Monday, October 13, 2014


On this spur of moment I share with all parents an advice. The greatest gift that parents can gift to their children is love and trust among the siblings.

Parents can not make the full journey with their children and even accumulated wealth wear away with time and trouble.  However brothers and sisters will be there together for the long haul. Love  and trust fostered at early age will sustain them in their trials and differences.

I am most indebted to my parents for the bonds of sibling love that they sowed and nurtured among us the children. And as parents, I and my life partners endeavoured to pass on this gift to our 8 children. It is my hope and prayers that we succeeded. And I wish every parent who read this achieve the same.

And for all our children and that of children of all parents,I want to say that the  deepest love and tribute that you can offer to us the parents lies in enduring that sibling bond nurtured under the loving wings of your Dads and Mums.

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