Wednesday, September 20, 2017

President Trump at the United Nations.

The address of President Trump to the world body was loud and boisterous. Unfortunately nothing that dignified United States or Trump himself.

He called upon nations to put their interest and sovereignty before all else. That was to justify his call for  " America first." But then he lambasted North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela for the very national acts " putting their national interest and sovereignty first".

He tried to justify his attacks upon these nations by alleging that those in power did not have the popular support of the masses of their nations. But that cuts no ice because President Trump himself had lost the popular support by 3 million votes. So he is in the same shoes as those leaders he alleges as ruling without popular support.

He declared that United States will eliminate North Korea if need be. However, he did not elaborate the cost upon South Korea and Japan. Nor the real possibility of WW III as China and Russia would have to counter any such unilateral act of war by United States.

There was one good news for United Nations Secretariat. President Trump did not seem ready yet to reduce American contribution to UN. That would surely reduce American influence at the world body.  He complained about the disproportionate American contribution of 22% of UN budget when United States was just one member out of 199 UN members. Very conveniently the President skipped the obvious fact that United States held sway over almost all of  United Nations'  decisions and that many other International Organizations including Human Rights Commission and International Court of Justice were staged managed by America.  

All in all, it seems President Trump was more concerned about diverting the attention of the American people away from the election investigation of Russian connection. The address was, therefore, more for American domestic consumption than for international audience. The American public always favoured  a war- like superior race white President and thats the image ( the superiority of the white race over the orientals of North Korea, the Persians of Iran and Latinos of Cuba and Venezuela ) that  President Trump depicted at the General Assembly of United Nations. It's always Hitler's superior race against all others though the Western world stage manage a facade of ' swastika hate' public attitude. 

The President's address did not pave any new path in galvanising the world body and her members to a more peaceful and prosperous  world. But it demonstrated that America is the only Super Power and the world is still her stage.


  1. UN jobs are mostly occupied by Americans and the white people and hence the decisions makings too.

  2. The most disgusting president in the history of America that the american have elected, who talks nothing but wars and destruction of others who does not follow his rules.

  3. United Nations is dominated by white people and its interests.

    New United Nations for non-white people need to be formed.

  4. Trump is a business man and he knows the problems his country is facing. He got elected because many Americans thought he would have more effective prescriptions than his predecessors. He is trying to dish out strong medicines now but many of them do not seem to be right. His careless style in front of the public does not help either. We will have to see how many more tricks he can still pull out from his pockets.

  5. In Asia,
    (1) Two nuclear bombs were dropped on Japanese. The first and The only one used in history.

    (2) The amount of bombs used in Vietnam war is more than the total amount of bombs used in World War II.

  6. Despite the strong opposition from the establishment (politicians incl. Republicans, mainstream media, holywood etc) Mr. Trump beat Clinton. His so called movement got support from the middle working class whites mainly because he promised two things ie. He would drain out the swamp and that he would be non-interventionist. He also promised to mend ties with President Vladmir putin of Russia. But soon after becoming the President, the deep state (Military Industrial complex, Wall street, big banks and corporations) tightened the noose around Donald Trump and the thin skinned Donald Trump gradually caved in to the Deep states ways. Wondering how his supporters must be feeling.

  7. USA, the so-called 'world's oldest democracy' is actually the world's no 1 rogue state.
    Just imagine, what kind of society would churned out 55 warmongers prez in a row ?
    India is known as the 'USA of South Asia', thats all you need to know about 'the world's largest democracy' !
    USA/iNDIA, birds of the same feather, a partnership made in HELL !

  8. Yes,democracy was once a very good form of government, but not any more. Now the leaders use the name democracy to achieve ones selfish aims.

  9. Trump should have focussed on changing the way the UN functions instead. Today the UN is a corrupt, over paid organization with no money, morals or mission. It runs programs just to keep going.