Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The end result China Bhutan Road to Russia Football Match- 6 goals favour the Red Dragon.

If only Bhutan had retained the Bhutanese Coach it would have been a real credit to this national performance. Under a Bhutanese Coach the results with Hong Kong and China  could not have been more disappointing. And the Bhutanese nation could have set an international trend in fielding a pure national ( Bhutanese ) wholesome team.

Well played China. Hard luck Bhutan. And thank you ChhoeChang and Monks. From the TV screen the Fans were great. Hope it was so on the ground. A small nation with a great heart of Host. Thank you China Fans for visiting Bhutan. Have great Memories!

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  1. Thank you Bhutan for hosting us. Very nice to be in Bhutan

    From China

    We are too busy dealing with our own issues so no need to fear us