Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Negotiating from the position of strength.

American offical policy towards North Korea: 

"Axis of Evil " declared President Bush. 

"We are not your enemy" confirms Tillerson Secretary of State.

What caused the change in American policy towards North Korea ? The answer is ICBM. It is always better to negotiate from the position of strength. That was American maxim which North Korea adopted to the hilt.

After the second ICBM tests, America tells North Korea. To quote:

"We do not seek regime change. We do not seek an accelerated reunification of the peninsula. We do not seek an excuse to send our military north of the 38th parallel,"

"We are not your enemy, we are not your threat, but you are presenting an unacceptable threat to us and we have to respond," Tillerson said, speaking to North Korea directly. "We would like to sit and have a dialogue about the future."

May the Pacific Rim realise the dawn of permanent peace.


  1. The US know full well that North Korean missiles, be it currently or even at a fairly distant future, can never reach any part of the continental Americas.

  2. US is the most dishonourable nation, a nation founded on the blood and tears of native American Indians, their barbarity, the massacre of native Indians to near extinction, the small number of leftover native Indians were driven to a confined area they call Indian Reservation - a total decimation of Indian culture and people. Many peace treaties with Indian were never honoured. 'The white man speaks with a fork tongue" so says the vanquished and heartbroken Indians. The native Australian aboriginal had faced similar treatment where a distinct indigenous aboriginal race were totally extinct, such is the criminality of the Anglo race.
    Fast forward to this century. The US and their
    Anglo cohort of today is still the same, a shameless and morally bankrupt nation, breaking promises and treaties with Russia, China, N Korea and other nations. Instigating colour revolutions, regime-change or all out invasion of countries causing mass deaths and destruction in many part of the world.
    The N korean nuclear and missile build up is just a natural response to constant US threat of aggression and economic sanctions and large scale military exercises on its border and a mock invasion. The leaders of N Korea had learnt they could face a similar fate like Iraq, Libya and Syria if they don't possess a strong deterrent(nuclear) against unbridled US war-mongering.
    To be truthful, the US has no real intention of seeing real peace in Korean peninsula, its real intent is to stay put in Korea for the purpose monitoring China and Russia, they sees as the real challengers to US power and hegemony.
    The US is now beginning to feel the heat of Kim's nuclear bomb and missiles that will eventually be able to reach the US mainland and is of great concern to the political nincompoop of Washington beltway. They have no real idea how to deal with the situation apart from flexing more military muscles not knowing that the only way is to sit down with Kim and negotiate in good faith.
    Trump twitted that he is disappointed with China for not doing enough to rein in N. Korea, what the US don't understand is that China has done a lot behind the scene, like - so far there hasn't been any new nuclear test ( probably China's redline) apart from the missiles test.
    N Korea is an independent nation and China respect its sovereignty and independence and understand N Korea has its own security interest to protect like all other nations. Unlike S Korea, Japan or Australia that grovels before the US and are lead by the nose.
    US expects China to play the role of a fireman - and on the other hand it will not stop adding fuel to fire, flying their bombers, brandishing their weapons and more military exercises is not the way to defuse tensions and N Korea is not easily intimidated by it.and will respond in kind.
    N Korean will not give up its nuclear weapons, it's Kim's trump card for self preservation and sees the US as a real threat and will not trust them.

  3. I can understand people say China is threatening world peace as defined by US or status quo as defined by India, but North Korea, a tiny county with a population of around 25 millions, threatening world peace is a bit tough to swallow. Whom is North Korea directly threatening at? The only ones that I can think of are US, South Korea and Japan; even in this case, North Korea is more interested in US, than its two puppet states, South Korea and Japan (may be more so Japan than South Korea for historical reasons), as US killed millions of North Korea innocent civilians during Korean war and is constantly provoking and threatening North Korea peace whichever way it feels like as we usually call a bully would do. Does anyone still keep track of how many wars that US is currently involving itself in? I lost count five years ago. And you wonder why North Korea worries about what is going to happen to North Korea five years down the road considering US track records on regime changes during the past twenty years if North Korea does not have nuclear weapons to defend itself. So when people say North Korea threatening world peace, it is really just US, South Korea and Japan peace, mainly US, not everyone else. I am not hearing North Korea is threatening others unless it is being provoked. I am not hearing Mexico or even Canada who are US only neighbors loudly complaining North Korea is threatening their peace. I am not hearing Sweden complaining that North Korea is threatening their peace. Then you say: North Korea is also threatening Australia, British and few others; the reason they may feel threatened is due to the fact that US has its military bases in these countries. If US pulls out, you would be amazed how these countries would immediately feel peace be bestowed upon them. When people say North Korea is threatening world peace is very misleading; in this case, it is only three countries, mainly US, out of 196 countries in the world. I would say more sub-regional peace at best or mainly just one country at worst.

  4. As always, we know USA is full of shit. It ain't called United Snakes of America {USA} for nothing, those damn snakes.