Monday, January 12, 2015

The Assault Charm at Gujarat Vibrant by Prime Minister of Bhutan.

I just watched BBS 2 replay of the Speech of Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay. Its incredibly seductive and briefly tantalizing in nature. The audience was floored. A national advertisement worth millions of dollars absolutely free of fees and it locked the attention of the whole world to the tiny sovereign nation of the Bhutanese people. India and China are the two encircling giant neighbours of Bhutan but in Gujarat the tiny dragon of a Kingdom stunned the billions to apt wonder struck bewilderment. What could the host Prime Minister Modi of India do but to enthusiastically clap when the Prime Minister of Bhutan declared to the Delegation from around the world, " Come! Invest in Bhutan! You have fresh air, clean environment, happiness and completely free access to the huge market in India."

If a Bhutanese speaks in Hindi in India in an International Gathering then it better be to seduce Mother India or else I for one would  accuse the Bhutanese Speaker of ambushing Bhutanese national pride and sovereignty. The Speech was flawlessly delivered and beautifully worded both in English and Hindi to maximise Bhutan's national interests. 'Make in India' was so softly and wilfully charmed away to Investment in Bhutan,the Kingdom of Gross National Happiness.

I have always maintained that for a landlocked tiny Kingdom that is so dependent on outside goodwill and respect, we have to have extraordinary national leaders who can dominate world scene through personal dynamism. We are most fortunate to have successive Prime Ministers beginning from honourable late Prime Minister Jigme Palden Dorji who can convey the wishes and designs of our great Kings to the international audiences.

Thank you, Your Excellency Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay for storming the Gujarat Forum with Bhutanese delicacies. It was a huge lesson in the art of bilateral and international diplomacy.

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