Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bhutan’s Democracy- the Second Foray

In 2008, from the ashes of PDP, arose MP Tshering Tobgay as PDP President and yesterday 13th July, 2013, Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay torched DPT Party with flame India and installed PDP in the saddle of governance. It looks like he is destined to possess the qualities of a Phoenix.

There are many reasons for DPT defeat and many reasons for PDP victory. However, what stood out was PDP President’s political insight into the mind of the voters. He offered what they could grasp (tangible benefits) and alluded to their worst fears such as supposed grave dangers to the Institution of Monarchy and Indo-Bhutan friendship. I presume that the allusions are in the nature of election rhetoric.

Personally, I attributed PDP debacle in 2008 to its mid-way hesitation and change of gear. Likewise this time I attribute DPT’s poor performance in its mid-way fractured campaign and change of tempo. However, as always, I believe all events of greater national significance are guided by the Deities of the Kingdom and I pray that the nation continues to find peace and stability within the confines of limited sovereignty of a small, landlocked and economically weak nation.

I admire all those candidates of both Primary and General Elections and those involved in forming the five Political Parties. It takes a lot of sweat, strain and stamina to embark what they journeyed into.

I whole heartedly congratulate Prime Minister elect Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay for single handedly earning his Party’s mandate to govern and I also whole heartedly thank Lyonchhen Jigmi Yoezer Thinley the 1st Prime Minister of Democratic Bhutan for the statesmanship and political courage he displayed in forging a better state of relationship with other countries particularly China and successfully steering the 1st democratic government.

There is no doubt that Bhutan’s corner stone foreign policy was, is and will be strong friendship with India. And Bhutan and Bhutanese Governments including the last one have been faithful to this national political dogma. I, however, hope and pray that Bhutan’s principal and central foreign or national policy would be strengthening national sovereignty and living in peace with both China and India whilst forging better social and economic life for our people. 

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