Thursday, August 1, 2019

Who could have benefit from bringing Sonam Home from Japan?

Not Sonam. She cannot benefit. And certainly Sonam's family who would want her to live and receive the best available medical care cannot benefit from bringing Sonam home. I think only the Japanese Insurance Company under insurance  obligation to foot 70% of Sonam's medical treatment would be relieved if Sonam's case is taken off their liability.

Why are few Bhutanese with some dubious social media influence knowingly or unknowingly serving the interest of a Japanese insurance firm now footing major portion of medical bills of Sonam's treatment in Japan. They want to bring Sonam home. Why?

The Japanese insurance firm is not going to foot the transhipment cost. It is crazy in term of financial cost plus gravely too risky. Sonam could be killed in the process.

If bringing Sonam home is so easy and without liability, our governmrnt would also readily do it. Footing 30% of treatment bills plus all other related expenses in Japan is a huge amount for a resource constraint nation. But the government cannot bring Sonam home because the process entails prohibitive financial costs and worse it could kill the patient.

However,  any  insurance company would be delighted if someone else took the initiative to move medically insured Sonam out of their hand and liability. Infact, if I was the CEO of that insurance company, I would be very grateful to have few Bhutanese social media figures manipulating the  gullible Bhutanese public and raise social media hell to pressure the Bhutanese government to bring Sonam home. Thankfully the Bhutanese PM is a sound medical professional himself and cannot be fooled into taking rash action.  

Why do few Bhutanese want to  bring a seriously brain damaged patient from an advanced nation where medical facilities and professional expertise are readily available (Japan ) to a Least Developed Nation ( Bhutan ) which lacks proper medical facilities and professional expertise to treat such patient?

Why play the role of a Saviour Angel for the Japanese Insurance Company? If Sonam dies in the attempt to transfer her, it is all the better for the insurance company. They are saved from further treatment expenses.

Sonam and her family does not benefit by moving her from well equipped hospital in Japan to Bhutan. What an irony? Bhutan spends millions every year to send patients outside to receive proper treatment because such is not available within the nation. And few Bhutanese who are well aware of the inadeqacies of health facilities in Bhutan are deliberately manipulating  public sentiment and calling for brain damaged Sonam to be brought home to Bhutan. How cruel and sickly motivated?

Why the attempt to kill Sonam? To save financial stress on the Japanese insurance company? Or does the family want Sonam back home dead or alive? Or is it an opportune moment to highlight self grandeur displaying the devil's sympathy for Sonam and her family? 


  1. I fully agree with this. Every one needs to read this post.

  2. We have an increasing number of holier-than-thou influencers in the social media with their brand of quick judgement and moral authority. Rational thinking is somehow devoid in all their arguments. After the Honourable PM gave justification on why bringing Sonam is a bad idea, people began understanding and started to support him. Seeing this, the influencers felt that their cause/campaign was losing momentum; now, if you read their latest post their fight has now moved to other issues like lack of proper healthcare in our country and euthanasia.