Friday, September 12, 2014

The Risk of Adolescent Love

The recent very disturbing teenage couple hanging  may have been averted if only the social and legal apparatus have deeper comprehension of puppy or puberty affections.

Adolescence love for all its distractions is not an evil  disease. Young innocent lovers should not be driven to hanging themselves from the nearest tree.  The school authorities and parents have to develop tender precautions in handling teenage weakness.

In a coeducation school there will be opposite sex attractions and in some cases sexual relationship which is bad for school discipline. However once it has happened it should not be demonized. The relationship is inappropriate and early but its not evil. After all ultimately almost everyone look forward to sexual relationship and love in their life.

Its too late for the young school couple of Bumthang,the school authority, the parents of the deceased and other family members. But other school authorities,other parents and law makers and enforcers could make necessary humane efforts to look back towards their adolescent days and accordingly look at the situations before them from the hearts of our teenagers.

If suppose such erring teenage couples are threatened under possible rape law that govern underage sex even consensual ; expulsion from school or even be chastised before the school assembly the pressure could drive the cornered couple over the cliff. For onlookers it is a horrible sad  incident but for the teenagers and their families its a shipwreck of many lives.

For so many young people it is important to believe that tomorrow is a new day and fresh hope. You are never in a hopeless vacuum as long as you have good health. You love to live not to die. Be brave to fulfill your education needs and in the process you make a mistake or fall in love then convert such episodes to strengthen your resolves to succeed in life.

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