Wednesday, August 14, 2019

BHUTAN has someting to cheer about or what?

Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi coming to Bhutan and also inaugurating the space research station unit set up in Thimphu by ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation). 

Thanks to Kuensel, we are also informed that United States will be providing $4.5 million for STEM education to support royal effort in the nation's science and technology upgradation. Along with this the Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan who is leading a 8 member delegation from United States also said that United States was looking to implement NASA programme as discussed with His Majesty.

So we have both ISRO and NASA treading into Bhutanese high Himalyan Space. Bhutanese are not planning to go to the moon. But both ISRO and NASA can magnify their  views of the Tibetan Plateau at close range from Bhutan.

Whatever this means, I am happy that His Majesty the King is exploring steps to improve relations with United States. There are quite a number of fellow Bhutanese citizens  working in United States who could directly benefit besides the overall other national interests of Bhutan.

A deep political implication could be in the American Deputy Secretary's declaration " I have come here to underscore the US support for Bhutan and commitment to defend Bhutan as a fellow democratic country- providing support to Bhutan's sovereignty". 

And yet America was mum during Doklam in 2017. And Japan which also act as a political stooge of America in Asia region had supported the Indian military transgression. An indication of American approval of Indian invasion of Doklam which could have spelt disaster for Bhutan but for the grace of Pelden Drukpai Deities.

I just hope that vists of American Deputy Secretary of State with soon to be followed by  Indian PM visit has nothing to do with what United States term as " Asia Pacific Strategy to Contain China ". Imagine green dragon missile against red dragon.

No worties for China. China  seems damn capable of taking on South China Sea policy enforcement  as well as conducting trade war with America and keeping India within sensible parameter in cases of Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan's economic corridor.

It is little Bhutan which must remain alert because a political pawn never wins in the end game

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