Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A heart wrenching RBA and national tragedy in Haa

It is so sad. A very unfortunate incident cost lives in the most devastating manner. The way the accident happened, it is very possible that few of the 11 bereaved families may not even have the consolation of seeing the intact bodies of their beloved ones to grief over. I grieve for the victims, their families and the loss to Royal Bhutan Army and to the Nation.

Such horrible incident would naturally lead to official investigation. I hope the purpose would be to prevent future mishaps rather than to seek out who to blame and how to punish. The soldiers and the RBA Institution have suffered deeply and so everyone needs to be more understanding. Please refrain from official reactions that inadvertently extend further the national sorrow and tragedy already inflicted upon the Kingdom and the people. In military works what seems to be ‘unnecessary’ loss of life have happened before and unfortunately will take place in future in every Army not just that of Bhutan. So when something as tragic as this happens, our grief will be deep but our reaction must be tampered.  Let us pray for recovery of those injured and assemble on 7th September at Thimphu crematorium to pay respect to the brave soldiers and for those who can financially afford to also condole the bereaved families in the most proper traditional ways.

It is always a huge consolation to all Bhutanese when our King and the Commander-in-Chief of Defense Forces instantly takes charge in person at such critical times. Thank You, Your Majesty and I am so sorry for the personal hurt to Your Majesty. Regardless of how the accident happened, as a Buddhist, I take it as a national ‘Barkem’ and so with the ultimate sacrifice made by our brave soldiers; I hope a more grievous danger to the nation has been averted. It is my hope that the nation and the RBA high command will undertake to perform appropriate Rimdos with the help of the Dratsang. May the souls of the soldiers rest in peace. 


  1. I join Azha Sangay in offering my deepest condolences to the bereaved. May they find strength and courage to move on in such a difficult time. May the deceased find their ways to the path of ultimate liberation or higher rebirths in the upper realms. Om mani padme hung! Om manu padme hung!........

  2. It is such a huge tragedy that we lost eleven soldiers in Haa. One can not and will never be able to fathom the pain and sufferings the families of the brave soldiers are going through. At such tragic moment His Majesty's presence at the site is so soothing and comforting. Bhutan is indeed very fortunate to have a benevolent King like His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. Whether its the death of a student in the country or outside Bhutan or death of soldiers or victims of natural calamities His Majesty is always the first one to be there to console the grieving families. He is truly the people's King and the Bhutanese are very fortunate people.

  3. I join all my fellow Bhutanese in offering my prayers for the departed souls and strength for those loved ones that have been left behind. We have just come out of a traumatic elections and I hope that a tragedy such as this will at least help us unite us once again as a nation.

  4. His Majesty the King's genuine love towards his subjects is reflected through these small gestures of his personal presence at the spots of tragedy. This royal gesture is also a stark reminder to all of us that regardless of our differences of opinion and political affiliation we must remain united and try to serve the nation in our own humble and simple way and rally behind the government of the day and most importantly, His Majesty the King. This is the only to serve the Tsa Wa Sum.