Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BJP on a India suicide path ?

BJP got massacred in Delhi Election as Modi donned several crore worth ( auction price ) republic day suit and civil rights turnabout power hungry politician Kiran Bedi made battle cries for BJP.

Now BJP targets ManMohan Singh through a Special CBI Court on a criminal conspiracy charge regarding coal allotment during UPA tenure.  If a true Mahatma Gandhian personality like former Indian Prime Minister ManMohan Singh is said to be personally involved in criminal conspiracy what hope is there for India as a Nation ?

Politics cannot get dirtier than this. It is appalling and common Indians have to rise up to stop this invasion of national dignity.

BJP is acting larger than India. BJP states that CBI must probe regardless of position or stature but this is not about position and stature. This is ManMohan Singh who is more than just 2 full term Prime Minister of India.  He is the the epitome of simple, honest and capable Indian. He is a respected economist with unquestionable integrity. He is not a politician fibre but a wholesome Indian national leader.

ManMohan Singh is different from Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi. He is not vicious nor power hungry politician. He is a man of peace and prosperity and consensus national builder. His priority is India and that must be how the world at large saw the person that honourable ManMohan Singh is at heart and in deed like the nuclear deal. BJP needs to restrain from toppling the mother ship whilst captaining it.

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