Saturday, July 23, 2016

A very concerned educational approach.

Today at Jigme Namgyel School, Motithang, Thimphu,  a Mid Term Meeting was conducted between parents, teachers and students.

Two education approach caught my attention: a) The first approach wherein every two teachers adopted  the students of one class. The objective was to act as helpful parents to the students in the school. b) The second approach was for teachers to identify students that needed the most guidance in studies or other areas and assist.

The Principal Tshering Drukpa said that the first approach was not too successful in that the overload for teachers were excessive due to number of students.  Thus the decision to be less ambitious but hopefully more impactful by adopting the second approach. 

Later Madam Sonam Yangden of Class VIII Section A,  elaborated how she and her teacher colleague propose to go about implementing the second approach. She said using the mid term exam results as the basis,  they will start with coaching the students with poor exam results.  Such students would be assisted in doing their home works in the class after normal school hours.  I feel that this would really get the students to learn better and catch up with their class studies. Afterall, home works are an exercise in recapitulation of what was taught that day.

The teachers are devoting the extra time and effort to improve the academic standard of students. This will be quite a burden upon the teachers and their immediate family members. And yet the teachers are voluntarily offering such a service so willingly and free of any cost to parents. I hope many under performing students will avail this opportunity  And that many parents will encourage their wards who need extra coaching to sincerely utilise this opportunity. 

This extra ordinary educational approach is a valuable gift. Jigme Namgyel School  has opted to proactively bring the under performers to the academic fold instead of complaining aloud  that under performers are  students who are inattentive in class  and generally ill behaved in school. I thank the Principal and his colleague teachers for such nobleness of the heart.

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  1. Beautifully analysed and taken...Lets hope for the best to happen in our education city...Parents + teachers= future leaders...