Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Blessed years of my life and that of Families.

A great year is setting into history. So much happened and much reasons to be happily thankful.
The most gracious Triple Gem has been abundant in Blessings and Love. Of all the Prayers and Wishes in my life, the health of the family members has always been the most precious desire.

The year 2015 has been a year of good family health. I hope and pray that the coming New Year 2016 be Blessed and protected by the Triple Gem.

In gratefully bowing to the Passing Year and welcoming the New Year, I fondly and reverently thank the Family Deities and Ancestors for always guiding the Families and looking after all the members. It is with their Blessings and Guidance that our Families have been able to find Happiness and Comfort and preserve respect and self dignity.

Life is living and as such it cannot be totally free of trials and errors and even loss of life itself. What is important and what must be sought from Triple Gem, the Family Deities and Ancestors is the moral and spiritual strength to overcome difficulties if possible and otherwise to understand why some things happen and then be able to move forward with dignity, hope and love. This has been the secret of my way of living the life.

My love, blessings and good wishes to all younger members. I offer my respects and affection to all Elders of the Families. May the Year 2016 further strengthen the unity of the Families and Bless us with more members and self confidence.

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