Tuesday, December 15, 2015

To Tell or not to Tell article by Kuensel Sonam Pelden evokes a critical social dilemma.

HIV/ AID affected patients should not be Victimised or Glorified. And public safety should come first.

Victimisation leads to social outcast. And Glorification create acceptability to the extent that the general people especially the vulnerable youth adopt more liberal sexual behaviours.

However, when such  patients voluntarily or involuntarily under influence of drugs or alcohol are engaging in public sexual conduct, the concerned authorities who conceal the identities of HIV/AID patients have to bear moral responsibility to protect public victims.

Why did such Agencies demonstrate irresponsibility until Chithuen Phendey made a public appeal? Such social irresponsibility is nothing short of criminal deed.


  1. That was what worried me too la...and the more concern right now is about those 'at least 50 men' or so who slept with her is equally a CONCERN for the safety of the general public...what would be the nest step NOW mo la?

  2. The next step is to attempt contacting those sexually associated with the patient and encourage them to come forward for check ups and treatment if necessary. Not all may be infected with HIV even if they had sexual relationship with the lady. Where possible contact directly and other unknowns through social media. Give contact number and some information about the health personnel whom they can contact in confidence. Hope the HIV patient will cooperate in identifying those that she is able to. Not every sex partner would be infected so it is better to simply do an HIV test for those involved with the patient without citing any particular reason.

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