Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thoughts on Syrian conflict and the challenges of Fukushima radioactive leaks

Syria and Ray of Peace

Russia and America have agreed upon a plan to resolve the Syrian conflict in a more acceptable passive manner. There will be no American invasion of Syria and threat of chemical warfare especially against Israel has been taken care of. The Syrian chemical stock is to be surrendered to an international authority, to be removed or destroyed. And Russia and America have agreed to an engagement to bring about an end to the civil war in Syria. All peace loving people and forces must applaud the two Presidents Putin and Obama for putting aside their personal and national egos and for their comprehension of economic and political realities of the world.

The recent Syrian event demonstrated the changing scenarios of the world.

1. The autocratic oil rich kingdoms of the Middle East especially Saudi Arabia are willing to fund an American invasion of Syria to remove Assad. The invasion money comes from oil and therefore oil prices would have drastically shot up. Presently petrol per litre is around Nu: 72 in Bhutan with the most recent increase. If Syria had been invaded it could have touched Nu: 90 per litre before December end.

2.  After the Tony Blair and Bush deception about Iraq war, the British people are no longer blind followers of American foreign policy of unilateral aggression. And France the only economically troubled Security Council member is all out for a war it does not have to foot the bill but opens a wide export market for her armament industries.

3. The old white American Senators of both Parties who have deep entrenched ties with American Corporations especially those war related industries are hungering for another war. Senator John McCain the rejected former Republican Presidential candidate spear heads this group. Fortunately they are outnumbered by more reasonable American Congressmen. The majority of voters who backed Obama presidency terms do not want America to wage another war. However, if President Obama had really wanted, he could have invaded Syria. The American public would have fallen behind their President because Americans have a deep sense of nationalism once a state of war is declared.

4. The invasion did not happen mainly for 2 reasons:

I) Obama rattled the saber to appease the powerful Jewish lobby of Israel in Washington and the pressures from Arab Allies in Middle East but deep down as a person, he is a man of peace who had committed himself to earn the laurels of the Nobel Peace Prize given to him even before he ever made any peace.

II) Russia is no longer a Super Power but it is still a game changer. And when the Russian stand is fully backed by China, the consequences of an effective missile strike to topple Assad changes dramatically. Assad may have retaliated with chemical attacks on Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia or he could have been killed in the first missile attack by America or Israel.  However, Syrian war would have continued. Russians have been defeated in battles but have not lost a war they had badly needed to win. And this time Russia had the economic might of China to call upon much needed resources to fund the war against America and her rich Arab Allies.

5. Syria is not just Assad. It is in a way the last bastion of Russian influence in Middle East and the three Seas. So stakes are far higher and more dangerous than American war-hawkers or Middle East Arab kings have envisioned. Any final American strategic move to completely monopolize the three Seas (Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Arabian Sea) will be out rightly challenged by Russia and China, the two non-western powers that complete the five permanent members of the Security Council of United Nations. It’s just not a question of regional influence.  It is the crux of national survival for both China and Russia and their Allies in the world. Therefore Saudi Arabia and Israel need to be realistic when calling upon Washington to do away with the Syrian Regime because changes may also result in their own sovereignties. And moreover the aftermath of removing Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi have not reduced the insecurities of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Japan finally opens Fukushima to outside expertise

This is a follow up to my thoughts on ‘The troubled waters of Fukushima’. The most recent decision of Japan to seek outside wisdom to tackle Fukushima radioactive issue is a responsible and welcome approach. However Japan should not restrict itself to only American advice.

Fukushima’s three nuclear reactor meltdown may not be comparable to Chernobyl disaster that humbled the Soviet Union. But neither is Japan as resource rich, powerful and big as was Soviet Union. Japan must face the realities and share its concerns with the people of Japan and the world. It needs to be mentally and nationally prepared for an honest approach to overcome or at the least contain the Fukushima radioactive leaks. The challenge is becoming bigger day by day and it is impossible to sweep away an impending disaster with silent national hara-kiri.

Japan need to harness the best nuclear brains available within and outside the country to find effective measures to combat the radioactive leaks. A must Japanese success in this endeavor would be a great cause of celebration for Japan, the world at large, the ecosystem and the world economy. Japan faces a herculean Fukushima task but the people of Japan have a history of Olympian determination. Go head Japan and good luck! Tame the Fukushima misfortune and prepare for Tokyo 32nd Olympia 2020. 

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  1. The Japanese government must also seek advice from Wangcha Sangey.