Saturday, July 1, 2017

No true friend only self interested neighbours at Doklam.

Bhutanese Citizens must not get excited with the overblown Doklam problem at the Tri-Junction of  Chinese Tibet, Indian Sikkim and Bhutan. There is more politics here than actual action. Bhutanese soldiers at the border are fully capable of protecting our sovereignty without the assistance of any third party. Also Bhutan has never asked any Country including close friend India to fight our border  battle.

Regarding Sino - Bhutan Border, both nations have been holding talks to arrive at acceptable solutions. The  progress of such talks hinges on confidence building measures not just historical tales and documents if any. The moment India steps in or claims to help Bhutan in the  Sino Bhutan Boundary issues,  China becomes suspicious and attitude changes.

Indian Media also keeps changing their reports.  Until Bhutanese Foreign Ministry issued a press statement, they said the encroachment was related to Bhutan. Now they are saying the problem is at Sikkim China border. 

Also it is impossible for Indian soldiers to come to the aid of Bhutanese soldiers at Doklam. Our soldiers would resist any such offer.  Bhutanese solders cannot ask help from Indian soldiers to deal with Chinese soldiers. Likewise Bhutanese soldiers cannot ask help from Chinese soldiers to deal with Indian soldiers. Bhutanese officers are well aware of the implications of such stupidity.

The reasons why the successive Kings of Bhutan had Bhutanese soldiers guarding the international  borders of the Kingdom is that we do not trust both  China and India to protect our international border. If we ever be so stupid to ask their help, their soldiers will enter but never leave Bhutan.

The King of Bhutan led his own Bhutanese soldiers during the war in South Bhutan against Indian militant groups. His Majesty did not ask China or India to help. It would have been a lost cause if the King hid behind soldiers of other nations. Thus His Majesty led from the front his own soldiers.

Bhutanese citizens and democratic leaders must keep in mind that the day Bhutan relies on India or China to fight our battle, we betray our sovereignty. And please keep away from political charade that China and India engages in at the Tri- Junction Doklam. Do not be dragged into the dangerous net of India and China conflict. They will swallow Bhutan first and then continue their  disputes for ages to come.  

And stop believing that India is defending Bhutanese international boundary interests against China at Doklam. Does any genuine Bhutanese citizen or leader believe that during demarcation of India and Bhutan international  borders, the Indian Government or her Army would have been looking out for Bhutanese interests ?  Only Bhutan can truly stand for Bhutanese interests especially in matters of our international borders. Pelden Drukpa Gyel Lo !


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  2. Aue Wangcha Sangay, your writings on Bhutanese politics and international relations make sense. I wish those in PDP government reads your blog. But I am afraid the those amateurs in PDP do not see much beyond themselves and their party interests. Instead, they would be too willing to play into the hands of those cunning Indian politicians. Yeah, like you said it would be a suicide if we invite India to intervene into Bhutan-China border dispute (if there is any).
    Our leaders must be aware that there is so much politcs in this game of India-China relation. Washington and her European vassel states are wary of rising China. So they are doing all they can to stop China growth (both military and economic). India is seen as a useful tool by the western powers to contain China. Thats why, China and her allies like Russia and Iran are treated unjustly by the western governments and by their corporate mass media. So Bhutanese must be aware that we should not allow ourselves to be dragged into this big power games if we want to remain as an Independent nation

  3. Very true, I like Wangcha Sangay blog,
    Bhutanese have to help themselves and keep in mind that we do not have friends. Only self interest neighbours.
    Some in Wolf clothing and some Wolf in Sheep clothing.

    1. I agree with you, it's better between two wolves than in front of one wolf.
      there is an old word in China, stay on the rock and watch the two tigers fighting.
      Do not get involved in it. keep balance between the two countries, and get your best interests.
      Regards from China

  4. In the year 2013 during political campgain the present PDP government has misuesed our policy of restraint thus our neighbouring country India take advantages and dragging bhutan in between them.

  5. The border issue has been pressing us forever! We have limited resources and land which would be peanuts to both China and India. I also feel that India wouldn't interfere with this issue as they are facing similar problems themselves. They would rather let it be as it isn't their "land" that is being occupied. We may have all the help from India, for which this nation's people are grateful but at this instance we need to have a peace treaty with our neighbors.I wonder why our PM or Minister, have not come forward with a plan? Is it that we need approval of GOI? Even if we did, then can't these people take the risk and go do something about it? Something is better than nothing!
    Just because the south is wary of the north doesn't mean we should not be doing anything. We should make a move and extend the 'hands of friendship and not enmity,' which should also be our motto.Just like Poland, Hungary etc. We can and must be good neighbors. This would be best for all involved. At this time and age when everyone is looking at China and India, why can't we be friends with these great nations? They are just a step away from our home.
    If we did have a peace treaty with China, it would also be a security for India too.
    In a lighter sense China maybe the best friend but India will always be the best friends forever!
    God Bless!!

  6. Dear Author, you made our stand crystal clear. There is no room for blame game at this juncture. I am optimistic that our enlightened leaders will pay heed to the cause as effect when it comes to international border deal.

  7. We are not living in 1970s if any of the two enchroachs bhutan they will face extreme consequences and india is struggling in kashmir and north east to maintain peace why will they enchroach bhutanese land when they knew that they can't handle it there will be rebellion.
    Make some sense the new leader PM Modi views india not as a country but as ethnicity india does not have common ethnicity its as diverse as you can't think why will anyone want to add another diversity when there is problem already
    India respects bhutanese soveriegn previous gov had done wrong but new gov is trying hard to set everything right with everyone