Friday, January 8, 2016

An acknowledgement for views expressed on " Rediculous in many ways but the Nation has decided "

I want to express my appreciation to all for freely expressing your thoughts. My special thanks to Dasho Tashi Dorji of National Council and Dasho Nima Wangdi former Health Secretary because both Health Ministry and National Council are part of the problems under discussions here.

My own deduction is that the rule presently enforced by the Health Ministry and the decision of the National Council will have to give way to Trends Beyond their Comprehension.

As Dasho Nima Wangdi has pointed out these rules are of pre- democracy days and so the present Government or NC are not the original source. The fault of present NC Body and the present Government is their refusal to change the rules in the light of present  situations. Again we cannot blame every MP in National Council or every Minister in the Cabinet.

Last year the Government appointed a former drangpon who had resigned from Judiciary Service as Attorney General. This I felt was a welcome trend that highlighted necessary evolution in thought process of a emerging democratic nation.

Likewise if a former drangpon can represent the Prosecution in the Royal Court of Justice then ex- drangpons have to be allowed to represent the Defence in the Royal Court of Justice. This is what I mean when I said ' trends beyond their comprehension '

Also OAG is full of lawyer colleagues of Judges who preside  over the present Royal Courts of Justice. OAG lawyers are also deservingly being appointed as drangpons.  And  even many lawyer Jabmis in private law practice are classmates of the present drangpons. More than that Drangpons are not isolated individuals. They have families, friends and community ties. The system must learn to trust the drangpons to do justice to their entrusted judicial responsibilities. The retired or ex- drangpons should not be victimised on flimsy grounds that appear more of vindictiveness.

And as for medical doctors, the fact was a few months before the 108 National Day 17th December,2015, a former Dungtso was stopped from practising his trade. There was a very compelling history making letter that Kuensel carried from the Dungtso against the dictum of the Heath Ministry set up Body. Then on the National Day, His Majesty awarded this very officially persecuted Dungtso the National Gold  Medal for his service to the Nation from the time of the Third King and requested him to continue serving the people in medical need. This is what I mean when I said, ' trends beyond their comprehension '.

We have well educated and intelligent leaders and law makers. What is lacking is their devotion to honestly think over a situation or a problem. The tendency is to speak because they have the forum and make decisions because they have the powers. If every MP felt he or she is there to serve all and not carry out some parties' bidding, maybe laws would be less vindictive and personalised.

I must also point out that the National Assembly approving ex- drangpons practising in High Court and Supreme Court would have served no useful purpose if the Supreme Court had not  lately issued a legal directive in judicial process. Now High Court can conduct a full Hearing just like the Dzongkhag Courts unlike the previous restrictive judicial procedure.

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