Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Football contest between the Ancient and Upstart Dragons.

Today football teams of China and Bhutan face each other on the ground of Chang-ling-mi-thang stadium in Thimphu. The path to Moscow World Cup 2018 is a temptation that must be drawn with skill and sportsmanship courage. It is not a shouting match for barbaric hooligans who rely on racial slurs and derogatory behaviours to assuage their small man ego.

Winning and Losing matters in a game where the ambition is to win not lose. However, it is a sporting game not a battle of bloody death or sovereignty shame. Luck matters but mostly skill will dominate.

Bhutan is the true underdog this time but Bhutanese fans must keep in mind that Bhutanese are the Host. There is no call to behave disgracefully. Cheering is for encouraging national team to take away the game not to abuse the opponent. Win or lose, national grace must win the hearts around the world.

Bhutan is a late entrant to World Cup Football but Bhutanese played football long before Communist China revolution in October1949 or Indian Independence in August 1947. Students from centuries old sovereign Bhutan were playing football on the school grounds of British India Empire long before the Second World War.   So please forget portraying Bhutan as a late football ignorant and other lame duck excuses of population size and whatnots. Only 11 players in the field make the difference.

True that today most nations are better skilled and equipped than Bhutan. So the goal must be to work harder to catch up quickly  There is no call to make historical excuses for the present situation. And there certainly is shame in abusing the opponent for simply playing a superior game.

I do not think there will be other players than Mongolian - looking faces in the China Team today. But if it turns out otherwise, Bhutanese fans need to refrain from shamefully flouting self ignorance as in the case with the Hong Kong Team. For all the decades of free education in the international language medium ' English ' ; the exposure to mass communication including TVs and Internet ;  most Bhutanese fans dabbling on FB were ignorant about today's world of multiracial nations including Bhutan herself. That is a troubling display of education humiliation.

True colours of knowledge, social dignity and national characteristic comes forth under challenging circumstances especially when the going is tough and daunting. Try not to lose both pant and shirt in public.

Bhutan Football Team has huge united national fans and seemingly many countless well wishers around the world. Today is a day to build a nation in and off the football field. The nation must not be found lacking in team endeavour and fan decency. Good luck to the small but hardy Bhutan Police Force in ensuring an enjoyable public environment of world football game.

I wish good health to China Team. Go! Go! Go! Bhutan Team ! Put your heart and sweat into this game . Do the nation and yourself proud. You have already placed us in the hearts of football lovers worldwide. Keep demonstrating there is promising future through skill and sportsmanship calibre. GOOD LUCK !!!

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