Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A matter of re-examination of English II.

Is it really and absolutely necessary for class XII students to redo the Exam from the original School ? Could they not register with their individual Admit Card  identification numbers at a Middle or High School available at their place of residence?

The DEOs and Dzongkhag and Court Officials in respective Dzongkhags could provide the support and vigilance roles. Further if given adequate notice and Exam is conducted towards end of February or 1st week of March, all concerned students can make themselves available for the Examination. Also all schools will be opened and running so logistic problems of even providing text books for a few days preparation is possible.

Catching the culprits is a different issue. Bhutanese High School Certificate value and validity can only be sustained through re-  conducting an Exam whose question papers were publicly declared to have been leaked.

Why and what could be obliging the Cabinet of the Kingdom of Bhutan to indirectly take endorsing steps for wrong doing by making all excuses to avoid a re- examination ? Is corruption the guiding light of governance of convenience ?

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