Friday, February 8, 2019

More exorbitant monetary penalitiea on the way from DNT Government?

Plastic ban is good effort but why is the monetary penalty so high ? Nu: 500 to Nu: 1000! Bhutanese authorities have no regard for hard earned  money value of common people. Does the government think everybody has access to ill gotten income? Or does government  feel so powerful to act recklessly omni authoritarian. Why do Bhutanese authorities make monetary fines so unaffordable?

A simple inconsequential  mistake and they rob you of whole livelihood. The daily national wage is Nu: 125 and minimun fine Nu: 500 for any minor infringes of irratic rules that come on and off at random. The intent is never to encourage general people to follow rules but always to induce fear and obedience. A system of governance that is still wrapped up in primitive package.

From traffic rules to plastic ban rules,  educated officials use cane instead of brain when all  those in authority can  do is come up with rules to harass and punish and not educate. Sorry lots in our country. 

The rule is purposely made vague to confuse people and  increase  leeways of corrupt practices of rule enforcers. Is the ban for sale or for use or also includes plastic covers of packaged goods?

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  1. A small suggestion could be let the shopkeeper/shop charge the customer 10-20 cheltrum for plastic bag if the customer ask one from the shop.