Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Public &Private Dialogue Forum 29th December,2014.

The Prime Minister was quite candid with the business people. I felt the address was a realty check for the private sector. Let me highlight the issues brought forth:

1. Neither the Government nor the Private sector can authoritatively state what % the private sector contribution is to the economy. The Prime Minister had asked the Statistical Agency to look into the issue. Has BCCI or private sector thought about it?

2 Private Sector is welcome and must participate in the lucrative power sector development but first Private Sector must develop its in house national capacity including full Bhutanese Managerial Capacity. The Government would be prepared to award contracts directly to a fully capable Bhutanese firm just as in the case of a firm which is fully manned by Bhutanese to build bridge.

3. Regarding electricity rate the Private Sector need to also take into account the cost factor of importing power supply from India during lean seasons at comparatively higher rate that was not passed on to the private sector.

4. The Government would be always ready to hear and discuss private sector needs and grievances and 2 hours every Monday was committed for such process.

5, Nu: 5 billion was available to fund private sector growth and the process is on.

The BCCI had also put forth the cash crunch issue. Maybe it is little outdated financial picture of the recent past. Presently I am told by a reliable financial Executive that Banks now have excess liquidity so they are planning to reduce interest rates on deposits. This of course would be good news to private sector.

I am impressed with the matter of fact approach taken by the Prime Minister.

What really is at stake on the outcome of RCSC decision on COS versus Cabinet?

It took several years for the DPT Cabinet to agree to the formation of Committee of Secretaries and it took just over a year for PDP Cabinet to dissolve this very same  official administrative body the Committee of Secretaries. So it does not take any deep thinking to guess what really is behind all this political sham.

It is ludicrous for Cabinet to deny any knowledge of COS decision when it was clearly decided by the COS  to inform the  Cabinet through its Chairman the Cabinet Secretary. The Cabinet Secretary would have to be a donkey to keep the Cabinet in the dark and at the same time issue an official directive in writing as Cabinet Secretary to the Foreign Secretary to act. How could RCSC nominate and the King approve such an " idiot" to the post of a Government Secretary?

It is however possible that the Prime Minister may not have personally desired to communicate with Indian Government but had refrained from giving  clear or definite order to the Cabinet Secretary when he was briefed on the decision of COS. Silence or no remark can be construed as go ahead or having  no objection. And as for the words spoken by the Cabinet spokes Minister to BBS, these claims just do not make administrative sense. It begs to be interpreted as political hogwash. I had high regards for his intellectual capacity during Primary Election campaign on occasions when he represented his Party in the political parties discussion forums. In fact I thought that Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk had led the structural organization of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa his original Party.

It is not relevant for Foreign Secretary to inform or discuss an order from the Cabinet with his Minister because the Cabinet consist of Council of Ministers and so the Foreign Minister is a Member of Cabinet whose decision or directive would be conveyed by the Cabinet Secretary. If it was deemed that the Cabinet Secretary acted on his own then he alone should have been held accountable.

What parallel Government is being hinted at? Is the PDP formed Cabinet accusing the Secretaries of working for the Opposition Party which never had a hand in appointing the Secretaries or for the King who extended their initial term of 5 years of service or for Modi Government to whom  the letter of request was addressed ? Such loaded political accusation cannot be based on just one letter of request to India to caution the Indian NGO which is bent on reckless path to malign the economic partnership between two friendly Countries as conduit of bilateral corruption.

The  above summation is just a background to what is really at stake hereafter.

Now what can happen hereafter if a Cabinet formed by the ruling  Political Party can under any make believe reasons  break the backbone of the Bureaucracy at its whim and fancy now and in future?

1, All said and done almost all Secretaries, Director Generals or any in Executive grade would want to protect their service as much as the other subordinates. When civil servants are viciously trampled over to teach who is really their Boss, there is only one open path. That is give total reverence and obedience to the Political Party in power. Tsawa Sum is a luxury that few can even risk in their hearts to think of under the present scenario.

2, The faith in RCSC would be diluted. Love, Loyalty and Respect for the Nation, the People and the King is not going to protect any civil servant if the Cabinet can just toss off Government Secretaries like dead rats for doing their job which on a second thought the Cabinet in retrospection  realised to be politically embarrassing and probably decided to disown effectively. Many spectators must be wandering what really spooked the honourable Prime Minister and his Political allies after 11 days of Government writing the letter through the Foreign Ministry?

3. One is tempted to presume that the PDP Party which has accused DPT Party to be anti Monarchy would never do anything to undercut the Royal Shine ( aura and influence through people's reverence ). However this Cabinet cannibalism of bureaucracy head has set a very dangerous precedent. From henceforth regardless of the King extolling the civil servants to be true to the Tsawa Sum, the bureaucracy will have to opt to do as directed by the political Party even if by doing so they feel Tsawa Sum may be betrayed. Further every nuances, directives and orders and discussions must be signed and sealed down the administrative line in the event the superior denies responsibilities later on.

There would be national administration chaos if in future a Political Party that is anti sovereignty ( meaning placing Party interest before Tsawa Sum ) comes to power. With the docile cooperation of a thoroughly humiliated and defeated Bureaucracy, the faith and trust that Bhutanese People have for the Throne can be easily subverted by an ambitious Cabinet. Even a great King would be helpless if the heart of national administrative machinery is totally in the palm of an unscrupulous Cabinet. Therefore it will never serve the interest of Bhutan to subject the Bureaucracy to such unjustified and callous attacks unless act of treason is proved against the COS through the process of RCSC investigation or evaluation. A humiliated and devoid of dignity civil service cadre cannot be relied upon to efficiently and justly serve the Tsawa Sum.

It will not be the whole world but there would be variety of spectators awaiting with interest the outcome of RCSC evaluation and decision. The preliminary response has been laudably dignified though much delayed. The task is now to establish grounds to  reinstate or legal action against treasonable collusion. Most might already be expecting a face saving compromise or political damage control effort. All said or expected the undeniable fact is that it is a harrowing national experience.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

AIRASIA Flight QZ 8501 of Indonesia Death- ly News.

Bodies of Passengers being retrieved from the debris found at sea. There is no hope of life. The prayer is for all 162 bodies to be recovered at the earliest so that proper burial can be done and terrified souls freed to rest in peace. May the affected members of families find the strength to pick up the shattered pieces of life to move forward.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Lombo !

Today the 20th December, 2014 my favourite day of every week Saturday we bid the past year good bye with deep gratitude and welcome the approaching new year with greater hope and faith. The actual transition happens at midnight tonight.

Lombo meaning the Birth period of new year never ceases to affect my sentiment. There is a rush of past years events both happy and sentimental days and the forever belief that every experience of past and the approaching new years is designed by Kuenchho Sum for the betterment of the family in terms of both emotional bond and the collective strength   of the whole of extended Families.

On this heart warming and spirit inspiring auspicious time of Lombo I renew my love and responsibility to all my family members both immediate and extended and to my beloved great Country Bhutan.

To my beloved Father and Mother in the next world I pledge as always to fulfill my duty as you have taught me and that which  your spirit still continue to guide me. And to my beloved children and grandchildren I love you as you are and always at the depth of your hearts uphold to the highest esteem and deepest love the two mothers who are our Sun and Moon of every 24 hours of our life and family; to nourish the bonds of sibling love and duty and love your Nation which is the source of our dignity and proud identity in the world.

I sincerely take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Lombo to all in Haa, Paro and  beyond.

And may I with all humility and respects wish His Majesty the King, His Majesty the Triple Gem, their Majesties the Queens of our Kings and Kingdom and their Royal Highnesses the Members of the Royal Family the Blessings of Lombo.

I deeply and gratefully thank our beloved King for being at his magnanimous  majestic best on the occasion of 107th National Day and for the very much needed  Nation Healing Royal Touch to the socio economic and political health of the Nation. Thank you Your Majesty for the precious gift to the Nation at the onset of Lombo !

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A conspicuous omission by two media arms of the Government from the 107 National Day Address of the King of Bhutan.

Both the Kuensel English edition of 18th December,14 and that of BBS link in Facebook have omitted the King's appreciation to the Defence Forces, HH Je Khenpo, the Dratsang, the 3 arms of good governance: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary,the Constitutional Bodies and the Local Governments.

Further there is no reference at all to the emphasis His Majesty made on the importance of Civil Service Cadre and their crucial role in ensuring continuity of national governance and service to the people.

I would have thought that the royal appreciations were important part of national address and would mean a lot to the Organizations. And especially the expression of His Majesty's faith and confidence in the civil service would be a much needed morale boosting aphrodisiac in the light of the recent beheading of the civil service pyramid by the Cabinet on a kind of speculative grounds.

Thankfully the re- telecast of the live national Address on BBS Television is not censured.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The peak of culture of respect and discipline

So many would have seen the live telecast in addition to thousands of live spectators at the 107th National Day Celebration at Kanglung under Trashigang Dzongkhag in Eastern Bhutan. It was a sea of colours,  pageantry, performances and national recognition awards and medals for many notable personalities. His Majesty the King addressed the Nation and His Majesty the Dharma King graced the Day. It was a day of spectacular events and surprises.

And yet the most spectacular and charming show was reserved for the end of the celebration. It was the Father and Son Kings walking along greeting lines of people who had come to be part of the celebration. The Father walked ahead interacting with the people with the respectful Son closely following in attendance. As the Father turned to greet someone else the Son changed his position to place himself behind so respectfully never obstructing the view and never allowing his shadow to fall on the Royal Person of the Great Triple Gem Father. I watched mesmerized as this peak of inborn culture of respect and discipline was so naturally and unconsciously demonstrated for the world to witness, learn and practise.

No wonder that the Dharma King so willingly gave his Crown to this People's King. This noble King though on the Throne holding the Sceptre of dynastic power  never forgoes the first and foremost Duty of a Son and the inherent responsibility of the Throne to the people and the sovereign Kingdom.

I pray to the Deities of Palden Drukpa to look after the Great Son and King of Bhutan.

An unforgettable Day the 107th Nationa Day.

The awe inspiring unexpected Royal Thoughts and Deeds of the People's King
on the 107th National Day at Kanglung.

His Majesty the King publicly acknowledged the Dharma King ( the 4th King ) as the Truelpa embodying the great qualities of the Triple Gem: Chhana Dorji, Chenrezi and Jampelyang.

A Royal thank you to a very deserving Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye the 1st Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Bhutan. It was emotional and certainly the epitome of his life long devotion and dedication to the Kings, the Nation and the People and to Judiciary of Bhutan. Congratulations Your Excellency !

The Prime Minister of Bhutan Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay was awarded a very rare life long honour of Liwang Scarf and Patang. His Excellency was clearly emotional on this auspicious royal trust and honour bestowed upon him. May Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay take the Nation forward along a fresh and united path. Congratulations Your Excellency !

I offer my admirations and congratulations to Lyonpo Thinley Gyamtsho, Lyonpo Sonam Kinga, Dasho Chewang Rinzin, Dasho Tashi Wangyel and all great Bhutanese and others who were honoured by His Majesty the King for their selfless service to Tsawa Sum on the auspicious 107th National Day.

I thank His Majesty the King for the way forward and the absolute royal hope and faith in the goodness and prosperity of the Kingdom for Greater Good of all Bhutanese.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 107th National Day of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The Day of 17th December,2014.

National Day will be celebrated in all the 20 Dzongkhags, however, the main Event will be held at Kanglung under Trashigang the largest Dzongkhag of the Kingdom. In a way Trashigang is the heart of the East  the pulse of Sharchhok Khorlo Chhusum.

I look forward to the live telecast of the national event tomorrow. To me personally the celebration of the National Day in the  East means just more than a tribute to the past or the consolidation historic event of national administration under one Leader. It was a day that epitomised the collective national will to end internal strife and move forward in unison for greater good and prosperity of all Bhutanese.

I therefore pray that this 107th National Day Celebration held in the East is dedicated towards a fresh start to the national dream of greater good and prosperity for all Bhutanese with a renewed vigour.

I feel most grateful to His Majesty the King for the enlightened thought in making possible the celebration of this National Day in the East and further for the thoughtful arrangement to have the Dharma King ( the 4th King ) to grace the historic Occasion.

The Dharma King had put his own life on line to protect the peace, prosperity and happiness of all Bhutanese in the East, South, West and the nomads of extreme North. He fulfilled the Oath of his great Grandfather to protect the sovereignty of Bhutan whose people collectively entrusted this task to him and his Dynasty. The 5th King on the Dragon Throne His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck repeated the Oath of Commitment and Pledges of the 1st King His Majesty King Ugyen Wangchuck when he received with his heart, soul and spirit the 5 silken colours from the alter of Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel.

The first and foremost Duty of a King on the sacred Dragon Throne is to unite the people of Bhutan as one People one Goal and one Polity. And we the people of Bhutan and equal subjects of our King must discard old baggage of regionalism and political wounds of Election defaults that arise from democratic processes. Nation Building together for the equal benefit of the Bhutanese Society must be our collective pledge to ourselves and our Deities on the 107th National Day.

I look forward to consoling thoughts, words and wisdom of consolidated path to greater Nation and social dynamics.

May their Majesties the Kings and Queens of all generations live long and true. And may all Bhutanese once again from the bottom of our hearts renew our love and trust in the Wangchuck Dynasty represented in the royal person of the  People's King.

I humbly take this opportunity to pray and wish the Dharma King a very glorious 60th Birth Anniversary.

Pelden Drukpa ! Lha Gyel Lo ! ( May the Kingdom and her Deities be Victorious ! ).

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pray for resumption of electricity supply.

No electrical supply to parts of Jushina since yesterday evening. Waited over 2 hrs thinking repair would be under process. Then called 1250 several times. IThis number is a set up wall to diffuse complaints to frustrating silence. Finally got the local lineman number who hesitatingly let out the difficulty of getting maintenance unit assistance. Provided mobile number of Maintenance Head Mr. Sherab. It seemed he had been just informedabout the power outage. He said a team would be sent but no electricity supply even this morning.

These days people are dependent on electricity for cooking. And both yesterday and today are very cold days so heating is important.

Could BPC please pay some attention to socially low status customers. We do pay the same power charges though we are not able to give promotions and bestow honours .

Sunday, December 14, 2014

An Analysis of the highly publicised Bhutanese Cabinet decision to sack 3 Government Secretaries from their Posts

1, The Government lamented the collective decision of the Committee of Secretaries ( COS ) that was arrived at after extensive discussions in 4 COS  official Meetings spread over 2 months October & November,2014.

2. The decision of COS is arrived by consent of majority members in the required quorum. There are 10 or more Government Secretaries so the quorum has to be 6 or more Members.

3.  It is most unlikely that none of the Ministers were informed by any of the Secretaries during the 2 months about the COS taking up the issue of BHEL and BVT.

4. One Government Secretary was named by  a legal Entity in India and by an ex-officer of Royal Government as being a party in the alleged hydro-projects financial scam. A registered Newspaper The Bhutanese had been carrying this allegation story in both print and electronic form for over 3 months now. Facebook was bombarded with it.

5, Against this back drop the Cabinet have had to have dwelt upon this accusation against the Government. And the Government Secretaries would be officially  and morally bound to discuss and decide the course of action. The allegation had to be investigated and culprits identified for legal and official action or the instigators of baseless allegations brought to task. You just cannot stay frozen when a Government Secretary is directly identified with a alleged huge financial scam.

6. The Prime Minister had told the Media quite sometime back that his Government was asking Anti Corruption Commission ( ACC ) and the Royal Audit Authority ( RAA ) to investigate. However yesterday the Cabinet revealed that it had not done so. The delay could only be explained if the Government had decided first to take up the issue with Government of India.

7. The BHEL ( The Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited) is a Government of India Enterprise. And only the Indian Government can obtain all necessary details of its operations regarding Supplies to hydro projects in Bhutan.

8. The registered Indian company ENERTIA that made the accusations against the Officials of past two Governments of both Bhutan and India of corrupt practices and identified the Bhutanese Economic Secretary as being among them is based in Mumbai. Again the Indian Government Cooperation is required.

9. An official letter of request was sent to this effect by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Bhutan to presumably the Indian Ambassador in Thimphu. That is the established protocol. The Director General or Joint Secretary could have sent such a letter as per protocol ranking. However the RGOB had always treated the Indian Ambassador with extra courtesy so the Secretary must have signed the letter.

10. This letter could not be written without the knowledge of the Cabinet Ministers. Otherwise all the Secretaries would be sacked together for to quote, " running a parallel Government". Only 3 were selected and with unnecessary over the board publicity. The big question is Why.? Why?

11, There is one plausible answer. The letter was written on 2nd December and after 11 days on 12thDecember the Cabinet reacted in the most disoriented manner. The letter could have provided an opportunity for the present BJP Government to set in motion the Investigative Agencies on the past records of UPA ll  Government. After all the alleged corruption deeds took place during the previous Government. The present Modi Government cannot be accused of vindictive action because outwardly it is only obliging the request of a very friendly Country Bhutan.

12. Someone may have tipped off the PDP formed Bhutanese Cabinet on the political fallout upon UPA Government Officials. It was UPA that went to extra length in 2013 to help PDP and even committed Rs. 5 billion to make good PDP Campaign pledges.

13. The way out was to disown the letter. It cannot be withdrawn. So pick 3 Secretaries that had direct hand in writing the letter. The Economic Secretary for providing the material, the Cabinet Secretary who conveyed the Government order to the Foreign Secretary who took up the matter with Indian Government. To disown the baby the umbilical cord had to be cut. The Bhutanese confirms that the letter was copied to the Cabinet Secretary and as per official norm he would be made aware of action taken upon his directive.

14. The Cabinet Press Release states that the 3 Secretaries are surrendered for Royal Civil Service Commission's action and / or till the completion of ACC investigation of the allegations of corruption on the appointment of Bhutan Venture Trading as agent of Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd..

15. It could mean that until things cool down the Secretaries are surrendered to RCSC and after the fast track investigation they could  rejoin or be transferred to other Ministries.

16. The Secretaries are appointed with the consent of the Throne and by the same virtue the Throne may have to be appraised of their removal  along with substantiated valid reasons. And doing their job or being picked up from amongst all Secretaries linked to the COS decision may just not be an acceptable or justifiable reasons to sack 2 honoured Red Scarf Officers and a 2 term  Foreign Secretary honoured with Patang and fringeless broad white Scarf.


The Secretaries are not related to me in any manner. I have not even met them officially or unofficially for many years.  And I do not believe that they are affiliated to any specific Political Parties. And in any case I have no attachments to Political Parties. My analysis is simply a political exercise to comprehend this thunder storm in the middle of a beautiful blue sky with the aroma of festival moods of approaching  National Day on 17th December an occasion to celebrate the historic Day with special emphasis once again on the 60th Birth Anniversary of the Dharma King who I believe possess the qualities of the Triple Gem.

P.S  I shall not be responding to any comments favourable or vicious except if officially demanded which I do not expect in a democracy.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Ousting of 3 Government Secretaries Today by the Bhutanese Cabinet.

This whole episode is confusingly intriguing. The Cabinet Press Release the personal Facebook page of Prime Minister and the statements of Economic Minister on National Television seem to suggests a hurried or haphazard conclusion of a Hindi Cable Drama Serial winding up due to lack of  audience by killing all the main Characters. Now do we wait for a Press Conference from the now outlawed Committee of Secretaries?This is the Grand Tsechu of Bhutan Government. The Spectators are other Nations and we the people are the duped clowns.

Imtrat and the Dzong of Haa. Let's Face !

Recently the NC member from Haa Dasho Tshering Dorji raised the issue of Haa Dzong in the National Council. For countless times from those National Assembly times of another era and even during the reign of the illustrious Father of modern Bhutan, Haa Dzong was an issue raised by people of Haa and the Nation remained silent.

It is not just the Dzong but more significant is the area which comprise the heart of Haa Valley. Almost all Dzongs in Bhutan are built on sides of hills or on top of ridges and knolls but Haa Dzong is different. The old Dzong was smaller and it was built in the village of DungChhong. The new Dzong popularly known as DungChhong Dzong "Sarpu" ( Sarp means new.)  was built by the people of Haa during the time of the 2ndKing. It was initiated by Deb Zimpon Sonam Tobgay the father of late Prime Minister of Bhutan hon'ble Jigme Palden Dorji. It is located in  the front stage of the two auspicious hills of Chenrezi and Chhana Dorji. As you drive down to Haa Valley from Chilila Pass and get a bird eye view of the Dzong  area , you will understand what I mean. The Dzong was built for the purpose of Administration and designed to be the central hub of Haa Valley. It was not for the traditional role of Defence. It was for growth and prosperity.

The other name Wangchuck Lo Dzong that MP Tshering Dorji has cited means Wangchuck Training Dzong. Wangchuck is the Surname of of our Kings and Lo is Lobjong. It was named by late Prime Minister as a Military Training Academy to be managed  by IMTRAT for the interim period until RBA could take over. The Royal Bhutan Army since long time back acquired the skill and know how but instead of taking over the established Academy, a new Training Centre was built at Tencholing under Wangdue Dzongkhag.

It seems that at one time of Bhutanese modern history since 1907, the  administration of Haa Valley along with Southern Bhutan was left to successive Heads of Dorji Family. But some incidents seemed to suggest that not everything was within the family administrative domain. For example my great grand Aunty was adored by my Grandfather for fighting a legal battle in Paro Court under Paro Penlop jurisdiction, for seven years on behalf of the family. The process of arduous court case took heavy toll on the health of the family in terms of wealth and happiness but the incredible lady finally succeeded where men dreaded to venture. My mother always maintained that I was the gift that her father wished her on his death bed. My Grand Father had told my mother that," No daughter or offspring has been called upon to perform  twice over the duty to a parent  At this late stage of life all I can do for you is pray that you too receive a gift as precious as you have been to me." It seems that my Grand Father had a way with words to express his inner thoughts. I think the late Prime Minister too would not have forgotten the phrase the elderly man my Grand Father used to preserve the family right to grazing land. A man of frail health and incredible social and moral strength. I wish I was born in his time just for a glimpse of him.

In 1970 or early 1971 any way it was When His Majesty the King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck came to Haa for the inauguration of Haa to Chhuzom motor road. In his Public Address to the people of Haa His Majesty the King confirmed that the Dzong and the area surrounding the Dzong belonged to Haa and the Bhutanese Nation. It was not sold nor leased to the Indian Military Training Team ( IMTRAT ). The late Prime Minister Jigme Palden Dorji  on the exigency of the situation those days had used the Dzong to house IMTRAT which  came to provide military training to the Bhutanese Army. It was an act of interim measure to solve  pressing accommodation need. It is very possible that IMTRAT Institution would have a record of the Public Address given by the King at the ground in front of the DungChhong Dzong Sarpu.

In fact everything that followed since the Dzong takeover by IMTRAT suggest the temporary nature of their residency in Haa. The single storey Officers residences were also built by people of Haa under compulsory labour contributions by every household. I remember accompanying my elder sister early in the morning to help  with her daily quota of stone collection for the retaining wall. That time the woola dungnye ( labour clerk ) was the father of Madam Pem Sherab the one time Principal of Motithang  High School. He carried out the roll call and paid the wages. My boyhood picture of him resembles that of Dasho Karma Ura. No relation I suppose.

The Royal Bhutan Army was supposed to takeover the Training task from IMTRAT and land for proper establishment of RBA Cantonment in Haa was also contributed. But over the years so many unforseen internal events beginning with the assassination of the Prime Minister took place that diverted the attention of the King and meanwhile IMTRAT stayed on. IMTRAT was not supposed to make any permanent structures in Haa. The cattle of the surrounding villages grazed freely in the Dzong areas. Now IMTRAT has started wire mesh fencing and blocking all access. IMTRAT has also started constructing permanent RCC buildings. I do not know what has transpired between the Leaders of the Bhutan and India in the last several years.

Haa people including its NC member seems to be missing the larger picture and zeroing on to a miniscule goal the recovery of the Dzong structure itself.  IMTRAT does not need the Dzong Structure. Already the Utse the central Citadel is administered by Haa Dratsang. But IMTRAT would be most reluctant to surrender the Areas surrounding the Dzong that they had silently usurped over more than half a century. That's almost 50% of the reign of Wangchuck dynasty. You can call it the Indian Dynasty. Haa Dzong occupation by IMTRAT is just not a heart sore of only Haa people. It can turn to be a time bound cancer to sovereignty. And I am not an alarmist. A lot that I had pointed out has turned to reality.

For this weekend I think we have adequate fodder to feed on and reflect upon. So I choose to conclude here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The 14th NC Session a demonstration of Quality

National Council concluded a very commendable 14th Session on 8th Dec,2014. Dasho Sangay Khandu a prominent 2nd term MP has even posted important agendas of the next 15th Session to ponder upon including  Amendment to Election Act.  This Session was remarkable. There was no resentment kind of difference with NA. The NC steered clear of Party Politics except maybe a tinge of forgiveable politics when some members defended the legality of BOiC using the passing of the budget as justification.

BOiC the Business Opportunities and Information Centre would benefit the development of private sector. Therefore it was very sensible on part of NC not to censure the establishment of the Office but direct the Government to get it formally approved. I think this thoughtful decision should go well with both the Opposition and the Ruling Parties as well as meet the legal requirement.

I still am wonder struck with the frank and honest NC observations on the Mining Status in Bhutan. It is a happy note that the Eminent members also shared the same anxieties as most other members. I have already shared, 2 weeks back, my thoughts in my blog on the proposed State Mining Corporation. It was very courageous of NC to highlight the wrongs of present practice of concentrating total national mining wealth  in the hands of few beneficiaries and call upon the Government to nationalize all Primary Mining Activities under the proposed State Mining Corporation. I also take this opportunity to express my admiration to the Royal Audit Team for exposing the unscrupulous management of Mining Companies.

I hope the Government heeds the brave and sound call of the National Council. If the Government is not ready to nationalize all Primary Mining Activities and stop renewing Mine Leases then the Government should not even talk about State Mining Corporation formation. Let the prevailing trend of enriching the few continue till they die out or the poorer majority disintegrate whichever happens earlier. The national mineral wealth is certainly a jewel . The question is for whom the jewel toils?

In my humble view,the House of Review and Law has kept the constitutional faith reposed unto it. The NC has demonstrated national responsibility and wisdom. Constitution and constitutional faith is not guarding past Acts intact in the name of the King. It is to carry out what must be done for the nation. Both the Constitution and His Majesty the King would want Democracy to succeed. Democracy is not an alternative to the Throne. I fear that there is a fatal misconception that needs to be removed.  Democracy in Bhutan is to further brighten the future and present progress of all Bhutanese under the auspices of the Throne and active participation of the people. If any democratic leader wants to serve the King and protect the Throne, then begin by first serving the people and the Kingdom that the King has sworn to serve and protect.

I humbly thank all the 25 NC members for adequately representing the King and the people whilst deliberating national issues and bringing out the resolutions.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Different System of Justice under same Law.

Statistical studies conducted on American law enforcement Agencies have revealed that on the average up to 45℅  killings by Police are not officially recorded. And there exist two criminal justice systems one for the rich and the other for the poor though the laws are same. This means the prosecuting Agencies and Police manipulate charges and evidences depending on the race,colour and wealth of the alleged criminals and the judges apply different yardsticks of law in dispensing justice.

What is the opinion of Bhutanese about our own legal system especially the criminal justice? If Bhutanese are afraid to comment publicly but wish to share facts write on my blog with request not to publish ( to access my blogspot simply type Wangcha Sangey ).

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Double Shocker for the Government in Parliament yesterday the 5th Dec,2014.

The Parliament resolved that in regards to Budget and Appropriation Bill,these must be referred by the Speaker to the Parliamentary Committee. Till now the Opposition being in the minority position could not influence the Budget shape and National Council had no power to do so. On top of that even the MPs of the ruling Party had very little say in the matter of Budget. It was kind of prerogative of the Cabinet.

With this amendment the Government would be forced to consult its own MPs and also take into consideration the views of other Parliament members. In a way it was a boomerang effect. The Governments of past and present sometimes justified their lopsided decisions on the passing of the Budget Bill that MPs hardly had the time and background information to actually digest the implications.

The inexperience of the Government was highlighted with the Finance Minister telling the media that he had not been prepared for such a turn of event. The Government concern is genuine and valid. Now the Budget which is the hall mark of any Government of the day is going to be a kind of Coalition Budget forced on a single Party Government. Its a strange political demand on governance.  So where does this leave the democratically elected Government and its election commitment?

The other Shocker was the turnstile decision of the Parliament regarding the much vented vengeance against the resignation of former Prime Minister who had resigned after being elected as MP.  The proposed amendment would not have had financial impact on Lyonchen Jigmi Thinley even if it went through but it would have been a vengeance in the form of a kind of moral slap. However in its final decision the Parliament yesterday decided to endorse the right of an MP to resign. So its a kind of moral victory for the 1st democratic Prime Minister of Bhutan.

I always supported the resignation for the reason that it is the most advisable step for any Bhutanese if he is accused by Opponents as challenging the Throne. To remove any doubt simply remove yourself from any seat of political power including Party Presidential seat. Therefore I could never really comprehend the ulterior motive of the ruling Party and the National Council crying foul and demanding stiff penalties for resigning.

Regarding the post of Party President, I initially felt that he owed it to the Party supporters and the democratic voice to stay on but the subsequent uproar by ruling Party and Members in NC made me understand the necessity for him to resign from Party Presidency Post. It made no sense to even appear to be in a challenging position to the Throne that is the heart of national sovereignty.

I was initially anxious of the political situation after the 15 Points submission directly to the Throne by the DPT Party. If warranted it should have been to the Election Commission not that anything would have come out of it given the all powerful position the Election Commission  enjoys. But unwanted rumour would not have been fueled. So the news of the resignation was a relief to me. All I wanted to know was the procedure Lyonchen followed in leading up to the resignation letter, as it would indicate the political implication. I took upon myself to verify and requested for an appointment with Lyonchen Jigmi Yoeser Thinley. I said it was a courtesy call and I received an appointment.

His Excellency clarified that he requested for an audience with His Majesty the King. Unfortunately he was not able to receive an early audience and meanwhile the date for National Assembly swearing in ceremony for elected MPs was approaching. With just few days left he appealed for an audience with His Majesty the 4th King. During the audience he submitted his intended resignation and according to him, His Majesty felt it would be alright since he was no longer the Opposition leader. The DPT Party had already elected Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho as their Leader in Opposition. 

I felt that he had followed the correct protocol procedure though I wish the audience with the King on the Throne had materialized. But there could have been many reasons including of the possible easy attitude of Dasho Secretary in the Royal Secretariat that could have resulted in delayed or no response.

I have chosen to relate this because in a calmer atmosphere now a little clarity may help. The complete turn about by the Parliament yesterday on MP resignation issue also suggest that realism had dawned.

I ask the readers not to read too much on my impulse to meet the resignation issue headlong. Its in my nature. I had confronted the Coordinator of Danida when the Office of Denmark in Thimphu tried to sow the seed of distrust and disparity among Bhutanese youths. Nobody asked me to do so.  As a Bhutanese I had to. Likewise I approached Lyonchen Jigme Thinley to find out how he resigned and whether he had followed the unwritten but sacred protocol decorum of the Kingdom. I thank both the Danida Coordinator and Lyonchen for agreeing to see me and provide insights. On both occasions we exchanged views in gentlemanly and cordial manner. I however apologise to Lyonchen for sharing in public what was a two person discussion.  It was not an interview. Simply a courtesy he accorded  as one fellow Bhutanese to another.

I will always put the welfare and stability of my nation before any self preservation thought. I am an insignificant person but the call of citizen responsibility will be answered till my last breath. I owe my self well being to this Nation, the Kings and my family. I cannot stay still or keep silent when nation changing events take place. It is my duty to tell the honest truth from my side and then accept what life shell out.

I feel  the breeze of national unity finally charming the forlorn willow of politics. I feel the sceptre of the Throne and the principle of Democracy together in united strength tilling the field of Democracy to produce national harvest for all Bhutanese. I feel the grace of Pelden Drukpa gradually steering the nation from senseless acrimony to wiser path. May we all be united in our love for the nation and desire to strengthen the sovereignty and overall welfare of Bhutanese of all walks.

Pelden Drukpa ! Lha Gyel Lo !

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bhutan is the national home of all Bhutanese.

"Whenever You Decide, You Divide." Kuensel  ominously headlines the interview with the  quote from the new Chief Justice. You read further and find its about winning and losing a court case. Even then the words Decide and Divide  on the nature of justice conveys an eerie or creepy sense of a foreboding warning when used by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in his first interview with a national paper, upon ascending to the highest judicial seat.

The two Political Parties: the ruling and the opposition are in tearing and warring mood. One is accused of promoting anti institution wave whilst the other is accused of being do little witch hunters.

On the eve of the departure of Bhutan's second largest donor next to India, Danida  the oversea cooperation arm of Denmark, flags down the Kingdom of Bhutan with a book co-authored by a Bhutanese that records that a Danish team told the King of Bhutan that they do not like Monarchy.

Bhutan's ethnic troubles are far from over if Denmark and its allies were involved in the 1990 Southern Bhutan uprising with the call for democracy as the published excerpts from the Book seem to suggest.

I hope that Bhutanese of all walks of life regardless of caste, creed or race and religion awaken to the dangers we as a nation face. There will be differences within a vibrant society but the nation cannot be made divisive. Bhutan is the national home of every Bhutanese.

The political parties may be blinded with their party squabbles; the judiciary may be submerged in deciding and dividing and civil servants demoralised to inaction. Therefore  more Bhutanese from general populace must remain attentive. Democracy in Bhutan has a long way to go but gradually changes in overall outlook and concrete positive democratic principles will prevail. We need to give ourselves more time to develop trust in this new principle and way of governance.

I believe that Pelden Drukpa will remain vigilant and that His Majesty the King will put national goals before all other priorities. Bhutanese must choose our own national path from deep down our hearts and never at the prodding of others especially outside forces. We remain grateful to all the Donors for financial helps, the technical and human resource contributions, the institutional and infrastructural developments but we cannot become clones of their systems and pawns of their politics.

Do not feel small and do not feel big. Just feel Bhutanese to want to shape the course of your nation and shape your destiny.

Pelden Drukpa ! Lha Gyel Lo !