Sunday, March 15, 2015

Final Reckoning Day at Jigmeling.

Today Sunday the 15th March, 2015 is  probably the grandest day in the history of  Jigmeling Police Training Institute at Sarbang Dzongkhag. His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen graced the Passing Out Parade of the 47th Batch of Police Trainees known as Gagsars.

The atmosphere this morning was tensely exciting. For the last several months the 200 Police Trainees, six Cadet Officers led by over tasked and over stretched Instructor Lopens and Dashos under the overall Command of Training Centre Director Lt. Colonel Pema Gyeltshen  assisted by Deputy Director Major Kinlay Chophel was preparing for this Day Of  Reckoning. It is a historic day in the annals of Royal Bhutan Police. For this reason even the Chief of Police Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel along with Deputy Chiefs of Police  had stationed themselves at Jigmeling Centre supervising the final preparation for this epic day.

The Day of Reckoning passed off with flying colours. Their Majesties the King and Queen were most pleased with the presentation of the Passing Out Parade. His Majesty was pleased to don the Commander-in- Chief uniform and address the six platoons of Gagsars led by six Officer Cadets. Before that their Majesties reviewed the Line of Platoons. It must have been a moment of heaven on earth for all the Trainee Policemen and Cadets as their Commander-in- Chief and the beautiful Queen walked the very ground upon which they themselves had for the past many months trained and slogged heart, soul and bodily to perfect the art of service to the Tsawa Sum. For today 's performance, Kudos to the Instructors especially to Major Sisir Chettri the overall in-charge of the various Drills.   And Kudos to the Trainees for excellent executions.

Today's Address of the Supreme Commander was brief and to the point. It was a lesson that not just the smart in drill formation Platoons but even the assembled parents would cherish and uphold. His Majesty called upon the fresh policemen and Cadet Officers to keep at their core of national service the essentials of nationhood:

1. The Security and Sovereignty of this tiny Kingdom in between the two giant nations of China in the north and India in the south.

2. The Peace and Unity of the Nation.

3,  The goals of  Self Reliance and Sustainability.

4.  The Rule of Law both legislated and naturally woven out of our social and cultural heritage of tradition and practice.

The Supreme Commander called upon his recruits to serve the Police Force with the zeal to strengthen and improve the service quality so that ultimately the people develop genuine confidence in the Royal Bhutan Police. The Supreme Commander coaxed the troops to serve with honesty and integrity and cited examples of most recent deeds of several servicemen who defied corruption by overcoming temptations in their line of duty.

His Majesty also recalled the establishment of Royal Bhutan Police by his own grand father King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck in 1965 with a force of 550 Policemen and Officers drawn from Royal Bhutan Army and how it had grown under the stewardship of his father the 4th King and now under his own Kingship. Today RBP strength stands well over 3650. His Majesty expressed his happiness with the Royal Bhutan Police Force and the service of the Chief of Police Kipchu Namgyel .

Today the Gagsars were attested to assume the duty of Gagpas hereafter. Today 200 well trained and properly sensitised policemen join RBP. Its a proud day for them in particular but so many others especially the parents would be overwhelmed by today's experience. The Passing Out Parade is an Event that tells a different side of police life that the public in general are hardly aware of. If only we knew even a small percentage of the drills and grills the Gagsars undergo to graduate to qualified Policemen, maybe the man on the street would develop that all so important affinity towards the blue uniform that dedicate to preserve law so that society does not trample over each other.

I hope many Parents could attend the POP. At the end of the royal Address, His Majesty was most kind to convey royal  greetings to the Parents and others who had come to attend the Passing Out Ceremony. I am happy and deeply touched to be on the same Jigmeling parade ground on reckoning day with my youngest son Cadet Officer Sangey Dorji along with his five fellow Cadet Officers and the 200 Comrades for life Policemen. It was not possible to meet him today in person but that's O.K. They all had a Day to perform and celebrate. I believe that His Majesty was most pleased to Command for Jigmeling Police Training Centre to celebrate with a grand party. Well, Enjoy it ! All of you and the Nation deserve the celebration.

The Parade Ceremony was well attended. There were the full force of dedicated Royal Secretariat; the Chief of Operations Lt. General Batoo Tshering and other senior RBA Officers  and naturally almost all of the high command of Royal Bhutan Police; from the Civilian there were the Parliament Speaker, Finance and Communication Ministers, several Government Secretaries, Dasho Dzongdags and Dasho Drangpons of both Tsirang and Sarbang Dzongkhags along with other senior Officers. I thought that it was good for all the present to hear in person the Address of His Majesty. We all needed to be reminded from time to time of the dignity in serving humbly and the essence and importance of each individual  Bhutanese role in fulfilling the national goals. The royal words were spoken to the Passing Outs but addressed to all of us. A Leader always coaxing and guiding his people along the national path of coexistence and sustaining nationhood unity. That is how our People King is.

Palden Drukpa Gyalo !  Indeed, today at Jigmeling, it was Victory for Palden Drukpa.

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