Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The status of the nation during this Lombo.

Relieved to learn from "The Bhutanese " Paper that:

i) Royal Bhutan Government intends to stick to Rs.45 billion aid from India in the 12th Plan. The amount is similar to the 11th Plan.

ii) Also it seems the Bhutanese Cabinet will adopt the 12th Plan and the 5 year budget after the draft finalisation by GNH Commission before our Prime Minister visits India.

iii) Also I learned from a Samtse resident in a chance meeting that the National Day Celebration arrangements at Samtse is being supervided by the last Interium Government. In absence of Interium Goverenment the next time, it will be advisable for Royal Secretariat to be fully involved in National Day Event, hereafter. Because with Bhutanese Political Parties leaderships under Indian captivity, there is the possibility of Tri- colour ( Indian national flag ) flying above the Triangular orange and yellow colour national flag of Bhutan on 17th December.

There is already confirmation that this  Bhutanese Government will kowtow Indian wish to keep relationship with China at bay and also get further sucked into Indian orbit by pushing BBIN through Parliament.

So instead of Sino- Bhutan International Border Agreement and diplomatic ties, BBIN Agreement will be ratified during DNT tenure. The Bharat strangle hold tightens further.  

Should I be disheartened? Not really! Whats beyond is futile to be anxious about. Anyway, it was not my forefather who solely  accepted the task of maintaining sovereign dignity of Bhutan. Sorry thats no solace to most Bhutanese. But even in despair, I shall continue to pray and invoke the Deities of Palden Drukpa and the Triple Gem. Prayers are powerful force though not immedeiate or outright visible. 



  1. Since DNT is PDP younger Brother Finance by Zimdra and Damchen where the business were Fronting which is run by Indian from Jaigong. So it will be same at same time government run by Tshering Tobgay behind the cartons.

  2. I wish we have more wise and bold man like you out here in Bhutan la who can stand for the betterment of our sorvign country. And we could fight against the greedy people and government who only thinks about themselves and their benefits but not about countries independence...