Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mix not Bhutanese internal political party politics with Nepal India situation.

Whatever is happening between India Nepal presently need not be judged or looked upon by Bhutanese as for or against the policies of Bhutanese two democratic governments with both India and China.

Would China help Nepal to meet fuel and other shortages? The proof of pudding is in the eating and actual truth has to come out soon. It cannot be a long wait if the blockade from India is not lifted soon say within the 1st week of October because interim arrangements by Nepal could be hard pressed to solve shortages by then.

Powers that be at the United Nations at New York the last several final days of September,2015.

At other times you have the media especially western media saying and writing all sort of things. They accuse Russia of aggression in Ukraine and standing against west in Syria and demand united action against Russia. And American media made so much accusations against China about unfair currency devaluation and cyber attacks.

Well this time President Putin of Russia and President Xi Jinping  of China came to America, looked into the eyes of the western leaders, faced the western media and declared their intentions at the United Nations General Assembly. And all became tame at the western front. What happened?

President Xi Jinping came to America before the Russian President and he began  the Chinese campaign from the city of Seattle. A politician with an intellectual capacity or the other way round , an intellectual with a political ambition,  must go through the address Xi Jinping made to the Seattle Gathering. Every phrase and sentence of facts, jest, economy and history cut like diamond sharp across the western glass dome. There was no pretence, no threat, no hesitant lingering and it was not a test drive speech. It was of China and her leaders in full awareness of world politics, world economy and world psychology. It was China ready to be friend at the highest and broadest level and if driven to, defiantly ready to meet any challenges put forth by adversaries. In a nut shell it was ' Firmness ' devoid of any nonsense and political frills.  He told his audience that he spent 7 years in the remoteness of China dwelling in caves and sleeping on mud beds where along with poor villagers they yearned for a meat diet that could never be secured. He quoted the best and most famous writers of the west and American great Presidents and spiced them with references to popular American films. Then he described the China of his Presidency time, the real China now which is a dream so far to dream during his young days as a communist worker in the villages. I wish I could have been there to see the stunned/ mesmerised looks on the faces of supposed to be know all and experienced all intellectuals powers of America.

I think the message got through to all of America including the President of America. A day later the official welcome ceremony at the White House was grand. Even the Pope of Rome had to await in the UN Building at New York for the televised ceremony at Washington to conclude before he could deliver his speech at the General Assembly.

And later the joint Presidential Press Meet was respectful and final statement was that America and China needed each other.  There was Presidential truce in cyber war and not a word on currency devaluation. .

President Putin addressed the United Nations General Assembly after Obama. It seems what President of United States said made no difference to Putin. He told the Assembly that Russia backs Assad in Syria and Russia will strike ISIS from air if the United Nations sanctions. In other words Russia will not hesitate to counter America in Syria and she will abide by UN decision not United States in dealing with ISIS threat. The western European Allies of America was divided. France blindly following America and Britain softly selling the Russia Iran plan on Syria.

America may be the only super power but the recent demonstration of political strength was that China and Russia too are ace players whose policies and declarations are or will be backed by deeds.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was in America for medical treatment and the vusit strategically timed with the gathering of world Leaders in New York. But It seemed that  the normally defiant United States decided not to make bone fire in the presence of the real fire Dragon. So His Holiness cancelled all official engagements on the doctor's advice. At least that's what my take is from the announcement. I pray that he is not really that sick.

Prime Minister Modi visit to America was fully covered by Indian media. I suppose his demand for a UN Security Council permanent seat will remain simply a call. Bhutan supported the call but who else ? Certainly not the five permanent members though one or two among them may pay lip service.

And at the Peace Conference the true symbol of Peace was the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan waving at each other. Pity they did not have the courage to shake hands and exchange pleasantries such as " How is your mother " if they could not talk politics. Really what's wrong with these supposed to be products of ancient cultures of grace ? The irony is that the Government of India denied even the small gesture of acknowledging  each others presence by the two leaders. So it was personal right hands wave not official left hands wave.

And finally let me come to the Prime Minister of Bhutan. I appreciate the fact that the delegations of Nepal and Bhutan had a real Meeting. That was a good gesture on the part of Prime Minister of Bhutan. The Indian Press also appreciated the support and the congratulatory greeting the Bhutanese Prime Minister made to their Prime Minister. All in all it was a good successful trip to the United Nation General Assembly and His Excellency Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay made a sensible and appropriate speech to the world leaders. Congratulations ! Your Excellency.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nepal and her people sacrifices a great deal for national dignity.

Monday 28th Sept, 2015, Kuensel issue had regional news on refuelling difficulties for air planes flying in and out of Kathmandu, Nepal.   Due to aviation fuel supply cuts from India, Nepal is putting in place measures to curtail fuel consumption without reducing flights. At the same time the leaders seem to be working out arrangements to import fuel from China.

This time around, like Bhutan, it is a busy tourist season and also festival time in Nepal. So not just tourists but many Nepalese working away will be flying in to join their home families. Pressure on aviation fuel and other products usually imported from India will be huge. Tourism is the backbone of Nepalese economy.

Flying in fuel from China would be very expensive. For the immediate need,  it is possible China may provide subsidy to reduce cost but in the long term. its going to be a high political price. But Nepal does not have a better alternative.

Nepal and Bhutan economies are very dependent on India because of geographical advantages. Imports from India and through India are far cheaper and faster. But when it comes to national sovereignty and national Constitution structure, what compromises could Nepal once known as Gurkha Kingdom make for India?

Actually it would be more economic for Nepal to import fuel from Bangladesh than China because shipping port of Bangladesh is much nearer so air freight distance is much  shorter. But flights from Bangladesh have to use Indian sky and maybe that's not permitted ( unless being members of WTO guarantees such trade air routes). So  import has to be from and through China. As expensive as it is, Nepal can import by air because it has adequate airport facility to receive large planes.

But economy is not the only national concern for Nepalese leaders. There could be ethnic related disturbances that can be instigated to escalate. Bhutan had similar experiences. 

What is happening with India and Nepal equation now is bleak news for the Himalayan region and possibly for whole of South Asia. It is bound to have repercussions on Bhutan, too. And as I had said earlier in my recent article " Border sealing and fuel supply blockade ".  this present India and Nepal tussle could very well reshape the Himalayan political equation drastically. And small land locked two countries would suffer. SAARC could disintegrate though this regional body could never make much positive impact till now. So it will not be missed so much. The regional body has no clout no voice without Indian approval.

I just hope that upon return of Mr. Modi to India from his visit to America, he will take the time to review the external policies of India. Surely if he wills it, his political experts can find a palatable solution. A win for Indian diplomacy without tampering with basic foundation of the dignity of the Nepalese people. I look forward to good and accommodative
leadership demonstration from the Indian Prime Minister.

Monday, September 28, 2015

No apology and no regret and now regards also nil.

Since my article of 26th Sept. in my blog titled: "  Why bother about corruption when politics of the day backs it to the hilt " there have been three abusive tweets: 2 from agayangay and 1 from pema Lhendup and all 3 abuses instantly supported by khendumdorji. Seems khendumdorji and associates are offended. Baffling !  Sure readers have every right to disagree and express their stand on the same subject. But why the collusion to make derisive personal attacks ?

Let me just say I had nothing but respects for khendumdorji not just as being daughter of late honourable Dasho Lhendup Dorji but she is a very capable person in her own rights. She would have done well in life even if she was not born to a noble family. She has got the beauty, the push and the talent.

The last I met her in person was at Haa Lhakhang Karpo where she had brought the 49th Day death ritual of her revered father. Its quite many years past. The Dorji family is well revered in Haa and as a true and pure bred Haap, I simply went to pay my respects to late Dasho. No conditions no expectations just a homage to a personality I personally admired.

I am little older than Khendumdorji. I suppose that she would not dispute because ladies must always feel younger. She may dispute that I have a broader national political perspective but I think I do. Whatever our age or perspectives are, I have never referred to her until today as Khendumdorji. The age old protocol " Ashi " was never forgotten. People of Haa do have a lot of respects and regards for our Dorji Families, hers being the first and later that of honourable Yab Ugyen Dorji. Only the most revered Wangchuck Family commands more Respects and Loyalty in the Valley of Haa otherwise the second family name on the lips of Haaps would be the Dorji Families.

Whilst I shall not fail in my respects for the Dorji Families from henceforth I free myself from any age bond sentiment as far as khendum dorji as an individual. I have no apology to offer no regret to express and now no regards to hold. Strangers that we are now so free of sentiments and restraints.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Thank God the nation has another Airline.

Thank you BBS for informing all that the patient dumped by Druk Air was able to get to Bangkok on a chartered flight of Bhutan Airlines ( Tashi Air ). It is at times and situation like this that one realises and appreciates why monopoly is bad for  fair business and equity.

Without the Bhutan Airlines of Tashi the patient could not have made it today to Bangkok. Druk Air was not even willing to discuss the case until Monday ( when BBS contacted Druk Air, the response was wait till Monday. Only intense pressure from social media compelled Druk Air to issue their statement this evening ).

Adopting positive attitude a must for cleansing national conscience.

Recently some shocking incidents have taken place. Not at all good for the victims, the organisations involved and for the national conscience. These could be ominous signs of difficult days for the nation. .We need to ward off such undesirable events by being gracious and praying for guidance.

I now plead with Druk Air Management to  please do not further shame all by bringing up excuses of safety, security and whatever else. Simply be,  belatedly gracious and smooth over grievances and kindly provide free passage to the sinus patient and his escort to Bangkok. Embarrassing mistakes happen. Let's just attempt to correct not justify.

Druk Air thank you in advance for hopefully adopting a good attitude. I have always held Druk Air in high esteem for flying high the national flag. A national Airline is a necessary symbol of national sovereignty. Please love Bhutan, the Bhutanese and all your passengers. Good Luck !

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why bother about corruption when politics of the day backs it to the hilt?

Bail for Bhutanese:  The best and the only just way under the present politically biased prosecution system.

Relieved that 7 immigration officers got bail. I hope any and all immigration, revenue and custom officials  charged or convicted for corruption are freed on bail or upon  cash payment in lieu of prison terms by the Royal Courts of Justice.

It is just unfair to apply the Law of the Land only against Bhutanese wrong doers. Those main culprits from across the border are allowed scot free. They are not even required to post cash to get bail. Just a make believe notional sum of from nowhere and no nothing. Whoever thought that it would be possible to tell the Court or satisfy the Prosecuting Agency to collect the cash bond for bail from construed would be debtors at large?

ACC new Commissioners need not feel guilty and resign because firstly Bhutanese need  jobs and secondly any vacant constitutional posts will be filled for name and appearance sake. But forget tackling corruption. The path is politically blocked.

Now it is possible for ACC people to keep their salaries and take the time off. If you are prevented from booking the main culprits why bother to fry the small timers who are errand runners of the Mafia. The political apparatus is diluting further the already weak judiciary system. And there is not much few good and honourable  Drangpons can dare to do to uphold justice when even a Constitutional Body is told to slumber in no uncertain terms.

Several years back , a young Bhutanese monk was jailed for possessing a small amount of chewing tobacco valued at Nu: 99 or was it Nu: 120. And later several Indians were caught in Bhutan with much larger illegal cache of assorted tobacco products. They were let off with a fine. The same disparity in law applications is happening theses days in Phuentsholing. It is a hopeless and shameful trait that the nation is adopting.

The fact of the day is that Bhutanese cannot expect equal treatment  with other nationals even in  Bhutan under Bhutanese Laws. Thus whilst major Kingpins of corrupt trade are let loose scot free by Bhutanese law Agencies and Judiciary, the Bhutanese errand runners get fried. 

Therefore to bring about a sense of social fairness, let us make a call to stop criminal prosecution of only Bhutanese citizens. The nation is not prepared to apply the laws of the land equally upon all corrupt persons and entities. So why just penalise certain category of Bhutanese who are at the bottom rug of corruption. 

Border Sealing Politics and Fuel delivery Blockade.

It seems India will continue to plague Nepal with such bully tactics until the planned railway line and new highway from China Tibet materialises for Nepal. Land locked Nepal has no alternate option but to turn to China though India is the most convenient and generous trading partner in the region.

Geographically, culturally and socially, India and Indians are far akin to Nepal and Bhutan and their people than any other Nations in the world. But Indian political pundits and leaders somehow do not believe in fair exercise of friendship. They opt for subjugation policy at every turn of event.   This aggressive policy of India will definitely upset the Himalayan political cart and will deeply hurt the economies of the two small Himalayan Nations jammed between India and China. And it would not do much good to India in the long run.

India signs a 20 years supply deal with Nepal which denies Nepal from procuring petroleum  products from a third source for 20 years. And then refuses to allow fuel tankers from crossing into Nepal from India. The reason is India does not like the recently adopted Constitution of Nepal.

It took Nepal more than 7 years to finally draft and adopt a Constitution that is acceptable to majority of the Political Parties in Nepal. Should not a giant supposed to be a friendly neighbour India  at least give Nepal a breathing space before ramming its own dictum. Constitutions are not like say the Ten Commandments of the Christian God.  Changes will gradually take shape within Nepal and from within Nepal. The fact that more than 50% of the population in Nepal is Hindus should in itself make India feel comfortable. Why the haste and subjugation at every distress window of opportunity?

Bhutan, too, was subjected to similar Indian political wrath during the 2013 General Election in Bhutan. And Bhutanese political leadership whimpered into submission instantly. Nepalese Political Parties have taken a united national stand and has sent their Emissary to talk to Modi Government in India.

The saving grace for Nepal is that the Nepalese Military is quite independent from its fragile political masters. Its of course no match against Indian military might but it can play a pivotal influence in peacetime Nepal. And that's more than adequate because India cannot declare war or militarily invade Nepal without provoking active Chinese response. It was the Nepalese Army that stepped in to protect the sovereignty of Nepal when some outside forces were preparing to take undue advantages during this year's April earthquake situation in Nepal.

This time the fuel crunch inflicted by India is a severe test once again for Nepal.  Rajiv Gandhi did that to the King of Nepal many years back. And what did Rajiv Gandhi achieve for India when you look back in retrospection. A Hindu Monarch was ultimately dethroned and a Hindu Kingdom has become a Secular Nation today. Rajiv Gandhi's personal ego politics with the King of Nepal is as bad and unfruitful for India  as BJP Government of India attempting to force only pro Hindu population Constitution in Nepal today.

I wish India took its leadership of SAARC more seriously on a broader concept of reliable and trust worthy giant who can be relied upon by smaller neighbours in their time of distress.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Neykor ( Pilgrimage ) casualties.

So many died in Mecca the holy shrine centred on the Black Stone. What could have caused the human throng to panic and stampede? Do those who die at a holy site or on the journey of pilgrimage go to heaven ? I just wonder !  No matter where a person dies the bereaved family would always mourn the loss and yet I hope for those killed in the stampede found their seats in holy abode. Rest in Peace in the presence of Allah.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Nurturing Politicians for a brief Summer Blossom in Bhutan.

Format schools through colleges those that have inclination for politics, the grooming starts early in many Countries.

In India the incredible ocean of religions, creeds and castes of  multifarious communities, the schools and colleges  churn out great many materials of future politicians. By college stage of life, groups like youth wing of Congress Party and youth wing of Bharat Janata Party are already influential political organisations. In fact the youth seem to form the core foundation of Political Party pyramids. Youth groups are pampered and courted by Political Parties and Politicians. They have the stamina and enthusiasm to communicate effectively with the base of democracy, the people. 

In United States and other Western Countries, one sure path to political future is getting involved early on as volunteers in political campaigns.  As one gains experience so does one's role grows in political campaigns. That's how a future leader gains the grass root knowledge, masters strategic know how, win friends and establishes contacts. Its a must have political infrastructure for a great many would be political leaders though there are exceptions.

So if youngsters in Bhutan feel that they have political bugs in them, they could I assume, can go ahead in helping in election  campaigns as volunteers but not as party members. Is there a law against being volunteer workers during Elections in Bhutan ? Could any Bhutanese provide a definite answer? I have my doubts.

I am not aware of any legislated law but election rules are altogether a different political scenario.  Past experiences sometimes comprised of fresh election rules  appearing during the process of an election as ad hoc measures proclaimed as inviolable by the Election Commission depending on the deemed need of a particular situation/ particular demand/ particular objective but not necessarily in keeping with the principle or the spirit of genuine and free democracy.

If volunteer service is not permitted then many Bhutanese youths cannot gain necessary experiences to swim in waters of democracy. It is not advisable for Bhutanese youths to register as actual  members of a Political Party. Registering as Party member attracts so much repercussions at a later stage under the narrowly designed, stringent election rules in Bhutan. Its like a curse on youth when seeking Government and Corporative jobs. Tempting youths with the light of democracy and penalising them for literally  appearing in the light. That's the kind of paradox that Election Commission of Bhutan represents to me.

Before blooming into a politician, you need to bud a lot for learning the ropes of elections and campaigns. If volunteer service is not outlawed by Election Commission, get early into the spirit of election process.  Start with Geog  and Thromdey Tshopka elections and graduate to Primary and General Elections. The experiences are worth a Masters Degree in Political Science and practically more applicable. In the election fields, you will come across many political pitfalls and boons.  Politicians come to realise that nothing is assured including the votes of even relatives and otherwise deemed great friends. However, the enemy of your opponent is really your true captive vote. So one must know more of who hates whom in a community or in a constituency rather than who loves who.

And its alright to promise the moon because voters simply want a nod for a possible shot at Paradise.  Delivery or non delivery of campaign promises  do not matter so much.  After 5 years, old voters are either dead, dying or priorities have changed and fresh eligible voters simply want to hear a confirmation to a shot at their dream Paradise. Not many care of the past history as long as the present is attractive and seductively presented. Mass seduction or manipulation is the core force of political campaigns. Promise what voters desire and say aloud what they just want to hear. Truth is respected but votes go to the agreeable candidates. So agree with voters by all means and do what you want once the votes are in. And if you are a good leader at heart then do what you feel is the best for the society and the nation without fear or favour. You will be rewarded somehow in some ways and your deeds will bear fruits for years on.

Beware that under prevailing Bhutanese political system and the trend of voter psychology, budding Bhutanese politicians cannot really bank on a lifetime tenure in politics.  Many voters have the perception that political seats are national prize that should be shared on rotational basis and  not monopolised by any individual. I feel it is an innocent wishful thinking that will fade with time and trouble. Thus in the present social scene, quality of candidate can be secondary in the choice of the voters.  But the main stumbling block for a life long engagement in politics is the upper age limit of 65 years after which the door shuts. This too will change as years go by and democratic philosophy matures with experiences.

After the age of 65, citizens of Bhutan are constitutionally barred from contesting elections. Bhutanese constitution framers seemed to have been of the view that politicians needs physical stamina not necessarily experience in administering the nation. Also they may have been fearful of dictatorship rule by long serving seasoned politicians as if Hitler was a product of seasoned political process. So in Bhutan, political profession is a kind of sojourn to a brief summer dream world. Nevertheless, if you have the inclination plunge on early. It is said early bird catches the worm. And as for short tenure, life itself can be shorter.

If Bhutanese Constitution is adopted by United States, Donald Trump aged 69 and Hillary Clinton aged 67, would be barred from contesting in the  Presidential Election that is presently going on in America at Party level nomination.  So Jeb Bush would have a high chance of being  elected the 3rd Bush American President in 2016, And Jeb Bush like his predecessors father and elder brother Presidents will lead America to another " glorious war " in the Middle East against Muslim Nations.

There will be more Muslim refugees entering America and Western Countries thus ultimately fulfilling the prophecy in Buddhist scriptures that Muslims will take over the world and only then the next Buddha shall appear. Buddhist belief in the dawn of new world of Buddhism. The Christians await the Resurrection whilst the Muslim will have their Warrior Hero to subdue the rest. 

Now getting back to present reality, if Clinton or Trump  does make to the White House in spite of their elderly age, the wisdom of Bhutanese Constitution that old cannot perform or experience is dangerous, falters in reality check. And if 62 aged Jeb Bush becomes the President of America, then the prediction of all 1000 Buddhas comes true and Bhutanese political philosophy triumphs, too.  God may need to save the world but Bhutan should then be able to survive the Muslim roost even as all other Countries pay homage to great Allah.

The political lesson that politicians need to master is that they too are agents not the master of change. If China did not takeover Tibet, Buddhism would not have taken hold of the West. And if America had left Middle East alone, Muslims would not be have been dispersed all over the wold. The truth and fact of life is that we are all pawns especially the political leaders in a greater game. They introduce or induce policies to take effect  but have no control of the larger implications and fallouts from their actions. And anyone that participates but does not control the end destiny are pawns by nature though few like political leaders are more importantly active pawns. And that most important and valuable principle of democracy is ensuring the same rights to the other fellow citizens that we wish to exercise for ourselves. For this reason I take the opportunity to share following thoughts.

For record, from the time of constitution framing stage, I myself never favoured the abdication of the King at the age of 65, the prerequisites of a college graduate degree for political candidates and the exclusion of religious practitioners like monks from voting rights. I appreciate the very substantive reasons put forth but feel conditional democracy is not really in keeping with the spirit of democracy. The true and unhindered choice of the voters is of paramount importance in any election process.  And equal rights of citizens of same nation and subject of the same King must be the very soul of vibrant Bhutanese constitutional monarchy system.

I am for monks and alike in exercising voting right but support the sentiment that religious personalities should not be members of Political Parties or participate as candidates.

I feel that the  prerequisite of a college degree is against the democratic choice of the voters in a democracy. Likewise it makes a lot of sense to incorporate certain number of years of experience also as a prerequisite for a would be political post holder but again it is against the spirit of democracy where the choice must be left to the voters.

The benefit of the wisdom of choice must be made freely available to the voters if democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people.

Likewise regarding compulsory retirement from active politics at 65 years of age,  I felt it was just not simply a waste of good talent and experience but also against the spirit of democracy to deny active participation to senior citizens in the process of democracy. Equal rights in democracy outweighs any other valid and valuable views.

And as for Kings abdicating at the age of 65, I felt and still feel  it could unnecessarily create national disharmony and even crisis in the future.  Not all Kings may share the kind of love and respect for each other as the present two Kings. Even so there is no guarantee that other forces would not attempt to play kingly politics if they see an opportunity to enhance their stakes.  Power and wealth have tremendous change of heart and character impact on individuals. And very few individuals, families or leaders can put common happiness and national cohesion above personal thirst for power and wealth.

Thus the safest bet in a democracy is in respectfully leaving the decision to the voters themselves to choose who they want and for how long. The legislations required are that which prevent curtailment of people choice through bribery or threats. The core requirement of true democracy is the environment of free and fair election so that the voters can make free choice uninfluenced by greed for financial gain or fear of insecurity.

I understand and also accept that process of democracy needs time to evolve. Therefore, it is my hope and prayer that national confidence matures with age and experience. And that  Bhutan and Bhutanese  gradually evolve to a higher level of principle of democracy wherein all Bhutanese above the age of 18 can exercise equal participation in democratic process regardless of age, health or profession.

May Tsawa Sum prevail under the watching guidance of the Deities of Pelden Drukpa in Bhutan and may equal rights be the pillar of democracy all over the world.

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Message for Sonam Pem the non entity in the Bhutanese Forum.

Sonam Pem or are you Tashi Yangchen, a he or a she ? On Monday the 7th of September, you tried to divert readers attention away from my Post titled," A Collusion among the Royal Bhutan Army, Kuensel and The Bhutanese - A National Shame."

You fabricated a story of fidelity cum rape allegation against my son Major Sangey Wangchuk. I allowed your wild imagination to remain posted for 6 hours before deleting the nonsense. It was to demonstrate to you that those who read and comment on my Posts / Blogs are mature, intelligent people. They do not care a shit for the likes of you.

Then on 8th Tuesday you posted the same hallucination in the Bhutanese Forum. I see some gullible or your collaborators supported you and few questioned your credibility.

Its too bad that you or your lover/ spouse got into problem for the horrible Gelegphu incident. The Army will not leave such heinous acts unpunished. Too bad but you deserve every severe consequence.

So you know in person my son Major Sangey Wangchuk and his beautiful and well educated wife Mrs.Tshering Tshoki who is the lucky mother of two lovely kids. A handsome boy taken after his father and a beautiful daughter taken after her mother. And yes, my daughter in law is a civil servant with a Masters Degree in Finance. You forgot to state that she is a Budget Officer in the Ministry of Finance.

And yes, my son and his lovely family  reside happily at Luntenphu Army Head Quarter in their official residence. You are jealous and you are angry and you are as guilty as hell for being a party of wrong doers at Gelegphu.

Did you think  you could get me to remove my post on Monday by posting your hallucination about my son in the same Post ? That did not work. So you thought that through Bhutanese Forum, you could at the least create some doubts in peoples mind.

I gave you 3 clear days to  measure your success by examining the profiles of those who took your bait. Must be pleased to find similar characters as yourself. You poor miserable dark figure suffering in the depth of cesspit.

I think I can satisfy your bitchy urge but my virility domain does not extent to ex- lovers of my sons. Sorry but relieved that someone more deserving married my son Major Sangey Wangchuk. You are not happy with your present army Dasho husband ? You might find peace and contentment if you stop flirting with your identity and different lovers.

In your story, you forgot some important details such as the names of the Pelpon and that of  his daughter. So this fictitious girl is 17 years old, is she?  That suited your rape insinuation perfectly. Matches the cunningness of a jealous mentality that  had instigated the horrible incident at Gelegphu. Let me tell you fictitious characters if christened with names would sound more authentic. You should have named your characters. Oh !  Oh !  You were protecting their privacy ? What a laugh when as Tashi Yangchen you crucified the 2 soldier wives in Gelephu. Sonam Pem is your good fairy tale side of character? What is Tashi Yangchen? A manipulative bitch !

People who hallucinate tend to create characters for themselves. Sounds like you are barren.  Try visiting the Drukpa Kinlay Lhakhang at Lobesa. If you had abortion,  its your doing. Why seek sympathy in the guise of some other girl ? I think you made up this tall story for your friends. True friends will not think less of you because you are barren. But then such false characters cannot have genuine friends. So you had to seek sympathy through whatever means, is it so ?

A mistake you made in the spelling of SANGEY. Major Sangey Wangchuk name is spelt with an E not A. And you forgot to add another vital information. Major Sangey Wangchuk is the Staff Officer to the Hon'ble Major General of Royal Bhutan Army at Lungtenphu. He is a very disciplined and capable Officer. You had to know I am sure.

So if you are a bitch, come and bitch to the Royal Bhutan Police Chief or to His Excellency Chief of Operations, Royal Bhutan Army.You will surely be served with justice. If you are a bastard come and look in the eyes of Major Sangey Wangchuk. You must know that gallant Officers of RBA know how to deal with bastards and liars like you. And scums who act like drimpoen dorji and you. Do not soil Facebook.

I have every reasons to be proud of Major Sangey Wangchuk. He is a through bred. You are a scum. My son is a Gentleman. Come out from the shadow and make your charge if you are even a figment of a man or woman that real human beings are. May you always remain haunted by your Gelephu horror and suffer in anonymity forever.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shocking ! Dear Japan hit by River Floods.

Forget Europe, Japanese River embankments far less structured than India's Rivers to resist floodings. Two days of rain and Japanese people under flood water. Tsunami and Earthquakes are altogether different levels of natural disasters.  But River Floods ! This is shameful for being so unprepared.

Really very sorry for the multitudes of people affected. Maybe less life lost but so many lives destroyed due to property loss and damages to business enterprises. Dear Prime Minister. Please fortify your river embankments and then the race to fortify war armaments.

And Thank You Japan and Japanese people for helping Bhutan. But please at least take some preventive measures against river floods to curtail your own misery. Japan has to have the financial resources and technical knowhow so please revamp the national will to prevent any future river floods. It is so helplessly sad to see houses swallowed or uprooted by flood water.

EMIS: Education Monitoring Information System ?

There is a system introduced by the Education system for all schools to number tag all students and record all census details called EMIS.

The names of Dzongkhags, geogs, thromdes and village are automatically listed. So the school enumerator teacher simply need to punch in the relevant names.

In helping the teacher at Sunshine fill the computerised on line form, I was not able  to find my village " Watsa " under Katsho Geog Haa Dzongkhag. In fact none of the villages under Katsho Geog belonged to the Katsho Geog. To solve the mystery I asked the teacher to punch other 5 Geog village lists. We discovered that the villages of Katsho geog was listed under Samar geog and vice versa the villages of Samar geog listed under Katsho geog. It is possible that similar mistakes could be there in other Dzongkhag.

So that day, there was no alternative in the format to punch the correct village name of my grandson except to accept the choice , " other " in lieu of the village name.
I hope by now the Education Ministry 's centralised data system Manager has corrected the flaw in its central data system.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Public Health Excellence Award from WHO

A Legacy of Good Heart.

World Health Organisation honoured His Excellency Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup with the award of Public Health Excellence. It is a national honour for Bhutan and a richly deserved recognition by WHO for the immense contribution that Lyonpo made towards good health of all Bhutanese. National capacity to procure essential medicines and vaccines is a giant step towards ensuring national people health. Thank you and congratulations Honourable Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup. May Your Excellency and Aum and children always enjoy good health and happiness.

Monday, September 7, 2015

The collusion among the Royal Bhutan Army, Kuensel and The Bhutanese - A national shame.

I have reread the Army media spokesman's version of the horrible incident at Gelephu RBA Cantonment printed by Kuensel. It seems The Bhutanese also printed the same version. The Editors of the two News Papers should be called upon to resign by fellow journalists for this heinous disgraceful journalistic conduct and motive.

Why and how does the two main stream media Print newspapers devote a whole page to the army version when their own  Reporters never ever were allowed to report about the incident ? Do we have a main stream media or a communist propaganda machine at work?

When this incident was brought out in the public forum by an anonymous Karma Mindu, I made my comment. Then a Dorji Dorji came out with a more graphic account. It was then I asked the anonymous Dorji Dorji to reveal his identity because it was such a serious national matter and no responsible Bhutanese should treat it anonymously. Instead of Dorji Dorji responding positively, there was another hopeless character Jarog Dongchen with a barrage of personal attacks on me.

I realise that Karma Mindu, Dorji Dorji and Jarog Dongchen is actually one same individual.  He is an officer who seems  fully knowledgeable about the whole horrible incident. But his motive was not totally moralistic. His later demands demonstrated that he bears grudges with Army Command be it at the Gelegphu Army Wing or at Army Hq. So decided to expose the incident through social media  instead of processing his information through official channel. Still regardless of his selfish motive, I thank the anonymous officer Jaro Dongme the faceless coward for bringing this incident to the public attention.  Then there were anonymous self appointed unofficial army spokespersons who defended and denied the incident.  These anonymous characters viciously attacked the 2 soldier wives and  anyone who dared to express a sympathetic view for the plight of two soldier wives , as being anti Army and anti national. And worse these foul mouths justified the incident by citing the devotion of the Army to the Tsawa Sum as if  otherwise  a pious person can get away with murder.

I invite all to read my comments. I have never questioned the integrity and honour of the Royal Bhutan Army. I did my best to examine the case from both sides of the spectrum after reading in between the lines of pro and anti opinions expressed about the incident by both anonymous and genuine personalities.

Now here I am presenting my take of the Army Spokesperson version.  The Army statement is a long abusive narration largely devoted to shaming the 2 soldier wives and it has been so generously and shamelessly published by Kuensel.

1. It is a terrible, shameless and vicious attack upon the 2 wives of foot soldiers. Something unimaginable for an esteemed Army Institution to do. Apart from chastening their unfaithful conduct, their motherhood was lambasted. Pray Sir,  on what grounds do you dare to question their motherhood when your own version states that the women took their children with them when they ran away from the cantonment? The correct scenario seems to be that they did not leave their children behind abandoned even when they themselves were evicted from the army camp and their family quarter confiscated.

Also the children seem to have well passed their breast feeding days. If the 2 wives were such bad and hopeless mothers who else could have nursed the children till such an age if not their mothers ?

2  The whole incident seems to have been instigated by a supposedly high morale female group who felt that it was most devilish of the 2 soldier wives to have sex  with men other than their spouses. An act that presumably no spouses in Bhutan or elsewhere in the world is known to commit ! How incredible ! This is a women incited incident and the army statement confirms how grievous the other army wives felt. I, too , believe that actual army officers have less to do with the occurrence of this incident but in the end unfortunately the Officer/s will have to take the fall simply for being the superiors.

3.  According to the army version, there was indeed a Drimpeon Dorji armed with chilli powder which the army spokesperson referred to as  " tools brandished ".  And it seems the Drimpeon had other high morale accomplices accompanying him on a mission of purgatory.  Apparently the two soldier wives were in quite drunken state when caught in sexual act with other men.  So they had to be near naked and defenceless.

Was it possible for the Drimpeon  and his accomplices to manhandle and smear the vagina of the targeted women with chilli powder that the Drimpeon already was carrying with him for this very purpose?  I leave it to all the responsible and honourable officers of the Royal Bhutan Army to determine and not to, " social media enthusiasts ".  Is such an heinous infliction on any woman justifiable under any circumstances ? I leave it to all the fathers who respect their daughters and all the sons who have respect for their mothers and even jealous husbands.

4. The army version indirectly confirms that the wives and the children were evicted from their army family housing  and the soldier husbands of the victimised wives shifted to bachelor accommodation. In the Army only married soldiers are allotted family housing  and bachelor soldiers live at the barracks with common Mess. Whether they ran off out of fear, shame  or were evicted , the indisputable fact is that presently the victimised  2 soldier wives and their children are in desolate state of affairs.

5.  It is true that in matters of public image, few can easily soil a group name. So the army wives would be rightly offended by such public sexual behaviour of colleagues. And as army version confirms , the institution has more acceptable norms to deal with such misconducts. But the official corrective procedures were not followed. A lynch them type of emotion ruled the roost and so a horrible infliction occurred.

I personally feel that the Army Command would already have taken actions against all involved in this savage vengeance act.  The investigations would be through in accordance to established procedures. It is understandable that everything cannot be shared in public domain though the spokesperson implies that no penalty has  yet been imposed on wrong doers. So far so good I thought.

However,  I think it is wrong for the Army as an Institution to issue a long narrative  that blamed and shamed the 2 soldier wives who may be illiterate, comparatively young and already have been thoroughly abused by unruly forces within the Army. Against this back drop,  can any neutral observer trust that Justice have been imparted by the Army Command even behind the scene ?

The Army Spokesperson high handedly  accused, " social media enthusiasts of casting aspersions on any individual or organisation based on hearsay  and unconfirmed rumour ".  If its all hearsay and rumour,  how come the Army itself is confirming that parties involved exist and incident did happen but the Army has its own version. Please , Please understand that many of us in the social media did not malign the Army as an Institution and we did not act irresponsibly or anonymously. The Army is welcome to reexamine the comments on Dorji Dorji and Karma Mindu Threads on this incident.

It is most unfortunate that this incident happened. People were appalled but no one really ever questioned the integrity and the goodness of Royal Bhutan Army as an Institution.  It was an isolated case. No Establishment can ever prevent mishaps no matter how hard it tries.  But this version wherein the Army adopted the technique that best defence is to attack by attacking the 2 helpless women is beyond the realm of any integrity and honour.  And unlike the shameful incident at Gelegphu which may have taken place without the knowledge of the Gelegphu Commanding Officer,  this army version narration blaming and shaming the 2 victims had to be cleared officially cleared by the concerned Army Command . And it is Sir, most unbecoming of an honoured and respected Institution of Gentlemen Officers and Fellow Defenders of national honour and sovereignty to direct all wrath upon two socially erring females who are not even direct paid employees of the Army.

I pray that at least the Army Command attempt to correct the desolate situation of the 2 soldier wives and their children through monetary compensation.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

A King and a Destiny called Bhutan.

In celebration of 60 years of a King's life, I share few personal  experience with the royal Person.

There are many speculations about ecclesiastical origin of His Majesty King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Some say it was Guru Padma Sambhava who prophesied his birth yet others say it is written in Terton Druda Dorji's golden script. At one time there was a strong rumour that the present reincarnate of Gyelsey Tenzin Rabgye recognised the King as the reincarnation of the 1st Dharma Raja of Bhutan known as Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel.  There is also a tale that was hardly retold and now not at all. That is that after two Princesses were born to His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and his enthroned Queen Her Majesty Queen Keasang Choden Wangchuck, the King sought heavenly intervention through prayers to Terton Drudra Dorji for a son. And Prince Jigme Singye Wangchuck was born.

All these may be myth or fabricated adulation to a Buddhist King. I can never tell but I am still intrigued. As a born and brought up Buddhist, all these are faith striking and therefore, undeniable, yet not possible to authenticate with great certainty. What I can with certainty declare is that with so many feats of his own accomplishments there really is no necessity to seek powers beyond the royal person himself as testimony to his great qualities.

He is a Prince but not a royal ego prince. I found him to be just a heavenly noble prince since my first encounter with him at Namseling Palace. Polite almost to a fault with an ever present fleeting smile on his royal countenance that beguiled the presence of an incredibly sharp mind with a legendary memory. He never forgot a face and can recall the minute details of a supposed to be a long ago forgotten conversation of no great significance. He would play pranks on friends or should I say colleagues but he never looked down upon a colleague.

He was trained to be humble from birth and possess a self being of true saintly approach to life, a quality that enabled a crown prince to take in stride the frugality of livelihood existence. It may sound incredible but he did live through a hermit princely life. Nothing of opulence touched his life. A down to earth person who simply cherished being just one among the crowd.

At Namseling Palace exclusive School he had all his class mates sharing his one multipurpose room ( bed room cum sitting room). That is except for me. I was invited but I opted for the room that had a view of the temple of Nyerchen Dangkarla far away on a summit of a towering hill. My family had traditional ties of Faith with the Deity of that Temple. I was so grateful and reassured upon coming to a totally new place and suddenly discovering that I had the Dangkar Chen watching over me. Also I did not interpret the invitation as royal command. Same thing happened when on a week end I was " invited " to accompany the entourage on a short hunting trip. Oh !  Sorry I don't like hunting animals. Now tell me how can I not love and admire the royal person who not just tolerated my odd man out character but I was accepted as I was. His Majesty helped me to be a more comprehensive person.

Let me add just one more incident involving me. Not to make it a story of my life but to provide another important insight to the incredible human being the crown prince. He was presented with a light motor bike of Japanese make by the King probably. And some stupid person borrows it in the dead of the night without so much as by your leave and worse damages it. The young prince was naturally extremely disappointed and we the student colleagues at Ugyen Wangchuck Academy were totally put off by the act of the obnoxious person. Few wanted to teach the character a physical lesson. Finally the crown Prince turned to me. What do you think? I share the same sentiment Dasho but then I am not the future King I responded. The irony of life is that a good King has to be more patient and more forgiving than all of his subjects. I hated what I had to say and my colleagues surely had all the right to be disgusted with me. But that was the end of the matter. All of us school mates were older than the crown prince. Most by 3 years including myself but we learnt a lot from His Royal Highness through everyday such intimate experiences.

In my humble view the Prince lived through a poor man  princely livelihood. I do not think there was any kind of fixed weekly or monthly personal allowance for him from the Government or from their Majesties his royal parents.  His basic needs were taken care of but the Crown Prince just wasn't granted any monetary allowance to spend freely as he deemed. I could get by because I was born on a farm where everyday existence was a struggle. But for someone born a prince ! And yet he gracefully lived and enjoyed his hostel life like any of us.  Perhaps it is such unbelievable and basic livelihood life style during his young formative years that has made huge imprints in his outlook of life. Happiness is more relevant to life than material wealth. The world may be quite amazed as to how the King at such young age could expound Gross National Happiness philosophy. Maybe it was not a philosophy to him. For all I know it could be simply a realisation by him that he was happier as Crown Prince with his basic needs met than as King with all the wealth, power and anxieties.

A short quote of a remark from the royal lips could demonstrate how pragmatic he was than thousand of other pages of reasonings  and examples. Quote, " The Mercedes car is comfortable to travel in but its so expensive. Toyota is far more reasonably affordable." Unquote. There used to be two blue coloured Mercedes cars probably bought for VIP foreign dignitaries  visit.

Even today he travels along the rugged mountain roads in a Toyota Land Cruiser. His Majesty lives in a forested corner of Thimphu Valley, a kind of a hamlet community consisting the King and few royal members with a small contingent of service and security people.  The place is a little distance away from my traditional home of pounded mud wall. The King's home is a  one storey cottage fashioned from blue pine timber. There are few more similar shelters for others.

The King's homely humour remains the most irresistible charm. At one time I had stopped to give way to the royal convoy coming from the opposite direction. His Majesty stopped and graciously spent few minutes to inquire how I was. And out of blue, he said we are neighbours but you never drop in at my place. Then he extended his hand to grant me a warm hand shake. Did I receive the audience of my King on the road between Haa and Thimphu or was I in Heaven being received by Lord Buddha Himself !  Such is the magnanimity and humanness of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. He is of course a King but of the divine kind. And it is this  divine quality that overpowers one and all no matter who you may be a President or an Ambassador or a humble farmer in some remote corner of the Kingdom.

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck said of his father, " there never was and there never will be a King like Jigme Singye Wangchuck ". I found King Jigme Singye Wangchuck to be a human jewel. Not the kind that many Bhutanese are fond of lipping in public about the King being the national jewel. Simply a person with royal understanding of human nature and who has no qualms of being one among the crowd because that is where he is able to gauge the true pulse of life, nation and his people. To me he represents the earthly spirits of the Triple Gem.

Thank you Your Majesty for simply being such a down to earth personality. Always open to another view, another way of doing things in better way and the ability to adapt knowledge and information you acquire to national needs. For being the bravest general and most pious teacher and loving father to answer the call of all kinds of occasions and situations. May the Kingdom be guided always by the nobleness of your blood and wisdom.

A tribute to 60 years of the life of a great human being who I met as a young carefree prince, witnessed as he guided the nation through peace and turmoil and introduced the concept of gradual democratic ways of governance and finally abdication in favour of his able successor to lead the Kingdom in an era of constitutional Democracy and people elected government.

A true account of a small part of a King's journey that I had the privilege and honour to share and experience. The greatest respect for a person lies in being honest with him. And I do have the greatest  respect for my Kings and my Country.

Today the 5th of September, 2015 is a good day. And being Saturday makes it even more brighter. So I have chosen to share a personal account of a personal side of the King. May his qualities brighten that of all who chance upon this personal glimpse shared in the spirit of a tribute.

RCSC : Intentions and Results.

To do the right, intention alone is not an adequate solution but it is a necessary start up.

Shaking up civil service by RCSC could be a productive way to improve efficiency and create employment for those willing to work. The habitual late comers and early bunkers, the early morning drinkers and fellows who tax their colleagues with non performance can be identified. But clever dodgers of responsibility and sweet talkers and life long chamchas would still be upheld  as indispensables by the bosses.  How would bosses know their own weakness? How would the roving ambassadors be identified from amongst all civil servants ?

RCSC on the right track intention but still must partially be guided by those bosses with blind spots. Any way for hope of greater efficiency and equal load sharing responsibility, the free riders need to be discouraged. Good Luck to the Commission.

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Shocker for Lyonpo Rinzin Dorje from High Court.

Today the 4th September,2015 Kuensel issue carries the details of verdict on Lyonpo Rinzin Dorje court case. He has been convicted of misuse of public property. It was one of the two criminal charges that former Attorney General filed against then the Foreign Minister for irregularities committed as Haa Dzongda.

The new Attorney General had not wanted to appeal the Haa Trial Court verdict that vindicated the Minister. But ACC outgoing Chief Dasho Neten refused to budge and called for ACC right to appeal and prosecute the case.

The High Court denied ACC the right to appeal or prosecute but indirectly called upon OAG to appeal. The Attorney General dropped the graver charge of Tender manipulation and appealed the less significant case of recovery of vehicle hire charges. To pre-empt criminal conviction, the OAG asked the Court to drop the charge of misuse of public property and instead institute the charge of administrative sanction.

The High Court Bench I which denied the ACC to prosecute this very case also refused to be bonded by the desires of the Attorney General in the conduct of the judicial process of the case in the Court. The charge of misuse of public property was retained and the defendant is now convicted on this account.

Now Lyonpo Rinzin Dorji is in a situation that one calls from frying pan into fire and it all happened because of attempting to white wash a black object in the open with raw lime and Oophs ! It rained cats and dogs ! He could lose his constituency seat.

Sorry Lyonpo. I felt the loss of cabinet post was an adequate penalty especially when one sees the kind of loose nets in Bhutan's political and social corruption cases. But really you should have been more realistic at the Trial Court. Could have volunteered to pay the full 10 trip hire charges and explained your this and the other tender lapse on political and social circumstances that prevailed in that period of time. There were justifiable reasons. A less ACC humiliating verdict could have prevented the appeal and saved the cabinet post.

The verdict of the Trial Court smacked of a Judge under duress producing a stressful outcome. The hon'ble Judge had declared his self interest of a spiritual brothership with the defendant but the Supreme Court refused to free him from adjudicating the case. There were genuine logistical problems for the Judiciary.  My comment on the Trial Court verdict, at that time, was that, " I had not expected such a white wash ". A more curative verdict could have prevented the outburst of ACC Chief who felt that it was an insult not a judicial verdict.

Now the ball is in the Speaker's Court. Only Parliament can delist convicted MP. After that Election Commission can hold reelection. But before that the defendant can appeal to the Supreme Court. I hope the defence lawyer again would not resort to that hopeless ground of emergency excuse.  What kind of emergency situation is ferrying ten truck loads of personal goods using government trucks on ten different occasions ? And what kind of monumental flops are taught in some law schools or do pass outs expect spiritual brothers in every Court to understand brotherly emergency !

If there is some constitutional ground to hold on to the constituency's seat, then forget appeal and accept the verdict with all humility.  But if MP status is at stake then  its better to appeal but make appeal on more substantial ground to repeal the criminal  conviction on the vehicle misuse. And if acceptable to High Court pay the hire charges and the penalties thereof before the appeal to Supreme Court on the one year sentence. There may be a window of reprieve. There could be another reasonable way of looking at a Dzongda's need to use the Pool vehicle  instead of hiring other transport. But that view must be shown by the defence lawyer. Good Luck to the Defendant.

Whilst in Haa do not fear Ap Chundu. But Beware of Miri Phuensum the sacred title that Haaps have for the Triple Gem.