Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Internal Legal Auditor for ACC?

Both social and monetary corruption must be tackled and it will be a continuous battle for ACC. However is it time for ACC to have an in house independent  Legal Auditor Team comprising members with proven experience in legal, financial and administrative fields? This will reduce chances of ACC fomenting prosecution cases based on hearsay, suspicions, personal instincts and prejudices, public and political pressures. The conviction rate will also improve.

A deep introspection is called for since the much hyped anti-corruption case against health ministry’s doctors and officers has ended up being a wild goose chase (reference Kuensel 22nd May issues on High Court acquittal of the accused). Devoting huge financial, human and time resources of the Nation to prosecute the innocent, disregard established administrative process and procedure and bullying individuals and families into miseries and submission is not just horrendous but calls into question the supposed holistic stamp of Constitutional Bodies. Anticorruption campaign must not be a ‘crusade’. The term crusade is a Christian term to justify all means to convert the populace (heathens) to Christianity. Hounding the innocent is no fool proof deterrent to corruption.

Today with Constitutional Bodies in the person of Dasho (Aum) Neten Zangmo Chief Anti-Corruption Commissioner and the 4th Estate the media in person of Mr. Thinley Dorji, the Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Broad Casting Service that invades every mind and home of Bhutan through its TV and radio networks hold Executive Power in day-to-day running of the Government. It blurs all lines of distinction between government administrative Agencies, constitutional institutions and the media.

Such situation of overlapping jurisdiction calls for strict discipline and code of conduct for individual Agencies in performing their professional tasks without prejudicing their interim extra-curricular authority or vice versa. And an independent internal legal auditor team could contribute corrective measures to prevent the tipping of scales to just one side. Internal checks or self examination can go a long way in bringing about cohesion within family and nation towards the royal guided GNH path.


  1. Sir,
    Whts the conclusion of Haa mining case ,know its silent la

  2. It is now silent....coz Wangcha Sangay is silent

  3. The Chairman of Local Government (Thrizen of DYT) and also the acting head of Dzongkhag Administration of Haa have written to the Director General of DGM to withdraw the permission for exploratory mining by the OMYA Swiss Company and Mr. Rinchen Dorji's RSA company. They have also informed DGM that Haa is a green Dzongkhag and more over the present mining site is in the heart of Haa. And if the Government does over ride Local Government and DYT decision then all the villages, the two schools, hospital and the town which sit on the lap of Dragong the mining site, must be relocated prior to any exploratory or mining activity. DGM is yet to make its final call because it seems to be still under the grip of international and national powerful money mongers.

    I feel the people of Haa will not be dislocated and will be allowed to live in the same communities that their fore fathers have lived. Also His Majesty the 4th King had earlier during his reign banned the mining at Dragong and during the 5th King’s recent visit granting excess land to the people, His Majesty informed the representative of the Haa communities to tell the people that they must take care of their own land as well as the areas that surround their community because only then the communities can flourish in the generations to follow.