Tuesday, June 27, 2017

On Fiscal Incentives becoming Money Bill and proposed National Water Commission

Well !  Very much in character of Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay, he faced the nation on BBS live a while ago..

Just watched the PM defending the approach of his Government on issues of   1.Fiscal Incentives as Money Bill  and   2.Proposed National Water Commission.

My takes:

PM says that  Fiscal Incentive granted by DPT Government 3 days before winding up its term resulted in Nu:186 million savings for 94 hotels so far. And out this amount Nu: 76 million was the savings of the Le Meriden Hotel of the daughter of  former Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba. Quite a statistic.   Possible that the hotel Le Meriden Thimphu did more business and therefore,  benefitted more  from the incentives granted. However, with such a fact surfacing, one does realise the necessity of more transparency in  Fiscal Incentive given by a Government.

2. I still stand by my blog I wrote on 24th June, 2017 on " Fiscal Incentives and Money Bill. I feel it is too simple to leave the whole issue of Fiscal Incentives becoming  Money Bill upon the Speaker's decision only.  However,  I do not find any valid ground regarding DNT calls for resignations.  Maybe for the same reason, the Opposition Party and the NC have not publicly backed DNT stand.

3. I share Lyonchhen's view that Money Bills will always get passed by a sitting  Government but there will be transparency even for Fiscal Incentives.

4. Regarding Water Commission, the PM is aware about the Act that empowers NEC on matters of water resources. So DPT stand which I read  in Kuensel today is very valid and legitimate. However, with the proposal for National Water Commission, it seems the Government intends to make parallel approaches. Drafting the proposal for National Water Commission and also working towards framing necessary legislation/ amendments to legally constitute the Commission. As a citizen I simply look for the necessity since existing  legislations can always be amended and new  created by the Parliament.

At personal level, I am dismayed with many water sources drying up. Such news dominates anxieties of rural people in BBS TV news. The urban residents also face acute water scarcity. It is not just irrigation and drinking water issues as vital as these are. Water is the soul of natural vegetation upon which a nation survives. In my own perception, the nation must be more serious and sincere in regards to water sources and management of dry wastes. I hope these two environmental agendas get the blessings of all authorities, Agencies,  Political Parties and all citizens.

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