Thursday, July 19, 2018

Why always crucify civil servants?

The suggestion by National Law Review Taskforce that  civil servants must  undergo one year grace period after resignation before joining politics and that Political Parties should not dwell on civil servant pay during campaign are very biased and spiced with malicious ill will.

MPs can jack up their salaries and benefits once elected  and yet they cannot be held responsible for mistreatment in matter of remuneration for civil servants. Why shouldn't pay be an election issue?  Afterall the elected MPs has power over pay of civil service.  

The civil service is one organization which does all the works in planning and implementation of anything the nation wants to get done. They get praised by Ministers, Prime Ministers and even by the King for keeping the machineries of governance in superb motion. And yet it is the civil service that get screwed whenever there is pay talk or other opportunities in life.

The Parliamentarians and Constitutional Bodies hog all the pay raise and allowances for themselves. And now the Taskforce wants to even deny civil servants fair and equal chances in political  opportunities. 

Justify why MPs of NC which is apolitical institution do not require similar one year grace period to join Political Party.

Justify why an unsuccessful NC election candidate can switchover to being a political party candidate without similar one year grace period.

Justify why an MP or candidate of one Political Party can join another Political Party without requiring similar one year grace period.

Justify why an ex MP does not require similar one year grace period before taking up any other assignment after leaving politics. Could MPs never prepare for civilian jobs whilst in their  political positions?   

An elected  MP is permitted to resign from NA and NC seat and take up any job. By the same token shouldn't a civil servant have the right to resign from civil service and pursue political quest?

A Bhutanese citizen cannot be deprived of equal opportunity. So do not single out ex-civil servants for extra constitutional restrictions. The  Judiciary , Royal Civil Service Commission, OAG,  or MPs  under different guises such as Committees and Taskforces  must refrain from the unholy temptation of exercising excessive and beyon mandate control of the life of a civil servant or former civil servant. 

Beware! That the Civil Service is the most controlled and disciplined institution among all national institutions including  the constitutional institutions of Drul Yul. Do not kill the only institution that dedicate life long service to the Tsawa Sum. If sanctity is an issue, first examine the behaviour of all other institutions. 


  1. There should be war between beurucrates and politician like in India recently happened in Delhi.

  2. The tell-tale sign of an inapt bureaucrat - enforcing rules and regulations concocted at the eleventh hour with limited or no foresight or wisdom. Thus, here, I fear, the seed of inequality has been sown. Such task-force are either gifted with inert and infertile thought faculty, or political motivated, or both.
    Beneath the machinery of every government is the unsung heroes of civil servents.