Sunday, July 9, 2017

NDTV and Doklam


Please be little discerning when talking on this sensitive subject. The Royal Government has not confirmed in any manner that Bhutan asked India to intervene. India said initially Bhutan asked  and then gradually reworded to " in coordination with Bhutan ".  Actually Indian Media and other sources referred to Indian Army and Chinese Construction Party confrontation in the 1st week of June. Bhutan Government demarche of 20th June asked China to maintain status quo as of 16the June. It is possible that such a demarche was issued at Indian request because they were caught flat footed and needed an excuse for the transgression after Nathula closed.

There were always few frictions at Sino Bhutan Border and all were always solved without ever seeking Indian help. Sino Bhutan Border is Bhutanese sovereign affair as one of your guest tonight stated. Bhutan never said Bhutan was being bullied.So please do forget your feverish narrative " tiny being bullied by big". What Indian Media propaganda!

Your ex Army guest is over shooting.  The so called swap was in Central and Western Northern Sino Bhutan Border. Not at Doklam. ( Reference Today Bigfigt  )


Time: 9:12 pm Date 08-07-2017


  1. No matter what kind of thing, China direct communicating with Bhutan is the best way to respect Bhutan's sovereignty and dignity.

    it will be a joke that one countey protect another country's sovereignty by violent that country's sovereignty.

    1. doesn't even know the spelling of country and doesn't respect the sovereignty of country like Taiwan,japan,hong kong, mongolia.
      shameless chinese people and indian jealousy feeling

    2. ....."shameless..." I wonder who is ...?

  2. ANI has report that "Bhutanese people say China's border action could lead to war - Bhutan News". They have interview couple of Bhutanese asking view on the hot discussion.

  3. India meddles with sino-bhutan border as india want to tell world that they she is backed up by anti-china block . however china is faaaar ahead of india and if india does not pull its troops , china will flex muscles to push the self invited indian back to home.

    1. "... china will flex muscles to push the self invited indian back to home." I would think that it is pointless to flex even a single fibre of any muscle.....Why ?.....because two most civilised countries heve other avenues to sort out any kind of differences ...if not, then it is preferable for all of us to go back to the stone age to politely sort out a civilised manner ....