Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bhutan and her population.

1. Actual Bhutanese population in 2017 was declared to be around 680,000 ( sixhundred eighty thousand ). Residency population was around 735000 which includes foreigners including hydro and other construction workers. Thats what I recollect. The stand of NSB in today's Kuensel varies somewhat but camoflaged under the dubious term resident population.

2. I think Bhutanese population growth is already into negative but according to NSB, it is not so ( barely into negative ).

3. Our genius 3rd King had foreseen this problem of population decline and had discouraged birth control especially of the permanent kinds. 

4. Much later UNFPA came into Bhutan and strategically succeeded in almost forcing Bhutanese families to curtail fertility rate. Vasectomy and tubectomy operations  were carried out with much glee especially among the soldier families the most prolific population production centres ( Family Lines the accommodation provided to soldiers with families).  And in rural areas which again are the source of population growth, annual census days in geogs  were used to identify who must undergo vasectomy or tubectomy.  There were campaigns and posters proclaiming " Small is beautiful " with picture of 2 parents with one or two children.

5. In the 1980s and 1990s, vasectomy was in vogue and later tubectomy operation for mothers during birth of babies.  Birth control became the social fashion with pills and contraceptives for females. Male condom was promoted mainly to prevent contagious diseases " safe sex " which translates to care free sex. Policies on birth control and care free sex have been successful. Now the desire of high standard of living is the main impetus.

6. Even national laws were tailored to discourage birth rate.

My pubic opinion during the height of birth control campaigns was " It is hard to comprehend why UNFPA was out to eradicate the subjects of the King. And in the years to come, Drukpas will be in national zoo of Bhutan  as rare human specimen  ".  Not to be taken literally. I was highlighting the disadvantage of over zealous officials implementing birth control agenda.


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  1. Since our population control was permenant one. So better to go for testube baby.