Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pathankot a Tremor that's still shaking India to the national core.

How could six Terrorists terrorise the whole Indian National Security and Defence Apparatus for over 80 hours ( 4 days and 3 nights ) ? According to Indian version, the attack ended with death of 7 to 8 Indian Security Forces, many wounded and 6 Terrorists killed. The Terrorists not just breached inside the heavily fortified  Pathankot Air Base in Punjab but even had booby trapped Indian Security Forces in their own yard.

The Pathankot Air Base of Indian Air Force is supposed to be an impregnable fortified Forward Air Base, the forefront defence or attack base in case of war with Pakistan. And this nationally critical Air Base gets paralysed in the face of six suicidal Terrorists Team alleged to be sponsored by a Terrorist Wing based in Pakistan.  

The Government of India is so momentarily confused that it is now reduced to looking towards Pakistan to take counter measures against such deadly Terror Group. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif though seems sympathetic to the situation of Prime Minister Modi  of India , is in no better position than India to combat Terror campaigns especially if it is conducted by ISIS. It is not at all clear who or which Terrorists Wing in Pakistan has such precise capability to take upon a highly and heavily fortified Air Base of India that too located in such a security sensitive Punjab State of India. The  boldness and the lightening precision smacks of ISIS which has publicly threatened to attack India. But so far in public, India is accusing groups in Pakistan. ISIS is such a Terror to many. In fact the  extraordinary American Statesman Henry Kissinger a Jew by birth is now calling  for a Hitler type of action against ISIS. Things have to be pretty bleak for a Jew to turn to Hitler to save the world.

In India, apart from the unshakable national nervousness, suspicions abound in both civil and military establishments on possible inside betrayals. Pathankot overshadows all other attacks attributed to Terrorists from Pakistan such as that of Parliament Building in Delhi and Mumbai multiple attacks. Those were kind of very soft targets compared to a heavily fortified military base. Incredibly Indian Intelligence was supposed to have had some advance information on an imminent attack and yet India found herself paralysed when the attack happened. Really sorry for those who died and those wounded.

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