Sunday, January 27, 2013

A similar appeal letter to His Excellency the Prime Minister

His Excellency the Prime Minister
Royal Government of Bhutan
Thimphu                                                                                                                          8th Oct. 2012                                          

Your Excellency,
Sub : OAG’s interference into private dispute

Most respectfully, I beg to submit to Your Excellency a copy of my submission to His Majesty the King regarding OAG being a tool of Dasho Ugen Tsechup Dorji. The letters give the details that I wish to bring to the kind attention of Your Excellency. As submitted to His Majesty, there are only two authorities in Bhutan that can rein-in OAG to its given mandate and empowerment. So I am appealing to the King and the Prime Minister to restrain both RBP and OAG from fighting private battles of Dasho Ugen Tsechup Dorji.

When RBP and OAG blatantly acts as the official goons of Dasho Ugen Tsechup Dorji and files trumped up criminal Charges against me on his behalf with the Royal Court of Justice, what recourse is there for the Judiciary? The Judiciary is being literally forced to become the favorable play ground of the rich and the powerful.

I understand that none of the Government Agencies, RBP or OAG would want to make Dasho Ugen Tsechup Dorji accountable for the Corporate misdeeds he had committed. But why do they go out of their lawful parameters to blatantly help him to inflict his vengeance because he thinks I stood up against him? If Dasho wants to make Bhutan Times his own “Political Paper” as so stated by him in the 17th Board Meeting and if his fellow Promoter Directors feel that “profit is not a priority” as so recorded in the 16th Board Meeting, why do I need to contribute to their goal? My investment purpose was commercial. So I had to cut my losses and part ways with them. I do not want to waste my time in futile attempts to stand up against anyone let alone such a powerful social figure as Dasho Ugen Tsechup Dorji. I respect the social hierarchy, the Government and the Royal Institution. Therefore, why would I ever want to defy anyone?  I only stand for my humble right to exist and live an uncomplicated simple family life of common man.

I have no doubt that such powerful political oppression will bear their evil fruit and I would have to bear the brunt. However, for the sake of the Nation and all humble common people of Bhutan, I would like to submit to Your Excellency to kindly look into the future. These same official tools can also become destructive forces in the hand of others who may also come to power in the distant future of this Kingdom.  Involvement of OAG, a legal arm of the government, in the dispute that is purely private would indeed be setting a dangerous precedent.

With my respects

Most humbly


Wangcha Sangey

Copy to:  1. His Excellency, the Home Minister, Tashichhodzong.
  2.  Hon’ble Secretary, His Majesty’s Royal Secretariat, Tashichhodzong.