Friday, May 23, 2014

Narendra Modi the Hindustani with global vision

This seasoned politician has been overwhelming mandated by the people of the world‘s largest democracy to be the Leader of the 21st century India. And by the looks of the way he has decided to conduct both national and regional Affairs, Narendra Modi seems to be the man of progressive India and anchor of SAARC.

The RSS wants to outcast Pakistan for being a Muslim nation. In fact Shiv Sena leader even condemns proposed cricket games between India and Pakistan. The South India Political Parties want to outcast Sri Lanka for Tamil problems. And Congress under Gandhi family have bullied and trampled over sovereign rights and dignity of small and weak SAARC members especially Bhutan. The Gandhi duos sought to rule India and SAARC. Modi is there to serve India and promote peace and dignity among SAARC members.

Prime Minister Modi has shed away in one day the culture of Indian bigotry and political domination of its neighbours. He has invited all Heads of SAARC countries to attend his SWEARING IN as Prime Minister of India at 6pm on 26th May, 2014. The 26th of January is India’s Republic Day and maybe historians will mark 26th May as SAARC Day. It will take more for Modi to strengthen ties with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to the level of proper trust and confidence. But with Bhutan it can be achieved at a wink of an eye. Just do away with Gandhian policy of bullying, bribing and strangulating Bhutan.

Bhutan can never do without India. But Bhutan can do a lot if not so subjugated by India. Unfortunately even within Bhutan’s very small society, there are elements that demonstrate euphoric ecstasy when India dictates the terms of Bhutanese sovereignty. However Bhutan was never meant to be under another Nation- not that of British India, not of Hindustani India and not of Mao-Tsedung China. But Bhutan must have proper sovereign relation with China even though India is and always will be Bhutan’s chief partner in development and in many regional and international forums.

India deserves a confident and decisive national leader like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Only then India will develop the pre-requisites for a well-regarded regional power by its immediate neighbours. No one doubts India’s potentiality to be an effective progressive nation and SAARC countries would not begrudge India’s lead. But Indian Government central thinking has to change. Due regard and respect must be demonstrated by India towards its immediate neighbours. It is hoped that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP Party with NDA partners will fulfill the long awaited and much desired spirit of true friendship and trust and good will for its sovereign neighbours.


  1. It is too early, at least now, to ascertain how Modi will take its foreign policy. But for sure, India needs to change its outlook on Bhutan and more importantly, we the BHUTANESE also equally need to change our handling of foreign relation with India which affect our sovereignty. But what is the scenario?

    1. Bhutan in international eye is a mere puppet to India. Where India pursues international agenda, Bhutan follows it suit without taking our own independent decision.

    2. Bhutanese have offered its willingness to be subjugated by India in our 2013 election. PM of small country like Bhutan to meet Chinese Premier should have been taken as national pride by every Bhutanese but instead it was a factor that determined election result, much to the victory of India. Now we have lost our legitimacy to run our foreign policy, I doubt we have even one.

    3. Doesn't the presence of Indian elements like Dantak and Indian Airforce and Armies undermine our sovereignty? When there is no control of their movoment, the implication is clear. We are thankful for Dantak role in our development but why is the military branch of India still controlling the strategic roads of Bhutan, a disturbing reality

    And the reality is,
    1. TT and his fellows are laughing stocks. They have changed the protocol of diplomacy with PM and council of ministers receiving the Ambassador Harami to PM's office. In other sovereign countries, foreign ministry summons the Ambassador but only in Bhutan do we see otherwise.

    2. Bhutan is losing on 2 fronts with economic support of India. The burden of being loyalist with political strings attached support and being the only heavily indebted country having mammoth debt to single country.

    3. Why the fuss about relation with China
    We have to accept it as reality, if not a potential one. China is India's largest trading partner and when they are pursuing mutually beneficial ties, why can't Bhutan forge Bhutan - Sino policy.

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