Friday, October 25, 2019

Thank you to all at my blogs

I want to thank all of you for following my writings and sharing your feed backs or just reading the blogs. I look back to past decade of democracy and from the broader side, I am amazed by the super changes it gifted to individuals. We have cabinet Ministers who may never have had such opportunities but for democracy process. And equally many may not have missed the same boat but for democracy process. Life in many ways is quite predictable and yet it can be all so wildly unpredictable.  

Once we are born, our life and particilarly fate  may not be totally under our own or that of another person or authority's control. But what we are characterwise is in our own hands and mind to shape. Sure compellingly circumstances may oblige us to be temporarily disposed to accepting or doing things that under normal circumstances one would not want to do. But such things need not enslave our hearts. Within ourselves we can be free, honest and truthful about ourselves, our country and of our authorities. 

If we can be true to ourselves within out hearts, then we need not be divisive in nature just to survive. We can be Bhutanese and accept our fellows as same Bhutanese as ourselves. We can lead our lives, raise our children and follow our path laid out by fate without dividing the East, West and South; without differenciating our race, religion and language. Be confident in ourselves and that feeling will  erase away the complexion of inferiority and envy. There is no God segregated class of people into the servant and the master cadres. Democracy has shown the way. Anyone from amongst us can rise and there is also equal chance of falling. 

My thoughts and writings are shaped by the same process of belief I have shared in the above paragraphs. I am fortunate that I received the right kind of environment all through different stages of life. I am comfortable with different race and religion and am comfortably at home with East, West or South of Bhutan. I am not disturbed by who holds authority and who are the commoners along with me. We are Bhutanese whether prince or pauper. And without the nation Druk Yul, we are just ordinary human beings each trying best to survive in the world we are thrown into. Neither superior nor inferior to each other in blood or birth. So all us have good reasons to cherish and share this Druk Yul without trying to use it for selfish self objectives. 

May we be good Bhutanese in which ever and  whatever position we hold during the different stages of our lives. Wishing all Bhutanese peace and good life in Druk Yul that gives us our identity  and purpose to our existence. 

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