Saturday, December 14, 2019

National Day Medal Tales. (Not to be taken seriously. Only underscoring an event of sad tragedy).

What it implies for National Day Steering Committee to appoint a foreign  national lady as the Chief Co- ordinator cum Director cum Instructor of Changlingmithang Programmes for Bhutanese  National Day Celebration. It matters not that she is Indian because even if she was Chinese or American, it is still a humilation for Bhutan. Why can't  our national leaderships be contented with a national Co-ordinator/Director/ Instructor? We uphold our leaders with respects and they turn around and outsource our National Day to foreign manager. Evil Omen!

This foreign directed gala is happenening in Thimphu the main venue for this year's National Day celebration.  Elsewhere in the 19 Dzongkags, it is still unadulterated  Bhutanese celebratory homage to King, Kingdom and being Bhutanese. 

HM King Ugyen Wangchuck would have to  boycott Thimphu on 17th December, 2019.  Maybe the LungtenChhenpo  Gongsar  did not attend the National Day at Samtse last year where foreign intrusion is said to have begun. The First King had no foreign jesters in his royal court. His pledge to dragon Throne was Bhutanese pure as was his barefeet. And HM the Second King could very well prefer an archery game at Trongsa than attend a foreign produced gala at Changlingmithang. And The Third Druk Gyalpo would abhor any undignified act that subverts his royally sovereign UN member Kingdom of Bhutan. 
So what medals could Palden Drukpa give to fellows at Steering Committee for out sourcing National Day? 
1. Could it be cream-white colour medals for the chairman and for the official who actually steered  the  National Day Celebration Steering Committee. 
2. And grey soil colour medals for all other members of the National Day Steering Committee.
White is the international colour of surrender. Surrendering national dignity and scorning national capacity to lead. And grey for slavish behaviour of submission by should have been nationally responsible steering committe members. 
The above medal scenarios is just a figment of imagination. In reality,  people get rewarded for doing whatever required of them by their superiors. Tsawa Sum defined as:  you, superior and superior's wanton. Such trends cannot be Gyal Lo for Palden Drukpa. But certainly it is individual gyalo culture so prevalent now. 

Here I rest my final  plea about the coming  Changlimithang spectacle ( lavish and colourful ).  But definitely not a true national doing. National Day celebration should have been a glorious indigenously organised national event truly demonstrating genuine sentiments and abilities of Bhutanese of all walks paying homage to ChhoeChangs, Kings and Progress. If only Bhutanese are not just actors but also the directors and producers of the 112th what should have been Bhutanese National Day in essence.  Not just outward flares externally manufactured.  

Sorry Palden Drukpa !  Some of us fail Druk Yul by our intents & deeds. And then some including myself fail to prevent sell out of national dignity. So all are equally shameful children and subjects of Kings and greater forefathers. Still to You Palden Drukpa ChhoeChangs, we pray for strength and courage to be united as truly Bhutanese in deeds, hearts and souls.  

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