Monday, February 1, 2016

Kuensel seems to be panicking on BFF/Zimdra coverage.

Kuensel Headline News on 1st Feb,2016 is Damage Control .  " Investments like BFF's in Zimdra Food is Legal ".

Let's not be concerned about the legality of financial transaction between BFF and Zimdra. Let it be. Legal or illegal what has happened will not be visited by any legal authority.

Just to remove disinformation:

1. Bhutan Football Federation is not a registered company under the Companies Act of Bhutan. So Company Act does not apply.

2. Zimdra Food and Bhutan Football Federation are not listed Companies under Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan. So opinions of RSEB is meaningless.

3. A financial expert especially one who hides his/her name is either non-existing or a fair weather personality. And in any case it is an individual opinion.

Thus Kuensel has quoted no legal or official  authorities in making its Headline assertion. The lengthy writeup is a damage control attempt. A national paper engages in such exercise under pressure.

So young minds in Schools and Colleges should be wary of manipulations by media sources in the process of doing damage control.


  1. The financier to PDP party is always Legal.

  2. Zimdra has its bond listed on the RSEB FYI

    1. All Bonds floated with RMA approval is listed. But BFF money 30million is not bond.So RSEB has no official say on BFF investment. Please note I have no disagreement on Zimdra/BFF transaction. On most subjects I simply share what I know with my readers/fb friends.

  3. Scary things are happening right under our nose. Whats even more scarier is that the media seems to side with the wrong doers esp if they are powerful and influential