Sunday, January 24, 2016

National statistic on court cases on sex. ( courtesy Kuensel )

2015 national statistic:   
              Rape down by        -  27%
              Prostitution up by +150%

What does this indicate ? What would be more acceptable to the society ?

There seems to be a startling relation between prostitution and rape. Maybe adult prostitution should be either legalised or less stringently harassed.  Socially Bhutanese are not that puritanical in thoughts or deeds when it come to sexual affairs.  Prostitution would not eliminate rape but it seems it has a reducing effect when statistic is compared.

There would be many pretentious and also genuine advocates against prostitution even though Bhutanese are one of the most liberal minded people when it comes to casual sex. Traditionally we were not even disturbed by intimate relationship between same sex. Now of course the world also think like Bhutanese.

So what is so wrong about commercial sex when boy friends and mistresses and live in couple are part of social character. Is money so repulsive when most agreement and  disagreement are centred around money. When it is alright for people to sell their soul and loyalty for money and position, how could commercial sex be so bigotry in nature.

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  1. I think it high times that Prostitution should be legalized like a Bangkok. so, it benefits to country revenues.