Friday, January 16, 2015

An Outsider's view of Insiders' conduct of National Exam Board and Cabinet.

1. It seems the English Paper II question leaks was known by the Board from day one and yet no attempt was made to change the questions though there was time.

2, The subsequent corrective measures be it the initial decision to award English I mark for English II or the final decision to treat as if nothing critical happened so it should be generally acceptable to the majority of students to have the exam papers of English II evaluated and marks given accordingly in lieu of redoing the exam. And abstract intentions declared by the Government to take appropriate official actions against supposedly ghost cheaters or question paper leak patrons. Bullshit or political craps.

3. The Exam Board must be having as members people who understand and subscribe to the dignity of credibility for Education Certificates issued by the Board. To such a Board there can not be any other credible alternative to a wide spread question leaks but to re-conduct the Exam. So it simply means that the Board could not stand up to the political pressure of the Cabinet. I suppose the self preserving members would still want to preserve their board seats.

4, Now why would the Cabinet intervene? Cost of re-conducting the Exam? Certainly not. If a special Druk Air flight can be arranged from Bhutan to India to treat a single arrow hit patient what cost can stop a Government to do the right thing that affect the lives of thousands of youth and credibility of National Board for Exams. Timing is not at all an impediment. Colleges start in July or August months for High School Pass outs

5. This unfortunate and disgusting merry go round politicking with the credibility of national education system and process is an outcome of adverse conflict of political and personal interests at national level.

6. It seems that questions for both English papers I & II were leaked for the benefit of few lazy but socially and politically well connected candidates. The source or leak patron did not bargain for the same favoured students to share questions with intimate friends who would do the same for their intimate friends. The moral solace is that our youths  though subject to temptations are not totally selfish. It is also very possible that essay topics also got leaked but these can be camouflaged by simply adding irrelevant topics also.

6, A tightly controlled re- exam would be a disadvantage to such lazy favoured students. So the Government tried to seek a convenient and lazy student favoured way by doubling the English I mark. This was met with a huge cry from majority of students including some very good students of the English language who the BBS interviewed. I do not know those students but it was for all to see that those students with such reasoning and articulating power would fly through any English exams. However they came forward to express their shock and dismay.

7. The Government finally clams down with another shameless shocker and this time an education marshal law to protect the favoured lazy students. The Education Exam Board was directed to ignore the question paper leak and evaluate the answer papers of the by now thoroughly  corrupted and abused English paper II Exam.

There is meek acceptance for two reasons:

1) Students and adults alike have phobia for exams and interviews. So redoing an exam takes its toll.

2) When such united public outcry of the last several weeks cannot move a Cabinet,the available alternate option in a democracy is yet most unsettling for over century of a peaceful environment of the Kingdom under great Kings.

One is made to wonder why and for what political purpose the Government is simply on a headlong rush for a headlong national crash. Why is the Cabinet instigating national crisis one after another? What power is being tested and what kind of ground is being prepared and what could be the end game objective?.

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