Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Once again ordinary citizens are subjected to cultural discipline.

Bhutan Government exercises cultural whip brandishing to perhaps squash freedom of expression and thought.

From adarachu to tracksuit ban in schools to this Shemgang disciplinary rule of gho and kira, this governmrnt has been issuing threats and penalties upon the general populace like nobody's business.

If Bhutan is really serious about preserving sovereignty then most respected and feared authorities, please exercise few much needed national responsibilities from your side.

1. Tell Dantak the Para- Military Force of India or authorize respective Dzongkhag administration to remove all " Welcome Sign Boards " put up by  Force Dantak . The Indian Force should not be welconing visitors to Bhutanese soil.

2. Tell Indian Army to move out of Haa Chelila forests and stop contaminating the sacred and scarce drinking water sources of Wangtsa village. Protection and preservation of natural environment is a constitutional mandate. 

3. Flush out the so called " miscreants " that Royal Government has claimed to be
obstructing the construction of Southern Highway. National ownership of Bhutsnese land is sovereignty.

4. Guard the International Borders of the Kingdom ( prevent transgressions as in Doklam) and protect and preserve real sovereign powers and authorities as in pursuing independent foreign policies. These represent true sovereignty and national identity.

Forcing cultural discipline upon general populace in the name of sovereign identity  and policing rural villages are more the traits of thugs rather than legitimate authority. There are uniforms of pant and shirt in all Defence Institutions and all institutionalised civil Agencies. Yet it is the general populace upon whom cultural whips for gho and kira are applied with legal and financial penalties. Are ordinary people rising up against the existing authority that even their daily wear must be subjected to authoritarian rule? Someone is having bad dreams I suspect. 

What is it that drives our Dasho Dzongdas the representatives of His Majesty the King and the Thrizens the royally  pampered patang walla local leaders to demonise ordinary subjects of the Druk Gyalpo? Any secret political angle to tame the man on the street for the coming general election or what ?



  1. Dear sir, you have hit at the very crux of the issue. This is what I have also seen in this government.

  2. Agree with you totally but on "gho and kira", it is Zhemgang DYT including Dzongda to be blamed and not central government. These bunch of foools at DYT hall have no better job to do than snatch away somebody's right in the name of culture tablibanism!!! They are still living in 16th century! soon they will ban plate and mugs and force pple to use phob tora! And only pangtse hafpen!!! ridiculous!! ;) :)

    1. The Zhemgang Dzongdag is the PDP puppet that has been appointed as Dzongdag which can render the services in favour of Party only thus Author has wrightly pointed out the relevant points.

  3. This is the thing with our Bhutanese, especially those in any kind of position. They absolutely love to throw their weight around other Bhutanese who are their underlings, but they can't do anything to others. I am glad that having lived outside for so long, I have completely rid my self of this shameful trait.

  4. If our authorities are serious, then this Gho and Kira rule must first implement from the street of Thimphu. Let us see first how our elite Thimphuwala can follow and accept it. Any good example should begin from Thimphu and set first by Thimphuwala. Why we have to target the weakest of the weak like guinea pigs.

    When China and India trespassed and confronted into our Doklam area for 70 days, except with few Bhutanese, 99.99% of Bhutanese people were silent and accepted the Doklam occupation. And guess how Gho and Kira rule can protect this nation from occupation like Doklam?

    Our 205 Gups need to be sent on foreign trips so that they get some exposure, see the outside world and get their minds unlocked on their return. Gups have 101 better things to do than this in their communities if they want to.

  5. Sir, you raise pertinent issues. Wish we had someone like you in the government. But sad to see that our politicians/leaders lack the guts to stand up/speak out for our country. They are good at fighting for their selfish ends. The so called "one of the pillars of democracy" which is mainstream media parrots only the establishment's propaganda. The only true voice for this nation is through blogs like yours. Keep up the good work. May the Choechong Soom of our nation protect us all.v