 7 clause 1 states:

" All persons shall have right to life, liberty and security of person and shall not be deprived of such rights except in accordance with due process of the law".

Thus Constitution requires our leaders to protect the life, liberty  and security of our children. And frame laws so that humans who are possessed by the Devil and are perpetrators of demonic deeds against minors can be assisted along the path to the Devil's hell with due process of the law.

Death penalty is not against the reverred  Constitution. It is not against the sacred Monarchy Institution. And it certainly  does not require national referendum. The process is like any legislation formulation.  The Parliament can institute it with simply majority and royal assent.

The protection and preservation of Bhutanese child life is the core of royal prerogative because our children are the hope and vision of future  and foundation of sovereign Bhutan. The citizens and especially the  Parliamentarians must support our King to  find ways and means to counter the growing national  crisis to safe child environment.

Death penalty cannot be an absolute solution to curb devilish thirst for blood. But then there is no absolute solution for many things. Centuries of development in education methods and still no absolute formulae for automatic learning by all. There are still failures. But we do not stop education process. Likewise no deterrent is absolute deterrent but there is the absolute necessity to come up with the most extent  possible deterrent to demonic acts.

People write and make reference to studies where death sentence has not reduced rape or murder incidents. Please dig further and find out how and who and for which objectives the studies were conducted. A team with a pre conceived agenda will always find statistics to support their cause.

However, if a layman wants to know the effectiveness of " deterrent ",  let me give a simple easy to comprehend example. Watch the motorists behaviour at spots where a lone traffic police stands and at another spot where there is no police.  Now you might say thats because there is someone with authority  watching. OK but how many drivers have lost driving licence due to repeated traffic violations. Hardly any significant numbers. Yes "deterrent " works to a great extent though not absolutely.

Few public executions of demon rapists ( not humans who rape to satisfy sexual lust  but devils who rape to queench thirst for blood ) would go a long way to deter such would be demons. Sure,  not everyone would be deterred but anyone still retaining some semblance of morality would not succumb to devilish temptations if such deterrent is publicly demonstrated at times.

Most of us are Buddhists but we are neither Buddhas nor do we live in Zangthopelri. So shed that fake  cloak of innocent purity and sensitivity.  Buddhists too kill to  protect themselves. And executing few demon child rapist cum mutilators cum  murderers would be a deterrent to protect larger life interest especially the preservation and promotion of safe child environment.

I, too, value and cherish life and living. And like the majority of you all,  I am of no relation to the family of the little girl victim in Paro. And like you all,  I am also a staunch Bhutanese and Royalist and also afraid to pull the trigger to excute death sentence. But despite all that I am and have been, I am willing to do what it takes to support safe environment for our children. What happened to the 8 years old girl child  in Paro haunts me to no end.

I never knew the  child  or her family  when she was alive but in her brutal death, the little soul of Paro haunts me even in my  sleep. If children cannot have safe and secure environment to grow up then all is lost and nothing and nobody is relevant in our Kingdom. Not even His Majesty the our beloved King is relevant to our children if they are simply raped, mutilated and murdered at will by demonic humans. The little girl in Paro is beyond our cruel world. But for the many like her, the society in Bhutan must be made more saner and less of a  hell for our children. So the need to act seriously and earnestly  against such  perpetrators.

Yes to Death Sentence to Rapists cum Mutilators cum Murderers of children.  

Monday, September 9, 2019

Who really cared about the Dengue outbreak !

Dengue case numbers should be single digit next year onwards says PM (courtesy Kuensel ). A tall order considering the figure nearing 4000 this time and still counting.

I feel we need to thank our stars that Dengue fever  disease is not contagious. Otherwise our hospitals' indiffererence would have the nation facing an epidemic.

" Many cases could not be detected". How could detection be possible using " insensitive rapid test kits " . Pray what does " insensitive " mean in common man language?   Expired or outdated testing kit or inferior  ?  Why use expired testing kits which should have been thrown away?

" Although the report would " clinically " point towards a dengue fever symptom, the result was negative. However, the result came as positive in the private diagnostic centre."

See the difference between paid for medical service at private Diagnostic Centre  and the free medical service at government hospitals. Seems Private centre used valid testing kits and our hospitals used invalid testing kits.

It is a case of homicide when patients die due to incorrect diagnosis derived through deliberate use of  expired testing kits. Dengue fever is not a killer disease though there is no  antidote to treat it. So plenty of bed rest and fluid seems to be the answer.  But if you are tested negative dengue fever by hospital using expired testing kit, you might think it is influenza and therefore take things lightly thereby further endangering your health condition. Thus correct timely diagnosis is so critical. And knowingly using " insensitive rapid testing kits" tantamounts to criminal negligence.

No one individual can be blamed but there seems to be an inherent weakness in the health system and approach. The civil authorities like Thromde and Dhungkhag are left out  from the loop and though doctors suspected about testing kits being insensitive yet same were used anyway and ofcourse wrong results were declared to patients. 

I think PM the surgeon needs to make some " scapel sharp precision "  management decisions to awaken the slumbering and lumbering health delivery system.  We need to prevent such outbreaks and treat right the patients. Both candy and cane are required dosages towards motivating  health personnel's approach to patients and illness.

One ray of hope for better attention in the future is that this time a doctor at Phuentsholing hospital admitted that " insensitive rapid testing kits " were used. Till now Hospital authorities never admitred their own shortcomings even when a kind of infanticide happened at Thimphu General Hospital. The system can be so inhumanly cruel  and be so damn irresponsible.

And another change we desperately need to adopt at all hospital is stop issuing naked medicine tablets especially anti-biotics. There is no way of determing the validity of such tablets. If hospitals can knowingly  use " insensitive rapid testing kits" during an outbreak of disease, a medical storeperson could easily issue expired medicines in naked tablet form. The best doctors and most diligent patients can be defeated  by expired naked antibiotic capsules or  tablets issued without the cover foil wherein the validity is noted.

Thank you national health service people but there is a flaw in service at critical times. At times sincereity and due deligence is sacrificed and perfunctory ( doing for sake of appearing to do ) have set in.  With respects to many dedicated professionals.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

BHUTAN has someting to cheer about or what?

Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi coming to Bhutan and also inaugurating the space research station unit set up in Thimphu by ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation). 

Thanks to Kuensel, we are also informed that United States will be providing $4.5 million for STEM education to support royal effort in the nation's science and technology upgradation. Along with this the Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan who is leading a 8 member delegation from United States also said that United States was looking to implement NASA programme as discussed with His Majesty.

So we have both ISRO and NASA treading into Bhutanese high Himalyan Space. Bhutanese are not planning to go to the moon. But both ISRO and NASA can magnify their  views of the Tibetan Plateau at close range from Bhutan.

Whatever this means, I am happy that His Majesty the King is exploring steps to improve relations with United States. There are quite a number of fellow Bhutanese citizens  working in United States who could directly benefit besides the overall other national interests of Bhutan.

A deep political implication could be in the American Deputy Secretary's declaration " I have come here to underscore the US support for Bhutan and commitment to defend Bhutan as a fellow democratic country- providing support to Bhutan's sovereignty". 

And yet America was mum during Doklam in 2017. And Japan which also act as a political stooge of America in Asia region had supported the Indian military transgression. An indication of American approval of Indian invasion of Doklam which could have spelt disaster for Bhutan but for the grace of Pelden Drukpai Deities.

I just hope that vists of American Deputy Secretary of State with soon to be followed by  Indian PM visit has nothing to do with what United States term as " Asia Pacific Strategy to Contain China ". Imagine green dragon missile against red dragon.

No worties for China. China  seems damn capable of taking on South China Sea policy enforcement  as well as conducting trade war with America and keeping India within sensible parameter in cases of Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan's economic corridor.

It is little Bhutan which must remain alert because a political pawn never wins in the end game

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

To Indian PM Shri Narenda Modi With Respects.

Welcome Hon'ble PM Shri Narenda Modi to Bhutan for 2 days visit 17th and 18th August, 2019.  I reproduce an email ( also posted as a blog ) to former ambassador P Stobdan after he wrote the article  "  India's Real Problem lies in its Foreign Policy, Not Borders " on 14th July, 2017 at the height of Doklam invasion by Indian military. That was 2 years ago during Doklam Stand Off between 3 nations. China and India versus Bhutan.

The feelings and views I have expressed then still stands. India needs to adopt a broader and more enlightened geo- political attitude than just dominating Bhutanese sovereignty from head to toe, from King to Subjects.   In yoga your favourite physical and mental exercise, the mind must be free from evilness.  In Himalayan geo- political strategy, Indian mentality must be free of suspicion and domination.  And India should  honour friendship at genuine equal equation level.   I hope you will kindly take time to read the following reproduced email of 14th July, 2017.

" Dear Sir,

I went through your feeling and views. You are a sincere well wisher of Indo-Bhutan friendship. Hopefully there is room for such understanding and accommodation in the power halls of New Delhi.

I could never fathom why Indian leaders and advisors still suffer from the subjugated trance of British Raj Era ? In almost all dealing with her dependant neighbours especially the two landlocked, India is not satisfied with " Namas-te" greetings. One is required to bow from kneeling position. A copycat attitude of British Raj to Indians.

I suppose you realise that if the push comes to shove as they say,  it is not possible for India to takeover Bhutan without China claiming over half the Kingdom. It's a touch and go situation. Presently Bhutan's status as a buffer nation actually guarantees the security of the oft quoted "chicken neck " of India and her North Eastern Frontier States.  A divided Bhutan can place the whole of Northern India in peril.

However, if India does not obstruct/ hinder Sino Bhutan Border Agreement, this will guarantee the security of all of Northern India. It is therefore,  actually in India's interest to encourage Bhutan to sign the Border Agreement with China. Instead the successive Indian leaders have taken out their British Raj era humiliation upon the only nation and people that they can safely bully. To allow Bhutan to sign Agreement and have relation with China is elevating the national status of Bhutan and Bhutanese people which Indian cannot stomach. It seems that the Indian ego which is so badly bruised under Whitemen subjugation, cannot accept Bhutan as an equal neighbour. Thus it is not Indian national security priority nor the fear of Chinese invasion or competition that prevents India from giving Bhutan the go-ahead to friendlier ties with China. It is the psycological burden of accepting Bhutan as an equal neighbour that haunts the false Indian elitist pride. 

I suppose Indian experts are well aware that what was once part of Bhutan like the Duars and Doklam was wrested away by British India. Doklam may have been originally that of Tibet before Bhutan took over. At one time in Bhutanese history, Bhutan had land in Ladakh , Nepal, Tibet and Sikkim and in north eastern India the Duars. But British India changed all that.  Bhutan was given a yearly cash annuity for the 18 Duars as the tax collected from those domains was important revenue for Bhutanese heiracy. The other domains  had more to do with religious purpose than revenue. So probably these were simply written off.  Anyway British India sold  Doklam back to China.

Bhutan cannot get back the Duars or Doklam or the other religious domain in Nepal, Sikkim or Ladakh.  In the revised 2007 Indo-Bhutan Treaty that " annuity clause " regarding the 18 Duars  was taken off and so was the clause " foreign affairs to be guided by India". In other words an exchange was concluded though never highlighted or publicly stated for claim against Duars in exchange for freedom in exercising foreign affairs by Bhutan.   

Can you imagine what such an  "annuity clause " be worth to a mighty nation in the modern era when everybody is claiming something off another?  That may be the reason why India removed it when Bhutan insisted upon self auhority in foreign affairs as a member of UN. You may be aware that India did not willingly back Bhutan's admission to UN. India had no choice when she realised that King Jigme Dorji Wangchcuck was prepared to go broke on that score. 

Bhutan is too small and weak to assert her historical domination and have wisely chosen peace and sovereignty within the physical space that we have as of date. We have no alternative but to choose peace and friendship with India. Likewise we have no alternative but to forget Doklam as we have foregone the Duars and other religious domains and sign the Sino- Bhutan Border Agreement so that what we have now remain ours for eternity. 

There is much affection and respect for India within the larger Bhutanese community. However, there is resentment and fear, too, as you pointed out. I do not know what secret magical  hold India has over the Wangchuck Dynasty but whatever it is, that is wearing rather thin. I feel Bhutanese can accept and live with their King no matter what India may say or reveal about our deeply respected Dynasty.

Democracy has been introduced by the King and the process cannot be halted. And with democracy comes more free thinking and more questions that can be uncomfortable to answer. And as amenable as the last two Kings have been with Indian approach to Bhutan, 34 years and 24 rounds of delay tactics in negotiations with China in compliance to never ending dictates of India upon Bhutan, can wear out the utmost patience of China with Bhutan and that of Wangchuck Dynasty of Bhutan with Indian leadership. Afterall their Majesties are the true son and grandson of the King who once declared, " would rule as a sovereign King or not at all ". And probably the people of Bhutan ,too, would be exhausted in search for a chance for dignified peaceful existence. And take matters off everyone's table. 

I feel for sake of durable genuine love and frienship between the people of India and Bhutan, India should wisely and generously permit Bhutan with adequate leeway in signing the Border Agreement and have diplomatic and trade relations with China. This will not change fundamental basis of Indo Bhutan friendship and reliability. It will only enhance the political status of Bhutan as a more strengthened Sovereign Buffer State and enable a less stressful China and India relationship.

May there be more such thinkers like you and may Indo- Bhutan friendship reach a healthy level of equal love and respect. 

I wish you well Sir. 


Wangcha Sangey "

I Wish Your Excellency pleasant visit to the Kingdom of Bhutan and good health always. Congratulations upon yours and your Party 's stupendous Election Victory.  Respectfully Wangcha Sangey.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Who could have benefit from bringing Sonam Home from Japan?

Not Sonam. She cannot benefit. And certainly Sonam's family who would want her to live and receive the best available medical care cannot benefit from bringing Sonam home. I think only the Japanese Insurance Company under insurance  obligation to foot 70% of Sonam's medical treatment would be relieved if Sonam's case is taken off their liability.

Why are few Bhutanese with some dubious social media influence knowingly or unknowingly serving the interest of a Japanese insurance firm now footing major portion of medical bills of Sonam's treatment in Japan. They want to bring Sonam home. Why?

The Japanese insurance firm is not going to foot the transhipment cost. It is crazy in term of financial cost plus gravely too risky. Sonam could be killed in the process.

If bringing Sonam home is so easy and without liability, our governmrnt would also readily do it. Footing 30% of treatment bills plus all other related expenses in Japan is a huge amount for a resource constraint nation. But the government cannot bring Sonam home because the process entails prohibitive financial costs and worse it could kill the patient.

However,  any  insurance company would be delighted if someone else took the initiative to move medically insured Sonam out of their hand and liability. Infact, if I was the CEO of that insurance company, I would be very grateful to have few Bhutanese social media figures manipulating the  gullible Bhutanese public and raise social media hell to pressure the Bhutanese government to bring Sonam home. Thankfully the Bhutanese PM is a sound medical professional himself and cannot be fooled into taking rash action.  

Why do few Bhutanese want to  bring a seriously brain damaged patient from an advanced nation where medical facilities and professional expertise are readily available (Japan ) to a Least Developed Nation ( Bhutan ) which lacks proper medical facilities and professional expertise to treat such patient?

Why play the role of a Saviour Angel for the Japanese Insurance Company? If Sonam dies in the attempt to transfer her, it is all the better for the insurance company. They are saved from further treatment expenses.

Sonam and her family does not benefit by moving her from well equipped hospital in Japan to Bhutan. What an irony? Bhutan spends millions every year to send patients outside to receive proper treatment because such is not available within the nation. And few Bhutanese who are well aware of the inadeqacies of health facilities in Bhutan are deliberately manipulating  public sentiment and calling for brain damaged Sonam to be brought home to Bhutan. How cruel and sickly motivated?

Why the attempt to kill Sonam? To save financial stress on the Japanese insurance company? Or does the family want Sonam back home dead or alive? Or is it an opportune moment to highlight self grandeur displaying the devil's sympathy for Sonam and her family? 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Politics of Cooking Gas Subsidy.

In India gas subsidy politics worked because cooking  gas set ( gas jar and gas stove ) was distributed free in some regions by BJP government and such receipant housewomen were supposed to have voted for BJP candidates in General Election.

In Bhutan PDP government too made available  cooking gas cylinders in rural area. But people had to pay. Thus receipants were happy but not obliged. The 100 unit electricity subsidy, supply of power Tillers, tax free Boleros for  rural dwellers  did not garner that much  votes for PDP in the 3rd General Election primarily because the first two were campaign commitments for which votes were given in 2013 and as for tax free  boleros, it mainly. benefited rural well offs and urban smarts.

It is a very good begining that DNT government has decided to do away with distribution of subsidised cooking gas in 4 Thromdes from January, 2020. Now one has to ask why only the Thromdes?  Afterall so many Thromde residents live hand to mouth. In fact as some people have voiced out,  the rural people are better equipped than most urban poor to deal with non subsidised gas because there are alternatives like  fire wood and some relief by way of free 100 units of electricity in rural areas.

One unstated reason for excluding rural areas maybe at the request of Gas Dealers. If government goes for nation wide non subdised cooking gas, three things would immediately happen:

a) gas consuption will reduce.

b) electrical cooking stove will become popular.

c) Owners of subsidised gas jars would want to return extra  empty cylinders and reclaim.reimbursement. Afterall they may not want to own several cylinders  because it would be expensive to block money.   And moreover, it does not make commercial sense to stock up for what should be readily available. And this may create both fund and other problems for present gas dealers.

All these above factors will dent the
profit of gas Dealers.

The government can bail out present monopoly favoured Gas Dealers with a smart solution in regards to excess gas cylinder repurchase fund. Set up a new company and float 100% shares to the public. Let this new company buy the excess empty  cylinders at prevailing rate. And the new company can exchage these subsidised cylinders with non-subsidised gas cylinders by just paying for filling the gas and sell to Bhutanese customers.

This way the government can implement its goal of nation wide  ban on subsidised cooking gas grant from India as of January, 2020. It will be a fair decision. Not a discriminatory action  between urban poor and rural residents. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck the King I saw through my heart lens.

At every death anniversary of the late King on 21st July, I struggled with the gnawing emotion " to write and not write ".  But life is unpredictable. Today you are sailing well in good health and next day you could be on the pyre at the crematorium ground. I do not wish to carry the burden of my feeling of what the King was. So here I share an insight into the heart of the Father of modern Bhutan.

I look back to my early years and still feel astounded with the rare occassions of holding substantive national discussions with the King. Why did the King take me a young student into confidence and in all seriousness? Perhaps it was my frankness free of inhibition and pure matter of fact approach. I am like any ordinary  Bhutanese but minus the fear for self preservation. Fear is good caution but quite meaningless when it comes to Death and King. If the two forces wish to end your life or cause misery, they need no valid cause. There is nothing one can do. I guess His Majesty was able to gain royal sight directly into my sub- conscience.

The King loved his Queen Her Majesty Kesang Choden and genuinely cared of Her Majesty's concerns in regards to the Crown Prince. In his first reference to the queen, I was for awhile baffled. " Kesang " who could HM be referring to I wondered. Then it dawned upon me that the King need not address the Queen as I needed to in honorific terms.

The celebration Day of Bhutan's entry to United Nations was not complete until the Queen of Bhutan joined the King in person at the celebration ground. " I must go to ..... ' HM said as he turned to walk towards the approaching car to receive Her Majesty. For me it was such an emotional moment on a very proud and emotional national occassion. The sight of King and Queen hand in hand was so very rare those days.  So imagine my emotional whirpool on the day of  Bhutan becoming member of UN Family of Nations and our King with our still beautiful brave Queen walking hand in hand !

His Majesty was a Bhutanese Leader of extraordinary calibre who seemed  endowed with  leadership courage and insight at birth itself. Bhutan was his only priority.

For him India and China were neighbours of Bhutan. Other less responsible and more reckless might tag one as friend and the other as enemy. But the King of Butan had the ultimate  national obligation to value correct relationship with the two giant neighbours. It cannot  be reduced to simple mathmatics based on a matter of  weighing scale on volume of monetary gifts or number of handshakes. The crux is the end goal. Who was more sincere in respecting sovereign status of Bhutan without that  dangerous all embracing affection of a Protector of a Protectorate?

In 1962 during Sino- India war, His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck was determined to protect his Kingdom and even more importantly demonstrate Bhutan's neutrality in the war between China and India. The Indian PM Nehru had come to Bhutan on a state visit in 1958. And had warned Bhutan about  China. And in 1959, many Tibetans fled to India via Bhutan. Some stayed within Bhutan as refugees.This Tibet China episode ofcourse haunted Bhutanese society.

However,  His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck never under valued the Bhutanese  national need to  preserve sensible relationship with China. And that paid off handsome dividend in 1962 when Chinese troops did not cross into Bhutan from Arunachal Pradesh.  And the visionary King with inborn political astuteness granted passage to the fleeing Indian troops through Bhutanese territory down to the  Indian plains only after arms were surrendered. It was clearly a humanitarian gesture not at all political. Such a gesture was made easier because the fleeing Indian soldiers were not carrying much of military hardwares or fighting will.  And unlike the 2017 Doklam intrusion, India in 1962 had no intention  to use Bhutanese soil to renew the fight against Chinese troops. 

The King also deftly tided over the mid 1950s southern uprising and began modernising Bhutan. Further the greatest internal.challenges to Bhutan's stabilty was wisely managed with out-of-norm patience,  candour and diplomacy when his able Prime Minister was assassinated. The King wisely refused offer of any help from India in such internal political turmoil as grave as those were. Strangely, there were insinuations planted here and there that pro King forces had the Prime Minister Jigme Palden Dorji killed because they deemed that the Dorji family was out to overshadow the King's authority. If so then  who had incited and helped the two uprisings from southern Bhutanese  during the reigns of both  3rd King and 4th King calling for democracy and ouster of absolute Monarchy?

The 3rd King commanded absolute dedication of his subjects from East to West of the Kingdom. He never felt insecure about the Throne and the rabin crown. He was one great King who felt he was there to serve the nation not his dynasty. He did not order the conscripted soldiers to fight for the King and Country. He asked them to join him to " defend our country and way of life ". But recognising the danger of foreign induced internal strifes or rivalries, HM  did secure the dynasty reign before his untimely death. He was convined by people of all walks of life that Bhutanese people believed in the leadership of the Wangchuck Kings. And His Majesty was very confident that his son the Crown Prince would not fail the demands upon Kingship to serve the Kingdom.

History will confirm that His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck the 4th King served the nation with exemplary Kingship.  But as a son,  it is hard to say for sure how far he fulfilled royal.personal wishes if any passed down in some kind of form by the 3rd King. If there were mistakes by a very young King under the political storms that haunted his early reign,  I feel that a father like the 3rd King would understand and surely forgive.

All I want to say and wish our 4th and 5th Kings is that may their Majesties be served by such selfless Faithfuls as were those unwavering Tha-Dhsmtse-Chen officers and Palace  staffs  who served the 3rd King. They were not highly educated and sophiscated. Simple and cultured were thrir ways. And their love and respect for the King was beyond extra- ordinary. For few of them the call of duty had no limits to personal and family sacrifice for a King who had passed into another world.. Incredible Bhutanese whose spirit matched royal valour!  True respects and faithfulness can be tested  when the King is without the sceptre and especially if the King was dead like the 3rd King. I humbly bow to such great  spirit of relationship of King and his men.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Are you Thimphu bio social literate? Try these.

Well what is bio resilient? In case you need to think, it means the ability to keep a relationship going.

And what is bio relationship? Could be man & woman; man & monk; woman & nun  or simply mating with whatever or whoever in our animalistic fancy.

What is bio democracy? Oh! There was just today a conference about it in Thimphu.  Still if you need to ponder, it is voting right for trees and animals because humans  vote  stupidly- You know like voting proudly and later cursing viciously the Party voted in.

What is bio rights? Lets jointly figure out starting with phallus and baka nuisance of grievances and equalities of natural differences.  

What is bio authority? That must be simple because we live it. But lets spell it right. It is exercising equal authority by the couple. Like husband becomes a PM or a General and wife is Madam PM or Madam General. Also like wife becomes office boss and husband turns home boss.

Along with "bio "  the other ongoing fancy high class term is " resilience or resilient ". Do not be fazed out. It just means shut up and put up like a tree silently bearing the axe chopping till fall.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Never doubt Faith. But curiosity raises questions.

Faith is miraculous for its single minded trust. It should not be questioned but for curiosity of the human mind.

I am deeply religious though deviate much from paths taken by other religious people. I am not a spiritual person like those who attend so many riligious events and even are part of sponsoring committees. I just  trust in the goodness and the  power of the unknown to help me to tide over obsticles in order to preserve home harmony and health. And at times seeking the courage to accept and tide over what naure, man made and vicious laws mandate.  Maybe this kind of faith in the unknown  came about because I had to do my own battles like most kids without backups.

I am a born Buddhist but I do respects the goodness of other religions. Only I draw a line between faith and imagination. And that may trouble so many who are ardent believers of imaginations.

1. I do not belive that Buddha was born from the arm pit or from in-between ribs of his mother or that he took seven steps upon birth. If Lord Buddha really desired for human beings to believe that an ordinary person can attain Buddhahood then he had to follow the normal path of birth and death. During Buddha era, there is no findings of caesarian birth. In any case he was born in a forest and his mother may have lost her life because of loss of blood which reflects upon lack.of proper medical care.

However, my belief in the goodness of Buddha greatness is unshakable. My life at my present place took root only with the blessings of one Buddha statue. A man came three times to sell the same Tempa Ku. We were in no position to make such a purchase but 3 times in one year was too much of a fate of coincidence.

2. I cannot believe Guru Pema Juney was born from a lotus. Could an erring Prince had his offspring from a lady left on a lake like baby Moses among the reeds of River Nile to be found by a royal house and cared for?

However, my belief in the powers of Guru and eight manifestations is unshakable. From an early age of my adulthood when I was able to  stand on my own feet economically, I had an extremely talented scholar paint the Guru Tsengye on one side of the wall in the alter room of our traditional home in Haa. Then I repeated that when I was able to build my present  family home.

3. I do not belive that Joseph was not the father of Jesus Christ. But I do not doubt that God chose to have that offspring of holy Mary and holy Joseph to be His Son on earth. I base my reasoning on the fact that Pope of Rome treats marriage between man and woman not just a very  serious commitment  but also very sacred union. King Henry the VIII of England  broke rank with Rome because the Pope would not recognise his divorce.  If divorce is almost treated like a blasphmey how wrong would it be to be falsely married? If only christians believe that married man and woman do have sexual intercourse and that mothers can be virgin in  pureness of mind but not virgin physically,  maybe the Catholic Priests would not have assulted so many choir boys.

I also do not believe in the resurrection. A Son of God would ofcourse be able to rise from dead. But why die in the first place? If Roman soldiers had failed to take his life after nailing him on the cross, that itself would have proved that he was no ordinary human being. And Christian faith would not be reaching an eroding phase now in the belief that it will resurrect at another time. 

Lord Buddha, Guru Padma and Jesus Chirst had to be extraordinarily great Teachers. But we human beings may have been responsible for the added on colours about their lives. Humans love blowing almost  everything out of proportion.