Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What kind of a Tendrel Initiatives ? Reference BBS News.

To quote, "The first Tendrel Initiatives will be to make the Bhutanese aware of the symbolism and significance of Birth of the Royal Heir". Unquote

That the organisers feel that the People of Bhutan need to be taught to quote "the symbolism and significance of the Birth of Royal Heir" unquote,  is not just stupid arrogance but an insult to the Tsawa Sum. The insinuation that after 108 years of the Reigns of the great Wangchuck Kings, the Bhutanese people would not know what it means to welcome the Birth of Sixth King is unacceptable and unpalatable.

If People of the Kingdom of Bhutan still do not know the " symbolism and significance" of the Birth of the Crown Prince, then no commercial and self glorifying venture by any Agency is going to indoctrinate them hereafter. Please go about making your money or name but do not accuse the People of Bhutan of being ignorant of the , " symbolism and significance " of the Birth of the Crown Prince. On the other hand the tree planting initiative though not a new idea is nevertheless an appropriate deed to celebrate the occasion. A still better deed would be to give the money to a Hospital  for improving prenatal care.

So many Bhutanese have already poured their hearts out to welcome the gracious royal announcement. Bhutanese feel proud and honoured to be taken into such confidence by His Majesty the King. It is a true gesture of love that our King so willingly shared such a joyful historic news of the imminent arrival of the Birth of the Crown Prince. If the People of Bhutan needed to be taught the "symbolism and significance " then such precious loving news would not have been shared on the very auspicious day of the celebration of 60th Birth Anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.


  1. Entirely agree with your comments. It's unclear who was responsible for this thoughtless arrogance, but they have not only no respect for the common people's intelligence and sentiment, they also apparently plan to waste yet more of Bhutan's dwindling treasure on foppery. The proposal as published is also hurtful especially to young people who have their own deep and sincere respect for the Monarchs. As for the trees, yes, a nice gesture, but it would be much more meaningful as Dasho says to donate to alleviate a specific and urgent need in hospitals - midwifery or dental or whatever. Bhutanese should no longer be treated in such a cavalier fashion.

  2. Your country has got a very respected and well loved King that cares for everyone. The tradition should live on.
    Wishing you a Happy & Healthier New Year 2016!